NBA 2K20: MyPLAYER Trailer

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Hakdog - 20 days ago
im from the future, I came here to ask if this basketball game is good?
Average Miles
Average Miles - 25 days ago
I hate hearing “you guys ready to hammer out this deal?” 😂😂
St0pCaPPING-_- 23
St0pCaPPING-_- 23 - 26 days ago
Who’s here after watch 2k21 teaser?
Fuck You
Fuck You - 26 days ago
Your mother
CallCornovirus NoWreck
But 2k18 was My Nitendo Switch Poop Graphics that's why he was Tetetrefieding my Cucumber Of Gifitness
dread knot
dread knot - Month ago
graphic suck for 20k game
TheOneAndOnlyGoat24 - Month ago
Fix your trash Game
Budliky CZ
Budliky CZ - Month ago
Lol I just came her to tell you that on Nintendo Switch this game is 95% off which is probably 2 euros. Also I came here to tell you it still not worth it.
DSL Photobooth
DSL Photobooth - Month ago
How do you even make that hairstyle
HoZe Mad
HoZe Mad - 2 months ago
Sad they put all their work into a little my career movie and not the game it’s self
Nicole Kenney
Nicole Kenney - 2 months ago
Y'all should put girls on the next 2k
Ayo Swayvey
Ayo Swayvey - 3 months ago
If we want change for this downhill franchise we gotta show it this should have way more dislikes then likes
Anthony - 3 months ago
*🏀🏀🏀🏀whatch this🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀*
0:35 🔥💃❣🎬
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥
Tyvelly - 5 months ago
Ruben - 5 months ago
This game is amazing!
GSMillion - 5 months ago
Once you hit 95 don’t play with bums
LetEmKno Tre
LetEmKno Tre - 6 months ago
to the developers:
lemme tell yall why this game is ass and y’all probably will never make a good 2k again.
the steals is ridiculous. feel like everybody got middle school level handles.
who dumbass idea was it to make quick draw a badge? this aint call of duty.
lastly, we understand yall tryna make ppl grind for stuff but who got time to really grind all this shit and work jobs.
then try to level it out wit all dem pointless ass, wack ass events yall call yallselves hostin and dem shits be overran by cheesers and trolls.
dont get me wrong, da 2k community is the real problem startin wit da youtubers cuz they the reasn everyone runnin round wit da same 4 weak ass builds, but yall allow this shit to continue wit how yall make this hoe ass game.
in all, 2k14-17 >>> 2k18-20..
santosh kumar
santosh kumar - 6 months ago
I like it
Kleiner Helfer
Kleiner Helfer - 6 months ago
I have always hated sports games, but now that they have gambling added I hate them even more.
If this gambling shit makes it into my favourite game serieses, I will easily boycott, because I can just as well have fun without it.
Rami ❶⓿ ꪜ
Rami ❶⓿ ꪜ - 6 months ago
*Am i the only who didn’t buy 2k19.5 ?*
janirwin16 - 7 months ago
Does anyone have a video on how to make the guy In the trailer as your player
GLitCHY —Deon_da_beast_23
They put this for adults and not kids (I’m a kid), because of age restrictions! Wow 2K...
Eric Hines
Eric Hines - 9 months ago
make the ability to skip cut scenes your acting and story writing skills are horrible nobody acts or talks like the way you make them its stupid
Jayven Morgan
Jayven Morgan - 9 months ago
I swear 2k be putting more time in the mycareer then the game itself
Slothures - 9 months ago
If you liked this video. You suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Or you are a masochistic.
Dani - 9 months ago
este juego es una basura
Gian Paolo Panicucci
Gian Paolo Panicucci - 9 months ago
Lol so what has really improved since 2012? Fuck off 2k
Richard Olivares
Richard Olivares - 9 months ago
Casino 2k20
alyssa brosi
alyssa brosi - 9 months ago
i like this game its my fav i could care less if its gambling
Trey Ballin
Trey Ballin - 9 months ago
U got it on Xbox digital?
Edge Ninja
Edge Ninja - 10 months ago
All this sounds cool but... Most of this is BS
Dragoș Andrei Cristea
Dragoș Andrei Cristea - 10 months ago
8.6k likes for a video game that promotes gambling to 3+ year old... GAMBLING TO CHILDREN....
Dragoș Andrei Cristea
Dragoș Andrei Cristea - 10 months ago
@Walther Penne i didn't sid anything about consoles. I said about GAMBLING. Gambling is for adults, not children
Walther Penne
Walther Penne - 10 months ago
well, perfectly suiting for PS4/Xbox One and Nintendo $witch-owners ;) Because 90% of their audience ARE kids...Don´t you think? Kids-games for kids-consoles my friend.
NinjaMatul - 10 months ago
This is the full-priced NBA 2K19.5 with extra gambling simulator.
Poopzster Von
Poopzster Von - 10 months ago
Cheese d i c k
GaMzEe MaKaRa
GaMzEe MaKaRa - 10 months ago
Pokemon Red has a better ESB rating then you. Pokemon Red with its ingame non monetized gambling with a 12+ rating. Then you come out blatantly with gambling and real life purchases and say yeah this is good for 3 year olds and obviously ties in with the storyline. Get bent you turds.
yo mama
yo mama - 10 months ago
I would hate to put all this hard work into a game then the head boss is like let put gambling into are basketball game cuz fk it that makes sense, someone needs to be fired
T Anto
T Anto - 10 months ago
Keep disliking this shit game.
Tamo Balu
Tamo Balu - 10 months ago
Nice, I was planning a casino trip with some friends but we will all just play NBA 2K20 together now, love it!
Morgan Gibbs
Morgan Gibbs - 10 months ago
Yall should ad dreads when the season starts
ThatFinnish_ Guy
ThatFinnish_ Guy - 10 months ago
This casino game has too much basketball
shion Ohara
shion Ohara - 10 months ago
even though you removed the gambling trailer, we will never forgive, and never forget
Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX
Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX - 10 months ago
I thought the raptors were the NBA champs wtf
Keith Si
Keith Si - 10 months ago
Disliked because you put basketball in my casino game
Demer PIquet
Demer PIquet - 10 months ago
LaurenShh - 10 months ago
Am I the only one really happy for mycarrer mode? I hope what happens on this trailer happens on the real game(nba2k19 story was bad and y'all know it) I never buy vc I always earn it by playing games so lets have some faith....
Ron Heverly
Ron Heverly - 10 months ago
I'm not sure you morons know what gambling is. Gambling is when you put money in not knowing the result. Similar to EA and MUT. Spend $10, get who knows what. As where with 2k you know what you're going to get when you buy VC. It tells you right there... nickle and dime people yes. Gambling no.
Andrés Rodríguez
Andrés Rodríguez - 10 months ago
NBA 2K20: House of Microtransactions
Hugo Brook
Hugo Brook - 10 months ago
Idris Elba?
North Dwarf
North Dwarf - 10 months ago
Rated T/M for simulated/real money gambling without a chance to cash out your winnings.
Hope Dealers
Hope Dealers - 10 months ago
Please please please fix the NBA draft..make it realistic
Egmio - 10 months ago
Are y’all forgetting there’s MT in myteam???
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 10 months ago
Fking Filth
Steve L
Steve L - 10 months ago
NBA 2K20 Loot Box Simulator... Looks like a good game to keep my kids away from as loot boxes are not suitable for under 18's.. The ESRB is pointless as it is run by the ESA. The US is proving that self regulation does not work. They need a third party regulator with no ties to the gaming industry that will not take bribes (lobbying) from the gaming industry. There needs to be legal ramifications to the retailer that sell children M rated games.
Luke Carney
Luke Carney - 10 months ago
Where's my Casino?!?
Peenosy - 10 months ago
2k needs to go back to the old 2k15-2k17 years. Back then, everything was simple and there wasn’t any gambling involved lol
Suns Geek
Suns Geek - 10 months ago
This game is about to be life. I love NBA2K #NBA2K20
Jorge Montalvo
Jorge Montalvo - 10 months ago
Fuck you and your shit. If you want a fucking casino the do a fucking gambling game. Thank good i dont like that shit bcs otherwise i would be mad and upset with you guys, i thought you care about ganer but the only thing you care about is fucking money. People work hard to get your games but this kind of shits doesnt worth peoples effort at all.
Please dont buy this crap. Lets do something like we did with battlefront 2. Let them suffer and get no more money in that way.
Just saying man real gamers never die, but shitty companies do.
iloveTSA - 10 months ago
This is the perfect game for my gambling addicted 3 year old. More games should have PEGI 3 and actual gambling with real money in it, love it! /s
Guest Gamers
Guest Gamers - 10 months ago
fuck you 2k and your gambling for 3 year olds.
whoever likes this game i hope your a parent, and if you are, your children need to be taken away from you.
Kevin W. Clark
Kevin W. Clark - 10 months ago
It's not about the trophy and getting to the top of a basketball career... it's about taking all those gamer's money in gambling mechanics. I'm surprised there's still a basketball game in there.
strzaskany alf
strzaskany alf - 10 months ago
Suarez Sebastian
Suarez Sebastian - 10 months ago
Fuck 2K and fuck the ESRB, shameless with their in-game gambling.
RealistChristian - 10 months ago
ZackMylon12 - 10 months ago
Where are my slot machines and roulette at? I need to gamble so bad...
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - 10 months ago
"It really makes you feel like you are gambling" -IGN
ClappOnUpp - 10 months ago
Congratulations 2k! As of this week you have inched passed EA as most hated game Dev/Publisher! Enjoy, you've earned it!!
Walter Grande
Walter Grande - 10 months ago
How much for the "make a shot" expansion pack?
Some random guy from the beyond
something tells me 90% of this trailer is bullshit
Chrono - 10 months ago
Watch "The PROBLEM with Modern Sports Games" on YouTube
Tanis Bollain
Tanis Bollain - 10 months ago
This is MyGamblin interrupted with some basketball invasive mechanics
Frederick Smith
Frederick Smith - 10 months ago
Looks ok but still refuse to look past the casino bullshit that has infected all major sports titles and will continue to do my part and boycott them until it's gone just like battlefront 2
ClappOnUpp - 10 months ago
Agreed! I know everyone I talk to about it is doing the same.
Zack Nemo
Zack Nemo - 10 months ago
Where's that gambling trailer at? guess I'll just dislike this video and any future videos
DirtBag 18K
DirtBag 18K - 10 months ago
Gambling simulator with a story?!? So exciting...
Liam Polglase
Liam Polglase - 10 months ago
whats all this basketball in my gambling game. Wish I could afford the NBA dlc
Myrmidon - 10 months ago
Its funny because almost everybody in the world doesnt gives a shit about basketball, but in this video its like the celebration of the ending of all wars and the starvation in Africa😂
Ranzbert - 10 months ago
Fuck you 2K you´re a disgrace to the Gaming Community and represent all what´s wrong in Gaming today
Alexia Is On Fire
Alexia Is On Fire - 10 months ago
fuck you 2K FUCK YOU
Matthew Reus
Matthew Reus - 10 months ago
When did it become a free to play game.
oh wait it's not.
Don't buy this game.
push gambling off kids.
Cade Grasse
Cade Grasse - 10 months ago
I wish we had new hairstyles really bad
FabLoveGA - 10 months ago
I'm the 1000th dislike.
moustachio74 - 10 months ago
Scum bags in bed with
P proudly
E encouraging
G gambling
I in children
Adam Weishaupt
Adam Weishaupt - 10 months ago
Oh good. A new Casinoball game
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