Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #3 | Medical Drama Review

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Emeline Justen
Emeline Justen - Hour ago
Fiona Martin
Fiona Martin - 8 hours ago
I would love to see one done on episode 12 with the conjoined twins. I doubt it’s medically accurate in any way but I’m very curious.
IC - 9 hours ago
Adriana Tarango
Adriana Tarango - 10 hours ago
Doctor Mike try to be vegan for a month and let’s see the results!
Acid Milk
Acid Milk - 12 hours ago
Hello! Sometimes when i walk i hear this clicking on one side Of the head and i Dont have that good Of hearing on the same side, what could it be?
Lúcia Silva
Lúcia Silva - 20 hours ago
Did you ever did a video about friboids in utero? And other "common" things?
mh61638 - 22 hours ago
I just stare at him staring at the show
mh61638 - 22 hours ago
God he’s so hot
Fernando X
Fernando X - Day ago
I love your videos I'm learning English with your channel.
Ninja_041 0
Ninja_041 0 - Day ago
He is always dressed so nice for these videos
Thomas Christensen
Thomas Christensen - Day ago
When Shaun hugged Glassman, I'm very close to cry
Jonathan Jimenez
Jonathan Jimenez - Day ago
Watch the 2nd before the last episode
Teal Fox
Teal Fox - Day ago
Don't eat knives, don't eat forks, don't eat the souls of the dead

And don't eat tide pods!
Arda OZD
Arda OZD - Day ago
The real good doctor here is Dr. Mike
katelynn s
katelynn s - 2 days ago
more of these!!! they are so entertaining
Arieanna A
Arieanna A - 2 days ago
No one is going to comment on dr. Mike lucking his lips four an extended period of time? No just me? Lol
itsm3monica - 2 days ago
More reviews of the good doctor please!!
Alex Padilla
Alex Padilla - 2 days ago
Kwayon Duncan
Kwayon Duncan - 2 days ago
Can somone please tell me where i can get to look at THE GOOD DOCTOR SERIES. I cant find it no where. I tried Netflix,123 movies etc..
Helpp pleaseeeee!!!!!
Missi Reason
Missi Reason - 2 hours ago
Hulu has it.
Zentiphy - 2 days ago
I mean technically you can take out the entire brain.
yo yo
yo yo - 2 days ago
how about mr bean.. kind a funny...
ORIGINAL - 2 days ago
Estuvo muy bueno, el capítulo, me encantó el cap. 1 y este cap. Muy buenos videos Doc.
Jeanette Fröderberg
Jeanette Fröderberg - 3 days ago
I usually do the bad cop, good cop by myself when trying to convince people of something.
I start out with good cop, so people know I'm a human an then switch to bad cop to get my point through.
This usually works.
Though sometimes (especially when I'm drunk) I make the mistake of starting with bad cop witch puts people on the offensive, and I get completely blocked even if I'm right and completely logical.
Flynn Lives cmd
Flynn Lives cmd - 3 days ago
I think an adult who eats tide pods should not be helped and left to die because
....uuuh....duh? Obviously doesnt appreciate life or ones who help him so what's the loss?
Gal Berkovich
Gal Berkovich - 3 days ago
Do another review to the good doctor
eleeey - 3 days ago
Nobody: ......
Doc Mike: 4:40
Romina Urlich
Romina Urlich - 3 days ago
Doctor mike but after baby is out then on the c section u guys then sleep the mother right ?
Romina Urlich
Romina Urlich - 3 days ago
Can u b my dr ?? Doctor mike ?
Eryka Neira
Eryka Neira - 4 days ago
Please let there be a 4 or 5 it's so goot
Nina Sant Anna
Nina Sant Anna - 4 days ago
Por favor coloque legendas em português Brasil
Lucas Tarcio
Lucas Tarcio - 3 days ago
Learn english gal
fytxj gg
fytxj gg - 4 days ago
Please react to more good doctor if you
Agree like
Maria Garay
Maria Garay - 4 days ago
Maldito! no puedes ser tan guapo e inteligente :3 ¿Algún día podré conocer a alguien así? No lo creo eso solo pasa en películas... Mientras tanto aquí sentada admirando tu hermosura...
Qubiks Dev
Qubiks Dev - 4 days ago
moreee i neeed moreee
Qubiks Dev
Qubiks Dev - 4 days ago
can you even get a brain tumour since the neurons don't split?
Liceth Ortiz
Liceth Ortiz - 4 days ago
I really love this😍😍😍❤❤
Shiroi - 4 days ago
I really love your channel! The things you say or explain are very educational and interesting. The thing I like the most is that you don't judge serials or comment, if you don't like it - you just explain some medical things and that's what I enjoy. I'd like to apologize if I say something silly, but english isn't my native language :) Have a nice day ♥
Laurine Legedza
Laurine Legedza - 4 days ago
How smart and handsome is this man ....
10 Dollar Budget
10 Dollar Budget - 4 days ago
Hey I made a video called if the good doctor had a ten dollar budget go check it out
Cheska Ordonez
Cheska Ordonez - 5 days ago
Hi. Dr mike.
Thank u for believing in hope.
Kyle Prather
Kyle Prather - 5 days ago
Please tell me you watched everything else
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez - 5 days ago
algun latino por aqui? :v
Ana Wieder
Ana Wieder - 5 days ago
Don't eat anything that isn't food. And don't eat a lot of different kinds of foods. Also people really eat tide pods? Who is that stupid?
Dear Master,
Dear Master, - 5 days ago
"D.I.C is a very rare condition"
Lucio Patterson
Lucio Patterson - 5 days ago
"where you put a camera ... Up the butt"
rodzel Solis
rodzel Solis - 5 days ago
please react to korean drama. called romantic doctor
crystal Baffour
crystal Baffour - 5 days ago
Please react to greys anatomy when the interns cut a patients lvad
wildchildforever73 - 5 days ago
greys anatomy season 11 episode 21!!!!! lots of spoiler alerts tho
Farhan Chow
Farhan Chow - 5 days ago
Can you watch Doctor stranger Ep 3
lili5393 - 6 days ago
I don't watch this show but I started crying there at the end. My mom had cancer too and she came out the other end a little worse for wear but alive and...better for it which many people don't talk about. Cancer sucks, a lot and it seems like there's nothing that could be worse but there are. And that's not to downplay anyone who has or has had cancer. Like Dr. Mike said, hope is powerful and it helps you realize a lot about yourself. For us it helped us realize that our situation could have been worse and that the outcome of great doctors, terrific nurses, and a strong family unit was that of a longer time here where my mom could appreciate the delicate nature of life.
Isobel Reece
Isobel Reece - 6 days ago
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