My Babysitter Lie

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Dominic Sumera
Dominic Sumera - 2 months ago
This series is going out so well it's so interesting to watch what's the best series of your channel EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DaCrazyMustache - 16 minutes ago
But yeah I liked it up until the end
DaCrazyMustache - 16 minutes ago
It would have been interesting if HE DIDNT FRICKING LEAVE IT ON A CLIFF HANGER
colten games
colten games - 5 days ago
Hayy hhhhuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr+Dominic Sumera this is the bast one hhhhhhhhuuurrrrrrrr
fillrocks78 - 12 days ago
Dominic Sumera has it come out yet the list of videos stops at this one
Levi I I Conrad
Levi I I Conrad - 14 days ago
DaCrazyMustache - 17 minutes ago
I hate you alex
Auguste Arasi
Auguste Arasi - 4 hours ago
DiamondxSlayers 1158
DiamondxSlayers 1158 - 5 hours ago
When I pressed the like button the alarm clock turned off right on time
Armando Del Rio
Armando Del Rio - 12 hours ago
I noticed something funny , when he got the Ferrari, his mom was driving .
MarcAnthony Erwin
MarcAnthony Erwin - 19 hours ago
cecoleman30 - 20 hours ago
Sorry about the same comments😅
cecoleman30 - 20 hours ago
I meant you spelled school wrong its spelled school not scool or skool.
cecoleman30 - 20 hours ago
You spelled school wrong its spelled school not skool or scool.
Pixelcraftsie ttv hater
Pixelcraftsie ttv hater - 23 hours ago
Was the random girl actually creepy like that?
Peak Dinosuar
Peak Dinosuar - 23 hours ago
I knw im late but o thino the sitter is with Dylan or Darren or whatever the guy that scamed you is name is
Gianna The fortnite player
She was with Darrell
poopy pants Conteh
poopy pants Conteh - Day ago
It's his best friend
Kieron Kotey
Kieron Kotey - Day ago
What happened in the end I want answers🤬😥😤😤
Ariana Chowdhury
Ariana Chowdhury - Day ago
I think she was cheating with your bully
HotShot oof
HotShot oof - Day ago
WHERE'S PART 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yee Zhek
Yee Zhek - Day ago
watupvanessa - Day ago
I can tell the siries will end happily and tragic
deja Jones
deja Jones - Day ago
i swear if you don't finish this series ima freak
Mark Ott
Mark Ott - Day ago
JDzss Huerta
JDzss Huerta - Day ago
It’s your Best Friend and he wrote the letter
JDzss Huerta
JDzss Huerta - Day ago
I didn’t know Slugbooks was a REAL thing
Mikayla Martinez
Mikayla Martinez - Day ago
This video could be a lie
Scott Weidele
Scott Weidele - Day ago
Finish the series then we will know how it ends!
Ary Angelozzi
Ary Angelozzi - Day ago
joshgamer 500
joshgamer 500 - Day ago
Its your friend
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 - 2 days ago
R.I.P. Emotional Support Dinosaur. I shall avenge it!
Ron on yt
Ron on yt - 2 days ago
Alex your channel is the best keep up the good work
Barbara Ryan
Barbara Ryan - 2 days ago
I think it was your best friend
pippa wilkins
pippa wilkins - 2 days ago
i think the letter was from the bully and guy that she was with was the bully and mabe he confest that he did the letter
The wolfgang
The wolfgang - 2 days ago
she's cheating ._.
Carlos Quesnel
Carlos Quesnel - 2 days ago
She was with darrell
Scott W Pilgrim
Scott W Pilgrim - 2 days ago
This is a hardcore love story.
Grayland Meeks
Grayland Meeks - 2 days ago
whaen are u making a new babysitter thing
PhoenixTDM - 2 days ago
I think she's with the bully guy derrel
FriendlyGamer1214 - 3 days ago
165k people abused that damn alarm clock including me
Kale Allen
Kale Allen - 3 days ago
We need another video of this
Kale Allen
Kale Allen - 3 days ago
Where is the last one
Sharky02 - 3 days ago
It was James (theodd1sout)
Jax m84
Jax m84 - 3 days ago
It has been 4 months I want to see what happens next
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 3 days ago
Juan Resendiz
Juan Resendiz - 3 days ago
So your a fraud!!!! you used us for views and money dude after I’ve been watching you for so long just why?
Zyrex - 3 days ago
Juan Resendiz what?
Vanilla Panda
Vanilla Panda - 3 days ago
she is with the bully in the other room i know it if u agree like this comment
Sara Cortez
Sara Cortez - 3 days ago
I think that she is whith the bully dude
Binh Hang
Binh Hang - 3 days ago
I know all
Wolfless Watchless
Wolfless Watchless - 3 days ago
MAKE ANOTHER ONE *dj Kaled:Another one* PLEASE!!!!
Samuel Janssen
Samuel Janssen - 4 days ago
... Rip Ferrari
Kodak Plays Games
Kodak Plays Games - 4 days ago
She was with the bully!!!! I saw the hair line! Edit: I did the research from episode one then I thought it was Bobby Edit 2: They have the same hair line
Fluffy - 4 days ago
She was with bobby
Jimmy McMuffin
Jimmy McMuffin - 4 days ago
She was cheating on you... with

your sister!
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah - 2 days ago
Jimmy McMuffin Heeee heeee heeee heeee heeee heeee heeee heeee heeee heeee heeee awimbwe
hypt man 47
hypt man 47 - 4 days ago
Bobby boooy
Shreyasi Kirti
Shreyasi Kirti - 4 days ago
Can someone reply the link to the next video which is the continuation to this one? Please?
Iulian Iordache
Iulian Iordache - 4 days ago
What s the next episode?
Dailyn pacheco
Dailyn pacheco - 4 days ago
You mean my Bady sitter lied
hazy13 11
hazy13 11 - 4 days ago
I love these there awesome
Eliel Enriquez
Eliel Enriquez - 4 days ago
Your enimy that stole u 200 dollers
MaddieYT AKA_NYOP - 4 days ago
I have a feeling the guy is gonna be the bully or something
robotcat 2009
robotcat 2009 - 4 days ago
The guy who took you dinosaur is with the babysitter >:(
zero talent
zero talent - 5 days ago
Its token you a hole year to tell the baby sitter story
MilesTheMaster 235
MilesTheMaster 235 - 5 days ago
It’s not an art school it’s arts cool
Mega pug gamer dude
Mega pug gamer dude - 5 days ago
The bully
Witchie Richie
Witchie Richie - 5 days ago
Well if I know you right it is probably her dad, but YEAH LET US SAY SHE’S CHEATING FOR SOME DRAMA lol
Lilith Arellano
Lilith Arellano - 5 days ago
Letter is from Daryl
Rashid Md
Rashid Md - 5 days ago
Your farther is so cool bro
Sorenol - 5 days ago
in the end it's darryl with babysitt annd he wrote the thang
Anish Dumbare
Anish Dumbare - 5 days ago
Where is part 11?! I need it. If it is released then someone please send me it's link.
Arkan Kabir
Arkan Kabir - 5 days ago
She is with bobby i think
Bobby Baker
Bobby Baker - 5 days ago
I need the next video!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Rn give it
FungiGuy 225
FungiGuy 225 - 5 days ago
Don’t worry Alex I liked it
imbatman285 - 5 days ago
She was cheating on you that is y it was secret so her boyfriend also make a vid on a rejection
LPS WOLFGIRL - 5 days ago
Your friend
dope person
dope person - 5 days ago
The bully
Lynn Fincher
Lynn Fincher - 5 days ago
Please put out the next episode!!!!!!!!!!
sethgameking152 - 5 days ago
im such an emo dinosaur baby helper
Angela Briales
Angela Briales - 6 days ago
The joker
Dylan 3476
Dylan 3476 - 6 days ago
Sara Abodi
Sara Abodi - 6 days ago
I think the person is the head bully
Sara Cortez
Sara Cortez - 3 days ago
I think that she is cheading on him with the head bully too
emely ortega
emely ortega - 6 days ago
I think it will end in you being happy because you are a guy and a good YOUTUBER😏
me trying to get subscribers
Angi Hash
Angi Hash - 6 days ago
Part 11 !!!??!?????!!!!??
Ellie Eventing
Ellie Eventing - 6 days ago
4:51 com-for-table Come for table
gamer series
gamer series - 6 days ago
I this all true
gamer series
gamer series - 6 days ago
Joshua Rojas
Joshua Rojas - 6 days ago
When are you going to finish this bro?
raven-balck-wolf gamer
raven-balck-wolf gamer - 6 days ago
I NEED TO KNOW WHO WAS WITH HER!!! I AM GOING MAD!! plus who is watching this in 2019?
Void - 6 days ago
lel can't draw ferraris*

Albert Green
Albert Green - 6 days ago
Ah come on
Anaximandre Bistufly
Anaximandre Bistufly - 6 days ago
Ender 1929
Ender 1929 - 6 days ago
Lazyawesom360 the 360 Gamer
Alex, can I Share you artwork? You're the reason why I am doing art work. If you do let me,My Name on Instagram is SaiyanJalen.
deadx 127
deadx 127 - 6 days ago
The goddamn brother screws everything up
Master Rambo
Master Rambo - 6 days ago
Bruh I just watched the entire series just now and now I'm on a cliff hanger like everyone else, My theory is that it's his friend who sent that bad note
TheOneAndOnley RoberterMTZ
You'r making more videos of this it's been like a year so you'r just beating it to the ground
Dark Night Slayer
Dark Night Slayer - 6 days ago
I think it was booby in the room
John Marston
John Marston - 6 days ago
Mr. {•ᴥ•}
Mr. {•ᴥ•} - 6 days ago
I want new part
Mr. Unown
Mr. Unown - 6 days ago
I’m scared to audition in my joke talent show or of my 5 minute one page comic
Adrian Campa
Adrian Campa - 6 days ago
Her nudes
Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly - 6 days ago
@itsalexclark you gotta give me a shoutout if it turns out to be her high school boyfriend!
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