Billie Eilish - xanny

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L. S.
L. S. - Day ago
make same mistakes, blame circumstances..... love this
sling kong game center
Türk olan like
Jarold Acosta
Jarold Acosta - Day ago
This is third video I watch after seeing her for the first time ‘cause the Grammy. Nope, Im too old for this “neardeath” type of music.
mah santos
mah santos - Day ago
Cadê vcs Brasil
suicidal tenåring
suicidal tenåring - Day ago
Breath Banff fresh exhale air breathe
fonlite kopycat
fonlite kopycat - Day ago
Lol, I'm a love Billie Eilish!😍😍😍😍
(I'm sorry error) I'm RUSSIAN ŮwŮ
Rachel Tlzz
Rachel Tlzz - Day ago
I love your song ❤️❤️❤️
Bella Garcia
Bella Garcia - Day ago
My favorite song❤️
Merei Zhasulan
Merei Zhasulan - Day ago
Anita Mrohs
Anita Mrohs - Day ago
Was für ein GEJAULE......👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Major Harris
Major Harris - Day ago
She just won 5 of the 6 grammys that she was nominated for yesterday
Mike DiPasquale
Mike DiPasquale - Day ago
Terrible music
Sheila Thomas-Spencer
What's wrong with people??? The more ridiculous the better?!!! The sad part is she can actually sing but I can't stand looking at her.
Max Dex
Max Dex - Day ago
all that 18 yo drama go find a river and listen. pharme gets you pharmed!!!!!!
Dori Pabon
Dori Pabon - Day ago
Xannies are a bitch
PhotographyFelipe - Day ago
Linnea Karlsson
Linnea Karlsson - Day ago
i love uuuu
Bee Zee
Bee Zee - Day ago
We really live in a generation of crappy music where anyone singing remotely ok sounds amazing. Go on Youtube, and you will find way more talented artists. They just didn't go through all the hoops to their record deal..
Wonder Ema
Wonder Ema - Day ago
Billie whats your best friends Lea
Peter Simon
Peter Simon - Day ago
I love you
Emmie the Amethyst fangirl uwu
In Soviet Russia, the cigar smokes you.
Rhiannon N
Rhiannon N - Day ago
We do not deserve her and her brother.
ROー[ロー] - Day ago
Sidneia Berto
Sidneia Berto - Day ago
Billy voce e muito linda eu tenho uma amiga que ela te ama eu só ouvir música sua Onde você mora você já veio para Tupã
Giselle Nunez
Giselle Nunez - Day ago
I love you 🖤
cojedor r
cojedor r - Day ago
A cigarette burn TOTALLY don't look like that😂👎
孙Lillian - Day ago
My god!why she was so charming
Unknown - Day ago
I just notice her music videos are connecting to each other at the end
Mixz z
Mixz z - Day ago
i dont like this song...😥🤧😟
poketdoom - Day ago
i guess the people with corona are too intoxicated to be scared
Jessica Castaneda
Jessica Castaneda - Day ago
Omg I loved this song and I just realized I pressed the dislike button by accident 💀😭 I fixed it tho ❤️❤️❤️
Baby Aleya
Baby Aleya - Day ago
"Better off without them , they're nothing but unstable".
so true :")
Ben T
Ben T - Day ago
Angsty goth teen sings into fan's an award.
Data Two
Data Two - Day ago
Is this the direction American music is taking these days? We are a sorry bunch of self-consumed sad sacks aren't we. Where is a knife, I need to go slit my wrists now. . .
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman - Day ago
Wow. Truly awful tripe. No wonder she won the Grammies
Sgt Lynx
Sgt Lynx - Day ago
dude be looking like Ophra
Alyssa Woods
Alyssa Woods - Day ago
“I can’t afford to love someone
Who isn’t dying by mistake”
Ugh my inner lyricist and writer just cried 😍😭❤️ absolutely beautiful
DivaGirl10 - Day ago
H.E.R was snubbed at the Grammys
Maralah Quin
Maralah Quin - Day ago
Worst parents of a lifetime award goes toooooooo.....
Billy Eiliahs parents!
Maralah Quin
Maralah Quin - Day ago
👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Kittygirl gamer
Kittygirl gamer - Day ago
if you dont know Billie Eilish please like
if you know Billie Eilish please like
TheMozez10 - Day ago
Edgy teen
Esraa Samir
Esraa Samir - Day ago
I loveeeee❤❤
Lucas Diógens
Lucas Diógens - Day ago
Merecido todos os prêmios do Grammy 2020 👏👏
Amanda Leal
Amanda Leal - Day ago
E essa música 8D mds
عبد اللطيف الشمالي
يويلتس من عقلتس يلمزيونه
Lsrj - Day ago
Que hermoso se ve su pelo de castaño♡
Mister Hard ツ
Mister Hard ツ - Day ago
мне не очень если честно(если есть русские то лайкните комент:) )
Marcelo Paiva
Marcelo Paiva - Day ago
She's look like Lady Gaga!
Hyper_Sniper - Day ago
eres super wuapa bebe hablame a wats +56 9 9574 1091 torame al dm bebe
Richard Moreira
Richard Moreira - Day ago
Rania Santos yapur
Rania Santos yapur - Day ago
I love you ❣️
Jareth Boza Toribio
Hermosaa ;)
DemonWolf1234 - Day ago
My queen
Abril José
Abril José - Day ago
Lourdes Flores
Lourdes Flores - Day ago
Mila And Lilly ́s World!!
I want to meet you I'm also 8
Janet Wilhelm
Janet Wilhelm - Day ago
She sucks...
DarkStaR - Day ago
Seems like they don't learn do they juice died of pills, and she singing this to her pre teen audience? Disgusting we all know her fans are well under 18, to be singing to them about drugs
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