Doctor Reacts to RIDICULOUS Medical Memes #8

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Eclipce051 - 10 hours ago
Doctor Mike what do you think about laser hair removal for private areas
Zach Klien Fartwurty
Zach Klien Fartwurty - 10 hours ago
i keep my phone close to my face when i use it. not because i have poor eye sight. but i have poor hearing. i cant hear audio when watching vid
Alejandra Garcia
Alejandra Garcia - 11 hours ago
Mike, please let me love you 🥺
Meric Sert
Meric Sert - 12 hours ago
6:32 thx ı was eating food
Karen montalvo
Karen montalvo - 12 hours ago
Aww, I really like your Spanish!! You have pretty good pronunciation!
Sydney Marshall
Sydney Marshall - 12 hours ago
ACTUALLY...a lot of people I’ve seen would turn down medication, IV, and monitoring for their pet because of the cost. I work at a vet’s clinic and people think they can get everything from Dr. Google and Professor Facebook.
Ines Nana
Ines Nana - 12 hours ago
1:58 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jacqueline Masek
Jacqueline Masek - 13 hours ago
That last one got me rolling. My foster mom passed away and everyone’s asking why. Um... She. Was. Eighty. Four. Years. Old!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️
Rob Bob42069
Rob Bob42069 - 13 hours ago
*Smoking: 450,000 deaths per year*
*Vaping: Around 20 deaths per year*
Doctors: “Center all attention to vaping now! Ban it!”
Quinn - 14 hours ago
I'm also raised in Brooklyn
Hey Yall
Hey Yall - 14 hours ago
*insert me using scissors with my right hand because it's too shaky but my right hand ends up being shakier so I have a extremely jagged edged crafted hat I made for my friends snake*
Jayde Philpotts
Jayde Philpotts - 16 hours ago
0:16 makes me smile every time 😂❤️
Billymadisons Shampoo
Billymadisons Shampoo - 19 hours ago
Very important to take someone with u. I was diagnosed with cancer and could only tell people it was my intestines...yea it wasn't even my dumb intestines, it was my appendix.
AMVactivists - 20 hours ago
Having to pay for medical assistance is horrendous. Health care should be a universal human right.
I wish more Drs would speak out against capitalism in healthcare.
Long live the NHS
Cassidy R
Cassidy R - 22 hours ago
Just found your channel and have already watched multiple videos!! I just started a rad tech program and like it and I’m so excited to get to learn how to put an IV in. Btw u have a nice smile
Carolina López
Carolina López - 23 hours ago
Can you get any cuter??? You speaking spanish, was the best thing I've listened😍😍😍
Mykki Erin
Mykki Erin - Day ago
Yeah I know all about workplace injuries and being left handed 🙄🤣
Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima - Day ago
Well mike is right being left handed is hard af
In term's of buying iteam
omi_ever - Day ago
jenmish edits
jenmish edits - Day ago
I’m looking at you and I just can’t stop thinking of Doctor Drake Ramoray
Phil, Wendy, Jackson, Jordan Meyer
Dr. Mike: My shirts aren’t fancy the cost $40-$50

Me: Let me question that logic 🤨🧐
Alyssa Nevaeh
Alyssa Nevaeh - Day ago
Your face is very mark sloan fancy😂😂😂😂😂(greys anatomy)
sofia isabel
sofia isabel - Day ago
OMG! Can we talk about your spanish please?!
stacie wilson
stacie wilson - Day ago
Why does Caillou have a chunk of tissue on his finger?? Sick. lol.
Batidos - Day ago
0:41 the golfer of the boreal valley
Retropony - Day ago
are u kidding me for vets it's literally the opposite of what you think looollllll. "I can't pay the $30 for IV fluids for Fido. He cost $2000 at the pet store! WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY $30 TO SAVE HIS LIFE I DONT UNDASTANNNN"
Mikey O'keefe
Mikey O'keefe - Day ago
I grew up in Brooklyn.
I know what disrespect eyes look like. LOL
Brittney Benavidez
Brittney Benavidez - Day ago
Chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis - Day ago
Haha that teens smoking percentage is quite off. At least when I was in high school.
runadia blake
runadia blake - Day ago
@doctormike Brooklyn in the house!!!!
Scott Roa
Scott Roa - Day ago
You should react to thisss!! It's not a meme but it's funny for sure..
It's a medical parody of let it go.
Varsha Reddy
Varsha Reddy - Day ago
Hey Doctor Mike! Does our heart really skip a beat when we sneeze?
Sam Animator
Sam Animator - Day ago
7:01 you make *our* comrades proud
Rip Me
Rip Me - Day ago
1999: don’t sit to close to the tv you’ll damage your eyes!
2019: *vr headsets exist*
Joel Gomes
Joel Gomes - Day ago
Brittany Dyer
Brittany Dyer - Day ago
My favourite bit of this video is when he takes a really long time to figure out the stroke meme and then sits there to try and give other people more time to figure it out
Franchesca - Day ago
found a meme for you
Mr. NPC - Day ago
"patients with male genitalia" You mean men. Is that what makes a DO less trusted than an MD, their anti-science position?
pxstelzilo Ambrose
pxstelzilo Ambrose - Day ago
My friend vapes and she's only 12..I'm not lying.
Salma Diaa
Salma Diaa - 2 days ago
nafida cobra jessy
nafida cobra jessy - 2 days ago
Spider save my life from life threatening disease
nafida cobra jessy
nafida cobra jessy - 2 days ago
Spider is good luck , u crashes ur good o
nafida cobra jessy
nafida cobra jessy - 2 days ago
I am amber handed what i will do ?
nafida cobra jessy
nafida cobra jessy - 2 days ago
I love red lipstick or red dress not red car .
nafida cobra jessy
nafida cobra jessy - 2 days ago
I sleep maximum 20 hours a weak from childhood
Essence Mathews
Essence Mathews - 2 days ago
Dr.Mike: He said when your close to the screen your eye muscles strain and that makes your eyesight worse
Me:*throws the phone across the room*

Tell me why I was crying right there 😂 I was like *shit I'm gonna be blind* and threw my phone
Kayleigh Lee
Kayleigh Lee - 2 days ago
To the anti vaxxers who hurt you what did vaccinations do to deserve this
Maura G.
Maura G. - 2 days ago
"Baby boo"😂
Ultra Aura
Ultra Aura - 2 days ago
When u put the clip art I thought there was an actual spider on my screen
Kowone Nevith
Kowone Nevith - 2 days ago
Have you done a video on the effects of marijuana? I just want to hear someone address the excuse that I always hear that it isn't addictive, chemically anyway or maybe physically, I forget which one
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez - 2 days ago
8:23 am I the only one who moved my phone further away from my face?
Anna Liggins
Anna Liggins - 2 days ago
What about vaping with no nicotine?
deviousxen - 2 days ago
About teens?
I dk. Do the thing the big pharma/medical system/false dichotomy between the two..
All the usual rules and approaches and weird arbitrary stuff when educating us and giving us just... Bodily autonomy would probably be the ultimate risk reducer- See Portugal with dergs.

Make vapes prescription just like with THC and CBD and MMJ. Can be risk reduction, still fun or recreational for adults who don't wanna smoke, and, if you REALLY want centralized regulation (which I utterly despise cause centralized power be a joke)... But, anyway...

You regulate it like MMJ and recreational cannabis and there you go; Risk reduction, better ingredients which are less harmful, none of the bads of smoking except larger doses of nicotine, which is one of the hugest problems- Nicotine dose in super duper vape mods some 14 year old has.
Not so much for someone trying to quit for six months.
Rachael Rice
Rachael Rice - 2 days ago
Doctor mike would you do one on Hart of Dixie its about a doctor from New York who moves to a small town in Alabama
Angelia Salah
Angelia Salah - 2 days ago
I have a funny story. My mom had lasik surgery and my sister and I took her. They asked us if we wanted to watch. My sister, who is a nurse LOVES that stuff so she said yes, and I'm like "I guess". They put us in a room where we could see her through the glass and there were 2 monitors close up on her eyes. Upon cutting off her first cornea, blood squirted out like her eye had spit it and I screamed. Everyone in the OR stopped and turned to look directly at me and my sister leans over and says "that's not a 2 way mirror, it's a window." I was so embarrassed.
Claudia Sauro
Claudia Sauro - 2 days ago
I literally choked on my breakfast at the "yo chill... b"
Moon the Wolf stupid gacha and stuff
I got ill a day before the area 51 raid

The FBI has disabled my systems
Katie Marie
Katie Marie - 2 days ago
wish my doctor looked like this fine piece of man. but no. he’s nearly 50 and tells me over and over again that nothing is wrong with my ears YET he’s done 8 surgeries on them.
Crystal Schneemann
Crystal Schneemann - 2 days ago
2:08 because they also grew up in Brooklyn. These babies be pimpin bro
Caitlin S
Caitlin S - 2 days ago
PLEASE do a video if you get Lasik eye surgery!!!! I dont think im a candidate for it yet, but i am definitly thinking about doing it one day and would love to see you do a video on it!
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