Women Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week • Ladylike

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Josephine Su
Josephine Su - 6 hours ago
Everyone else: this isn't too bad, damn I look good!
Jen: I feel like a happy farmer 😄
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood - 10 hours ago
My fashion fear is anything other than a t-shirt/jumper and black leggings.
Chipotle Fire
Chipotle Fire - Day ago
*This..this is actually happening, I-I-I’m ...moist*
Lily & Lola
Lily & Lola - Day ago
skzplayah - 2 days ago
7:07 - it’s literally Dua Lipa
TTRDR Banna - 2 days ago
4:33 so the girls in the background just dissapeared?
Callie Brewer
Callie Brewer - 3 days ago
saf is in buzz feed?!!
Am Lily
Am Lily - 2 days ago
Maja Kaja
Maja Kaja - 3 days ago
Forgot Saf was a as is girl😂
Corben Crable
Corben Crable - 3 days ago
When Jen was in the bath room you could see her under wear and she knew as soon as it happened she was just like 😧😬😑
Charlie Sanborn
Charlie Sanborn - 3 days ago
Who said they could slay like that?
Tara Tidoni
Tara Tidoni - 4 days ago
I loved ALL of Kristin and Jenn's pants outfits
Victoria Trotman
Victoria Trotman - 4 days ago
I understand if shes uncomfortable showing her boobs cuz guys definitely stare more, but girl... they aren't as big as you're making them out to be. At least you can hide them, some girls literally can't.
Olivia Shanks
Olivia Shanks - 4 days ago
I hate that style dress on Saf. Green is not her color.
Kaia Smith
Kaia Smith - 4 days ago
7:10 Devin not in ladylike
Nastya-Anastasia - 7 days ago
I must say: all the girls look flawless in every outfit they wear! Right now it makes me rethink some of my fashion no-nos 🤔
cjamexican25 - 8 days ago
I have a sudden urge to buy overalls 🙆🏽‍♀️
Chloe Elizabeth
Chloe Elizabeth - 10 days ago
Joooorrrrnnnn!!! You are so cute in overalls!! Rock it girl
Beka Welsh
Beka Welsh - 10 days ago
My fashion fear: crop tops, because I fear if I wear them my mother will kill me.
Florence Kellogg
Florence Kellogg - 9 days ago
@Beka Welsh 😂 Got it. Just making sure as some mothers are like that.
Beka Welsh
Beka Welsh - 9 days ago
@Florence Kellogg I know, it was a joke lol, but thanks :)
Florence Kellogg
Florence Kellogg - 10 days ago
That's not a fashion fear....that is a parental reaction fear......similar, but different though good luck either way.
Irajati Moedahar
Irajati Moedahar - 10 days ago
Me realizing that i really want the ladies of ladylike to have collab with safiya's channel/ with candace
Irajati Moedahar
Irajati Moedahar - 10 days ago
Also i wish tyler was in more videos He's basically Jen but a man.
tabitha sizemore
tabitha sizemore - 10 days ago
Saf:I like this dress a lot
Tyler:I like this one too
Me:Sis we all know it one of the many possible reasons,ITS BLACK
(DISCLAIMER:I have nothing against the color black I like it a lot personally,but just the fact that she said then in the black dress which is pretty much the only color she wears if funny to me)
Erin Tran
Erin Tran - 11 days ago
My fashion fears:
1. Shorts
2. Crop tops
3. Also low rise jeans
Roblox_ aids
Roblox_ aids - 12 days ago
This won’t happen at all but , eugene and Jen , omg good couple
Baby Potaytoe
Baby Potaytoe - 12 days ago
I just don’t like low rise jeans cause they look weird on me
Removed Watermark
Removed Watermark - 14 days ago
My fashion fear:
small shirts
Low neck line shirts

Jean's are the worst
Pikachu - 15 days ago
I think that....umm....how can I say that without to offend her? I forgot her name....let’s say, the woman who was scared of pants, because her „fat“ gathers mostly around her stomach, could totally pull the pants off, I think they look amazing on her
Noah Geerling
Noah Geerling - 15 days ago
´To have them outdoors makes me kind of feel like a happy farmer´
Jen Ruggirello, 2016
Canned Bread
Canned Bread - 15 days ago
Mine are bright yellow and orange
Choyeon Riverha
Choyeon Riverha - 16 days ago
Little did sayfia know
She married him
Amber Nicole Massey
Amber Nicole Massey - 17 days ago
Day 2 I want Freddie’s shirt. Kristens our fit is super cute too. I use to wear overalls with a sports bra when I was younger. lol now that I am a mom I’m like why did they let me do that? My dad use to race race cars so we were there a lot. I’d never let my daughter go out like that.
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel - 18 days ago
Idk why Chantel is scared of showing her chest, when she doesn't have that big of a chest.
Lucia Welch
Lucia Welch - 18 days ago
came here after tyler and saf's wedding vid 🤤
Capri RamFam
Capri RamFam - 19 days ago
“*𝚗𝚊𝚜𝚌𝚊𝚛 𝚗𝚘𝚒𝚜𝚎𝚜*”
Irajati Moedahar
Irajati Moedahar - 19 days ago
Jen looks soo cute in a skirt!
EmilyIsEccentric - 20 days ago
*Overalls were made for Jen and you can’t convince me otherwise*
Yara Jasim
Yara Jasim - 20 days ago
My fashion fearS:
Crop tops
Short shorts
Skinny jeans
Dresses (ugh)
SHORT dresses
Anything tight
What I LOVE:
Loose jeans
Sweat shirts
Sweat pants
Anything loose
Lol I guess I just hate exposing my body FOR EVERYONE TO SEE
Ashlee Nabors
Ashlee Nabors - 20 days ago
I miss the goth queen
Douse Dusabe
Douse Dusabe - 20 days ago
Ashlee Nabors me too
Reegosme Migeee
Reegosme Migeee - 20 days ago
Allison - 21 day ago
I’m so surprised that Safiya’s fear wasn’t color!
skyluna - 21 day ago
2:26 Me too Fred me too
• CYNTHIA • - 23 days ago
*I hate low cut jeans*
Katie Nguyen
Katie Nguyen - 23 days ago
Your not staring at my but? Well i already do that... me: wait wat?
Mia Fern
Mia Fern - 24 days ago
They look great
Ruzu86 - 25 days ago
6:24 omg I have those overalls
kater tot
kater tot - 25 days ago
Kristen looks so awesome 👍😍
Medusa Aurora
Medusa Aurora - 28 days ago
I want Chantel's least favorite outfit no I NEED IT
DEBORAH STOKES - 29 days ago
I need to learn that trick
Kamryn Ligman
Kamryn Ligman - 29 days ago
Kamryn Ligman
Kamryn Ligman - 29 days ago
yxjgkxdwpqln - 29 days ago
Jen looks so great with the overalls it really suits her
yxjgkxdwpqln - 29 days ago
I like low rise jeans... but with a crop top? No way, those are for high waisted jeans.
Caty - Chan
Caty - Chan - Month ago
1:50 omg she is so me! Hahaha
Tanmoy Biswas
Tanmoy Biswas - Month ago
Alexandria Jones
Alexandria Jones - Month ago
I love Jen's day 2 outfit :)
Kaede Sakura
Kaede Sakura - Month ago
I like how the one afraid of pants commented and I was just like. "I own two dresses not counting custumes and I only wore one once... " like when I'm getting ready in the morning I do not think about dresses and skirts even existing
Romika Dodhia
Romika Dodhia - Month ago
I don't know why but I'm getting attracted to that 'overalls' girl. I thought I was straight lol I think I need to get more "curious"
A Person
A Person - Month ago
Saf just looks good in everything
Sunny Island
Sunny Island - Month ago
Um, maybe nex Top Model offer up idea😆
Koki Cookie Playz
Koki Cookie Playz - Month ago
Everyone else: fashion is high waisted jeans and crop tops UwU
Me: I hate high waisted things
Person: but you look amazing in them
Me: hah but I hate them
Madyson Reed
Madyson Reed - Month ago
WOW Chantel has changed so much about her boobs
Akshaya Reddy
Akshaya Reddy - Month ago
Poor Chantel was so miserable all week. You’re so gorgeous and the Marsha’s are too! ❤️❤️❤️
ッֆƈօʀքɨʊֆ - Month ago
5:36 I think I just turned lesbian
Milli W
Milli W - Month ago
Glad to know another girl with a nice rack is shy about showing them off... I definitely keep mine covered.
Jaidybug L
Jaidybug L - Month ago
there is no reason you should hate or even slightly dislike the outfits they look butiful on saf amazing freddie amazing everyone else looks butiful to
Liv Farnss
Liv Farnss - Month ago
Who remembers when saf worked for buzz feed
Little mix Edits
Little mix Edits - Month ago
“You haven’t been staring at my butt?” “...well I always do that” 😂
Audrey Weller
Audrey Weller - Month ago
i didn’t realize safia was in this?????
Kaelani Rhoads
Kaelani Rhoads - Month ago
Fashion FEAR
Vicky - Month ago
My fashion fear: *clothing that looks decent for once*
Soft Weeping
Soft Weeping - Month ago
Honestly for my age I have a big chest so I like to bind it (as a non binary person I like to have a small chest) and the boys in our school are just- like- no-
I LOVE the yellow overalls on her!!!
Faith Olivia
Faith Olivia - Month ago
Yes, PCOS does make weight harder to gain or lose but it doesn't put fat in one area. That's just genetics.
Sydney Sketches
Sydney Sketches - Month ago
They all looked so pretty
Kathline Smith
Kathline Smith - Month ago
Jen is so cuuuuuuute😍😍😍😍 Especially in the black skirt one😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mirka Kubb
Mirka Kubb - Month ago
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnddddand SNAP! 😊😊😊 Legally Blonde!!
Vîctøriā Ç.
Vîctøriā Ç. - Month ago
they where on As/Is, then moved to LadyLike, different people went on As/Is, and then Saf stared her own youtube channel, and became like a influencer. wow
Jenna Durham
Jenna Durham - Month ago
im too gay 4 this
Sugarkat C-V
Sugarkat C-V - Month ago
Did they replace saf with Devin?
Anupama Sahoo
Anupama Sahoo - Month ago
Now I came to know that people do have fashion fear😱😱
Monkee Nez
Monkee Nez - Month ago
I miss seeing these girls all together in a video, they were one of the only reasons I watched this channel.
Abigail Elizabeth Turner
They all look so good in their "fashion fears"!
lovelykitty9 9
lovelykitty9 9 - Month ago
Bish im wearing pants every single day of my life
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