Deontay Wilder Knocks Down Tyson Fury in Round 12 | SHOWTIME PPV

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Robert Velez
Robert Velez - 7 hours ago
Great fight and deserves a rematch!
That's Mando
That's Mando - 7 hours ago
That was a 10 count fuhk the BS....
chris Turney
chris Turney - 8 hours ago
Wilder won he was cheated out
MrCWilliams1982 - 9 hours ago
Fury still should’ve won this fight
Timothy Bryant El
Timothy Bryant El - 9 hours ago
Love them both Joshua fight at least one of these guys pleazzzzzzz
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez - 9 hours ago
"And then his head hit the canvas " bitch, I dont even think it touched it ....they acting like it slammed hard af against it...gtfo
Tyrone Stien JacksonBerg
Tyrone Stien JacksonBerg - 13 hours ago
Lost respect for Wilder. Making all sorts of excuses after the fight. Like he won the fight, the announcers were making fans think he wasn't winning rounds and my favorite the Ref ( Jack Reese) gave him a long count. Each number is equal to about a second (1 Mississippi) that was a professional count by a great Ref! Wilder acting like typical Whiner, blaming everyone but himself!!!! How about it wasn't your best performance whiner?
john smith
john smith - 20 hours ago
john smith
john smith - 20 hours ago
john smith
john smith - 20 hours ago
john smith
john smith - 20 hours ago
Jordan Richardson
Jordan Richardson - 23 hours ago
Wilder punches way too wild lol his trainers needs to tell to get more stiiff punches & cross hook in too many wild throws
fernanumero3 - 23 hours ago
What kind of Rocky shit is this? Lol Tyson got up like a firecracker was up his butt, amazing, he's the real winner.
francisco plaza
francisco plaza - Day ago
fury got a legit NBA 20 sec. timeout
Osiel Valencia
Osiel Valencia - Day ago
Even with that knock down fury still got robbed
vitola1111 - Day ago
Osiel Valencia You are crazy. That decision was not a robbery. Most plp were thrown off by their emotions and the biased ass commentary. Here’s a tally of the unofficial score cards from 14 boxing pundits: 6 - Fury won 3 - Wilder won 5 - draw As you can see it was not a blow out for Fury. A draw was a fair outcome. Calling it a robbery is unjust and exposes the immense amount of bias people have against Wilder for one reason or another.
TheAndrew26101Show - Day ago
N*** hit his head right on the MAT *WILDER A MOFO BEAST* 😂
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas - Day ago
He counted one then stopped his count you can see it good in slow motion
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas - Day ago
When he said 5 he should have been saying 6 he gave fury one second
Danya Valentin
Danya Valentin - Day ago
Pull out your phone and go to the timer app... The second he hits the canvas, hit start. It comes to 9.60 SECONDS give or take. For everyone saying it was 10 seconds or more. STFU.
80" Reach
80" Reach - Day ago
What dust woke him up
Roberto Leos
Roberto Leos - 2 days ago
It was not a total fiasco, but it was a fiasco.
Fury acting like a clown.
Kas Cuev
Kas Cuev - 2 days ago
HBO got out of boxing,after this draw? call Showtime is a joke,fuck all judges no justice anywhere,you think everybody is an idiot fu
Nolan Knows
Nolan Knows - 2 days ago
"He's up!? Wow! He got up!"... seeing Fury pull off the impossible, rising from ruins like that gets me choked up.
DonDiBiase - 2 days ago
I don’t know how many times I watched this and counted but he was down for ten seconds
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee - 2 days ago
OR AJ vs fury 25 dollars PPV in UK equals 25,000,000 plus 5 mil live gate. Which one make since.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee - 2 days ago
1 mil ppv buys for next fight. I will pay again. about 75,000,000 plus live gate equals about 90,000,000 easy. Why fight AJ now. But the fight got to happen: Fury or Wilder VS AJ.
Dustin Birkes
Dustin Birkes - 2 days ago
he did in fact get up in time the clock was at 2;20 when he went down he got up at 2;13 so he in fact did get up in time
Caesar Sondakh
Caesar Sondakh - 2 days ago
Ga dam they tall as hell
NaySay Network
NaySay Network - 2 days ago
Longest 10 count ever
AkaJohnnyT23 - 2 days ago
I have watched this clip, idk how many times and I have ta say. Technically fury did get an 11 second count. If you watch closely. He hits the canvas at 2:21. It’s not until 2:10 the he gets completely upright... Now the ringside/ring referee don’t star the count until 2:20. So if you ask me. Considering reaction times and potential human error. I think it was a fair “in the moment” count and he was up by 10! Ps. I was rooting for wilder.
Nice Kitty
Nice Kitty - 2 days ago
jon c
jon c - 2 days ago
fury beat the count, because I counted it on my timer on my cell. he got up on count 8sec. and here's thing boxing fans forget the count can't start till the fighter goes to a neutral corner. and the out side ref can't count ether to wilder in neutral corner to read the boxing rule book. and the inside ref has final say and not the outside ref.
Kyle Abbott
Kyle Abbott - 3 days ago
Boxing is so fucking stupid lol these guys would get destroyed in a real fight with somebody whos trained in MMA or BJJ.
Gmen pg
Gmen pg - 3 days ago
Fury got up like he was late to work
Legend Rid
Legend Rid - 3 days ago
Lmao fury got up as if his girl was going through his phone.
YouTube Justice Warrior
Boxing is an absolute joke 😂
aloysha38 - 3 days ago
I had the fight 7 for Fury, 5 for Wilder with no knockdowns that gives a final score of 115-113 for Fury. Taking away one point for each knockdown gives a final score of 113-113 ...a draw. This fight was scored correctly
1996 G
1996 G - 3 days ago
Nice pause on the eight and nnnnnniiiiiiiiiinnne He didn't beat that count
scotiansen - 3 days ago
He never looked out to me. Looks like he just kept his composure, took a short rest and got up.
Immanxel - 3 days ago
Fury shouldve won sorry
Clovis Ahmed
Clovis Ahmed - 3 days ago
vitola1111 - Day ago
Clovis Ahmed Shut up with that racist garbage. I’m a black man and I can tell you’re not.
Mg Tate
Mg Tate - 3 days ago
Whenever a judge witness a big slab of bologna fall splat on the floor in that type of manner its an automatic ko..
Trevor Bulzing
Trevor Bulzing - 3 days ago
Lol everyone said it was a long count 😂 what dumbasses
Harold Fifth
Harold Fifth - 3 days ago
Since when did fighters become allowed to try to rest on a ref after a ten count and was clearly asked if he could continue????
MiKyahl - 3 days ago
I'll say it again..If Wilder's camp do not adjust his foot and head
movement, train more on developing and adding a variety of punches to
his arsenal then! he will loose to a skilled boxer puncher. Tyson do not
possess all of these elements. However from the floor to almost
standing to turn to the ref was 11.5 sec...Check with your watches
LurkerDood - 4 days ago
Who gives Fury mad props?
Michael Painchaud
Michael Painchaud - 4 days ago
Fury got that gypsy magic helping him 😂
Isaiah Simmons
Isaiah Simmons - 4 days ago
The ref shouldn't even counted that, that's automatic KO! He was unconscious for like 5 secs
Joshua Munn
Joshua Munn - 4 days ago
Kudos to Fury he got up and fought hard #NeverGiveUp #DontBackDown
Rashad Young
Rashad Young - 4 days ago
Ive counted ...and he up at 10..
John Hopkins
John Hopkins - 4 days ago
Fury actually got a short count. The count should’ve been paused by the ref because wilder left his neutral corner.
dustin james
dustin james - 4 days ago
I told Bo he was knocking people outside
Andre Baldwin
Andre Baldwin - 4 days ago
MAMA MIA!!!! Deontay wilder has done it!!!!!!!
Miko Philo
Miko Philo - 4 days ago
to this day to this day to this day to this day
Eddo Reyes
Eddo Reyes - 4 days ago
He lined up the thumb sticks just in time
Princess D
Princess D - 4 days ago
Tyson skipped leg & ab day... Wilder skipped leg day.
Wesley T lewis AKA showtime
This man does not get the respect he deserves. Just because he is not the flashiest boxer of all time doesn't mean he isn't the best in his weight class however I would love to see him work with Mayweather are Roy Jones are even sugar ray lennard if he gets a taste of these skills imagine trying to beat a boxer that tall with movements like sugar ray lennard its Dam near impossible this man deserves the media and the fans to take him to the next level of fame keep knocking mother fuckers on they ass deyonta and go after everybody fuck the credits and work hard
Wail Hermes
Wail Hermes - 4 days ago
212 pounds vs 258 pounds. Fury is a beast.
DragonHeart613 - 4 days ago
Wrong, Wilder is the beast!!! Fury is just a one-hit wonder just like Buster Douglas before him!!!
Kenyon Mc Clain
Kenyon Mc Clain - 4 days ago
How he a beast when he weight more than wilder I didn't see wilder get knocked down.....twice
John Smith
John Smith - 4 days ago
I really hate that WWE announcer showtime has.
Mahdi Anderson
Mahdi Anderson - 4 days ago
The black israelites will again... The devil takes the L
Adonis G
Adonis G - 3 days ago
Fuck the Zions
Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers - 4 days ago
Great referee
Kenyon Mc Clain
Kenyon Mc Clain - 4 days ago
That ref was paid off
Samy N
Samy N - 4 days ago
Wilder should stop his fucking random punch all missing after Fury up he should focus! Anyway
Denis Nadein
Denis Nadein - 5 days ago
Line it up with the video. Ref started counting at 2:04 he’s at 9 at 1:55. His head did hit the canvas at 2:05 however the ref took a second to start counting but he was defiantly up looked strong would u really take that away from the boy. Great call
Justin J
Justin J - 5 days ago
Rigged. Barely even hit him
Ray Rogers
Ray Rogers - 4 days ago
Justin J Obvious troll is obvious.
HIIIPOWER 000 - 5 days ago
That was a knockout
John Hopkins
John Hopkins - 4 days ago
HIIIPOWER 000 it’s not if he got up before the count ended
Outlier Genetix
Outlier Genetix - 5 days ago
who else heard the rocky theme when fury shot up?
M Brown
M Brown - 5 days ago
Those two punches took 5 years off his life.
Tim G
Tim G - 5 days ago
Watchin the replay rite now, Wilder is just loading up the right hand, no combinations, he looks like he had no gameplan
TheArmedassailant - 5 days ago
He fat
Darnell Jefferson
Darnell Jefferson - 5 days ago
The best heavyweight I’ve seen in a looooong time; looking forward to rematch or trilogy
Rent To Own Rent To Own
The ref slows down his was knocked out...period. Wilder giving up 50 pounds....incredible he was able to ko this guy.
Billy Nelson
Billy Nelson - 5 days ago
God helped him up as much as god curated the holocaust, if he’s real he doesn’t give to shits who wins your boxing contest, wilder by knockout in the rematch, love both guys great fight
Cortney Everett
Cortney Everett - 5 days ago
Wider won on that ko.the ref started 1 second late and he hesitated on his count pay attention🧐
Pablows Esjobar
Pablows Esjobar - 5 days ago
Honestly it wasn’t 10 seconds you can’t start counting after his body hits the floor. You count like .5 seconds after you see them not move a muscle then you start and even then.
How mad would have everyone bin had he just called it over for not being 100% stood he’s was on his knees at 7 already
Chris Corcione
Chris Corcione - 5 days ago
Niiiiiine!!!! WTF it took him 9 seconds to say 9!!!! Some bullshit
Stoned Gamer
Stoned Gamer - 5 days ago
He was robbed...that was a K.O watch the clock
MegaProjectpat - 5 days ago
He was knocked down at the 0:16 mark, and was on his feet before the 0:26, I dont know what Wilder is saying that the ref took too long to start counting...
David David
David David - 5 days ago
fury was on the canvas for the moment he touched the canvas. for 10 seconds.... go back and see for ur self
samuel samarripa
samuel samarripa - 5 days ago
I googled bum fights and this shit came up. YOLO! life life - 5 days ago
As soon as he hits the canvas start the count......1...1000.....2.....1000 etc. He doesnt beat the count the ref lagged during the count. To me wilder won but kudos to Tyson fury for getting up from that shot all heart right there.
Matt - 5 days ago
I love those 11 counts
kumainHD - 5 days ago
Wilder finally got tamed by Fury

Anthony Pullum
Anthony Pullum - 5 days ago
It only took em about 12 seconds to get up 🤷🏽‍♂️
ambokozo - 5 days ago
That was a great scrap.
Dj Jazz
Dj Jazz - 5 days ago
I saw someone on ig say “white people will always win” 😂😂. Yea ok, but wit no dignity or shame”
Dj Jazz
Dj Jazz - 5 days ago
If a man puts you on the ground in a fight regardless of u getting back up just know u didn’t win the fight 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
PrimoHydra - 4 days ago
Unless he gets up and goes on to dish out a nasty ass whooping. Just sayin, its happened many times before.
MrSnow1961 - 5 days ago
Hey idiot, it's a boxing match not a street fight.
nationtime Williams
nationtime Williams - 5 days ago
This was a fixed fight as the final outcome reveals.Fury is washed up.Now the hype and rematch.Fury lost the fight.He is no match for the younger Lion.
MrSnow1961 - 5 days ago
Wilder is 33 and Fury is 30, idiot.
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas - 5 days ago
I looked at this twice when he hit the ground he supposed to start the count and keep counting he didn't do that if he did the fight was over
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas - 5 days ago
He didn't get up the counted one then stopped his count when he turned away
The Path Forward
The Path Forward - 5 days ago
It wasn't a long count. Tyson vs Douglas is a poor comparison. 42-1 is example of cooking the books. If the "🐑 🐑 " fall for it, is it really rigged?
POC Skellington
POC Skellington - 5 days ago
He was up by 9 seconds and if you know how to count you can cleary see that.
Oswaldo Llivi
Oswaldo Llivi - 5 days ago
That call was epic
Jay David
Jay David - 6 days ago
Mike Tyson KOs still the best. Wanna see some scientifically uncivilized KOs go watch the highlights
trey moore
trey moore - 6 days ago
For anybody who thinks fury won this fight that man did not get up in 10 secs
Just sayin ....
CRAZY K - 5 days ago
@trey Moore He did beat the 10 seconds count the referee was not counting his count he was counting the official count outside the ring when he got to fury he said 4 5 6 7 8 9
shamar storm
shamar storm - 6 days ago
Fury got up like Mike Tyson had stepped in the ring and said now it's my turn
Nathaniel Brewer
Nathaniel Brewer - 6 days ago
And if youre doing mississippis he's on one knee at 10
Nathaniel Brewer
Nathaniel Brewer - 6 days ago
If you start counting from when his head hits the canvas, he's on his knees at 10
Mexlycan Lobo
Mexlycan Lobo - 6 days ago
He said: Jesus Christ woke me up.
Hu Kares
Hu Kares - 6 days ago
If no one ever said mama Mia, that’d be great.
Corey Wilson
Corey Wilson - 6 days ago
Bruh, these refs count to 10 sooooo damn fast 😂
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