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Dhruv Arora
Dhruv Arora - 9 hours ago
wait you're a cuber?
Meghan Smyth
Meghan Smyth - 11 hours ago
Protoss 4 lyfe!
Meghan Smyth
Meghan Smyth - 11 hours ago
You probably won't see this comment but I love your voice. It's appealing in it's apathy and richness. Sorry to be a creep, carry on.
Crypto - Day ago
This guy could be a 43 year old man or a 26 year old its really hard to tell
Alastair Wright
Alastair Wright - 12 hours ago
He made it especially hard for us to guess by stating his age at the beginning of this very video...wait...
Dougy Dozier
Dougy Dozier - 2 days ago
You might actually be Korean. You did this as a kid who thinks he’s good at the game? Yes. You have definitely achieved the ultimate level, Korean.
ummm help
ummm help - 2 days ago
8th best starcraft player at one time was like a fucking 13 year old???
W Y - 4 days ago
Blinkkkkkklll ❤️
Matt Palma
Matt Palma - 5 days ago
Serral, fedora, thank you.
Leif Peder Oma
Leif Peder Oma - 6 days ago
Was hoping for some Runescape action when you said «collecting all the resources»
Stephon Fagan
Stephon Fagan - 6 days ago
The fact you’re 23 is cool
human emperor
human emperor - 7 days ago
lmao the scumbag voice got me cracking
Anton Borissenko
Anton Borissenko - 7 days ago
Around 2009 when I was 13 they announced SCII.

My brain "Wait, what? SCII was announced 11 years ago? I expected it to be more recent. Wait a minute, how was he only 13?"
Mr Splish
Mr Splish - 8 days ago
I wonder if any of this is true
Amer Mulabegovic
Amer Mulabegovic - 8 days ago
I didn't even know it but my boi was a cuber
Audio One Makes Beats
Audio One Makes Beats - 9 days ago
"My lifetime goal of becoming Korean" hahahahahahaha "and if you lost the only person to blame was the developers" hahahahaha
BitchChill - 10 days ago
Ah so you're around 24
Shiny - 10 days ago
2:25 where can I find this sound effect? Heard it from attack on titan
Astro Yeaster
Astro Yeaster - 10 days ago
Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan perkele!
Michael Knight
Michael Knight - 10 days ago
Wait the multiplayer is all free? Maybe I will boot up a few games for old times sake.
NostalgicDouchebagv1.2 - 10 days ago
Next Game Forest Nothing
LR♠ - 10 days ago
Playing starcraft. Very useful talent toi have
mason 2877
mason 2877 - 11 days ago
Hi 19 year old
j tuomiva
j tuomiva - 11 days ago
Finland mentioned torilla tavataan
Avve B
Avve B - 12 days ago
ded game
ZkRt gaming
ZkRt gaming - 13 days ago
You: split probes
Bomber: leaves the game
Does he like you?
C: Well, you cant tell if he does or not. Maybe he just wanted to pee or his mom called him.
Scooty789 - 16 days ago
Watching Koreans doing like 400 APM looks like they did a line off the keyboard before the game
Enjustive YT
Enjustive YT - 17 days ago
You know what tasteless has a nice life
Jason - 17 days ago
No one noticed the Attack on titan reference? ok.
Tasteful Bob
Tasteful Bob - 18 days ago
Ah yes, *flash forward*
Beanwarrior - 19 days ago
"Incontrol still hosting..." big oof on that one.
Kraashu - 19 days ago
Suomi mainittu (Finland mentioned) torille!
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy - 21 day ago
I saw Blackpink, I clicked
burritozilla - 21 day ago
You would have really enjoyed factorio if it was around then
tyhmä idiootti poika
tyhmä idiootti poika - 22 days ago
2:03 suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan
oikeinkivajoo - 23 days ago
Suomi mainittu, torille!
TealStory - 26 days ago
I see BLACKPINK. I click.
Carthago Nova41
Carthago Nova41 - 26 days ago
perhaps one day blizzard will produce the game as good as age of empires but there is a long way ahead of them
Kaamil Saib
Kaamil Saib - 28 days ago
I'm a simple man I saw kpop, I click.
Willy G Rags
Willy G Rags - 29 days ago
Ur bad as sc
TheDarkWolf._. - 29 days ago
Really? attack on titan reference. lol
eggo - Month ago
Captions: "twitch crime"
Dutch van der Linde
Dutch van der Linde - Month ago
Hey how’s about I ditch this god tier career and make YouTube videos
Blake Watson
Blake Watson - Month ago
You were 13 in '09 as well??? 96 Gang
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett - Month ago
The sponsorship deal ended really badly.
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett - Month ago
Your 23 now.
Elfas - Month ago
Damn, at least you was good at it.. not like most of us :D
powerpc127 - Month ago
I have a friend who's really into pool. I play casually, but every once in a while I have one of those games where I get two drinks deep, I relax, and I absolutely rake. Had one such game against said friend first time I played him. I immediately retired. Whenever he brags about how good he is at pool, I make a point of reminding him that he's never beaten me and never will.
Jack Harrington
Jack Harrington - Month ago
Why was this not uploaded in early April?
Millie Cullinan
Millie Cullinan - Month ago
I love your channel but I hate Blizzard
arjunyg - Month ago
Lmao when he said he was excited cuz it was 1v1 I 200% thought he would say because “I had no friend” lmao.
ETHD Trefz
ETHD Trefz - Month ago
Can you please casually explain casually explain?
Starstrike - Month ago
best video I’ve ever seen
oT To
oT To - Month ago
Blackpink in your area !
myhv - Month ago
F for Geoff
Lorena Boehm
Lorena Boehm - Month ago
I only clicked bc blackpink
Monocat - Month ago
How have I never heard about this fedora guy before? Actually I’m more surprised about the lack of the obnoxious ”sUoMi MaInItTu” comments
GryptpypeThynne - Month ago
Just saw this video, you might be interested:
Friskyboi _ 5002-03
Friskyboi _ 5002-03 - Month ago
You know, if you didn't have to go to school you could've probably gone pro
Collisia Small
Collisia Small - Month ago
“So I left the game and said to myself... ‘damn.. u just beat huk.. and bomber 2-1.. u must be the best man! And then I quit the game”
Couldn’t stop laughing😂💀
Sleepy Vamp
Sleepy Vamp - Month ago
time to play some sc2 for the first time in forever
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