Easiest iPhone Glass Fix - WITH LASERS (Not clickbait)

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Rc Nitro maniac
Rc Nitro maniac - 12 hours ago
Make you own replace shop
gousmc1983 - 13 hours ago
Apple should be sued in return from consumers in class action. Their repair prices and the proprietary nature they are promoting is immoral for the prices the phone costs the consumers in the first place. 😠🤬
Wes Broome
Wes Broome - 15 hours ago
i like how the easiest fix is still challenging to any NPC like me
Mystrey Gamming
Mystrey Gamming - 20 hours ago
every company hate you not onlyy iphone
Your Future Dog ,
Your Future Dog , - 21 hour ago
Okay The Laser Acts As A Glass Burnet
Ruby Experience
Ruby Experience - Day ago
Tbh I always wanted to be hated by Apple it's my biggest dream
jeriverac316 - 2 days ago
What an awesome video! Can I get a link on where I can get this laser? I’d definitely appreciate it! Just subscribed
Sean - 2 days ago
L_A_Stimulated_E_R.... not "simulated"
No Name sabekuzzaaman
No Name sabekuzzaaman - 2 days ago
LOVE U MAN :) FROM BANGLADESH ! Pray for you & your Wife :) Try to be safe & healthy :)
Prince Edvyne
Prince Edvyne - 2 days ago
Are you Hitman,Mr Clean Or Johny Sins? Im confuse
Jake Romero
Jake Romero - 2 days ago
Bro how much for you to fix my phone
zakthedragonslayer - 3 days ago
Thank you
Oumaya Marouny
Oumaya Marouny - 3 days ago
Wtf at 4:40 there is no screen
christiano51 ir
christiano51 ir - 3 days ago
That’s sooooooo cool
ً - 3 days ago
And the battery getting no damage ?
lego god
lego god - 3 days ago
Not trying to be weird or anything but he looks likw my dad
209 - 4 days ago
Honestly he should work with apple
209 - 4 days ago
They gonna hate u cuz they wanna make money off of us for giving our phones then charging us money to replace if we don’t have AppleCare we pay like a lot of money and if we do have have AppleCare we like $99 so ya
Abdullah Ar Rafi
Abdullah Ar Rafi - 4 days ago
This machine: Exists outside of Apple premises!
Apple: *_Chuckles_** I'm in danger!*
VIUC Vlogs
VIUC Vlogs - 4 days ago
Rewa In MP india
Jay Rogers
Jay Rogers - 5 days ago
The 's' in laser is short for stimulated, not simulated
James McFadyen
James McFadyen - 5 days ago
I have no real use for a machine like this but I really want one
Madchihuahua - 5 days ago
You mean Easiest iPhone Glass Remover!
BIG BOI Pro - 5 days ago
Apple hates this vid
Help Me Reach 10K Subs before quarantine ends
*So this is what hitman does when not killing people in quarantine...*
Gui Gamzzz
Gui Gamzzz - 6 hours ago
You copy a comment
Az Matt
Az Matt - 5 days ago
You just saved a lot of money to a lot of people! Cool
Tamelincon610 - 5 days ago
No apple copyright you no ads
Vision YT
Vision YT - 5 days ago
Aww he said tkor
Felixx Denolo
Felixx Denolo - 6 days ago
It’s almost like they don’t want us to be able to fix our phones 📱 lol 😂
samie Emp
samie Emp - 6 days ago
What the fuck are you doing???you fuck that phone
xdOsi2525 - 6 days ago
Apple hates u for making every video jerry
Sister, How Do I?
Sister, How Do I? - 6 days ago
Dang..... I actually thought that the laser would fix the glass...

Small youtuber btw💛
IRMMZ 2 - 6 days ago
i feel like you can laser a non-broken iPhone and make it clear and clean the inside since the adhesive is already burnt and use new adhesive and voila
LSL NGB - 6 days ago
wait, only $2000? I expected $10000+
B e n l a w s o n
B e n l a w s o n - 6 days ago
so an all in one multifunctional laser machine is cheaper than $500??
Vines and Memes
Vines and Memes - 6 days ago
why am I watching when I only have a cheap android phone?
thimothy zaragoza
thimothy zaragoza - 6 days ago
definitely not a clickbait I thought the glass would be fix not replaced hahaha good one
Zymon Rubi
Zymon Rubi - 6 days ago
Apple get exposed again
henry dankwah
henry dankwah - 6 days ago
the Ruby maker
the Ruby maker - 7 days ago
This man would be a great narrator
Noobfinityplays - 7 days ago
cool clickbait
Jake Fochtmann
Jake Fochtmann - 7 days ago
I work at apple
Charles Lecock
Charles Lecock - 7 days ago
Because everyone has a laser at home
Ethan Bruce
Ethan Bruce - 7 days ago
Lol this guy just exposed apple
Magnus Ærbo
Magnus Ærbo - 7 days ago
As a European having English as a second-Language:
I HATE when people say: iPhone ten / ten R
Because where I live, you say: iPhone X / XR
Am I the only one???
Magnus Ærbo
Magnus Ærbo - 5 days ago
Lybraman You’re right I’m sorry, it just bothers me
Lybraman - 7 days ago
Well, X is ten in roman tho
MrCrabs - 7 days ago
Laser Bitchh!!!
SunkBrb YT
SunkBrb YT - 7 days ago
Uhm jerry who has a laser ;-;
Te Kosal
Te Kosal - 7 days ago
Errrrr is this a joke?
Stephen Napier
Stephen Napier - 8 days ago
Apple: NOOOOOOO you can’t show people how to do this

This guy: HaHahahahahaha laser go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Yobani Barajas
Yobani Barajas - 8 days ago
Notice that he is just repairing a housing at 4:40
sean juth
sean juth - 8 days ago
Lol people who love iPhones questioning what that thing in the middle is
Buxx Bi
Buxx Bi - 8 days ago
1:31 is probably when kids clicked away😂
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 8 days ago
Jesus sent the message
Nate Soto
Nate Soto - 8 days ago
I wish you can fix my iPhone
Jeremiah Bullfrog
Jeremiah Bullfrog - 8 days ago
Apple's greed and ridiculous pricing is why I bought a Samsung.
Domi - 8 days ago
Just... *put the new back glass over the old back glass.*
중고/Marcel - 8 days ago
0:00 Apple already hates me for using a iPhone 3GS in 2020
amine ofkir
amine ofkir - 8 days ago
Hilo guys how are you i wish to yo a good helth i need some phone but i dont have mony may famly is very poor help me thank you i am from morocco
赤井はなAkai Hana_
赤井はなAkai Hana_ - 8 days ago
Like this is the most satisfying I've ever seeeeeeen
Ghost Chris
Ghost Chris - 8 days ago
This *HURT* me to see him handle all that tiny glass
Betadesk • 13 years ago
1:58 Apple was very interested until you said "drop your prices a little bit"
wewli - 9 days ago
Nah im not gonna buy a probably 10k item to repair a glass
Wolfx_Gaming_ LTU
Wolfx_Gaming_ LTU - 9 days ago
Your nick name would better be JerryfixEverything :Ddd
Carbon Hard
Carbon Hard - 9 days ago
That’s “stimulated emission of radiation” not simulated.
Venom KS
Venom KS - 9 days ago
Them disliked are apple staffs.
Michał Madeja
Michał Madeja - 9 days ago
Putting glass on the glue, then, if someone smash it, they want 600 $ for repair, that THEY made harder. Patology! Easiest way - dont buy Apple.
DazPlayz - 9 days ago
He hit man and he killed apples profits
NoodleRaptor246 - 9 days ago
The red laser is when an enderman touches water
mia turnip
mia turnip - 9 days ago
My phone is glass but it samsung
Tech Tonics
Tech Tonics - 9 days ago
Wait...!!! leasers are not cool.
LinksHopping Golfer
LinksHopping Golfer - 9 days ago
So I guess our only issue is whether we want to spend $2000+ to fix our phones ourselves, or pay $500+ to have Apple fix it to there specs and still have the warranty in place. Something to think about.
My Tacos 0w0
My Tacos 0w0 - 9 days ago
I meant fun
My Tacos 0w0
My Tacos 0w0 - 9 days ago
So did I but I thought he was destroying his phone for dun
Alexander 17
Alexander 17 - 9 days ago
What would happen if you put your finger in front of the laser
Sam Genodepa
Sam Genodepa - 9 days ago
That's cool and all, but let's say the laser somehow accidentally hits the lens.. wouldn't the sensor also get damaged?
Jad RO OR Faris RO OR
Jad RO OR Faris RO OR - 9 days ago
iPhone 8 Launch
Tor Hunemark
Tor Hunemark - 9 days ago
Why would you ever want to replace it with another glass back? Aren't there ceramic box or plastic alternatives that still allow for wireless charging?
The only reason you would want the glass back is because it looks nice and you have to cover it up to prevent it from cracking so that benefit goes away as soon as I start using it.
HouseOfPain Ministers Danny DieHard
Yeah because you know we all have one of those lazer machines sitting around in the back of the pantry next to our chemo lazer ,
And the people who do have that lazer are a business that knows how to use that machine better than you bro , a big thumbs down for this video
LondenTower - 9 days ago
me: JerryRigEverything does what Apple doesn't!
apple: wait! that's illegal! arrest this guy!
Andrew Riordan
Andrew Riordan - 10 days ago
All the dislikes are the triggered apple fanboys
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