Doc Wicked
Doc Wicked - 5 hours ago
Funny because your ass would get ktfo against stipe miocic true baddest man ufc champ
G F - 6 hours ago
2 mediocre Boxers. AJ is from another level.
G F - 6 hours ago
He never got KO , thats why he got up fast. He went down for lack of energy not cause of a hit.
Victor Espino
Victor Espino - 7 hours ago
That was a 10 count exactly. Glad he let them keep going
dominic piscopo
dominic piscopo - 7 hours ago
Chubby Catfish
Chubby Catfish - 9 hours ago
That crackhead strength kicked in just in time.
Rob Hunter
Rob Hunter - 9 hours ago
The judges called the fight a draw even though Fury was up on points because Wilder was robbed of his win and TKO ,this is how boxing goes sometimes Wilder won the fight with the TKO knock out Fury was given time to recover and get up to continue , us Wilder fans know the truth the fight was over . After the rematch when Wilder demolishes Fury then what will all the Wilder haters say .
Dale Press
Dale Press - 11 hours ago
I honestly feel sorry for an entire generation who is watching this shite and thinking this is boxing, The state of heavyweight boxing is pathetic. To think these are two top contenders and they wouldn't even have been good enough to qualify as sparring partners for Chuck Wepner.
Leroy Green
Leroy Green - 11 hours ago
Fury is damaged goods now. Similar to what Triple G did to Kell Brook. The devastating injuries that Triple G gave Brook, made him much more vulnerable in his later fights. That broken orbital kept flaring up no matter what. The way Fury's eyes appeared crossed and to the back of his head when he first hit the canvas was sickening. There's no way there wasn't serious trauma. I hope not but willing to bet these issues will manifest in Fury's upcoming fights. There's a good reason he refused the rematch.
MrCocoMocoLoco2 - 12 hours ago
Slow count. A good 3.5 seconds after he fell.
King Kunta
King Kunta - 16 hours ago
Fury loss this fight wilder got robbed
Knuckle Game
Knuckle Game - 17 hours ago
Nothin like Wilder since Tyson. Dude is a Knockout BEAST! Victim after Victim! Because its, Bommmmmb💣💣Squaaaaad!! Lol. #Deontaywilder #HeavyweightChamp 👊👊😁😁
me me
me me - 18 hours ago
Wilder vs the Undertaker
Power beast
Power beast - 21 hour ago
That ref robbed Wilder 13 second count
MrGreenelight - 21 hour ago
Deontay wilder went into the 12th round well behind needing a knockout to win. He was awarded a knock down in the 12th which substantiated a draw.
However, Deontay did not ever go into the neutral corner as the professional boxing rules dictate in the event of a knockdown, therefore Tyson Fury legally should have won.
please note section 4.4 of Professional boxing rules and regulations
: 4.4. When a boxer is knocked down, the referee shall order the opponent to the farthest neutral corner of the ring and pick up the count from the timekeeper or the official counting for knockdowns. Should the opponent fail to stay in the corner as directed by the referee, the referee shall stop the count and redirect the boxer to go back to the corner and resume the count at the point that it was interrupted. In the event of any knockdown, the timekeepers count will cease when picked up by the referee whose count shall prevail and be relied on by the boxers.
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez - Day ago
Rewind ten seconds from the moment both of Fury’s gloves and knees leave the ground when gets up, and it takes you to two seconds before Fury hit the ground. It was a 12 second 10 count. I think a part of that is the ref pausing as he’s getting up from his knees while counting. That was a Wilder KO.
chenchao ewé
chenchao ewé - 14 hours ago
Its called a 10 count rule not a 10 second rule
Jonathan Fer
Jonathan Fer - Day ago
Counted it 5 times. It was a knockout. Ref’s count was super slow. Coming from an unbiased fan.
Delmar Frazier
Delmar Frazier - 22 hours ago
Yes the ref pause at 7.... and when he got up he didn't throw any punches just clenching and no worked the ref should have stopped it after that!
demarius28 - Day ago
after 6 count he paused long enough for a piss break
Sergio Pareno
Sergio Pareno - Day ago
Girl: "Hey babe, can you come over?
Fury: "Sorry babe, I just got hit with a right hand from Deontay Wilder"
Girl: "My parent's aren't home.
Fury: "..."
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe mini comics
I can't wait to watch Deontay fight a REAL fighter.
funnifeesha - Day ago
Smh ref cheated the count .. watch the time when fury’s down to when he gets up.
Turk - 11 hours ago
He hit the ground a 00:17 seconds, was back up by 00:27 .... The ref has to have a second to start counting
Sun Ray
Sun Ray - Day ago
Fury rose from the dead lol
Ray Heffner
Ray Heffner - Day ago
Count as soon as he hits the canvas he gets up at 9 amazing
bandit7498 - Day ago
Always bugged me how they kept saying his head hit the canvas. His head never touched the canvas until home sat it down.
Rampage - 2 days ago
Last 2 fights sets up with a left paw to the face. Then unloads with the right. Don't care for him, but can't deny the power.
Wesley Beasley
Wesley Beasley - 2 days ago
Ahhhh so Satisfying
taurinshankle - 2 days ago
He was definitely down for more than 10 seconds! Thats bs!
Victor Espino
Victor Espino - 7 hours ago
The 10 count was exactly 10 when he got up, he spend some time double checking, to see if he could still fight after getting up, but that's not part of the 10 count process
chenchao ewé
chenchao ewé - 14 hours ago
Its called a 10 count rule not a 10 second rule
ThreeM - 2 days ago
Definitely was down for more than 10 seconds but whatever
extremedude1234 - Day ago
Not even close you biased fuck
Pond Jumper
Pond Jumper - 2 days ago
And Fury still won the round
Robert Weatherspoon
Robert Weatherspoon - 2 days ago
Fury didn't beat the 10 count.
Paris 2 Vegas
Paris 2 Vegas - 2 days ago
The ref is a second late it should of been a k.o
Erik Walker
Erik Walker - 2 days ago
Talk about a fight where the fans got their money"s worth.
Travis Thompson
Travis Thompson - 2 days ago
It took the ref 5secs to walk to fury. Give me a break.
marsblackman96 - 2 days ago
He got up like his girlfriend just found out the passcode to his phone.
Lucas O'Connell
Lucas O'Connell - 2 days ago
Fury got up like the anesthesia failed at a colonoscopy appointment
John Matos
John Matos - 2 days ago
Tyson Fury was still dazed when he got up. If Wilder was quicker to punch him. He would of knocked it him out again and fight over, but Deontay missed his small window.
Luis Castro
Luis Castro - 2 days ago
Tyson isn't all that hes so damn sloppy only thing he has is power AJ would expose and take his belt
Robert The Great
Robert The Great - 2 days ago
Fury got up as if a girl told him ok lock the door 😉
HlddenTalent - 2 days ago
Slowest count ever
Little Macc
Little Macc - 3 days ago
This clearly wasn’t no mf draw 😂😂😂😂
Dominic Pollina
Dominic Pollina - 2 days ago
But yet it was a draw. Poetic justice. Wilder cocky and conceded thinking he won when fury hit the mat but not so much. Wilder couldn't handle fury getting up after wilder gave him his best. Wilder will learn from this and become a better fighter.
Aidan Culver
Aidan Culver - 2 days ago
Little Macc word Fury clearly won
Beach Bum
Beach Bum - 3 days ago
Fury got up like he woke up and in middle of night and had to piss
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell - 3 days ago
I was at that fight and still don’t know how he got up from that!!!! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
hunnid dub hunnid stack
The ref woke him up by touching his head I never seen that before
Nico Pettiford-Topaz
Nico Pettiford-Topaz - 3 days ago
Wilder walk away after the lady hand is so dope
saigonbond - 3 days ago
Fury must have Deadpool-like regenerative powers, cuz damn... a regular human would never be able to get up from a Wilder bomb.
Jay George
Jay George - 3 days ago
I'm happiest for the camera guy at 1:10. The happiness in his face makes me happy
Lawrence Woods
Lawrence Woods - 3 days ago
Wilder won that the fight I even waited a few seconds after he hit the canvas to start counting
1.3B • Views
1.3B • Views - 3 days ago
Tyson Fury got a 15 second count. He hit the canvas at 2:21z
Joshua Ayers
Joshua Ayers - 3 days ago
They played Wilder on this fight fury scary asf right now. He talking that mess but won't get back in the ring.
jlfreshb b
jlfreshb b - 3 days ago
ref gave him about 10 extra seconds to recover
Jon Jones fan
Jon Jones fan - 19 hours ago
jlfreshb b Na Fury gets knocked between 17-18 secs and gets up between 27-28 secs
Dayquan French
Dayquan French - 3 days ago
Nikka he lost this fight got out box 😂😂😂😂fury got robbed
Steven Barnes
Steven Barnes - 3 days ago
Longest count ever
Lex Raphael
Lex Raphael - 3 days ago
Ref saved his ass
Lex Raphael
Lex Raphael - 19 hours ago
Jon Jones fan down at 21 sec and up after 10 sec but okay... then instead go fight, it’s walk over there now walk over here, buying time.
Jon Jones fan
Jon Jones fan - 19 hours ago
Lex Raphael 17-18 secs and gets up at 27-28 secs
Zooboo Blotsky
Zooboo Blotsky - 3 days ago
Brooklyns Finest
Beast Mode
Beast Mode - 3 days ago
Fury still won
Dan - 3 days ago
He said 'ping' hol' up take this left with you...'pow' What a phenomenal fight.
Keno Noke
Keno Noke - 3 days ago
Good fight long as u get up they can’t say anything but .... damm
Rico Sauce
Rico Sauce - 4 days ago
Wait this ended in a tie ???
Kiean Coba
Kiean Coba - 4 days ago
This should have been a technical knockout.
Kiean Coba
Kiean Coba - 4 days ago
boxing is stupid. I honestly can get knocked out and stand up in 10 seconds like 8 times. but ill be retarded in 3 years. hes out cold for about 3-4 seconds the brain damage in unreal.
J - 4 days ago
Drugs woke him up
Coach B
Coach B - 4 days ago
He counted kinda off but Tyson got up like undertaker
jeremy x
jeremy x - 4 days ago
I thought it was a wrap went Fury went down
Amazing that he survived that knockdown
Nelson abreu
Nelson abreu - 4 days ago
I see all these people hear in the comments section are wilder fans. Fair enough I understand the dude is a beast a killer boxer no doubt about it but I gotta say Tyson gave him a run for his money. I’m a Tyson fury fan and for most of the rounds you literally see Tyson toying with wilder like he is a amateur no joke!!!!! Watch the fight the dude was dodging and weaving like something out of the fucking matrix. Tyson fury all day everyday baby #thegyispyking
Deshon Robinson
Deshon Robinson - 4 days ago
If you go exactly by the clock Fury is not up by 10.
But if you count the way most any ref would he makes the 10 count.
When the ref count is at 5 it's actually been 7 second. So technically Fury was not back up in 10 seconds.
However one could argue the idea is can he answer the 10 count. If that's your argument then he did.
farziran87 m
farziran87 m - 2 days ago
Cmon man fury outboxed him the entire fight he won 9 RDS easy he deserved a chance. All refs counts are like that
Maqabah Shal Yahawadah
Maqabah Shal Yahawadah - 4 days ago
@ about 1:02 you can see Fury's soul re-entering his body 😂😂😂
Leroy Green
Leroy Green - 12 hours ago
You literally correct. His eyes are stuck open like he died when he first landed, then you see the life back in his eyes like something jump back into his body.
Isaac Powell
Isaac Powell - 4 days ago
Make no mistake, this fight made fury damaged goods, and it will show in his future fights...
José Antonio
José Antonio - 4 hours ago
Lmao you're hella stupid
Iron Cross Training, Ltd
He alright 0:29
Charles Jenkins
Charles Jenkins - 4 days ago
Laid his ass out!
imjr8o8 - 4 days ago
Fury has incredible recovery unreal
heavyjr1 - 4 days ago
That ref on dope. That was a knock out. Deontay got robbed.
hyena131 - 4 days ago
heavyjr1 Tyson Fury beat the count and then was robbed of the fight. Quit sniffing glue.
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin - 4 days ago
That fight would have been called on many occasions. The refs count actually seems to be what got him up.
Africanknight88 - 4 days ago
Fury with that Concrete Barry Bonds dome.....I’m still in awe on how he got up from that two piece combo.
RainbowGotGud - 4 days ago
Then goes on to possibly win the round if not should at least made it a 10-9 for wilder not a 10-8. Boxing is so rigged it’s sickening
The Black Schwab
The Black Schwab - 4 days ago
Dude when you knock your opponent down, the round is automatically a 10-8. You dumbfucks keep commenting but you dont know shit about boxing. Go watch your bitch Joshua fight some more scrubs.
Kenya carter
Kenya carter - 4 days ago
, he got up like Bobby Boucher did when he got that glacier water
suns6thmann - 4 days ago
That was over
Chevy Nation19
Chevy Nation19 - 4 days ago
Does furry even attempt to get muscular lol
JT - 4 days ago
Dude was on the canvas for longer than 10 secs
JT - 3 days ago
+hyena131 Ahh wasting life replying to you, have a nice day. :)
hyena131 - 3 days ago
+JT Wow! You plucked up the courage to actually 'reply' to me instead of 'posting.' What happened, *baby girl* - did you loan your midget boyfriend's single pea like testicle? You're such a dumb sweet girl...:)
JT - 3 days ago
+hyena131 It is if this is math class you decide. I'm cool either way
hyena131 - 3 days ago
+JT And have you learned how to count to 10 yet, *baby girl?* *LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!*
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro - 3 days ago
+JT is this English class or the fucking internet. Idiot
Lp Finesse da goat
Lp Finesse da goat - 4 days ago
Why the fuck did the ref turn his back and look too the other corner before he actually started counting fury was done period
Miguel Jimenez
Miguel Jimenez - 4 days ago
The ref has to make sure the other fighter is in a neutral corner before he starts. Just a rule I guess
pisaudapur - 4 days ago
Still giving me chills!!!!
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams - 4 days ago
I don’t blame the ref a bit. He gave Fury the 10 to get up. A champion who has fought his heart out deserves that much. And Fury got up. Props.
Shirley Newton
Shirley Newton - 4 days ago
By doing so he robbed Wilder of the victory...
Mista Mike
Mista Mike - 4 days ago
Fury waking up like the Undertaker tho.
jeanious2009 - 4 days ago
That clearly was a 10 count, look at the time, body touched the canvas exactly at 2:22 count starts at 2:21, barely stood up at 2:11 then asked if he can continue twice at 2:10. Wilder got robbed on this one. No doubt Fury was winning by more rounds but he clearly got KO'ed on the 12rd and given a second chance by the ref.
Victor Espino
Victor Espino - 7 hours ago
10 count isn't 10 seconds. Either way he was up exactly on 10. The time spent to double check doesn't count because he was up, the ref just made sure he good then let then keep fighting.
brizzy2121 - 4 days ago
Wilder best this guy..but since boxing has been rigged forever..its a tie. Whatever
fall out
fall out - 2 days ago
Lol it's boxing you can't knock someone down twice in a 12 round fight but get pieced up for the rest of the fight and expect to win it shows as a tie but everyone knows fury won
Anthony Capone
Anthony Capone - 4 days ago
Wilder won that fight straight ko u do the count
Anthony Capone
Anthony Capone - 2 days ago
+Angry Businessman Killing The Phone ur mommy the one on crack u seen the fight just like i did ref suppose to count as soon as ur body hit the canvas watch it again if ur blind
Aidan Culver
Aidan Culver - 2 days ago
Anthony Capone only count that matters is the ref
Angry Businessman Killing The Phone
You're on crack
who? you?
who? you? - 5 days ago
Tony Guzman
Tony Guzman - 5 days ago
Hats off to that ref. He could’ve easily ruined this historic fight by stoppage
Tony Black
Tony Black - 3 days ago
Tony Guzman ref gave him 2 seconds. He started the count late
Ike Swp
Ike Swp - 5 days ago
MangaComic VisionaryGenius
Fury went 12 rounds and was still able to get up from that Monster 2 Piece from the Great Wilder. Respect.
tntbooking - 5 days ago
Wilder got robbed on time . the count between 7 and 8 was long and the long nine count. This was rigged against Wilder
Shirley Newton
Shirley Newton - 4 days ago
Totally agree!!! Nine was very long. Fury was still on his knees and the ref let him get up instead of saying 10... The comeback story influences all the casuals who refuse to see the truth...
Charles Brown
Charles Brown - 5 days ago
Fury is only 30 but looks 60. Dude ages like spoiled milk.
DS chris
DS chris - 5 days ago
You gotta remember when he was out he was on drugs depression and was like 400 pounds my point is he was not taking care of his self at all
anthony lovett
anthony lovett - 5 days ago
I'm looking at these silly comments and I'm wondering how it is ignored or forgotten that Fury not only got up but he also dominated the rest of the round?!
FRACAS FOREMOST - 4 days ago
what about the pre-employment physical Jack gave Fury-run this way, run that way, do some jumping Jack's (Reiss), then gave him a pep talk, not even joking.
RK NoWayOut
RK NoWayOut - 5 days ago
Fury got up like the rent was due 😂😂
zutrue - 5 days ago
Anybody who thinks Fury won that fight is DELUSIONAL!!! And I suspect that Knock down that should have been a knock out, is the reason why, even thought Fury said he wanted an immediate rematch, Fury hasn't been so immediate to step into a ring with wilder again.
Shakeem Brown
Shakeem Brown - 5 days ago
Look at the time the count started. Lol he was knocked down at 2:21. Wasn't fully on his feet until 2:10. That's a KO man.
Victor Espino
Victor Espino - 7 hours ago
10 count isn't 10 seconds.
Bushwacken Bubba
Bushwacken Bubba - 5 days ago
Fury got up wooblly, and briefly held the ref to stabilize, and should have been counted out when the ref touched his shoulder. Deontay did exactly what we all thought did was going to do! Great fight both men showed a lot of heart!!
Bushwacken Bubba
Bushwacken Bubba - 5 hours ago
+Victor Espino Yes he did, but the question is if the ref had of let Deontay back on his ass as soon as he stood up instead of continuing the match are 21 seconds is the issue! Great fight both men and don't nisunderstand me I am ok with the call and NOBODY WAS ROBBED, LEAST OF ALL THE FANS! SHALOM!
Victor Espino
Victor Espino - 7 hours ago
Watch again. He touched the ref after telling him for the 5th time, yes I can still fight. That's the closest to losing the fight ever though, he got up exactly on 10
Kristhegreat TV
Kristhegreat TV - 5 days ago
He really got up from that...
Jie Hemphill
Jie Hemphill - 5 days ago
Poundz Of Metal
Poundz Of Metal - 5 days ago
hows this fight a draw?
kldodo - 5 days ago
This moment single-handedly, saved boxing
Pedro Valentino
Pedro Valentino - 2 days ago
Unfortunately no...
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