Doctor Reacts to RIDICULOUS Medical Memes #8

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Nigoku - Hour ago
i don't think he understood the stroke meme
Casey B
Casey B - 2 hours ago
why is no one talking about the look mike does after he explains birthing. He looks so sad for some reason I just wanna hug him it’s @ 6:45 to 6:50 just look at his face
Eclipcewolf - 5 hours ago
I got an add with you in it one this video... HMMMM
JJstolemyheart - 11 hours ago
Not true about the vet comment. Most of time u try to convince the owner to pay for testing. They want you to health your pet with magic because they don’t want to pay for blood work or other tests that would give us the answer
octet33 - 13 hours ago
7:35 two arguments here.

1. Is it the *same* patients? Because not all of them have the same free money.

2. Owning a pet is something we fundamentally consent to, and thus something we can choose to pay for. Having health concerns for yourself isn't, unless you consider death to be an option like a capitalist.
MISTER TORQUE - 14 hours ago
I'm left handed 😱
Gaby Born
Gaby Born - 14 hours ago
Dr Mike: ‘sitting is unhealthy’
Dr mike: does a sit down video
Honor’s Foxs
Honor’s Foxs - 16 hours ago
See doctor mike always wear tight shirts and he says “they fit me fine”
Me: * wearing a huge shirt that kinda feels like a dress but not * it fits me fine XD
Lacey Dean
Lacey Dean - 19 hours ago
Dr mike: “no necesito, toma sus vacunas”

Me: *mori in Spanish*
ZombiFeline Tuba
ZombiFeline Tuba - 19 hours ago
Avoid smoking by not eating tomatoes because they have nicotine
Kubba Kubbynator
Kubba Kubbynator - 22 hours ago
But what if you are from florida so you vape semen instead of nicotine?
Kubba Kubbynator
Kubba Kubbynator - 22 hours ago
Always bring the loved one... oh no...
Kubba Kubbynator
Kubba Kubbynator - 22 hours ago
I was going to make flex seal joke on the sleeping position a there is a fuckin lotta damage right after.
Winnie S.
Winnie S. - Day ago
The spider coming down scared me so much 😭😭
I understood every thing you said tho

Is this necessary
Not necessary
Simo - Day ago
7:00 I know u are russian, but it is SSSR in cyrillic

Btw. I m SERB
Mega Lâmpada
Mega Lâmpada - Day ago
10:00 **Speaks Spanish**
dieonada - Day ago
"Always bring a lived one to an appointment incase you get bad news" mannn ain't nobody got time to come with me to all 53 monthly doctors appointments except my dog. And I don't think hes gonna be allowed in.
Chris B
Chris B - Day ago
I just got an ad with you in it WTF
0Clewi0 - Day ago
I would believe people think of an $15 copay as an insult because they're already spending on insurance.
rafael ordoñez
rafael ordoñez - Day ago
Buen español, pero se dice "tomen sus vacunas", buen video
Evelyn Montenegro
Evelyn Montenegro - Day ago
Me: *is happy and Latina*
Dr. Mike: *speaks Spanish*
Me: *freaking dies*
Merin - Day ago
oh my god the spanish part was hilarious
Nichole Mauriala
Nichole Mauriala - Day ago
so... was the zoom on this left hand scratching his chest to point out that he's not wearing a ring or...?
vera k
vera k - Day ago
the shirts are reasonably priced!
the shirts: £40-£50
Emilce Sigcho
Emilce Sigcho - Day ago
His Spanish tho 😅🥰
Eyerusalem Elias
Eyerusalem Elias - Day ago
OMG u might think I'm lying but the spider looks so real and I get scared.
Berit Estes
Berit Estes - Day ago
Me whenever I hear someone is from Russia: VICTOR NIKIFOROV
Аарон Уилсон
dr mike: talks about people arguing about paying for a physical
me: *laughs in british*
yoga nidrayyy
yoga nidrayyy - Day ago
I feel like I’m on my way to bifocals.
kaitlynn skolnick
kaitlynn skolnick - 2 days ago
9:58 Mike: starts speaking Spanish

Me: ehhhh wut
idk what to do with my life lol
Did anyone here go to med school or is in there? I am almost done sooooo...
Jack Slagle
Jack Slagle - 2 days ago
Me : gets shirts at thrift shops for 2 bucks

Dr.mike : it ONLY 40$-50$
A.Yammie - 2 days ago
reasonably priced: 40-50 bucks
me: most of my stuff is 2 bucks from kmart or wollies
LainieMarie Johnson
LainieMarie Johnson - 2 days ago
Haha a dr Mike advert on a dr Mike vid!
Ink Nori
Ink Nori - 2 days ago
¿Por qué? :( ¿Por qué eso necesito? No necesito :( por favor, toma su vacune :)
Harper Hillis
Harper Hillis - 2 days ago
NOT WD 40!
Randomgamer 0915
Randomgamer 0915 - 2 days ago
I gave a baby a shot, but Instead of being cured of viruses, there was a 50bmg on his head
Addvarkezz - 2 days ago
I got a ad with doctor mike in it in this video. I didnt know your a Osteopathich Position
Lilah Zidacks
Lilah Zidacks - 2 days ago
4:38 what was that sound LMAOOOASDFASKWJSJSJSJ
Miia - 2 days ago
oh yeah i didn’t realize how quickly and without a second thought i paid over 600€ for my dog’s medical bill, but i physically cringed when buying something for maybe 12€ to ease my sore throat
IchigoMait - 2 days ago
So the entire school life we were actually fucking up our backs and then as adults we wonder why our backs get hurt so easily (besides the age, and lack of exercise).
Well at work I like doing standing work a lot more than sitting, when sitting at work I always have to lean, so the arc is even more pronounced, 90 degrees is already bleh for meh if my lower back isn't being supported, while at home in my sofa I can sit 8 hours without getting any pain, at work sitting half an hour and everything is stiff.
Kyle Waller
Kyle Waller - 2 days ago
Just make jerking motions for us Mike LOL
Tyler Joseph Schommer
Tyler Joseph Schommer - 2 days ago
WD-40 is NOT a lubricant! It displaces water, that's it. That's it's designed purpose.
Rouzmary - 2 days ago
Ah, yes, the unexpected spider attack. Nothing to be ashamed of. Crash your car. Slice your hand open. It happens.
When I was around 13 and while I was in the woods looking for mushrooms (it's an annual thing here in Latvia) a spider jumped on my hand...and I automatically used my other hand to swap it away...buuuut unfortunately...that was the hand with the I ended up accidentally slicing open my palm.
Aaaand at that moment I was alone in that part of the wood while my family was somewhere else in it. Luckily my dad was close to me and I managed to reach him, because as he was wrapping my hand with his handkerchief I passed out and apparently he barely managed to catch me as I fell.
Lose more than few drops of blood and I'm out. Blood loss and me are not friendly.
Luckily, didn't need any stitches or anything nor got any infection. Healed just fine.
Though sometimes do get the shivers thinking of what if I had passed out in the middle of the wood before I managed to go to anyone....buuuuut I would've probably been ok, I always regain consciousness in a minute or two.
But yeah, now it's a funny story in our family because the spider wasn't even big, a small one. But the surprise attack was a surprise indeed.
Ritu Raj
Ritu Raj - 2 days ago
First world countries doctors tring to give there baby vaccines for free : Is it safe? Will it make our baby rich in future ? Will if prevent our baby from not having a divorce?

3rd world countries : its free give it.
WaterYolo - 3 days ago
Diffrent people when they see a spider:
Doctor Mike: *crash car*
My cat: Its dinner time
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - Day ago
Gavins Friend
Gavins Friend - 3 days ago
Time to change your smoke alarm batteries. Edit: never mind... time to change my smoke alarm batteries.
Carla Viteri
Carla Viteri - 3 days ago
You have a beautiful Spanish!
_ AmazingWolfGirl _
_ AmazingWolfGirl _ - 3 days ago
As a left handed person I can confirm that fact
кυѕυм Adhikari
кυѕυм Adhikari - 3 days ago
The most handsome doctor I’ve seen ever😍He is so entertaining to watch, I’m never gonna get bored🥰❣️
GGammaRay - 3 days ago
Theres a correct amount of pillows?
Hayder Batista
Hayder Batista - 3 days ago
Doctor, 50 bucks where I'm from is equivalent to 1/5 of a monthly minimum wage xD that doesn't sound reasonably priced for me, but maybe thats the country price difference.
Alexandra Acosta
Alexandra Acosta - 3 days ago
0.55 me looking of my stuff
TiarTIz Arc AniManiAct
TiarTIz Arc AniManiAct - 3 days ago
9:30 xD i didnt understand that too. Thx for explaining ot LMAO now i can laught at it.
It’s Me
It’s Me - 3 days ago
I never knew he could speak Spanish until this video
Hun Lim
Hun Lim - 3 days ago
Dr. Mike: Let's move on to the next meme. I know you don't have a choice blah blah blah blah
Me: Skip!
Titan Blox
Titan Blox - 3 days ago
him: sitting too close to your screen ruins your eyes.

me: ''slowly pushes my laptop away from me.''
Titan Blox
Titan Blox - Day ago
@Heidi LOL
Heidi - Day ago
but- i'm farsighted already, does that make my near vision better? XD
Jessica Donohoe
Jessica Donohoe - 3 days ago
I am always told to hold my phone far away
Daren Pop
Daren Pop - 4 days ago
Mikes mom:son im s-o proud of u!!!
*Mike starts a yt Chanel

Mikes mom: ...
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