New iPad Pro review: can it replace your laptop?

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Thien Pham
Thien Pham - Day ago
Imagine an iPad Pro that can switch from MacOS to IOS and vice versa whenever the user feels like it.
Liew Hong Yi
Liew Hong Yi - 2 days ago
2200 dollars? What
MrEmanthedrummer - 2 days ago
iPad isn’t meant to be a computer. It’s meant to be a tablet. If you want a computer, but a MacBook or an iMac.
mikamiga - 2 days ago
The iPad can't replace a laptop so long as it keeps using an OS designed for a mobile phone. You just can't replace a desktop OS with a mobile OS. There's too much you can't do. For the average person the iPad will be fine, but for people who need their computers for work, like programmers and web devs, the iPad Pro isn't useful at all!
Canosis Plays
Canosis Plays - 2 days ago
All that power and yet still no Xcode.... still waiting to upgrade. Apple needs more pro software support and a more accommodating OS.
Stringbean - 3 days ago
wow, great review and thanks for saving me a lot of money!
kemicalromanc15 - 3 days ago
I basically bought it as a glorified sketch pad bc Procreate is so amazing. I know I'll need a computer for Photoshop and text for comics but the "On-the-go" and mobility is just what I need. Luckily....I don't have a pervious iPad Pro.
black magic753
black magic753 - 5 days ago
its detachable why would you ever use tablet with keyboard behind it???
Aiman khan
Aiman khan - 6 days ago
U saved me bro..✌ peace
Fazli Halim
Fazli Halim - 6 days ago
You can only transfer photo from sd card. Not video. Come on apple
Namu Cuddles
Namu Cuddles - 6 days ago
Sugar™ Blackcurrant
Sugar™ Blackcurrant - 9 days ago
Why all the iPad cant using magic mouse 😔
VirtuaMe - 10 days ago
Next one hopefully to be OLED, waterproof and the newer iOS opening up more essential functions
Gregory Pierce
Gregory Pierce - 10 days ago
I echo this sentiment. The iPad Pro is excellent hardware that is severely limited by iOS. Yes the hardware is going to keep getting faster and faster, but unless the OS gains and the software stack gains a lot of capability to exploit it - it's almost pointless.
Nicole Ibáñez
Nicole Ibáñez - 10 days ago
This is the best review! Got so excited about this new iPad got it and found myself cut off by the limited apps and the way iOS limits how you can transfer files. Wish I had seen this before
Jedi 511
Jedi 511 - 11 days ago
Great review as always. $2200 is a lot for iOS powered device with the limitations iOS has. I wonder if Apple fragments iOS in to two groups: PadOS and PhoneOS. With the performance and price point the iPad Pros have (really since 2017), they need to be flexible enough to replace a laptop fully. Off topic, but one thing I don’t understand is the iPhone XR screen is bashed, yet has higher PPI than the iPad Pro screen which is praised. I have both the 10.5 iPad Pro and the iPhone XR and I can see vitrually no difference.
Eng Leong Kong
Eng Leong Kong - 12 days ago
thats the thing bout apple...they dont get it...and well said, i would like it to adapt to me and not me adapt to it
Michael Paul
Michael Paul - 13 days ago
Great music playing in the background
darron pattel
darron pattel - 13 days ago
good thing you guys didnt have to put much together for this video
damberson4698 - 13 days ago
The reason I haven’t purchased an iPad is because of iOS
I have an iPhone
And the limitations of apps on iOS are purposeful. The whole reason I need a MacBook is iOS. The mobile OS gets in the way of some things
I can do a lot of things on my phone, but sometimes you just need full desktop browsing etc. Apple will never allow the iPad Pro to have those functions.
If they did, with the specs and performance that the iPad Pro has right now, it would destroy the MacBook Pro line, and honestly, some of the iMac sales would drop as well.
Kalvin Kiema
Kalvin Kiema - 13 days ago
Maybe I’d be interested if there was a boot camp app for this iPad.
Max Maximovich
Max Maximovich - 13 days ago
i love this review
Panache Automotive
Panache Automotive - 14 days ago
No, but the Tab S4 can...
Arup Deb
Arup Deb - 14 days ago
Is this an answer or something else??
If you're tired then leave it, stop winning
It just frustrates 🤐😥
Malcolm H
Malcolm H - 14 days ago
Really great review thanks! I was considering possible the iPad pro but, man, too frustrating.. too many exclusivities Apple won't budge on. Your comment, "the iPad pro is just an accessory to my laptop, not a replacement for it" How true, and that's what Apple seems to want...for people who have a lot of money to buy BOTH vs one that can do both. I can't make my Gmail my default email?! nope. I can't watch higher HD/4k on YouTube?! nope. Too much exclusivity. dam. So frustrating.
Christopher DiCesare
Christopher DiCesare - 15 days ago
The iPad doesn’t even have a 4K display...why the hell are you upset about YouTube not playing in 4K?
Lom me
Lom me - 8 days ago
Because of a 2200$ device? Why would you pay that price and not have 4K?
Acy - Singing & Composing
smh, Liquid Retina doesn't mean rounded corners, it's LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and Retina. It's just a fancy name for good LCD screens, as opposed to the iPhone XS's OLED technology
dennis aquino
dennis aquino - 17 days ago
Same question when the first IPad Pro came out......and the answer is the same....NO!
Ahsan Arshad
Ahsan Arshad - 17 days ago
I am android fan boy knowing that Apple's hardware and software is way better than Android's but these are the reasons why I hate Apple... I am willing to pay for a device that you made but it's mine now so let me decide what i will do with it.... Why i have to follow your rules even after paying you so heavily? Why there are so many roadblocks in my way?
Look at this ipad now, it's way faster than their own laptop but still it can't take place of my laptop
PS: 'New phone can't fit the old charger, that's your hero?' Bill Burr
Now new pencil won't work with old iPad
JaeIsAsleep - 17 days ago
What no! what kinda question is that! I gotta give them credit tho, better than the pixel slate.
Constance JJ
Constance JJ - 17 days ago
THANK YOU! I stumbled into your video after watching several others who spent the first several minutes talking about aesthetics and the "unwrapping experience" of opening a new iPad Pro. I mean, really? I just wanted to know how it works, is it worth the price, can it do what I want it to do. You delivered that information to me in a concise manner. I'll be back in the future!
Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell - 18 days ago
Lol this is so funny
Kidon Bae
Kidon Bae - 19 days ago
What’s that drawing app they are using in the video???
Super John64
Super John64 - 21 day ago
It can not be a laptop replacement...

But it is the first flexible iPad ever
Braulio Diaz
Braulio Diaz - 22 days ago
Thank you for the review man. I was planning on buying the new model but I was thinking of choosing the older model because of the price. I have an iPad Air (original) since it came out and it still works like a charm but the problems I had with it were the size of the screen (its kinda clumsy reading pdf files when you have to zoom and look around what youre looking for) and the memory (16GB). The additions are neats especially the Apple Pencil, but I think the older model is enough for my needs. Thank you!
Pablo Martí
Pablo Martí - 25 days ago
Where can I buy the black carpet over the table to standing the Ipad?
Trex Mystery
Trex Mystery - 26 days ago
Im getting that for christmas tommarrow
Adrianna Jackson
Adrianna Jackson - 27 days ago
I need to be able to use USBs!
Kazumi Shi
Kazumi Shi - 27 days ago
Watching this from my destroyed ipad
Mike - 27 days ago
It can not.
Ezekiel Constantine
Ezekiel Constantine - 27 days ago
Any good suggestions on a good cases for the iPad Pro 11”
Ezekiel Constantine
Ezekiel Constantine - 27 days ago
I just bought my iPad Pro and just trying to get used to it
mitch jenkins
mitch jenkins - 28 days ago
now I know what I pad I want to upgrade to I have the original I pad mini
Hassan Hassan
Hassan Hassan - Month ago
Nice review Nilay, you made me realise that I should just keep using my MacBook Pro rather than this expensive gadget with limitations. I'll stick with my Macbook pro and iPad air until OSX comes on the pro.
darkbrian '
darkbrian ' - Month ago
turns out i don't need it
Cory Niu
Cory Niu - Month ago
@theverge What is that black grid pad you guys use for review and where can I get one???
Sturmwind05 - Month ago
Diane Milligan
Diane Milligan - Month ago
I use Outlook and Gmail on my older iPad Pro via the mail app.
Dorzey Magar
Dorzey Magar - Month ago
Wtf Can I use my dj controller ?
Marlize Holtzhauzen
Marlize Holtzhauzen - Month ago
It would a very powerful device but you cannot connect a mouse. Which makes it really frustrating
rainwolf034 - Month ago
Mine will be here in 3 days but could only get an 11in but got it anyway..
murali S
murali S - Month ago
This is yet another attempt of apple to market Ipad as a surface pro competitor. Its time apple realized that surface pro does a better job of functioning as a laptop/tablet than iPad .
Chris Docchio
Chris Docchio - Month ago
Great review
Tionanima - Month ago
7:17 Now i'm waiting for the Pixel Pad Pro
Anderson C
Anderson C - Month ago
The ONLY reason to buy an Apple iPad Pro or any iPad is if you MUST buy into the Apple app ecosystem. If you KNOW you will be using THOSE apps.
I think the Samsung Tab S4 is more powerful in what you can do. More stylus support. GETTER support. Android is more customize-able. Or their UI. Apple also makes you pay for everything (e.g. pen). No Micro SD slot.
And if any was truly serious about photo or video editing they wouldn't be using a tablet or a laptop. Tablets are for casual computer users. For the average joe FIRST. Even if there are some "professionals" insisting on using a tablet. In the end one should use "...the right tool for the job...".
BritishWitwicky - Month ago
Returning my iPad after this review, Thank you. Isn't just worth it.
Bronze Brett
Bronze Brett - Month ago
Brutally honest, I love this guy!
DonVirgiValle - Month ago
My 2012 Macbook Pro Retina is quickly starting to age. I want to replace it with an iPad, but not being able to use external hard drives is the deal breaker for me. Not to mention how expensive iPads are.
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez - Month ago
Very informative video. Amazing how fast the darn thing is and depressing how iOS (or as I call it "toyOS") holds it back. Like a Ferrari with shopping cart wheels. And to think that the top model with all the goodies costs 2200 bone! Run macOS on them and I will certainly consider it. Until then, when I want to walk away from my Mac and use a tablet, I will use my Surface Book.
YYC - Month ago
Apple should start listening to it's customers as they've wanted a full blown macos version of the iPad for quite some time now. While the Surface Pro isn't perfect either, you can do everything and anything (aside from high end gaming and CAD work) with it.
WhosIbrahim YT
WhosIbrahim YT - Month ago
No headphone jacks... 🙄 I’ll stick with my normal iPad Pro...
Liam Dale
Liam Dale - Month ago
It's nice the iPad Pro includes USB C, but it's way too limited to replace a computer. Although it is nice you can charge other devices from it such as your phone.
"Huge camera bump"
*holds Moto Z*
Frank Ragetti
Frank Ragetti - Month ago
Yes. It can. If you consume more than you produce.
Kenneth Torres II
Kenneth Torres II - Month ago
Creating a perfect product is no the main focus of their brand. Their main focus is to -continue- creating >supporting the future world “peace” scenario, by ‘hanging-in-their’ and accepting what their able to create, because they want to be the future-look (aesthetic) that we use as a reference for how we want the world to look and feel by being the other option and not the only option, staying relevant and making things look like how we want them to look. It’s their brand “apple” that makes our world look more closely at what we want. Giving us the option to support ourselves with a newer more refreshing concept and feel, because apparently we/people/humans don’t normally know what we want (based-off what Jobs has stated) and so challenging folks on levels that most don’t realize right away even their product names shape our reality and effects how we decide in our ever changing polarity to continue. In a sense pushing us, poking at us, forcing us to decide, here or there, left or right, forward or back, theirs no wrong way just a way and ultimately maybe an easier way. If they changed their phones name to another name think about the affect it would have on their brand.....................
Adam Shah
Adam Shah - Month ago
Kyla Unicorn
Kyla Unicorn - Month ago
£2200 😱
Sam - Month ago
$2200 smh
Ray - Month ago
iPad Mini from 2018. 🤔
Kingsley Zissou
Kingsley Zissou - Month ago
Audio is a mess...recorded too hot
MoonPlayz - Month ago
I have a iPad Pro in my hands
DonBergas - Month ago
This is a max out iPad.
That sums up to me everything and nope, it won't replace your laptop.
Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks - Month ago
Lol I’m watching this on my new iPad Pro
Carlos Anaya
Carlos Anaya - Month ago
Too god damn expensive. But I still want it.
wildcheekymonkey - Month ago
Parichay Bhowmik
Parichay Bhowmik - Month ago
let me make it simple-
"Its a big iphone with usb C which doesn't support hard drives"
TheBolt45 - Month ago
Me : well guess who's watching this on a Amoled display on Samsung's tab s4
tears - Month ago
But can It game?
G.B.O.M .&.T.F
G.B.O.M .&.T.F - Month ago
very nice iPad walk through. man I like your video
Sahil Sawalkar
Sahil Sawalkar - Month ago
Brutal :)
Dee Pak
Dee Pak - Month ago
why he looks so tensed
P Patel
P Patel - Month ago
Fantastic Review! You covered all the important points and questions I wanted to learn about. Thank you.
f96 - Month ago
I use the iPhone X gestures in an iPad 6th gen, so getting used to the gestures are a snap.

*just like thanos*
Clifford Henson
Clifford Henson - Month ago
Just put MacOS on the damn thing already and name it something stupid like "MacPadPro" so we can all go buy it and stop complaining.
dan di
dan di - Month ago
Dont buy gllas very week if is brokin apple say to you buy new we do not fix
Erick Cisneros
Erick Cisneros - Month ago
Money all those accessories should be for free! And it should work as well as a laptop,,.....
I have a question, Is the iPad Pro smaller one worth the money and can you edit videos pretty well on it? I think it’s the 11 inch
Erick Cisneros
Erick Cisneros - Month ago
Got the 2018 iPad Pro 10.5 it’s expensive I paid 700 bucks for it. So basically the 12.9 inch one is way too much money and it is super luxury item! Everybody should have an iPad though but they are two times way too much meaning they are twice as much as they should be if they were half as much I would buy it
LEROY LEROO - Month ago
6:57 RoBlOx
Hunter Nucera
Hunter Nucera - Month ago
Love this ipad
roppoqi - Month ago
the thing is i have a laptop that i'm going to sell because it's outdated and worn out, i might consider this because i don't need to setup wacom everytime i need to draw, but this cost 3 times my old laptop lol
harry smyth
harry smyth - Month ago
What is liquid crystal;will it leak like a battery
Jan Griffiths
Jan Griffiths - Month ago
If they weren't so expensive more people could enjoy one
Cameron Lazzari
Cameron Lazzari - Month ago
I hope Apple hears this. They need to change the iPad Pro to use mojave or use desktop apps like FXP, Logic, all of the Adobe CS apps. This is the biggest issue. Steve Jobs would have jumped on this along time ago to be the first to do it. Apple is so scared of cannibalizing there macbook pro's when they could make something so much better. Apple will suffer as the result of there greed. It is happening as we speak.
Be the company Steve Jobs created instead some money green machine!!!
Jen QT
Jen QT - Month ago
Def one of the best reviews I've watched
GamingMan247 - Month ago
I’m thinking of upgrading from my 9.7 inch iPad pro to either the 11 inch or the 12.9 inch. Which would be more recommendable?
Bob Jacobson
Bob Jacobson - Month ago
My wife bought me the 11” iPad Pro. I already have a built up MBP — mid-2012, but it wails! — so I have my basic productivity platform. Maybe I’ll replace it with w a new MBP for the next OS after Mojave. For me, the IPP is basically an entertainment platform. The graphics and sound are incomparable in such a small package. And it’s easy to get around with simple gestures or the pencil, which I declined to purchase, liking much better for my writing profession the flip cover keyboard, which in my experience is a whole lot faster to work with, despite its small form factor, than any Mac keyboard before it. While waiting for more applications to arrive or Apple to totally replace the foolish iPhone interface with one that’s better for all the things we do with mobile devices and computers besides making phone calls — about 95% of how most of us use them — I’m considering this a learning experience. Perhaps by the time I tire of the current iPad Pro, or consign it to travel use, there will be some new hybrid computer/tablet/VR-engine that will in a way amortize my wife’s fiscal and my temporal investments. Besides, we’re having fun!
Bob Jacobson
Bob Jacobson - Month ago
PS I recommend Blue Mail as an alternative to Apple Mail. Even on my MBP, I prefer Blue Mail, especially as it morphs to acquire Apple Mail’s capabilities, only better, and new ones of its own.
Cameron Schmit
Cameron Schmit - Month ago
Can you move that dock to a different side?
C. Patrick Sadowski
C. Patrick Sadowski - Month ago
Why would you ever buy the 1TB just for a review? Review over review have said this is NOT an iPad replacement. Like others, I too would like this iPad to be “more”, but alas, it’s IOS 12. When Apple gets serious about creating an IOS/Mac OS hybrid to run this machine, then it will be in contention as an laptop replacement. Apple’s resistance to move into this system, while still building a machine that runs an A12X bionic chip is crazy. The marketing hype gets people to purchase this 1TB model, which you will probably never use, unless you run it to import raw pics/movies, etc. Time will tell.
M Y - Month ago
That iPad is literally just the old one with a new design.
Vasanthan Nalinasegrem
Pretty sure the Pencil was not meant to be used as a mouse substitute like all these ppl are doing when editing videos. Looks painful. It's quite possible that Apple has designed a product that people are just not capable of adapting to.
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