We Explored an Abandoned Dam Underwater! (You Won't Believe What We Found)

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DALLMYD - 10 days ago
Drop a thumbs up for more diving videos!!
No Hate Just Love
No Hate Just Love - Day ago
Joelalexander Castro In your mom's office
Joelalexander Castro
Can you tell me were you live? Please
Marcus H
Marcus H - 3 days ago
Luka Armi luka armi your second cus he was here first
ToBy pLaYz
ToBy pLaYz - 5 days ago
DALLMYD I have not watched you since a year ago
No Hate Just Love
No Hate Just Love - 6 days ago
Can You dive my cousins phones here in Japan
Gabe WIlliams
Gabe WIlliams - 3 hours ago
Just imagine you were fishing outside of the dam and you just hear voices coming from the dam
CrazedPerformanceRepair - 3 hours ago
More exploring like this that was cool!
Shufo Vines
Shufo Vines - 4 hours ago
Watch out for anacondas hahaha.. Dive safe..
Diva 65
Diva 65 - 4 hours ago
I try to sream..but my head was under water 🌊💧
Linoshka Capriles
Linoshka Capriles - 5 hours ago
The turtle attack 😂😂😂😂😂
Singh853_ - 7 hours ago
4:45 🤣
Mendal.Korgan - 10 hours ago
4:42 turtle sneak attack hehe
RelaxingMusic4you - 11 hours ago
Jake: Ketchup?
*Puts it in treasure bag*
A Happy Life
A Happy Life - 13 hours ago
I watch your video in order to learn english.
The Peyton Plays Roblox
The Peyton Plays Roblox - 17 hours ago
that was the real life teenage mutant ninja turtles
Michael JM
Michael JM - 18 hours ago
You think you're scared... how do you think the fish feel?
Levi Torrence
Levi Torrence - 22 hours ago
What happened to his shoulder?
Leslie Gaytan
Leslie Gaytan - 22 hours ago
That 🐢 tho hahaha
Kathryn Johnson
Kathryn Johnson - 23 hours ago
The turtle attack was the best!!! I laughed so hard!!! There sure are alot of catfish and they are big!!!!
Very interesting video of a dam!!! I enjoyed this!!! Loved the surprise turtle visit!!!! Lol!!! 😊👍
enzboss YT
enzboss YT - 23 hours ago
He takes the time to pick up the garbage this man a legend
Mikey Baker
Mikey Baker - Day ago
That’s the river that Marty jenetty just said he dropped a body in when he was 14 and is now being investigated by the fbi
Dustin Fleck
Dustin Fleck - Day ago
Went down yonder to the Chattahoochee
bob bob
bob bob - Day ago
Margaret Greig-Zelaya
LMFAO 😂🤣😂🤣
Pugest - Day ago
THE Vlog
THE Vlog - Day ago
hey jake you might not see this but i have been watching your videos for along time now i have ADHD and autism and im also dyslexic but i have also loved water ever since i was little and i was wondering if first of all could you do a video on how you started subdividing and then your road with it because one day i would like to start subdividing but i don't know where to start and i have been snorkeling loads of times and i have just started to train my self to free dive when i do i always love to help by picking up rubbish and and binning it
UnstoppableSpeaks - Day ago
China first dumped a bunch of garbage into the ocean.
Now China caused the COVID-19 virus to start
Johntuyyyohuhgg Vogel
Turtle was funny lol. I’m thinking of getting into diving and snorkeling around my home in northwest Ohio. Awesome videos guys
Hailey Martin
Hailey Martin - Day ago
I could feel the anxiety when you went in the dam through the screen
Bilal Sabeeh
Bilal Sabeeh - Day ago
So what's the thing you found which we won't believe you found??
Seba - Day ago
this video:
Subtitles: „so...“
Flower power
Flower power - Day ago
whoever - Day ago
I like Brandon's character , to me he's the corner stone to this channel . One of 3 obviously , not sure if I'm doing this right .
pani se7en
pani se7en - Day ago
Ellsworth - Day ago
Title says won’t believe what you found yet he was with Britain when he found a bomb 💣 ehh I think I will believe you
Cecilia Diego Reyes
Cecilia Diego Reyes - 2 days ago
Lol I didn't know you were THAT scared of turtles 🤣🤣
Alex Rothery
Alex Rothery - 2 days ago
Damn, but kind of a missed opportunity to sing the Halo theme
Casey Breedon
Casey Breedon - 2 days ago
tip for no fog goggles mind u lil gross put pick ur nose and get ur snot and put in in ur googles try not to get chunks cuz when u come above water people will see it but anyway the snot woks no more foggy googles try it
Raven Garage
Raven Garage - 2 days ago

Ghost Cake
Ghost Cake - 2 days ago
The water looks very clear
Yetis Man 2.53
Yetis Man 2.53 - 2 days ago
Has anyone ever stabbed them selves with a lure on accident cause I know I have
Zeetyboii - 2 days ago
In your subtitles at 3:40 it said going inside the Damn. Spelling correction. Dam
Lustrace [CGZ]
Lustrace [CGZ] - 2 days ago
I'm scared if underwater lol
Dustin Meyer
Dustin Meyer - 2 days ago
that's a Jackson weld helmet, I have had quite a few. and still use one now
Svetlozar Hristov
Svetlozar Hristov - 2 days ago
"You Won't Believe What We Found" clickbaiter.
buttered bisquits with some tea and toast
😂😂😂 absolute legends
Ima Meme
Ima Meme - 2 days ago
You found the catfish cult the turtle will silence you
K2S CoVidOP - 3 days ago
Imagine Getting Your Groceries from Underwater
Gaming With Madii
Gaming With Madii - 3 days ago
Vicious baby turtle 🤪
bill marshal
bill marshal - 3 days ago
good job guys lol
Love to Truck
Love to Truck - 3 days ago
Cool and interesting video. Be careful when diving, and stay safe 👍
Marcus H
Marcus H - 3 days ago
6:23 they should of sang the halo theme in there lol
Roger Figueroa
Roger Figueroa - 3 days ago
Love ur vids
Roger Figueroa
Roger Figueroa - 3 days ago
Chevis Cardoos
Chevis Cardoos - 3 days ago
Have yall ever gotten swimmers itch ? I got it in a saltwater tideland and it was so itchy!!!!
Noah Thorsen
Noah Thorsen - 3 days ago
cool. just cool.
Sam Kadiddlehopper Esq.
Is this your job or why aren't you somewhere contributing to Society with actual skills or labor??? WTF is this supposed to be??? Entertainment for numbskulls with nothing better to do. Don't you know water is a medium for carrying Covid-19??? You guys are dangerously exposing yourselves to death!
Andy Pagan
Andy Pagan - 3 days ago
Wow I really can’t believe it’s not butter😕
Rebecca Steinbaugh
Rebecca Steinbaugh - 3 days ago
D all mity
pizzajeff189 - 3 days ago
hes love ga thus he ;ive there that would make sence
Prashant Negi
Prashant Negi - 3 days ago
4:44 jumpscare
Spinner The fisherman
Spinner The fisherman - 3 days ago
Can I have those lures lol
Kid574 - 3 days ago
lol that turtle 😂
ART 74
ART 74 - 3 days ago
4:45 XD oh no angry turtle
金子 - 3 days ago
Jim Feller Hopkins
Jim Feller Hopkins - 3 days ago
You guys should do a diving fishing challenge
Ryan Cameron
Ryan Cameron - 3 days ago
Hey jake have you ever gotten a leach on you
Stephano Martinez
Stephano Martinez - 3 days ago
Is this a God damn?
- Butthead
RorzA Nator
RorzA Nator - 3 days ago
Doge Pickle
Doge Pickle - 4 days ago
So much ketchup..
Doge Pickle
Doge Pickle - 4 days ago
Don’t like the video,you heard them,they don’t wanna go back XD
Michael Hammond
Michael Hammond - 4 days ago
“Alright, we’re going inside the damn.” 🤦🏼‍♂️ Lol
Benjamin Umali
Benjamin Umali - 4 days ago
I bet DALLMYD wont like this comment
Jennifer Shackelford
Jennifer Shackelford - 4 days ago
You jumped pretty good when that turtle swam right at ya. You guys always make me smile.
Konrad Orlet
Konrad Orlet - 4 days ago
that was a cute turtle
Henry Stemme
Henry Stemme - 4 days ago
Did he ever tell where he got that scar from?
Usman Siddiqy
Usman Siddiqy - 4 days ago
I really think u should not do this because of Corona virus but do whatever makes entertain stay safe :D
Danbury BANKS&CO
Danbury BANKS&CO - 4 days ago
What scuba gear do you guys use?
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma - 4 days ago
Aren't you guys scared, what if you guys get stuck at delta p?
Kaylee Mapes
Kaylee Mapes - 4 days ago
Yo I love your videos they are so cool
Mend Othman
Mend Othman - 4 days ago
ERIC Droddy
ERIC Droddy - 4 days ago
Should come dive the Ohio River at the Falls of the Ohio in Louisville KY
ERIC Droddy
ERIC Droddy - 4 days ago
Might find a body
cambria Leigh
cambria Leigh - 4 days ago
oh my gosh the turtle strikes again😂
Daddy Issues
Daddy Issues - 4 days ago
Oh man my Submechanophobia is really acting up from watching this one lol
Robert Wilder
Robert Wilder - 4 days ago
its no trash but its our planet
noneyerbidness - 4 days ago
"You Won't Believe What We Found"
yep, it's really hard to believe that you found garbage and fish down there!
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts - 4 days ago
Attacked by a little turtle hahaha, good video guys
Rosemary Robinson
Rosemary Robinson - 4 days ago
Oh ma gosh Jake u got a new name it's the diver king
JasonHanMan man
JasonHanMan man - 4 days ago
6:02 that laugh
Stephanie L
Stephanie L - 4 days ago
I would have loved it if someone sang back in the echo part. I love the girl screams. So if either of you peed your pants no one will ever know.
Kaycee Knott
Kaycee Knott - 4 days ago
Alex Hollowell
Alex Hollowell - 5 days ago
If they wanted to
Zachary Wong
Zachary Wong - 5 days ago
4:45 by far best part lmaooo
Cwik Skits
Cwik Skits - 5 days ago

Still literally nothing
aidan Kennedy
aidan Kennedy - 5 days ago
Who throws a welding hood in the river
Wildgrizz - 5 days ago
screaming like little girls, you aught to do some spear fishing for them cats
Ben Tookey
Ben Tookey - 5 days ago
Easily one of my favourite channels, really tickles my explorer side
Jevon French
Jevon French - 5 days ago
hey just a little reminder when you enter a Tank like @ 6:25 keep your SCUBA on you dont know The Oxygen levels in a place like that and some tanks House Dangerous chemicals
Three Shot
Three Shot - 5 days ago
Nobody gonna talk about how he called Jordan Brandon?
SukiWolf - 5 days ago
t u r t l e
Johnnie Raymond
Johnnie Raymond - 5 days ago
Brandon’s stoned asf 🤣😂
bilias hour
bilias hour - 5 days ago
OMG this one is freaking me out. I am claustrophobic and I would literally die.
Cassidy Anthony
Cassidy Anthony - 5 days ago
Wish you would grab a catfish and bring it up
bilias hour
bilias hour - 5 days ago
Jake : finds ketchup No one: ..... Not a sound:...... Me: it could be a murder weapon 😂😂😂😂😂
Jadon Ciappara
Jadon Ciappara - 5 days ago
How dosent his mask get foggy ?
Anyone got any tips on how to not foggy masks pls
Jessica Clifford
Jessica Clifford - 5 days ago
These are great lol
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