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Smosh - 5 months ago
Hello everyone, it's Ian (The pale one with the glasses and gracefully receding hairline)
As some of you may have heard already, our parent company Defy Media is closing its doors. This doesn’t mean Smosh is going away. We’re already in the process of finding a new home and will update you all as soon as we can. Smosh has been enjoying record numbers lately, and this closure won’t stop us. The family that we’ve worked to build over 13 years is not going away. You guys have given so many of us here at Smosh the best jobs in the world, and we’re going to do whatever we can to continue to bring you the same Smoshy goodness that we always have.
I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure the videos we've already shot for Smosh and Smosh Pit are finished and uploaded. We may have to go down to just Monday uploads for the time being, but so many people have already put a lot of work into these projects, and I want to make sure you guys get a chance to see them.
We hope to have some exciting news to share with you soon, but for now, please give your love to everyone involved at Smosh.
Thank you,
PeppermintPawz - 11 hours ago
Kat gamer lover
Kat gamer lover - 11 hours ago
Lucky me you got a new network here!
Sophie McMillan
Sophie McMillan - 11 days ago
Hi Ian
09unspeakamoose FAN1923
09unspeakamoose FAN1923 - 11 days ago
Ej Alcon
Ej Alcon - 11 days ago
Smosh jesus
Phantom Gaming
Phantom Gaming - 2 hours ago
How about a every chair store ever?
The Cheerio Plague
The Cheerio Plague - 8 hours ago
By fugfhj
Lydia Key
Lydia Key - 21 hour ago
*reads the title*
My bisexual ass: I’m just here for the gay couple..
EJN Studios
EJN Studios - Day ago
This is Jason 🌵
Jason is 0 years old
For every like on this comment adds 1 year to Jason’s age
Thomas Liao
Thomas Liao - Day ago
2:41 noah looks like tobey macguaire
Hi There
Hi There - Day ago
I would send within your lovelies
Adrian Unzueta
Adrian Unzueta - Day ago
jimmy picks his nose
Char - 3 days ago
“What are you a sexually active nun?” 😂😭
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith - 3 days ago
This was my middle school
Sarah Becker
Sarah Becker - 4 days ago
And I would seed within your lovelies!
Queen Caroline
Queen Caroline - 4 days ago
My ex boyfriend’s name is Bryce... I’m lesbian now😂
Lilly Amos
Lilly Amos - 6 days ago
“What are you a sexually active nun” best line ever
Reece Harbottle
Reece Harbottle - 7 days ago
3:07 Oml it say jimmy picks his nose 😂
stylianos constantinou
stylianos constantinou - 8 days ago
Damn this video was so off,I guess are youth is going to shit afterall
sik joking
sik joking - 9 days ago
This is so stupid
C-Chizzle - 9 days ago
I’ll never know what it’s like lol
Clementine Ream
Clementine Ream - 10 days ago
Josh Omg marshmallow
Josh Omg marshmallow - 10 days ago
The add I got I hate it so much
قناة الالعاب
قناة الالعاب - 10 days ago
Windows 8
Windows 8 - 11 days ago
2:00 I agree with this SO much it has happened to me more times then I went out to buy Grocceries
Ishvar Dahya
Ishvar Dahya - 11 days ago
Sebbiestar13 Yt
Sebbiestar13 Yt - 11 days ago
Jimmy picks his nose
Khang Quach
Khang Quach - 11 days ago
Gracieee Msp
Gracieee Msp - 12 days ago
Every *ToysRUs* ever
Christina Patten-Rowan
Christina Patten-Rowan - 13 days ago
Love your videos you should do every lottery ever
Stich Gang
Stich Gang - 13 days ago
Is only me or is korny or Shane a perfect ship
MermaidAG Productions
MermaidAG Productions - 13 days ago
This is not even similar to 2019 high school. BUT IT WAS FUNNY!
RM Inoncillo
RM Inoncillo - 13 days ago
2:36 I just realized that Courtney looks a lot like Gwen Stacy.
Chloe Clouse
Chloe Clouse - 14 days ago
Jimmy picks his nose
roxy foxy
roxy foxy - 14 days ago
3:04 look at the locket
Tanukis in Space
Tanukis in Space - 14 days ago
ARC 06
ARC 06 - 15 days ago
Why did y’all say Devin he my ex crush
Ruin MxnRxy #2
Ruin MxnRxy #2 - 15 days ago
3:04 brooooo Jimmy picks his nose
prava rai
prava rai - 15 days ago
wanna know something??

...jimmy picks his nose.
G30RG3_johnson - 15 days ago
Haha 3:16 on the locker jimmy picks his nose haha 😂

Like if u noticed too
Darntay Nukz
Darntay Nukz - 16 days ago
Jimmy picks his nose
ASH BP GIRL - 16 days ago
I'm not even in Middle school soo I don't know High school
ASH BP GIRL - 16 days ago
3:03 haha "Jimmy picks his nose" in the lockers hahaha hehe
Wait who's Jimmy
Olivia opens toys
Olivia opens toys - 16 days ago
Jimmy picks his nose
Ya Boi
Ya Boi - 16 days ago
Why was Noah dating an old woman?
Gacha Ghost
Gacha Ghost - 18 days ago

Jimmy picks his nose
Kpop Unnie
Kpop Unnie - 18 days ago
3:13 *"Jimmy picks his nose"*
RS2K _TD45_
RS2K _TD45_ - 19 days ago
Ends after one second
Roxy Robinson
Roxy Robinson - 19 days ago
0:10 every shortney fan
Roxy Robinson
Roxy Robinson - 19 days ago
0:02 ofc they start with Shane and Courtney
Sarah Sterly
Sarah Sterly - 19 days ago
“What are you a sexually active nun”
Calzie ._.
Calzie ._. - 19 days ago
darkness d
darkness d - 19 days ago
Cant relate
Pro Skittle
Pro Skittle - 19 days ago
3:04 Jimmys nasty
Clawns - 20 days ago
every playdate ever
Clawns - 20 days ago
hello my names bob
London Lucy
London Lucy - 20 days ago
Vader 2344
Vader 2344 - 20 days ago
Really Courtney and Shayne are the best couple in smosh
MegaSpeedTrap 1
MegaSpeedTrap 1 - 21 day ago
Was that Noah’s actual girlfriend?
Blah Boh
Blah Boh - 21 day ago
3:05 on the right near her shoulder
Eric Jurakulov
Eric Jurakulov - 21 day ago
0:12 Me when I saw a couple in my school
Imamazing - 21 day ago
Does anybody else get depressed when these videos end
Emily Nguyen
Emily Nguyen - 21 day ago
“and I would seed within your lovelies”
- Noah grossman
Sam Barnett
Sam Barnett - 21 day ago
Omg omg omg omg omg omg smash is shutting down😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
PUSHEEN - 21 day ago
Did you guys rent a school or something 😂
Asher Pollan
Asher Pollan - 21 day ago
From a person that’s in high school now, while a little overdramatic, not far off. You hook up, you make out, you have sex, then “It’s not you, it’s me.”.
Dayau Hudson
Dayau Hudson - 22 days ago
0:06 I'm jealous of Courtney's SMILE!!! its beautiful I wish she was my girlfriend(wait..WHAT?)
MocK_Mochi - 23 days ago
2:22 was literally my friend lol
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf - 23 days ago
"Couple goals!!!" Gay voice on point! 😂😂😂
Cat Ninga 64
Cat Ninga 64 - 24 days ago
2:55 shit up Ian
Jazz Alas
Jazz Alas - 24 days ago
1:14 - 1:47 that was corny
Savage Beast21
Savage Beast21 - 24 days ago
Ohhhhh Jimmy picks his nose
Paige Peidton
Paige Peidton - 24 days ago
Me and my brother are ducking soda
Hcooper662 - 24 days ago
I’m watching the Goldberg’s while watching this😂😂😂😂😂
Sulky Flims
Sulky Flims - 25 days ago
Did you see jimmy picks him nose?
King D - Mind
King D - Mind - 25 days ago
Can confirm this shit is true.
PewDiePie 2.0
PewDiePie 2.0 - 25 days ago
LoL, brings back memories 😂
PewDiePie 2.0
PewDiePie 2.0 - 20 days ago
+tana田中 yeah but the fun and the drama follows the same plot
tana田中 - 21 day ago
Sabid Hossain no it doesn’t, cause “it’s haram to do these things” 😂
Ldog Vlogs
Ldog Vlogs - 26 days ago
jacob_ films
jacob_ films - 26 days ago
4:17 OOH YEAH 😂😂😂😂😂😂
HeyItsJasmine - 27 days ago
*jimmy picks his nose*
Itzlucy x
Itzlucy x - 27 days ago
*Jimmy picks his nose*
No You
No You - 27 days ago
No You
No You - 27 days ago
Get a life
Alicia L
Alicia L - 27 days ago
U guys should do “Every Middle School Relationship Ever”
Mobility Of Legends
Mobility Of Legends - 27 days ago
*Jimmy picks his nose ;O;*
Its A Me Aleks
Its A Me Aleks - 28 days ago
Pause at 0:28 and look at that face
Lily Tang
Lily Tang - 28 days ago
Who noticed at 3:46 Courtney is wearing the camp apachakee shirt from every summer camp ever
skeletal gamer
skeletal gamer - 27 days ago
Ellianna Johnson
Ellianna Johnson - 28 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂 the jimmy pick’s his nose I can’t
nYx_ _Callzombies
nYx_ _Callzombies - 28 days ago
Where are the lesbian couples? Literally every 9th grader girl is lesbian in my highschool
Mia gamez 5432
Mia gamez 5432 - 28 days ago
Aline Hidalgo
Aline Hidalgo - Month ago
More Shourtney moments
Moonlight's Scars
Moonlight's Scars - Month ago
3:04 Jimmy picked his nose
Supermillerltd Plays
Supermillerltd Plays - Month ago
Hey my name is Bryce
kidgamer36906 - Month ago
Hi guys
Susan Farrell
Susan Farrell - Month ago
3:05 wow just look at the locker thoooooo 😂
zicro - 29 days ago
I knew it jimmy picks his nose
TheRebelOG - Month ago
“A sexually active nun” isn’t that the equivalent to a predator priest?
Little lazy Lucy pitzen
3:52 that is my backpack
Gabriel Choo
Gabriel Choo - Month ago
"I would seed in your lovelies"
Noah Grossman 2018
Erik Rojo
Erik Rojo - Month ago
Who tf use lockers now a days
Sidhantha neogi
Sidhantha neogi - Month ago
Erik Rojo i do
Charina Salonga
Charina Salonga - Month ago
Did you say bryce............... that's my name
Evangelia Smith
Evangelia Smith - Month ago
Who would date a guy named Rice?
Don Cooley
Don Cooley - Month ago
3:46 why is Courtney wearing a Camp Apachakee shirt
Looper - Month ago
Isn’t that hand in the back pocket from 16 candles
RockCandyGamer 10
RockCandyGamer 10 - Month ago
Even middle school relationships at my school are more seriouse there is 12 year olds making out in the hallways and kids already losing their virginity
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