My Babysitter Lie ( Part 10 )

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Dominic Sumera
Dominic Sumera - 6 months ago
This series is going out so well it's so interesting to watch what's the best series of your channel EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Payton Rice
Payton Rice - 15 days ago
I think she was making out with the bully
Jose Barbosa
Jose Barbosa - 18 days ago
Shoutout pelas
Jose Barbosa
Jose Barbosa - 18 days ago
Edward Hutchison
Edward Hutchison - 18 days ago
It’s so weird that the first video has so many more views that the rest of the videos in the series
Betane Daudi
Betane Daudi - Month ago
It says wakanda at 7:06 3/6
smol ethan
smol ethan - 7 hours ago
I think he was the guy that got your dinosuar if the subscibers ugree
saivon robinson
saivon robinson - 16 hours ago
The bully it was the bully
hannah the element of darkness
Her Ex?? Look this vid is new for me bc I haven’t watched you channel sense part 3
wesley Santos
wesley Santos - 2 days ago
The bully
Stacy Salinas
Stacy Salinas - 2 days ago
Absolute sadness
the gaming boy joboy4556
From a nother man bro
Greg Stewart
Greg Stewart - 2 days ago
it's an ex bf and he's trying to win her back
Mike Moore
Mike Moore - 2 days ago
I thought there was gonna be just 3 or 4 Me: *A few videos later* D: Holy
Big B
Big B - 3 days ago
Abbey Tyer
Abbey Tyer - 4 days ago
Your friend
yatniel diaz
yatniel diaz - 4 days ago
Perla Quichocho
Perla Quichocho - 4 days ago
The bully
The Uno Reverse Card
The Uno Reverse Card - 5 days ago
turn that dislike button upside down
Spencer Jensen
Spencer Jensen - 5 days ago
I think it was Darrel
[GD] peper123467
[GD] peper123467 - 5 days ago
Toby Cowan pickard
Toby Cowan pickard - 5 days ago
It’s bobyyyyyyyyyy
Dream Once
Dream Once - 5 days ago
Elijah Simpson
Elijah Simpson - 5 days ago
Is this a true story?😞😞
Alley Bunker
Alley Bunker - 6 days ago
The ex
Nina Thornton
Nina Thornton - 6 days ago
Eggert Þór Eggertsson
Im gonna guess that your grandma wrote the letter and that she's hanging out with the other Alex that you mentioned earlier. Also that you were accepted.
Donna Garcia
Donna Garcia - 7 days ago
Your the best YouTuber ever:)
Make more videos.
AziNinjaKid W
AziNinjaKid W - 8 days ago
It was Daniel I remember his hair
Moestakiem Moosa
Moestakiem Moosa - 8 days ago
She was with dareth
Unlisted_ Leaf
Unlisted_ Leaf - 8 days ago
It belongs to derral
Sans lazy bones
Sans lazy bones - 8 days ago
I think its darrel
KD Nation
KD Nation - 9 days ago
Part 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Sharp Dressed Meme
Sharp Dressed Meme - 9 days ago
It’s derylllll
Aaron Hartman
Aaron Hartman - 10 days ago
I haven’t finish this does he eat the booty
henokh hizkia boanerges
henokh hizkia boanerges - 10 days ago
Why don't you ask your grandma
Rozlynne Reynolds
Rozlynne Reynolds - 11 days ago
it was the bully
Some random yt Guy
Some random yt Guy - 11 days ago
Some people at my school spit on the ground :/
Ninja Cow
Ninja Cow - 11 days ago
Oh crap the girl is pam!
JuSt A hOrSe maria
JuSt A hOrSe maria - 12 days ago
I think is your sis who whrite the letter
Ender22Ninja - 13 days ago
Tariq Shaw
Tariq Shaw - 13 days ago
I think she wants you💋.
Brudda Bean
Brudda Bean - 13 days ago
The alarm actually turned off right as I clicked the like button lol
Robert Troyano
Robert Troyano - 13 days ago
I think Alex Lopez wrote the letter and is the guy who helped u cheat in the president thing
Briana Gregory
Briana Gregory - 13 days ago
Darryl's with her
Ramon Fernandez
Ramon Fernandez - 13 days ago
The guy
crista HD
crista HD - 14 days ago
Probablemente nadie de aquí me entienda pero soy el único que le aparece el titulo en español
Lindsey Welsch
Lindsey Welsch - 14 days ago
Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith - 14 days ago
Felicia Daniels
Felicia Daniels - 14 days ago
That jerk
Victor Herman
Victor Herman - 14 days ago
Jacob Rickson
Jacob Rickson - 15 days ago
O mg shes cheating
Platønic Plagüe
Platønic Plagüe - 15 days ago
If i take a risk i trip over air.
Dino Plays
Dino Plays - 15 days ago
it was the bully! :D
Josh Milton
Josh Milton - 15 days ago
His friend or the bully
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