i'm almost done with high school... +haul

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Trevor Michaud
Trevor Michaud - Month ago
tb to when hannah had teeth lol

so when are you gonna talk about the dote situation and how those girls of color were mistreated?!?! you got your white privelage you better use it hannah
Peter Le
Peter Le - Month ago
Maddie 2006
Maddie 2006 - Month ago
2:19 thx for setting my alexa off😂😂
Tessa Kibbe
Tessa Kibbe - Month ago
talk about the dote issue!
Ava Perlov
Ava Perlov - Month ago
what is this song at the end i love it
大津ハント紗愛 - Month ago
Anyone know the song she plays at the end of the video???
Toasty Oreos
Toasty Oreos - Month ago
Why the fuck does this basic bitch have a youtube channel they bring nothing special to anyone
LiamOdin Thomas
LiamOdin Thomas - Month ago
Now your fun can be with friends at clubs wasted off your ass until you get married and witness the day your husband finds out how big of a whore you were in college and a bigger whore after college...welcome to life from yours truely...an old whore.
Blair V
Blair V - Month ago
I love you Hannah, your videos, personality, but u talk all this positivity on your social media platform without even considering all the other issues that others face. Colored people treated differently is not on your list let’s be honest. The fact that you don’t even have colored friends shows. It’s as If it doesn’t affect u it’s not your problem? Man white privilege is sadly too real..
Casey Milton
Casey Milton - Month ago
How did you get an hour delay on May?
kirsten rameriz
kirsten rameriz - Month ago
this is the type of chick that would pay 40 for a gram lmaoooooooo
Samantha Vanhaitsma
Samantha Vanhaitsma - Month ago
can you please talk about collage and everything? btw ilysm!!!!!!!!
Aurelia Reyes
Aurelia Reyes - Month ago
College is a scam
Wes Polley
Wes Polley - Month ago
Dtck things on peoples cars you re polluting the environment as they will blow off.
Hi like your veidio
Ellie Marie
Ellie Marie - Month ago
OMG. Does anyone else just straight up smile as soon as you start one of Hannah's Videos? I love you so much! Keep being you!! _Ellie ♡
Steven Gould
Steven Gould - Month ago
so what's really important?
9UM 8Y
9UM 8Y - Month ago
melancholy the last days of school when you realize that you might not spend time with all the people's you made friends during your school year's you will miss even the random individuals that you didn't spend time with; it's weird...😅
ThatDude - Month ago
Other then academics my school didn't teach me shit. It was when I listened to God is when I got educated.
Hailey Bailey
Hailey Bailey - Month ago
on the vlog or main channel you could do a video of recap of senior year and your future plans after high school
Kami Kuru
Kami Kuru - Month ago
She's an ugly hoe
soundscape - Month ago
How did I end up here wtf
D R - Month ago
You're not that interesting.
Makyden Parreira
Makyden Parreira - 2 months ago
I just took my last final today! Onto my 3rd year of college!!!
It’s Faith
It’s Faith - 2 months ago
6:43 my ears were just BLESSED 👏👏😭❤️❤️
kiley Goe
kiley Goe - 2 months ago
What is the song that’s always in the background of her vids
emwhyte - 2 months ago
why is this in my feed...
Jeremy Webber
Jeremy Webber - 2 months ago
Do you have a father in your life? It soesnt look like it...and if you do he failed. You are a mess
Amy Scott
Amy Scott - 2 months ago
omg so I have TikTok and SO MANY people say I look like you ahhh 😂
Erin Hodgson- Foley
Erin Hodgson- Foley - 2 months ago
omg can you upload videos from ages ago coz i’d love it
Peyton Littleton
Peyton Littleton - 2 months ago
what is the song called in the end?
Emily Robinson
Emily Robinson - 2 months ago
everyone should subscribe to me for weekly vlogs and GRQM
Andrea Sotelo
Andrea Sotelo - 2 months ago
My Alexa in my room went off when you said “what was the weather going to be like”
rylie galloway
rylie galloway - 2 months ago
my alexa legit went off as soon as you said “alexa what’s the weather like” and it scared me so bad!😂
Jordan H
Jordan H - 2 months ago
Omg ur such a good singer !!
Caitlin Jones
Caitlin Jones - 2 months ago
What kind of coffee do you drink?
Alice Woo
Alice Woo - 2 months ago
lol she’s going to keep working with dote and shes not going to address the situation bc then she can’t go on those trips anymore with her white friends!1!1!1!
Lisa Love Ministries
Lisa Love Ministries - 2 months ago
Nice sunroof ☀️
Matilda Randle
Matilda Randle - 2 months ago
yes, definitely post those random vlogs! knowing you they will still be good!!
Mikayla Roberts
Mikayla Roberts - 2 months ago
I thought it was funny that when you asked Alex what was the weather my Alex went off and told me the weather lol
Frank Dalla
Frank Dalla - 2 months ago
Time to get knocked up and on welfare!
Mia Karrington M.
Mia Karrington M. - 2 months ago
Lyndi Anderson
Lyndi Anderson - 2 months ago
Wait... why are you guys so good at singing!!😍😂
NikiAndLiz - 2 months ago
Kiana Robertson
Kiana Robertson - 2 months ago
omg make a singing video
Eli - 2 months ago
Lupita Vasquez-Avila
Lupita Vasquez-Avila - 2 months ago
is she still dating jacob ?
Krista Grace
Krista Grace - 2 months ago
when she asked alexa for the weather my alexa answered 😂😂
Andora Leigh
Andora Leigh - 2 months ago
michael archangel nuenthel
You dress frompy
rania - 2 months ago
7:48 “spend less time watching people live their lives and spend more time enjoying your own” sounds like another example of hannah secretly roasting her subscribers.
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