Post Malone - Take What You Want (Audio) ft. Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott

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Gojin Yamada
Gojin Yamada - Hour ago
Love this song ❣️
chris acklin
chris acklin - Hour ago
In my own personal opinion i think this song is fantastic. I love Ozzy and grew up listening to him. I love listening to Post Malone too both of their music Vibes with me. That Guitar Solo and just the way everything was composed in the song filled me with emotion and gave me goosebumps just the way i love music to do
MedSou - 2 hours ago
99% of *You* won't read this but...
You are the 1%, *I hope you have a great life with a lot of happiness!❤*
Marcus E.
Marcus E. - 3 hours ago
outch.. that track really ruined the album.. not an ozziy material.
Elis Martins
Elis Martins - 3 hours ago
You have to admit even you didn’t like the music, that final solo was fucking lit
Reece Vinderman
Reece Vinderman - 3 hours ago
One word. Lit
Reece Vinderman
Reece Vinderman - 3 hours ago
Wait that was 3😂
MrJayOkane - 4 hours ago
This is one of my favorite mash ups. The post and Ozzy together. Beautiful
Teluz Z
Teluz Z - 4 hours ago
Ahhhh this solo
Teluz Z
Teluz Z - 4 hours ago
Ozzy is the best part
allan riardo
allan riardo - 4 hours ago
Meus ouvidos sagram.
lofi - 9 hours ago
This was not on the album. The song would by better without Malone and without the terrible drums.
feyzullah oyunda
feyzullah oyunda - 12 hours ago
api seni embriyo iken bile dinledim beğen anskm
Lindy Latham
Lindy Latham - 13 hours ago
Absolutely Tyler...8)
Francisco . Urenda
Francisco . Urenda - 16 hours ago
I like how they merged Ozzy and posts' voice in the beginning.
Eduardo Mertins
Eduardo Mertins - 19 hours ago
Vim pelo Lucas inutilismo, muito boa a versão dele dessa musica essa musica é demais
Apple Senju
Apple Senju - 20 hours ago
God Ozzy’s voice is amazing
water ismyfriend
water ismyfriend - 20 hours ago
Terrible terrible lol holy shit
Matheus Bispo
Matheus Bispo - 20 hours ago
este eo comentário br q vc esta procurando 😀
Arko Choudhury
Arko Choudhury - 20 hours ago
The best thing that can happen to music.. Metalheads and hiphop fans on the same podium..long live such inspiring music
- AussieClasherGaming -
- AussieClasherGaming - - 20 hours ago
Why is Post Malone peeing on a sword?
Txnci0n - 20 hours ago
Yo who the hell invited Thanos to snap Travis out of the comment section?
Frogs Please
Frogs Please - 20 hours ago
What a perfect blend of Genre’s from the masters.
demon beats
demon beats - 21 hour ago
Katherine Redick
Katherine Redick - 22 hours ago
I want to know how much sucibeles he got
Christopher Mullen
Christopher Mullen - 22 hours ago
Ozzy 🐐
jvvvin - 23 hours ago
The people who disliket this don't take what they want
geena9999 - 23 hours ago
Rafin Alam
Rafin Alam - Day ago
Who’s better
Like ozzy osbourne
Comment post Malone
X-Racer - Day ago
Что здесь забыл Ozzy Ozbourne???
Poor bat 😔
Jeremiah the Pisces
I just heard this on a local radio station and i just felt it I can relate I had to look it up and YouTube convert to my phone👍✌💯😂 i had to have this song
Alex Otto
Alex Otto - Day ago
sizzj - Day ago
Mister Physics
Mister Physics - Day ago
posty's talent is in the lyrics, if he writes his own? mike patton is a Vocalist
aaron calbert
aaron calbert - Day ago
This is truly wonderful. I love all of them and never thought to imagine this.
Ricky To Good
Ricky To Good - Day ago
Well that was horrible.
Fatuma Muse
Fatuma Muse - Day ago
so good !! 💰💸💸😄😄😇👍👍👍👍🙉💶💳💸💸🚀
Linh Nguyễn
Linh Nguyễn - Day ago
i can heard that guitar , is that slash ? .
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly - Day ago
I'll give you respect when you tell kids on the internet you didn't find Ozzy
Ramzi Isbanioly
Ramzi Isbanioly - Day ago
So glad 2 hear the ozzman again normally not a huge rap fan but I'm in love with this mix great song
prettybrownround - Day ago
Who’s listening to this in 2020?!
Ionuț Christian
Ionuț Christian - Day ago
Somebody come and build another play buton, i'll pay with dry tears. 🔥
jay leigh
jay leigh - Day ago
M - Day ago
Fucking fire
Yaxoi - Day ago
Anyone else saw the AMA on Reddit, had no idea what kind of music he is making and clicked on the song with the most views?
kelly h
kelly h - 2 days ago
don’t u love how no ones talking abt travis
Lyle Hunter
Lyle Hunter - 2 days ago
No one's gonna say how the intro sounds like Under the Graveyard? Okay
Chris Acosta
Chris Acosta - 2 days ago
As a 50 year -old man who grew up listening to Ozzy, I don't get upset that Post Malone fans don't know him; times change, music changes.
But I do think that if we want to keep Ozzy's spirit alive that we should ask our nieces and nephews to start a "carve Ozzy's name onto your school desk" challenge and let it catch fire!
Filipe Fernandez
Filipe Fernandez - 2 days ago
I think post malone ft ozzy was better than ozzy ft post malone
Gott Ist Ein PopStar
Gott Ist Ein PopStar - 2 days ago
Ozzy Osbourne is the Prince of Darkness. You have no idea how massive his legacy is. No disrespect to Post Whatever, but he wouldn’t be able to fill Ozzy’s shoes in a million lifetimes. Black Sabbath invented Heavy Metal by accident. Most of the music you listen to would not exist if it wasn’t for Ozzy & Black Sabbath. Learn your history kids and show some respect.
Lovely Blk
Lovely Blk - 2 days ago
I love Ozzy!!! Fucking Legend!!!!
omarh diaz
omarh diaz - 2 days ago
Only posty can mash up hip-hop and metalrock together 💯💯💯
Michael McClain
Michael McClain - 2 days ago
Thar commercial killed some braincells
Karla Louisy
Karla Louisy - 2 days ago
Fico show esses dois juntos,Ozzy maravilhoso como sempre 😍
Hand Banana
Hand Banana - 2 days ago
It's always sad to see so many rap listeners hating on metal music. In reality, many many rappers and pop artists are really into heavy metal.
NightmareGamer 1205
NightmareGamer 1205 - 2 days ago
Batatudo - 2 days ago
This guitar solo rocked me harder than any Nickelback song.
Yung Snoopy
Yung Snoopy - 2 days ago
Ozzy's voice is just so annoying, and even on speaker Jesus Christ. Post's part though was nice.
Trisha Jones
Trisha Jones - 2 days ago
This is such a beautiful rad🤘🏽😝 rock piece
John Leeper
John Leeper - 2 days ago
This dude Isn't worthy of Ozzy Osbourne! Anyone can sing with autotune, ANYONE!
Abel Romero
Abel Romero - 18 hours ago
To be fair, post has a beautiful voice, auto tune is more of a Travis scott thing
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