STOP wasting your life (2019)

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Prince Ea
Prince Ea - Month ago
THANKS for Tuning in guys! Let me know in the comments...How did this video make you feel?!
w213 ye
w213 ye - 11 days ago
Norio Rck
Norio Rck - 12 days ago
You made me realize that I am happy already.
Ethan Gaming Soda
Ethan Gaming Soda - Month ago
Nizamettin CINDIK
Nizamettin CINDIK - Month ago
@Alberto Diego Chisilevich why do you think so?
Alberto Diego Chisilevich
I like your videos but this one was just....useless.
Cameron Perkins
Cameron Perkins - 11 minutes ago
Ima about to send this to my dad because he works every day and I mostly see him at night 😞 he doesn’t really have a summer until Saturday so I hope he takes a break
UEG Gamez
UEG Gamez - 17 minutes ago
You should've said COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT
ANDRE RAMÍREZ - 19 minutes ago
Randy Keller
Randy Keller - 21 minute ago
I'm happy. Whether or not I have the job or situation I want. I will always be happy. I wasn't always this way but I will be from here on out. We all control our own happiness... let's decide to be happy from here on out!
N. H.
N. H. - 24 minutes ago
3:12, I’m happy 😊
ru m
ru m - 35 minutes ago
life in general is horrible
ru m
ru m - 35 minutes ago
this is so true but i already know all this stuff🤧but even then it’s still hard to figure out what you want i’m 17 in school and i work and it’s horrible i don’t like it in school teachers only care about how much they get paid
ru m
ru m - 38 minutes ago
pray for the dickheads who disliked this video 🤦🏽‍♂️
Fan Page of nothing
Fan Page of nothing - 58 minutes ago
I want another one because this makes me appreciate myself on what I do what I can do wish I had the confidence tell more about how I feel ever since my "friend" dated my "Crush"
Wolfgamerplayz Extreme
Your so inspirational thx man ❤️❤️❤️
Christian Aguilar
Christian Aguilar - Hour ago
Título en español, vídeo con subtítulos en inglés, que grande eres YouTube JAJSJA :"/
Temitope Johnson
Temitope Johnson - Hour ago
I feel happy😄
KK Best_space
KK Best_space - Hour ago
This WILL cure my depression
Zakares Gaming
Zakares Gaming - Hour ago
True, but to be happy and satisfied Is God.
drac frost
drac frost - Hour ago
Then I quit my job and I'm homeless
P’tit Toine
P’tit Toine - Hour ago
4:48 😂😂😂
hdhfjd hshxhd
hdhfjd hshxhd - 2 hours ago
_sometimes the words is rhyming and kinda reminds me of em_
Lauren Del
Lauren Del - 2 hours ago
this was posted on my birthday 😊
RubyMaster_ - 2 hours ago
Very inspirational video, I think people should not waste their time here on earth, but it's also important to know that this isn't our only life, by that I mean we also have the afterlife, which will go on forever and we should also think about, "where am i going after earth?". The bible says we are all sinners, Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" And if we are all sinners, and sinners can't go too heaven, then there is only one place too go, Hell. But because God is a merciful and righteous God, He sends down his only beloved son, Jesus Christ, to die for OUR sins. And by that, Jesus has now payed for our debts and we can go to heaven, IF we choose to repent our sins for him, and believe in his words. Also remember, Jesus is in the father ( God ) and the father in him, which means that, God not only sacrifised his son, but himself, for US, so we can be set free, if we believe and repent our sins, Amen.
Cash xoxo
Cash xoxo - 2 hours ago
Leon XD
Leon XD - 2 hours ago
Aha DEUTSCH sagt er
Trex10100 - 3 hours ago
The more of life you have will open yourself up to more problems
Panther Animations
Panther Animations - 3 hours ago
clout V
clout V - 3 hours ago
Lmao I’m quitting my job rn
Emilija Jekic
Emilija Jekic - 3 hours ago
Prince ea for president. He would be the beat president ever and he would prioritize the happiness and health of his citizens and the environment and would accept refuges into the country and help the country so much
attention au chien
attention au chien - 3 hours ago
Without Jesus Christ i'm nothing so thanks God for the life, the eternal life in the heaven. He is my HOPE. Good video! 🙏🤗
Nik Richh
Nik Richh - 3 hours ago
German? Where?
jade - 4 hours ago
i dont know how to become happy, i dont know what to do tbh
Khulood Al Haj
Khulood Al Haj - 4 hours ago
Can't you be happy and work!!??
Mariusz Bejenke
Mariusz Bejenke - 4 hours ago
I can relate to Jay - but I said, I will be happy when I die, when I was a kid. And I still think so.
zxndos - 5 hours ago
is he rhyming?
Farhana K
Farhana K - 5 hours ago
i really like this, so happy this was recommended to me:)
Milca Tapia
Milca Tapia - 5 hours ago
Today it's monday 😂😂
Joshua Dibartolo
Joshua Dibartolo - 5 hours ago
Fuck this guy is so inspiring
Brandon Marcum
Brandon Marcum - 5 hours ago
Thanks man
Marcos Teixeira
Marcos Teixeira - 6 hours ago
1:16 CJ always say agaraga
Lovelife5279 - 6 hours ago
FreeX - 6 hours ago
But then jae Died but he still wasn’t happy
Kitty Cat!
Kitty Cat! - 6 hours ago
This video changed my life.. 😶
depressed garbage
depressed garbage - 6 hours ago
i got this in my recommended

i feel personally attacked
SWAG NunnA - 7 hours ago
You need to work for your life, don't live just for work. 😂
That Chill Taurus girl
That Chill Taurus girl - 7 hours ago
How can I be happy if I have nothing to be happy about?
Ahmad Hout
Ahmad Hout - 7 hours ago
Woah this thing touched me...
Bianca Fam
Bianca Fam - 7 hours ago
Omg I love the message! Thank you!
MERI - 7 hours ago
I'm going to do the job I want and love the most: Youtube. ♥️
Subscribe to support me! 🙏🏻
Fowsi BrowN
Fowsi BrowN - 7 hours ago
BesT video ever ❤ thnk you
Emily Österberg
Emily Österberg - 7 hours ago
Wow , this video made me regret my high school choice
Hatter Ranker
Hatter Ranker - 7 hours ago
I happy he didn't said Pubg
Vasiliki Skola
Vasiliki Skola - 7 hours ago
Wow! That was awesome👏👏
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