Charles Leclerc's Onboard Pole Lap | 2019 Singapore Grand Prix | Pirelli

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TheIcemangoo - 18 days ago
Slower than last year
GLR - 19 days ago
KRATINGDAENG - 22 days ago
Thakeil formula and red bull 2010 my life bangkok 2010
Bledar Cela
Bledar Cela - 25 days ago
I see no mistakes, just driving on the limit, as it should be and that's how you drive a Ferrari really!
erga satria
erga satria - 25 days ago
Thats when you dont have children yet
Racing Red
Racing Red - 26 days ago
Absolutely amazing lap by Charles! Such balanced aggressiveness and control. So happy to have this fast and talented kid at Ferrari. Forza Ferrari!
Kevin Snyder
Kevin Snyder - 26 days ago
Fun fact: Leclerc has more poles than Any other driver this season
This new front wing update should seriously worry Mercedes. Leclerc slid out 2.5 times there - 2 times significantly losing speed--and he still managed to take pole. The second half of the season is more than making up for the lack of entertainment the first half of the season brought near the front row.
Now I'm just Hoping for Mercedes to take each other out, end up with Max, Leclerc, and possibly a Mclaren (Norris?) on the podium; That would be swell.
Imagine *Three* drivers on the podium whose age totalled 61? That would be pretty insane and a guaranteed record I imagine.
Garett Smith
Garett Smith - 26 days ago
He’s fast
José da Cunha Filho
José da Cunha Filho - 26 days ago
This was the lap he should have done in Baku... but, the sign of a fantastic driver is that even doing a ragged lap like this, he still manages the fastest time. I can't wait for a future when we have Charles and Max fighting like two warriors, and I pray it is as sensational as I am hoping for. Actually, in a post Hamilton Vettel era, I hope we have Leclerc in a Ferrari, Vettel in a Red Bull and Ocon in a Mercedes all three cars competitive, and comparable for us to be treated to a spectacle of driving talent. Amen.
kashabash - 27 days ago
thought something was wrong with my headphones >.
valmir santiago
valmir santiago - 28 days ago
Onboard com esse gênio é simplesmente fantástico. Esse faz lembrar o nosso Sena. Esse moleque tem um futuro brilhante na fórmula 1. Valeu garoto, sou seu fã 👏👏👏👏 congractulation for you
Ratt Pack
Ratt Pack - 28 days ago
I bet he wins a championship in the best three seasons.
Giuseppe Maggiò
Giuseppe Maggiò - 28 days ago
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas - 28 days ago
Arturo Martín
Arturo Martín - 28 days ago
This lap remembers me SENNA DRIVING 👏👏👏👏
BugiBow#60 - 28 days ago
He brings the car over the limit, 1:03
he left a little bit.. this lap was Phänomenal!🤯
ventisca - 29 days ago
Drive close to the wall, hit the gas even before the car straighten up.
Absolute mad lad.
Ines Mahmoudi
Ines Mahmoudi - 29 days ago
La pole de Hamilton en 2018 est plus rapide.
Hue-Man - 29 days ago
Damn he really was sliding all over the place lol
rollercoaster478 - 29 days ago
Ferrari finally has downforce on the corners. Its like a different car, so I can't wait to see these last few races and the next season looks promising with 2021 rule changes looking good as well.
schummiehugo - 29 days ago
yep.. an not number one hahahahaa
Sean Nance
Sean Nance - 29 days ago
Is that Glock?
Mat Teo
Mat Teo - 29 days ago
Those controls on the sideways... 😍
Dalibor Zak
Dalibor Zak - 29 days ago
Leclerc is the only one there who crashes three times during a lap and still is the fastest. Just like Marquez in MotoGP
Jeff D
Jeff D - 29 days ago
Loose is fast
_derek-.-h - 29 days ago
If you think this is fast, just imagine all the kids out there who might be 100x as quick as this guy but they never had the financial opportunity these guys had handed to them when they were younger.
Seba Hida
Seba Hida - 29 days ago
Is to brillant driver. On the limit all the time. Just Incredible.
Pedro Nel Moreno
Pedro Nel Moreno - Month ago
Porque siempre ponen la cámara a bordo? Usen otras, que se ve la acción!
Scumos unaffordable Australia
It looks like a 10 million dollar go kart.
Uluç Özcan
Uluç Özcan - Month ago
that car is freaking dancing across the bumps! amazing control
DarkEagle684 - Month ago
Is that the noise from the floor scratching the ground during high speed?
Reddog - Month ago
When the car gets to about 130mph you can hear the huge down force making the car bottom out.
Pablo - Month ago
Love it
AngoNL035SD - Month ago
Fuck leclerc, little prick
migrator 76
migrator 76 - Month ago
Grande Leclerc!!!
212 - Month ago
0:58 au ras !!
jasin abdi
jasin abdi - Month ago
WTF ! he is doing with whell.. ? 3-4 time save the exit of corrner. #esserreFerrari
julameck silva
julameck silva - Month ago
Future Schumacher del f1
Gianni Anniottanta
Gianni Anniottanta - Month ago
Ferrari 😍 🇮🇹 😎
Cobus Potgieter
Cobus Potgieter - Month ago
Its time we see a shake up in F1. Well done on your Pole position. I hope you beat Vettel and Hamilton every race from here to the end.
blackthored - Month ago
today vettel is won
Lyn Engelbrecht
Lyn Engelbrecht - Month ago
Go Leclerc!!
SkyFra - Month ago
SPOILER: Vettel wins, Leclerc 2nd, Hamilton 4th
Pel Gram
Pel Gram - Month ago
Everybody: Max is the chosen one...100x champion.... the prophesied
one who will bring balance to the force
Leclerc: hold my pole position
Jarek Nazimek
Jarek Nazimek - Month ago
Please change your commentators, they are useless. Commentary about other nations is fine when they commented about Kubica they were laughing coz Kubica was overtaking. Why they don't do that to Russell? What's wrong with you????? P.S. GP Singapore
Alex Gallardo
Alex Gallardo - Month ago
Alex Gallardo
Alex Gallardo - Month ago
Il Pole
Il Pole - Month ago
Ahahahha le Mercedes sul podio dove sono? NELLA NOTTE DI SINGAPORE SOLO IL CAVALLINO RAMPANTE
Jonny Baron
Jonny Baron - Month ago
Not perfect but is so fast nice lap
Kamal Trivedi
Kamal Trivedi - Month ago
my right ear enjoyed
Nabeel Fareed Moosa
Nabeel Fareed Moosa - Month ago
The Flying Frenchman
Enzo Tatsuro
Enzo Tatsuro - Month ago
sounds like a toy car
Riccardo Gentili
Riccardo Gentili - Month ago
Borges04 _
Borges04 _ - Month ago
And he even lost the car quite a few times
Louis Bucci
Louis Bucci - Month ago
woom- wom-wom-wom..... woooommmmmmm wooommmmmmmmmm
Andrie M
Andrie M - Month ago
Its so satisfying to watch
AnimalzyNL - Month ago
What a lap. Astonishing how close he manages to get to the walls at some points. One very little mistake, and he's in the wall.
Unal CETIN - Month ago
This car is very difficult to drive contrary to mercedes only very good driver can win with.
Dragon Emperor
Dragon Emperor - Month ago
Why "on the limit" text is removed?
Speedway Poland
Speedway Poland - Month ago
2020 World Champion!
hero13 - Month ago
Those weren't mistakes, they were just happy little accidents
James Milner
James Milner - Month ago
I’m fast as fuck booooooy
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