Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 2

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Israel Sixtos
Israel Sixtos - Day ago
You should react to Mad Max biker kills.
Pil Otter
Pil Otter - Day ago
Hello Corridor Crew
You said that for Golden eye, they did it entirely: jump behind the plane, board the plane mid-air, they didn’t. There were a pilot in the plane, the plane dive, a skydiver follow with a motorcycle, but then he opens parachute...
It has been done though: jumping from a cliff and board an air born plane:
It is not a stunt for the cinema but it a stunt non the less.
You may react on it as well, and may be they will call to make it again in a movie!?
Johannes Büsch
Johannes Büsch - 3 days ago
Please do stuntman react to jackass movie !!! 👍
Tristen V Collins
Tristen V Collins - 5 days ago
You should react to The Umbrella Academy.
Yasiel Romero
Yasiel Romero - 11 days ago
Okay now do this one
Vishnu Kv
Vishnu Kv - 12 days ago
Jungle movie stund
Night Crusher
Night Crusher - 28 days ago
All hail stunt lord
only257 - Month ago
Great 📼
Zazise - Month ago please do a stuntman /CGI react to this
jAcK tHe STrIpPer
jAcK tHe STrIpPer - Month ago
11:12 look at cmike in the bottom left😢😢
Anurag P R
Anurag P R - 2 months ago
Guys, nice...
Plz do undisputed 2,3,4
Su Casa
Su Casa - 2 months ago
You guys NEED to cover this video.
Please Please Please!!
Once you watch it you'll know what I'm talking about.
john of all trades
john of all trades - 2 months ago
Yuri boyka
Iam Juliet
Iam Juliet - 2 months ago
I thought I was imaging it but racka racka was wearing the sidemen merch 😂
ChromeHaw - 2 months ago
I'm not an expert, but for the MI stuff I was wondering if the cgi clouds/etc were to help cover the possible visual/environment differences from the multiple takes the sequence probably took. Like, if the start is a daybreak (irl) vs a (sunset) and then they wanted to mix in other jump sequence times,
the wanderer simply for you
janrue sastrillo
janrue sastrillo - 2 months ago
React to racka racka videos
Samuel Asare
Samuel Asare - 2 months ago
I'm just realizing, he's the WISE stuntman Silva was talking about
sunrunner97 - 2 months ago
I would like to see a comparison between the Tom Cruise halo jump and the halo jump from Godzilla.
RACCOONBALLS - 3 months ago
the reason the camera man can do that in the mission impossible halo jump because they have it down to spatial memory.
dyscea - 3 months ago
Eric is so big, y’all are squashed in that couch 😀
kaito tatsuya
kaito tatsuya - 3 months ago
Oscar should do Best stuntwork award.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus - 3 months ago
Anyone know the beat in the back at 11:10?
Atun Random
Atun Random - 3 months ago
Fkn Tom Cruise out here acting on the sky free falling wtf💀
ABHITH - 3 months ago
"Extraction" car chase scene😍😍
Jonna Heijke
Jonna Heijke - 3 months ago
Man ive seen so much of this guy without even realizing
Ethan - 3 months ago
How about the XXX scene where the stuntman dies on the bridge and they kept it in
SpouPerNatural - 3 months ago
i want to ride him..........!!!!!!!
BlankSpace - 3 months ago
Wait I wanna see him on fire. Did they do it?
Mafon2 - 3 months ago
I've never seen Golden Eye, seems, like it's taking place in my childhood, could be nostalgic.
Ami Pancakes
Ami Pancakes - 3 months ago
I legit thought for a minute that it wasn't boxes breaking apart at his landing... I THOUGHT IT WAS A BLOOD SPLATTER AND I SPILT MY TEA!
Alex Marquette
Alex Marquette - 3 months ago
If I remember correctly the skydiving scene from Fallout was filmed over UAE. The thunderstorm and Paris were CGI in to the scene. So my guess is that the thunderstorm was meant to cover the CGI transition to the outline of Paris.
Yzo G
Yzo G - 3 months ago
React to Indian stunts🤭
AY Pun
AY Pun - 4 months ago
Goldeneye on here. BUT NO BUNGEE JUMP SEQUENCE? Come on
Alex Oliveira
Alex Oliveira - 4 months ago
Eric makes that couch a love seat
onelansou - 4 months ago
The dude showing at the right bottom of the video reminds me of porn ads with hot porn stars popping up from the bottom of website page
ADHDMaxis - 4 months ago
During the mission impossible scene, I actually thought the clouds were real a bit, just edited to make them more thick. I knew the lightning was fake.
Recce Nomad
Recce Nomad - 4 months ago
Great respect to this stuntmen and others.
Pothien - 4 months ago
That james bond stunt was savage holy moly
Ichirou Takashima
Ichirou Takashima - 4 months ago
So the only generation of hardass stuntman left is Tom Cruise and everyone's tail is tucked down these days through harness and stuff.
highlands - 4 months ago
I think we should point out that the guy wingsuiting into a stack of cardboard boxes didn't have a parachute. The same guy was also the stunt-double for the Queen during the James Bond skit at the London Olympics.
Dominic Fulkert
Dominic Fulkert - 4 months ago
6 underground
Andrew Michel
Andrew Michel - 4 months ago
Remo Williams & the statue of liberty stunts would be cool to see.
Braddah Leeks
Braddah Leeks - 4 months ago
9:15 weird-ass deepfake on the guy in the middle for Goldeneye for some fucking reason
drunken mother
drunken mother - 5 months ago
Tom Cruise looking like he’s boutta drop in on Godzilla
Massimo Frau
Massimo Frau - 5 months ago
Would love if you guys did a react to Casino Royal. In particular the parkour chase scene 👍
jsmall10671 - 5 months ago
Height!! Not heigth
Brian Culy
Brian Culy - 5 months ago
I was rewatching the series, and realized that at the end, Carmichael is disappearing in the crew shot... it made me so sad :(
BlackSH0veldeath - 5 months ago
From The window at my old job we got to watch Tom Cruise film this stunt scene where he jumped from one roof to the other and have to grab the edge with his hands. And pull himself up. It was pretty cool to be able to sit and watch the process. And how many times he had to do it. They did have him on a wire though, I know that he doesn't use wires a lot of times or at least I always hear that about him. But this was pretty high up. And they had these huge cranes and camera rigs and once he is on the other building he goes in the roof entrance to the building and runs down the stairs. But they must have filmed the interior somewhere else, cause I'd been in that building several times and the stair well is a different color and the lobby and individual floors look much different.
It's so crazy how much goes into like 30 seconds of a film sometimes. They filmed the jump a couple days. And then his scuffle on the roof was like 8-10 days.
I also never realized just how many motherfuckers are on the set on any given scene. Since watching this channel I was trying to figure out who might be doing what. It looked like 2-3 stunt coordinators although one guy seemed to be leading the way in the hand to hand fighting choreography. Those high speed fights like Jacki Chans career, those scenes are way more like dancing than actually simulating fighting.
They run thru it at like a a quarter speed for days before they even tried segments at half or full speed. And it looks so much like watching choreographed dancing for movies like step up or you got served.
But Tom is a beast. Especially for his age. I'm half his age and I would have been so incredibly sore and tired and burned out after like 3 days. Lol.
But anyways just wanted to share caus I love this channel and its impact on my love for effects and really just the process of making a film. And it was neat getting to watch it happen one building over and about 5 floors lower
Artemis Exile
Artemis Exile - 5 months ago
Daredevil was amazing! Kudos! It seems like i see a lot of cool Tom Cruise stunts that's overdone with CG very common.
Dsmith90 - 5 months ago
Ok I subscribed is that better? Not gonna lie though this is one of those channels I frequently watch that I never subscribed to. I have a few like that dont know why I dont just sub. But I think its probably because the vids are always in my feed anyway so you really dont need to unless you dont watch a channel that often and forget about it then being subscribed comes in handy because eventually you'll see an upload in your subscription from that channel or it will have s much greater chance of being recommended. No idea why I even took the time to type this out its currently 2:43 am wtf am I doing right now.
Jelly - 5 months ago
Clints my favorite
MrDrBendy - 6 months ago
They can't have done the GoldenEye stunt in full, I just can't believe that.
wise johnny
wise johnny - 6 months ago
Making movies is a waste of time and money
57 Year Old James Bond
57 Year Old James Bond - 3 months ago
Actually, it’s not. What’s gotten into you?
Mr. West
Mr. West - 6 months ago
That's crazy they actually did a HALO jump
Grainne Mhaol
Grainne Mhaol - 6 months ago
Eric Linden is so manly, watching this video has made me pregnant.
Ralph Reefers
Ralph Reefers - 6 months ago
I’m super late but the last one is clearly just one of those situations where a stuntman actually gets hurt but the shot is good. It wasn’t choreographed. A dude just got hit by a car.
Uneducated Opinion
Uneducated Opinion - 6 months ago
The Stunts and the FX of Hardcore Henry, anything really but specially the clone reveal scene into the seige of the compound
NeonX - 6 months ago
do doctor who
Galaar - 6 months ago
I had no idea they really did HALO jumps in Fallout, that lightning robbed it!
Robert Gardner
Robert Gardner - 6 months ago
I'd love to see a react video for Kung Fury and Kung Fu Hustle
Quas E. Moto
Quas E. Moto - 6 months ago
One question: when stuntmen fall/jump through windows, how is broken glass not a concern? Like for the 200ft fire jump, falling on broken glass from that distance or glass falling on you would do some damage right?
Johnny Kyr
Johnny Kyr - 6 months ago
4:01 Clint felt that
Mister Quantum
Mister Quantum - 6 months ago
Do more classic James Bond stunts. Actually just having the modern stunt guy discussing any old Hollywood stunts is awesome in general.
Anthony Donov
Anthony Donov - 7 months ago
these guys have a jokes job !!!
nitrobenz - 7 months ago
Can we see stunt women react!? I just got my wife into this series and she loves it, but now she's asking "where's the stunt women?"
Chloe Ellis
Chloe Ellis - 7 months ago
Wait I JUST noticed that cmike is snapped away at 11:14
IamSad - 7 months ago
In the SkyDive scene with Tom Cruise at the Free Fall, I think the camera man is the REAL stuntman, because, he just stays still for so long without spinning left right and center. Gg
Remade Pukka
Remade Pukka - 7 months ago
Have you guys reviewed the scene from Irréversible movie yet? If not, you should totally check it out - The fire extinguisher death in Gaspar Noe’s ‘Irreversible’
You guys need to tell us what all would've gone on to making that scene with a long shot without any cuts.
However, caution is advised to whoever has the guts to watch it!!
Shevek - 7 months ago
Wait, how is it physically possible for the James Bond stunt to work? Wouldn't the person and the plane fall at the same speed?
Thomas - 7 months ago
Check out this interview with a stunt actor from The Matrix and Netflix Marvel shows
Hayden Mcintosh
Hayden Mcintosh - 7 months ago
What if the glass the he broke popped the big pillow
Isaiah Austad
Isaiah Austad - 7 months ago
What happens when you throw a stability gimmick of a plane into free fall???
Aman kodimela
Aman kodimela - 7 months ago
please react to the witcher
Joe Albon
Joe Albon - 7 months ago
the only criticism is that I feel westworld got spoilt from that bull scene:( but otherwise I love these videos :)
Izzwan Mazlin
Izzwan Mazlin - 7 months ago
Am I the only one that noticed that Cmike is disintegrating at the Outro?
Returning Shadow
Returning Shadow - 7 months ago
IF you want to watch a kick ass "car hits person" stunt then watch the pilot episode of Smallville when Lex Luthor hits Clark Kent with his Porche and they all go off a bridge into a river!!!!! One of the best stunts I have ever seen.
Assasins - 7 months ago
Is Clint deaf?
Darth Zayder X
Darth Zayder X - 7 months ago
8:37 For real though, I thought that was a BloodSplatter, I'm just sitting back like "OH SHIT!!!"
floijd - 7 months ago
Not gonna lie. I am kinda pissed that this stunt guy claims noone except Tom Cruise does high fall stunts and the like, while Damien Walters did a 120ft free fall for Assassins Creed. You could have at least mentioned it. I have a feeling that stuntmen do not get enough recognition as it is, but to hear an actual stuntman just go: "Yeah, yeah praise the almighty Tom Cruise, better than any stuntman." just makes me sad.
JacketClanKing - 8 months ago
Stuntmen react to anakin vs obiwan?
Hindustani Education center
React on Stanger things web series
NK GAMING2017 - 8 months ago
ERIC looks like a fusion of clint and neko even his name
Ben R.
Ben R. - 8 months ago
2:55 they say hes the cutest boy in town.. ;D
lotrgirl27 - 8 months ago
I really don't wanna be Tom Cruise's insurance guy.
Imaginary-Unit - 8 months ago
10 HALO jumps?.. I heard they did 100!
Sunaka Moungkang
Sunaka Moungkang - 8 months ago
React to Jackie Chan's 2016 Railroad Tigers
Cody Cromarty
Cody Cromarty - 8 months ago
I've done a 3 story bag fall. I can't imagine doing that fucking Red Bull thing.
BlueGuise - 8 months ago
10:21 What is that tune?
Jimmy Rustling
Jimmy Rustling - 8 months ago
That couch is a bit too small for three grown men. "Two dudes sittin in a hottub... Five feet apart cause they're not gay" Remember
Sarah Ali
Sarah Ali - 8 months ago
LenLu - 8 months ago
the jamesbond thing is fake, in our physics lecture we cacluated the whole thing the delta between the speed of james bond and the speed of the airplane couldnt get below 80kmph :(
EvanTheOnly 1
EvanTheOnly 1 - 8 months ago
VGHS is an amazing show
ThatPlayer WillPlays
ThatPlayer WillPlays - 9 months ago
Does anyone notice cmike fading at the end? Still sad tho...
aarswft - 9 months ago
It should be pointed out that they didn't actually do the Goldeneye stunt to completion and then just cut in the Pierce Brosnan shots. Stuntman jumped the motor cycle off the edge and dove down but that was it. They said it was theoretically possible to do it for real, but it was never attempted.
Indarow - 9 months ago
Can you guys do a full video on Buster Keaton stunts?
Finbar .W
Finbar .W - 9 months ago
Ayyy I love that u included racka rackas car hits👌🏻
CJ Tinline
CJ Tinline - 9 months ago
For real “The King” on Netflix
Aiden Brokar
Aiden Brokar - 9 months ago
5:40 so they jumped out of a real C-5? How did they pull that off, you know that must have cost them a fortune
Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips - 9 months ago
Watching stunts like this for me is both awesome and cringe-worthy, as I have a dash of acrophobia and don't do heights. Much respect for the stunt guys involved, and Tom Cruise.
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