Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #3 | Medical Drama Review

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mboO - 8 hours ago
part 4 plz🥺
Anabel Kleckner
Anabel Kleckner - 13 hours ago
S 1 ep 6, 11, and 12
shadow CD
shadow CD - 14 hours ago
Where can I watch this show
Mario Erica
Mario Erica - 17 hours ago
Watch the "Pure Genius"
Sarah - 23 hours ago
4:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leah Patts
Leah Patts - 23 hours ago
I'm epileptic. My brain buffers all the time. Yes. It's horrible
Taylor james Hutchinson
Is depression a infection or a thing you can catch
Brandon VP
Brandon VP - Day ago
4:39 you’ll thank me later :)
Nitisha giri Nitisha suresh giri
I like the way u explain the episodes l liked the serial and l would wish u to make many interesting videos on good doctor
Gianna Luon
Gianna Luon - Day ago
Your video makes me want to be a doctor 👩‍⚕️
jo jo
jo jo - Day ago
Came across your channel! New subscriber from Australia😊Really enjoying these reviews! Very interesting! 😎👌 Good Doctor one of my fav shows! 😎
Undyla - Chan
Undyla - Chan - Day ago
This is so good, please make another episode on this show!!
Kiara Guzman
Kiara Guzman - 2 days ago
Tarn this into a mini show
Sahira Castillo
Sahira Castillo - 2 days ago
I just see this to know what was you think about Shaun mistake... This was a little bit disappointed
Bagheads 125
Bagheads 125 - 2 days ago
Dr. Mike: M and M a forum that provides clinicians with an opportunity to discuss medical error and adverse events.
Me: M&M kinda like a chocolate
Ashley Winter
Ashley Winter - 2 days ago
Whyyyy is he so attractive? Does he have a medical explanation for this 1🤣🤣🤣🤣
grav3yardprince - 2 days ago
Nice one! Love it when you react and smile :)
Cindy Selvage
Cindy Selvage - 2 days ago
The good doctor season 2, please
Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan - 2 days ago
Great review, I like this show.
But for the Tide-pods, we all eat little bits detergent everyday technically. I had a project on toothpaste and the main ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate. It's the main ingredient in many things like detergent, dish soap, shampoo/conditioner etc. - and we swallow it everyday.
The FDA approves it because people "spit it out/don't swallow it" - but technically you don't. It's essentially laundry detergent with a mint flavor and foaming agent added, but when you have that minty after-taste after brushing your teeth - that's essentially a thin film of detergent in your mouth that you eventually consume.
I still use toothpaste anyway, but ya we all swallow little bits of detergent everyday.
ElliShushi Vlogs
ElliShushi Vlogs - 2 days ago
Georgia Colvin
Georgia Colvin - 3 days ago
I teared up at the hug!
Gracie Friesen
Gracie Friesen - 3 days ago
good doctor 4!!!!!
Angela Emerson
Angela Emerson - 3 days ago
would be fun to have a nurse on their to interview..i am a psych nurse would be really interesting to watch some psych medical episode and evaluate
Maranda Windish
Maranda Windish - 4 days ago
2:54 Usually, but that was bit the case when my mom had a c-section (with me). A while Loy of things complicated it, so I am not going to get into it.
Castiel's Avocado
Castiel's Avocado - 4 days ago
Dr. Mike: *_Yaaaaay!_*
Eli- shane
Eli- shane - 4 days ago
kdrama dr john
Kemarah Fray
Kemarah Fray - 5 days ago
When I had my twins I did c-section , spinal I didn't like it , I fell the doctors in and out my belly , it wasn't painful but so uncomfortable. I have a family who can't stop eating sponge 😞
Julien BRnes
Julien BRnes - 5 days ago
Heyo, if you like to read, Death Be Not Proud by John Gunther is absolutely amazing and beautiful
jtothehooope - 5 days ago
Antoan's Gaming
Antoan's Gaming - 5 days ago
part 4
Somethin Trashi
Somethin Trashi - 6 days ago
He NeVeR sAiD wE cAnT eAt SpOoNs AnD sPoRkS
Arish Ali
Arish Ali - 6 days ago
Xx woah.its.kasandra Xx
"when you put the camera up da butt"
-Doctor Mike
Xx woah.its.kasandra Xx
Mike: When they say resetting-
Me:please don't 😭😭
kaustxte - 6 days ago
My grandpa is (was) a doctor - he retired a few years ago and let his license expire after 50+ years. He's 82 and still really active. He loves to travel and go camping, which unfortunately means a lot of long car rides. About 2 years ago, after one such getaway, he noticed swelling in his leg typical of a blood clot and decided (only after he was sure it wasn't water retention or something from sitting down, ofc) to go to the ER. They did what they do, confirmed he had a clot in his leg... but they also discovered that the chronic cough he'd had for the past year was caused by multiple blood clots throughout his lungs. He didn't think he'd make it. Fortunately, he did, and he's now on a blood thinner full time.
My dad, who is a pharmacist, fell off a ladder when I was in 8th grade and cracked 3 of his ribs. Instead of going to the ER, he insisted all they'd do is tell him to take it easy, buy a rib belt, and take ibuprofen. At least he agreed to my grandpa looking him over to make sure he didn't have a punctured lung or something, but he was adamant that he could self diagnose and treat. That was a long and agonizing recovery period for him.
These are just two of the worst cases in a series of noncompliance from both of them. So yeah. Doctors definitely make the worst patients! Hah.
ingrid a
ingrid a - 6 days ago
Is that Rusty from Major crimes?
YOLOTROLLER526 - 6 days ago
From where can I watch this show I can’t find it on Netflix
Lauca py
Lauca py - 6 days ago
Amazon prime
cactai - 6 days ago
Can't eat knives, forks but I guess you can eat a spoon
12345678910 go
12345678910 go - 6 days ago
DO greys anatomy
Rangequeen2010 - 7 days ago
Even though some of the practices are inaccurate. I love how he balances the behaviors of autism as well as knowledge towards medicine
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton - 7 days ago
Hey! So I was wondering if patients can tell the doctors to "unplug" or kill the patient?
Cat AnglePoison
Cat AnglePoison - 7 days ago
Question: Wouldn’t you have to flush the persons system to get the chemicals out?
(Edit) This ligit feels like I’m back in science class...
Sakshi Tryambake
Sakshi Tryambake - 7 days ago
Although the human brain has blood vessels, there was no evidence it has a lymphatic system. So metastasis to the brain can occur through haematogenous route only.
U Aimen
U Aimen - 7 days ago
Good Doctor 4 please !!!
Elizabeth Rust
Elizabeth Rust - 7 days ago
You're awesome dr. Mike!
XINIA MORUA - 7 days ago
How many Doctors have hope? Like in this case.
S Freeman
S Freeman - 7 days ago
Regional nerve block didn't work so well for my c wore off before they finished...and yes...I could feel it!! It was a burning unlike I have ever felt before...and very difficult to describe!
S Freeman
S Freeman - 6 days ago
@Liliette Coiman I WISH I could have passed out! If I recall, I was given something to bite down on...NOT kidding! All that aside, I lost just over 3L of blood...apparently had an undiagnosed bleeding disorder. 😂 If being sliced open it didn't hurt so bad, bleeding out would actually be a more peaceful way to go's like going to sleep.
Liliette Coiman
Liliette Coiman - 6 days ago
Same thing happened to me. I passed out because of the pain.
Courtney Bazinet
Courtney Bazinet - 8 days ago
A compound fracture is actually when the broken bone goes through the skin. Right?
Claudia Nadxyelli Vázquez González
Please react to the Japanese version of the good doctor, it has subtitles. And is focused in pediatric surgery
Nayara R.
Nayara R. - 8 days ago
I love this series! It's fun, tackles interesting topics, and even makes us learn some medical / health stuff. Loved your channel and the way you expose your point of view about the series. I always thought *"How will a doctor be watching a series of doctors?"* *"Is the series really addressing medical issues correctly?"* And here I could see it. Thanks.
Filip Gasic
Filip Gasic - 8 days ago
Mate, hope doesn't help you with inoperable brain cancer. Stop giving false hope. NA doctors
Sweet Ui
Sweet Ui - 8 days ago
"The wrist is dying."
*"oh no"*
Dayton Ledford
Dayton Ledford - 9 days ago
I heard the popping in the ankle and I just shook
ash 098
ash 098 - 9 days ago
No way I'm ever going to be awake for a surgery
Shreyasi Chatterjee
Shreyasi Chatterjee - 9 days ago
Lol i was watching and was engrossed in good doctor then got distracted by mike with his tongue out...made me laugh so hard fr some reason 😂😂😂
Shané Michelle
Shané Michelle - 9 days ago
I like you Doctor Mike. Watching you watch my favorite show makes me smile during the whole video. thanks for the channel🙌
AlphaWolf - 10 days ago
More good doctor
La La
La La - 10 days ago
Dr. Mike: M and M...
Me: Eminem
Alexys Zwart
Alexys Zwart - 10 days ago
Watch New Amsterdam!!!
La La
La La - 10 days ago
Doctor Mike, do you think you can play "Open Heart"? It is in an app called Choices.
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