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Kayla Michelle
Kayla Michelle - 6 hours ago
I don’t even wanna know how much you spent shopping lol
Grace Denniston
Grace Denniston - Day ago
does anyone know what editing software she uses????
Bri E
Bri E - 2 days ago
plz cut your haaiaiirrrrr
HiSomebody TrackingMuch?
"Vlogging boring stuff is stupid"

Um. Yeah.
ashlyn bolen
ashlyn bolen - 4 days ago
she looked so good don’t @ me
Sam Govier
Sam Govier - 4 days ago
Fashion week?!
Miles Green
Miles Green - 4 days ago
emma go to UniQlo next time
Mya Ferguson
Mya Ferguson - 4 days ago
I love how its l'indoor instead of l'interieur and fun instead of amusante tehe
Caden Pulvermacher
Caden Pulvermacher - 4 days ago
Literally no one:
Emma: Omg why is the mint here so good?!?
Pat Downs
Pat Downs - 4 days ago
No need to call yourself stupid. You are in France; they do that for you.
Vous les Américains, vous êtes si stupide
Ayla Brooks
Ayla Brooks - 4 days ago
I don't even like coffee but Emma makes me want to drink coffee all the time
Wendy Ward USN/ Combat RN
Are you mentally ill? Truly. Are you manic? Your behavior and attitude is a visual demo of how fucked up young Youtubers and Influencers are! Making so much money and too stupid to even speak or read. Disgusting. Pitifully unaware..
Gaming With Kittens
Gaming With Kittens - 5 days ago
Emma: I'ma take a piss now
Also Emma: *peace sign*
Me: Dies of laughter
Hope Mccc
Hope Mccc - 5 days ago
EMMA you belong in paris hello
Andrew Vazquez
Andrew Vazquez - 5 days ago
She’s gonna land the plane. 😂😂
Mya Gomez
Mya Gomez - 5 days ago
Almond milk isn’t vegetarian but almond juice is (aka almond milk)
Common Creations
Common Creations - 5 days ago
Emma: on a plane for 11 hours.
Also emma: I slept for 8 hours and the other 2 I watched a movie...
Me: yes 8+2 is 11!
Shannon Clements
Shannon Clements - 5 days ago
@emmachamberlain Serioysly though if you want to know if it's going to rain just simply watch the weather report. Duh! What's so fricken hard about that? Just kidding. Simply look at the air you can actually see the rain falling when it's not falling yet. Not even a drizzle nor a drop. Especially if you look towards the trees. You can literally see it falling down. Freaked out thing about it? It's not even raining yet! Othereise look for the steel gray clouds. But trust me you can see the rain before it falls.
Shannon Clements
Shannon Clements - 5 days ago
@emmachamberlain You look like you were wearung something Miley Cyrus would wear.
Rainbow llama
Rainbow llama - 7 days ago
Im the rat in the thumbnail
H1gh P0wer
H1gh P0wer - 7 days ago
You said you are vegetarian but you ate eggs lol
tara yip
tara yip - 7 days ago
emma : *gets sent to paris by louis vuitton*
me : *does haul from goodwill by myself in my room*
hxneybee XxXxXxX
hxneybee XxXxXxX - 7 days ago
Emma:I hope I can go to sleep on the plane
Also Emma: CofFeE tImE
Nathan Hood
Nathan Hood - 10 days ago
17:27 absolute savage hahah
VineetTheGamer555 - 10 days ago
Emma=omg I can’t believe I was on a plane for 11 hours!
Me= I go on a 24 hour flight almost every year...
Pfft amateur...😑
Madison Marie
Madison Marie - 10 days ago
your editing skills are amazing!! um like what do you use to edit your videos?? they are great!
X jasmine X
X jasmine X - 10 days ago
Emma goes to Paris same time as Ethan and Grayson
anna maier
anna maier - 10 days ago
omg this makeup looks SO good on you
̇ ̇
̇ ̇ - 11 days ago
Got my Emma in Paris and she going to fashion week
ti- yeah
ti- yeah - 11 days ago
when you come here from the dolan twins video about their pfw, it feels like a comparison of what you think you're doing vs what you're actually doing.
mei porkchop
mei porkchop - 12 days ago
she said wanted the whole look to be a surprise and then she inserts a bunch of picture of her in the dress
Barbara kaka
Barbara kaka - 12 days ago
now I look like an Easter egg hahahahah
banana bread
banana bread - 12 days ago
Omg I live In Ireland aha
lily Mitchell
lily Mitchell - 13 days ago
Baby Emma does not look much different then Emma to day
Allie Schimek
Allie Schimek - 13 days ago
Don’t cute it you look greay
Jessica Messica
Jessica Messica - 13 days ago
She lost so much weight
Emily Blake
Emily Blake - 14 days ago
I wonder how Ethan reacted seeing her like this !!!!!! 😊
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble - 14 days ago
I was watching this video. And I had a thought. If I ever see you.(Emma) on the street somewhere. Or anywhere. I would probably run and duck and take cover! Nuke me like a microwave. I'm sure most people you get around don't even see what hit them..?
idletrash - 14 days ago
Emma: I can't believe I was on a plane for 11 hours
Also Emma: I slept for 8 hours and then for other two hours I watched the beautiful boy and cried.
Elise Salcedo
Elise Salcedo - 15 days ago
Is it weird that in the thumbnail Emma looks like Millie Bobbie brown
DatBoiMarlon Vlogs
DatBoiMarlon Vlogs - 15 days ago
“i slept for 8 hrs and for the other 2 hrs” wait 8+2=10 and the trip was 11 hrs something’s not right... 🤦‍♂️
Gaby Blackhurst
Gaby Blackhurst - 15 days ago
It’s just impossible for Emma to go to a hotel and not order room service 😂😂
Mai - 15 days ago
8+2=10 haha
Mai - 15 days ago
Not being mean
fangirl 19967
fangirl 19967 - 15 days ago
how is emma vegan and still eats eggs and bread lol
Canis Lupus
Canis Lupus - 16 days ago
Kayla Altemus
Kayla Altemus - 16 days ago
My favorite thing is when I burp at the same time as Emma
nadja sadek
nadja sadek - 16 days ago
wait what.....she didn't do any of the "me editing" skits
Kaitlin McAvoy
Kaitlin McAvoy - 17 days ago
sorry emma but 8 +2 doesnt =11😂
Jewels Serklew
Jewels Serklew - 17 days ago
First off, love this video! Second off what brand and make is your espresso machine?!
Cleø Crafts
Cleø Crafts - 17 days ago
Georgia vandenberg
Georgia vandenberg - 18 days ago
U would be a great Mukbanger
Cooper Carter
Cooper Carter - 18 days ago
emma finally realizing she is famous
Rachel Fung
Rachel Fung - 18 days ago
If you want to go to Paris and be Emma chamberlain, what do you do? Answer: drop out of high school and be a teen you tuber. She’s awesomee
Rachel Fung
Rachel Fung - 18 days ago
Anybody notice how long her actually is
jademian santiago
jademian santiago - 18 days ago
Emma: this outfit made my jetlag go away
Also emma: im literally so jetlagged🤣
爆豆PxPcOrN - 19 days ago
After Watching It Again I Realise She Said:
*I Was On The Plane For Like 11 Hours, I Slept For Like 8 And For The Other 2 Hours I Watched Like **______*
Ire John
Ire John - 19 days ago
I'm literally wearing men's boxers right now while watching this lmao I've never felt more connected to anyone
Moon Weekersralkin
Moon Weekersralkin - 19 days ago
Game Crusher
Game Crusher - 19 days ago
Not to be mean i like your chanel and all but you are a girly girl its just some are more than others
Rosie Khan
Rosie Khan - 20 days ago
omg yes cut your hair
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