Blind Finger Trap Challenge

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Mukamuka Sector
Mukamuka Sector - 7 days ago
When Rhett sayed he wanted this in his den the law and order theme played in my head.
E. Coy Ivie
E. Coy Ivie - 8 days ago
JJames666male - 11 days ago
She's really funny
Jeremiah Goff
Jeremiah Goff - 13 days ago
Peter Harris
Peter Harris - 21 day ago
You gave her like 4 guesses to get it right meanwhile rhett was waiting with the correct answer! Lol. Her turn had been over for like 3 minutes
Jarid Gaming
Jarid Gaming - 27 days ago
I dont like when they have guests
yucantread psn
yucantread psn - 13 days ago
this comment is haunted
Luke Bowling
Luke Bowling - 14 days ago
I don’t like your content
Evan Duty
Evan Duty - 28 days ago
I've never Jameela seem petite.
sillycliff512 - Month ago
I love her
Mae Wobniar
Mae Wobniar - Month ago
Jameela Jamil fits right in! One of my favorite guests! ♥️
Kathi - Month ago
She needs to come back😊
Sarah Morrison
Sarah Morrison - Month ago
lol, when she realizes Link is married and sees the ring on his finger at 1:11, her reaction lol. It's just a joke but I thought it looked funny
Poo Flinger
Poo Flinger - 2 months ago
Have no idea who she is but legit one of my favorite episodes
Notta Alotta
Notta Alotta - 2 months ago
“Is it edible?”
Rhett: ...whatchitchuwacha???
Kolten Wilson
Kolten Wilson - 2 months ago
Since they had jameela jamila on the show, now they need the impractical jokers on
Ailin Behar
Ailin Behar - 2 months ago
Her accent my God!!!!!!!!!!
Emanuel Yip
Emanuel Yip - 2 months ago
What was Jamila looking at at 1:10?
Nicki Reed
Nicki Reed - 3 months ago
Wait. Did Jameela just say she’s never driven a car?
Shane Dobson
Shane Dobson - 3 months ago
"The kegels on this thing are amazing." - Don't be so jealous, Link.
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez - 3 months ago
Oh come on in one of the episode of the good place she had a neednoggle on her shoulder and she didn't complaint or touch, of course that was CGI critter in that episode.
Kyra - 3 months ago
It’s weird seeing her without her extreme dresses on The Good Place
Zira Vinova
Zira Vinova - 3 months ago
I have fuzzy Companion Cubes, actually.
River Larsen
River Larsen - 3 months ago
Link: * Smells his finger
TwstdGypsy - 3 months ago
She’s fun!
Guts - 3 months ago
Guts - 3 months ago
..she's never driven a car. 😐
just madds
just madds - 3 months ago
“Whats a den?” I think it’s honestly just a southern thing😂
The Almighty Ego
The Almighty Ego - 3 months ago
She was NOT in the good place
Jessica Christman
Jessica Christman - 4 months ago
Wowwwwww i was literally dying watching this please do it again😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jaba Dahut
Jaba Dahut - 4 months ago
Jameela no fit
JOX - 4 months ago
I like that all guests are British hahah excluding big T
Banana boo Lovebug
Banana boo Lovebug - 4 months ago
i dont appreciate all this laughter i love the way she said that yes lol
Alexander Legaspy
Alexander Legaspy - 4 months ago
Jamilla jabello
Joseph Bleasdale
Joseph Bleasdale - 4 months ago
That is a defiant British noooooooo that my aunt loves to use 12:28
Joseph Bleasdale
Joseph Bleasdale - 4 months ago
Cultural difference in the first round: everyone in Britain owns a shed, no-one in Britain owns a den 😂
Loader Up
Loader Up - 4 months ago
I love her hair💖
Jodi Cogburn
Jodi Cogburn - 4 months ago
I want to strongly clarify that they were NOT My Little Pony ponies ... not all of the ponies are unicorns.
Raegean vermette
Raegean vermette - 4 months ago
She’s so awkward lmao
Bri - 4 months ago
I had to look up the vin Diesel thing. Crazy I never heard about his twin lol
Andrew Lowery
Andrew Lowery - 4 months ago
She seems VERY fake to me,
Colin - 4 months ago
they predicted fast and furious 9
crimson voo
crimson voo - 4 months ago
12:10 listen, don't watch lmfao
Khan Shamroz
Khan Shamroz - 5 months ago
Get Impractical Jokers in this show. GMM
Briggs XIII
Briggs XIII - 5 months ago
I think she cheated peeping on the unicorn
Action Jackson
Action Jackson - 5 months ago
In my case they marry people with hog warts
Yuri Tarded
Yuri Tarded - 5 months ago
I love her
Aki Celeritas
Aki Celeritas - 5 months ago
the bronies sure were happy about this one
kat-thee - 5 months ago
I love Jameela her personality is so lovely
Shayla Lewis
Shayla Lewis - 5 months ago
“Why is it wet?” 😭😭😭
Ilmārs Priede
Ilmārs Priede - 5 months ago
anyone else immediately went to google vin diesel's twin?
Sofie Mai
Sofie Mai - 5 months ago
Is she wearing a wig?
Armando Matias
Armando Matias - 5 months ago
She is the best kind of awkward there is
Fink E
Fink E - 5 months ago
The good place is my favourite show and she is my favourite character this is great?
FrostyRPGT - 5 months ago
ψ - 5 months ago
lol i was watching The Good Place today
tasha nicole
tasha nicole - 5 months ago
"I would like this in my den!"
"Oh? Same size?"
jaymi xo
jaymi xo - 6 months ago
Im a simple person. I see Jameela, I click
Secret Diamond 63
Secret Diamond 63 - 6 months ago
13:27 Link's face of disappointment
Phillapeño - 6 months ago
I literally stopped and watched the entire first season of her show after watching this.
ChristiIna Willis
ChristiIna Willis - 6 months ago
Exactly 15 minutes
Jass B ꧂
Jass B ꧂ - 6 months ago
Her real life demeanor is so much like Tahani in The Good Place it’s literally ridiculous!! I don’t think anyone could play Tahani Al-JAMIL (YANNO, JAMEELA *JAMIL*, TAHANI AL- *JAMIL* hInT hInt) better than Jameela could play her!!
levi - 6 months ago
“Is it the padding between the mirror and the plastic?”
Gmm crew: *laughing*
Link: nobody knows what that is.
the demon spawn828
the demon spawn828 - 6 months ago
1:11 jamilla give link the eyes
GroenFan - 6 months ago
Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberinos!
Queenofwheels - 6 months ago
How does she not know what a den is?
Aterhallsam - 6 months ago
The dice are basically sponge with a tiny piece of fabric around it. The sponge is the only thing they can feel
House Fire
House Fire - 6 months ago
I almost peed when Rhett said “I’ve got those in my den” at 6:25 hahaha
Cynical Floof
Cynical Floof - 6 months ago
Jameela: It’s a soapy, wet, hard, dishglove.
Link 2 seconds after she said that: What is this? Soap?
Paula Rem
Paula Rem - 6 months ago
At first glance I thought that Jameela looked like Lilly Singh
FeRGie - 6 months ago
Most people dont know that vin diesel has a twin, what is my finger stuck in
Erin Perdue
Erin Perdue - 6 months ago
Insulation behind our mirrors in our car.... what
mazie - 6 months ago
the things you put chase through, honestly
DatBoiFromPhiladelphia - 6 months ago
Now you should have impractical jokers
thtgirlsus - 6 months ago
jameela is literally the perfect guess for this show lol. shes so naturally funny and cute. love her❤️
Holden Mcgroine
Holden Mcgroine - 6 months ago
honey does have a bit of a strange taste to it. it probably increases your lifespan though
Nathan - 6 months ago
*lets talk about that lads*
Bat-Ell Erica Kataev
Bat-Ell Erica Kataev - 6 months ago
She has this constant look on her face like
She’s smelling something bad lol
Porcelain Marionette
Porcelain Marionette - 6 months ago
Gahh i love her so much😂❤❤
Hunter Fagan
Hunter Fagan - 7 months ago
Good thing they weren’t in the jars
Zee Anon
Zee Anon - 7 months ago
the good place cast seem to do great on gmm!
Amanda Harder
Amanda Harder - 7 months ago
So, did anyone else think she cheated or just me??
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