Eight Times America Surprised Trevor - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

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Ms Yvonne
Ms Yvonne - 2 hours ago
Omg...that was the funniest shit I ever heard about a 🎂 song and it made sense too.
John Dayga
John Dayga - 2 hours ago
I never liked birthdays parties and songs. On birthday party of my 7 year-old son, I played a DVD of Dio "last in line" song. Kids in the party never celebrated their BD ever since.
Sven Flightless
Sven Flightless - 4 hours ago
His accent game is strong
Ryan Childers
Ryan Childers - 7 hours ago
Only in America can you get pizza faster than an ambulance.
CraftyPaws - 9 hours ago
Hysterical perspective on the traditional happy birthday song! Love!
C Henry
C Henry - 12 hours ago
And what I don't understand is who do white people think built the fantastic pyramids, sphinx etc in Egypt in Africa? How can they even think to call black people stupid and they still can't build a pyramid of that size today.
C Henry
C Henry - 12 hours ago
It's like that in the UK. Racism is huge over here but it is hidden. I would prefer that who we call white people, were honest with their feelings and spoke about them. Because inreality they have no reason to be the evil towards black people for no reason.majority of the time it is something that they've made up in their head and they speak to their friends and then their imagination takes over and it becomes real to them. It Reminds me of Chinese whispers, it's never the same message at the end because people always hear a different whisper.
Krafty Kittenz
Krafty Kittenz - 15 hours ago
""What're you in for?"
This man has not seen Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and it shows. Trevor, you are missing out. I'd love to see you make a react video.
vic vapor
vic vapor - 16 hours ago
He can't help, so he has to hurt.!?
Sebastian R.
Sebastian R. - 17 hours ago
LoL I also had the Disney birthday one! Dad played it for me until I was 23 and moved out. Every birthday without missing a beat, 5:30am. I hated it so much, but now I miss it and I miss my Dad.
Clothilde - 19 hours ago
Haha Trevor’s impression of US football (soccer) commentators made me laugh so damn hard!
Also the crime of ‘jaywalking’ is fucking ridiculous! Talk about a nanny state!
J Allen
J Allen - 19 hours ago
Trevor Noah has a way of bringing social & cultural issues to the forefront that makes us think, yet he brings it all together with laughter! We need more laughter & joy during the difficult times so we can appreciate them more during the good times! Thank you, Trevor Noah & your Team!
Alpha Boutique Hannah Flew
I prefer his birthday song version
Ana Lopez
Ana Lopez - 20 hours ago
Trevor you have an amazing influenced of your mother. Your way to analyze things is so particular. I love it !!! Thanks for sharing in that way and let us think and have fun at the same time.
Amelia Piner
Amelia Piner - 20 hours ago
Yup, everything and everyone here in America is 8x bigger
Mfundo Mayila
Mfundo Mayila - 21 hour ago
Americans should find it difficult to talk about racism because it's not in the past. Cops are killing blacks today and the unions are defending the murders and the president is MIA. #DonuldTrump #GeorgeFloyd
MelodiaTodoElDia - 21 hour ago
It is because you don't celebrate a year more, but a year less. Not one more year in your life but one less year until death.
daAnder71 - 22 hours ago
What a wise woman TN's mother was. Letting him watch people getting intimate on TV - something normal and healthy - but forcing him to turn off the TV when a food fight was on - something unfunny, barbaric and wasteful.
SHARK BITE - 22 hours ago
That’s why no one wants to live in South Africa and want to live in the states. Bell end
Abdel Abdu
Abdel Abdu - Day ago
Literally I was talking about buffalo wings and how I thought they weren't actually buffalo. Then I saw this.
Lizanne Tulip
Lizanne Tulip - Day ago
I agree! It must be an African thing. Do not waste food and water!
rocksteady4me - Day ago
I love this! Needed all the good laughs. Trevor, if you get to see these comments, please know that I think you are hysterical and I would love to chat with you about once a week because I think conversation with you would be so much fun. Plus I think I would learn a lot while having fun conversation.
Matt Hayes
Matt Hayes - Day ago
how does Don lemon do it so many shows. oh wait it's the fake Don lemon. they both suck. he not funny at all. but there has to be shows for weirdos
Haus of Blue
Haus of Blue - Day ago
I wonder if anyone told him that 911 only works like that in certain neighborhoods
defcon six
defcon six - Day ago
South African, that explains it. you should go back home Trevor, you hate America, And America hates you back, that's why you are on MSNBC, because nobody likes MSNBC anymore.Ha ha
Daniel Embree
Daniel Embree - Day ago
He’s annoying
Lee Kiido
Lee Kiido - Day ago
Edward Roets
Edward Roets - Day ago
me: *Lives in South Africa...Calls police*
Police: *Shows up literally 2 Weeks later*
Honestly at that point you cant even be mad
Jonny Sandtrap
Jonny Sandtrap - Day ago
yea umm, the "bringing-the-behind-the-scenes-to-annoyingly-kill-shots" approach is kinda chaotic and distracting. Not all of us have ADD and need side entertainment or need to be multitasking because our brains are racing uncontrolably
its not about conforming to others feelings, its about being creative and entertaining.
your silly, foreign culture influenced/ anti- American/ Anti-white rhetoric is boring
do better thanks
Mitchell Crosgrove
Mitchell Crosgrove - Day ago
Yo his accents are on point. South African, Latino, American and British. Literally perfect
Evidence why
Evidence why - Day ago
He was closer to the actual german pronunciation with his 1. attempt on saying Volkswagen than the 2. one
Indarow - Day ago
Trevor, what is with your obsession of Chickens?😂
Cesar Arredondo
Cesar Arredondo - Day ago
Having to process so much here watching this video! LOL... starting with Happy b-day song, followed by 911 experience....LOL.... and more! LOL
ronald mize
ronald mize - Day ago
What is not normal, oh I could tell you an ocd story,,,,,,,oh yeah
Sandeepbharat - Day ago
13:52 More than 30% of Pakistan's Pilots had fake licenses and they did allow them to fly (https://youtu.be/oviucthsOCc). So Mr Noah you stand corrected.
Maxen87 Max
Maxen87 Max - Day ago
I love this man
IThink_ BLM
IThink_ BLM - Day ago
its the same in the caribbean lool im convinced these 'suspicious individual' calls are strictly an american phenomenon
D. Paul Sikand
D. Paul Sikand - Day ago
Bonginkosi Khohliso
I'm south African but I don't know Trevor's mom birthday songs. I know the usual song, everybody does.
Raven Dark
Raven Dark - Day ago
Welp, no more food fights
Raven Dark
Raven Dark - Day ago
Holy Crud!!! I just realized why babies cry on their 1st birthday. Their parents come out to a damn death march song
"Happy Birthday to you" clearly it's not
Kevin Willemse
Kevin Willemse - Day ago
So, when I was 9(in South Africa) my dad shot a burglar. We called the cops... 10111... They came 8 hours later. It was awkward.
Tom McGinn
Tom McGinn - Day ago
Bloody Brilliant!
Alberto Alicea
Alberto Alicea - Day ago
Treboid ? Pu inderstand you are wrong to the bone. América isnt US US is unite state OF AMERICA.... Fox tour señf¡¡¡
Dalal Ali
Dalal Ali - Day ago
George Babas
George Babas - Day ago
Seeing videos of American people get arrested for jaywalking really confuses me. In my country, even when you're about to cross a multi-laned avenue, you just don't go from the crossing. You look left, then right, if there are cars coming you look for a gap/calculate the time they need to reach your spot (or not, if you're a brave one) and just run like you're being chased by some crazy murderer with an axe.
Ms Yvonne
Ms Yvonne - 2 hours ago
Absolutely right!!
Book Reader
Book Reader - 9 hours ago
Lol same
PIUPIU - 2 days ago
Jessica H
Jessica H - 2 days ago
Rescue 911 scared me out of drinking cleaning fluids when I was a kid. Not that I ever wanted to anyway.
Grasshopper - 2 days ago
he made a great point about the birthday song
E K Daufin
E K Daufin - 2 days ago
Thank you
E K Daufin
E K Daufin - 2 days ago
Responsibility vs. blame
wright vcx
wright vcx - 2 days ago
Thankless immigrant.
Janet Driving Queen
Janet Driving Queen - 2 days ago
Chicken on 'roids!
Julianna Westgor
Julianna Westgor - 2 days ago
Haha we call the Stevie wonder version “the black version” and it’s the only way to go!!
Julianna Westgor
Julianna Westgor - 2 days ago
My brother asked his son one year you want the white one or the black birthday song.... he chose the right one!! Haha
Naomi Rivera
Naomi Rivera - 2 days ago
Dude I agree, the happy birthday song. It’s time is so crappy! Hell I don’t think anyone actually likes to sing it at this point.
Mad Flak
Mad Flak - 2 days ago
why is this in my rec feed....I'm not a Libtard!
E Johnson-Wootson
E Johnson-Wootson - 2 days ago
Very interesting hindsight thank you for sharing
culixstar - 2 days ago
donald duck birthday song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obhsql25Hc4 i didn't know this is a thing til i watched this video lol
Mikhael37 - 2 days ago
I'm originally from Egypt and I agree with everything Trevor says. Americans, you really got everything backwards!! From your Congress to your Fahrenheits..
Vincent Dublino
Vincent Dublino - 2 days ago
South Africa LOL. Racist hell hole currently stealing Farms from hard-working people who built their economy. You might want to move on to Zimbabwe Trevor, that's what South Africa's going to be if it keeps following your line of thinking.
Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer
In truth we rest of the world surprised every time when your president speaks, he is like Kardashian that never shut up.
Neha Jha
Neha Jha - 2 days ago
Honestly, his version of Happy Birthday is far superior!
Juvyline Velasco
Juvyline Velasco - 2 days ago
6:28 is just hilarrious
zakiducky - 2 days ago
Totally agree with the happy birthday death song! I’ve always hated my birthdays because I don’t want to be reminded I’m one year closer to the end. Lmao And that song is not cheery to me at all. XD
Maritzasylvia O
Maritzasylvia O - 2 days ago
Our Tribe of many’s channel has an awesome bday song. They are American & Kenyan ... I love ❤️ it!
Rosemary Trudel
Rosemary Trudel - 2 days ago
So the reason you are allowed to sing the death knell happy birthday without fear of lawsuit, is because it was actually found to be written in the 1600s AS A DEATH KNELL.
Maritzasylvia O
Maritzasylvia O - 2 days ago
Neeeee!!!! This is sooo awesome! 😂
Actor Shruti Dave
Actor Shruti Dave - 2 days ago
Okayrino Kripperino
do u have brain damage?
Honey She Moves
Honey She Moves - 2 days ago
Officially never hearing Happy Birthday song in the same way again.
 - 2 days ago
Joke thief. Can't trust this scum bag.
rafiq Said
rafiq Said - 2 days ago
LOL remembers my late Mom... When on Television they played with food she reacted like your Mother .
Mark Kinyua
Mark Kinyua - 2 days ago
No lie, the happy birthday song sounds like a horror movie background 😂
Randy Burnett
Randy Burnett - 2 days ago
Wait till your in Jail for Dog at Large! What kind of dog "A Bichonfrise"
Macy R
Macy R - 3 days ago
Totally agree. It is not normal for a government body to threaten its citizens with a shutdown just to push their agendas thru with hidden laws. Most governments can just say, this is what we want, this is what we're doing, end of topic.
shantal lewis
shantal lewis - 3 days ago
Maybe that's why people cry whenever the hbd song is being sung to them
Marty Stines
Marty Stines - 3 days ago
Rescue 911! I always think about the episode where a kid said Thomas the tank engine was taking to him from the train yard behind his house.
Turned out a man fell into an empty tank car while it was waiting to be filled and couldn't get out. His parents called 911 and rescue workers came out and found him before he was smothered with grain.
Moloch - 3 days ago
Omg he is frcktukvtgtjIN hilarious :D
THIS IS OUR TIME - 3 days ago
Stephanie Grant
Stephanie Grant - 3 days ago
Real Talk. I respect you for that. Trevor. Keep up the good work.
Goldi's Closet
Goldi's Closet - 3 days ago
When I grocery shop dont buy the enormous chicken parts that they sell now. It's just not right.
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