Blind Finger Trap Challenge

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NinjaBinjaGAME - 3 hours ago
Jameela's "Same size?" joke was VERY underrated 😂😂
christian kim
christian kim - 19 hours ago
Slightly underwhelming
Levi Roach
Levi Roach - 22 hours ago
Link smells his finger. Is that soap??? 😂😂
josh nusenbaum
josh nusenbaum - Day ago
She’s brill
ame zapata
ame zapata - 4 days ago
Am I the only one that Googled Vin Diesel's twin? Because I did and I thought they said it to just be funny but he for real has a twin.
Poke Kids
Poke Kids - 4 days ago
Omg she’s from the good place
just gnzvl
just gnzvl - 6 days ago
as yu can see, we cahnt.
i love her accent
Daisy J.
Daisy J. - 6 days ago
Me: "Is that soap? "
Rhett: "No It's *smoap* "
Tim Hill
Tim Hill - 7 days ago
She could definitely see
Jenissimo Crenshaw
Jenissimo Crenshaw - 7 days ago
I LOVE the misery index!
YESSS I love Jameela
loveyounot0420 - 7 days ago
This is easily the dirtiest episode! I feel like I’ve seen a new side of Rhett 🤭
Somij - 7 days ago
Wow she was good!!😁😃
Áine - 8 days ago
Shoulda got kamilah smh
BadW01f 2
BadW01f 2 - 8 days ago
Oh God no. Why!? The bronies are going to be way too excited about this one 🤮🤮🤮
Aggie Gaming
Aggie Gaming - 9 days ago
no one:
Absolutely no one:
Rhett: "Why is it so tight!?"
RC Gamex
RC Gamex - 9 days ago
The minefield of innuendos
sophiethinks - 10 days ago
With the my Little Pony thing... I'm surprised this video is still monetized?
iMeMyself - 10 days ago
those ponys have bumholes?
121stories - 10 days ago
Doran Clerinx
Doran Clerinx - 11 days ago
this episode's quotes are the best dude
Carlo loke lim
Carlo loke lim - 11 days ago
dang brits
Claudia King
Claudia King - 12 days ago
She is so fantastic 😂💜
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson - 13 days ago
they sodomized some ponies
I M O K A Y - 13 days ago
Camilla: "Is it edible?"
Elizabeth Lugo
Elizabeth Lugo - 13 days ago
"U gotta move your finger the right way"💀💀
Lauren 88
Lauren 88 - 14 days ago
Her accent is everything
Joseph Sanders
Joseph Sanders - 14 days ago
Jamila if you if I if I get
Brannen Foust
Brannen Foust - 14 days ago
Jeez I love her.
ciken_ moos
ciken_ moos - 14 days ago
Do u have a favorite finger . . .

TreezAreGreen - 14 days ago
I love the good place! I've been watching it and it is AMAZIIING
Mikuno - 14 days ago
*time for your Prostate Exam By Link and Rhett*
isaac warren
isaac warren - 14 days ago
She seems like a delight
SpyTgamer - 14 days ago
Throughout all these years I never knew when the day link would shove his finger up a toy , omg , what the heck XD
Cloudy Sky Trash
Cloudy Sky Trash - 15 days ago
Chase was trying so hard to bear with Rhett's blindfolded bs lmao
Rhett: I don't know what this is, but I want it in my den
Chase: 😦
Pin-Wu Yu
Pin-Wu Yu - 15 days ago
i feel like the title should have added “not safe for children” since you know...
“fingers are put in the butthole of “my little pony”
Mia I
Mia I - 15 days ago
How do they get so many people to come on here? Do they just pay them😂
jaclynn penney
jaclynn penney - 15 days ago
Colby Brock Is Awesome
Colby Brock Is Awesome - 13 days ago
jaclynn penney m-m-me
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga - 15 days ago
Huhuhuhuhuhu the good place huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu yay
Seda Murphy
Seda Murphy - 16 days ago
I swear to god when this episode started I shouted "JAMEELA"
Claudia Tristain
Claudia Tristain - 16 days ago
Link should've got the my little pony one
Gordon Ramsey 2
Gordon Ramsey 2 - 16 days ago
Guys no kids allowed to listen to this video just don’t pay attention the the adip
Millex 1234
Millex 1234 - 17 days ago
This is probably the dirtiest sounding good mythical morning video I have ever seen
Just Because
Just Because - 17 days ago
Jameela seems like she DOES NOT WANT TO BE THERE
Isabella Garcia
Isabella Garcia - 17 days ago
Rhett: "its really tight... I want one of these in my den"
Jameela: "same size?"
Deja W
Deja W - 17 days ago
This is hands down, my favorite episode of all time.
S I E R R A - 18 days ago
Me at 9:13 : ...😮😂
MotoAnt - 18 days ago
Is it is it is it is it is it is it is it
Trinity Shockome
Trinity Shockome - 18 days ago
Why are you violating those my little pony like that
Shirokuma Otaku
Shirokuma Otaku - 18 days ago
9:13 Bronies be jealous
Micah Philson
Micah Philson - 18 days ago
I love how they stretched so hard for the title of this game, but also... wait, does Vin Diesel really have a twin?!
Ivy Kleinhenz
Ivy Kleinhenz - 18 days ago
Rhett after sticking his finger into a hole: "wHy Is iT sO tIgHt??" "aRe YoU CoNtRacTiNg iT?" "wHy Is iT sO wEt?" "i wAnT oNe iN mY dEn" "yOu GoTtA MoVe YoUr FiNgEr ThE RiGhT wAy..." oof, makes me think of something else lmao
zxbzbbzbz zxxcdd
zxbzbbzbz zxxcdd - 18 days ago
i think jameela could see on the 3rdround hahahah
Lyrique Magie
Lyrique Magie - 19 days ago
This was funny but the MLP was kinda over the top. C'mon guys..
aundra roberts
aundra roberts - 19 days ago
I like her she's funny😂
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez - 19 days ago
Who next? Ted danson?
halo7172 - 19 days ago
Is is is is is it it it it isit isit isit isit -Jameela Jamill Everyone.
Jamie F.
Jamie F. - 19 days ago
The my little pony one made me cry with laughter
M - 19 days ago
I was going to make a joke about wanting Brett in my den but then I saw his wedding ring in the next clip and retracted
AnEv - 20 days ago
Can really see the change in crew over the years and how it made the show change. Especially in the family appropriate section
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