STOP wasting your life (2020)

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Prince Ea
Prince Ea - Year ago
THANKS for Tuning in guys! Let me know in the comments...How did this video make you feel?!
Shanuk Hewavithana
Shanuk Hewavithana - 23 days ago
This is awesome dude
Enhanced Lemons
Enhanced Lemons - Month ago
Bro! run for president!
MyNameIsZwxrr - Month ago
I have learn alot, than school. USa-video is my 3rd teacher. And this is barely sad.
Vibes Lyrics
Vibes Lyrics - Month ago
Really good one
Riri Pari
Riri Pari - Month ago
Is all this true? ➡️
The Blacktea01 Gamez
The Blacktea01 Gamez - 44 minutes ago
im not wasting my life for stupid things
phrog _
phrog _ - Hour ago
Truly insightful
skunk - Hour ago
Countrykay12 - 2 hours ago
My father always told me u gotta work for what u got and don’t be picky about your job and my grandfather always told me that u need to work and always bring money in to support you and your family and don’t matter wether your happy or mad as long as u work for all the shit u got nothing in life is free and I’m a 16 year old saying this
Cole Thompson
Cole Thompson - 3 hours ago
Английский за 90 дней
I am go in church every week and I am happy. Jesus he is my life
MrStaedler YT
MrStaedler YT - 3 hours ago
From Philippines🇵🇭, this 7 min. video change my mindset💖
Rosanna Di Stefano
Rosanna Di Stefano - 4 hours ago
School is depression we CAN learn for ourselfs and they way we want, that affects us in the future but you'll still be happy.
The virus is coming after you So stay home and stay
The title: stop wasting your time (2020)

Realeasd in 2019
linfu - 4 hours ago
Im gonna remember this in the future
PSyke - 5 hours ago
Hats of
IIMxdnight_ll - 5 hours ago
11k dislikes?! That’s horrible, this is probably saving people’s lives.
Dino Builds
Dino Builds - 6 hours ago
Its that a rat ?
Gabriel kidjo
Gabriel kidjo - 6 hours ago
When i play minecraft i feel happy. It takes away my anxiety . Lol , so dramatic !
Exo Parishh
Exo Parishh - 7 hours ago
I think the best paying job that I would like is to be a YouTuber
Marci Clare
Marci Clare - 7 hours ago
All of his videos give me chills
ToxicRaider - 8 hours ago
We created our own prison...
Pingo - 9 hours ago
How do i have fun when I’m in quarantine during coronavirus
JULI4N0 - 9 hours ago
The intro scared me cuz my dad died from a heart attack on a Monday in the morning 😢
みなこminako - 9 hours ago
Okay but is no one gonna talk about how he made the video? It's so guuuuuuuuuuud
Udo Bass
Udo Bass - 10 hours ago
absolutely, you're my king, thank you so much @Prince Ea!!! All my LOVE to you XXXX
awesomeIsabella 123
awesomeIsabella 123 - 10 hours ago
This is so deep
Fantasy Pup
Fantasy Pup - 10 hours ago
Pep talk 1.0
ramen_noodles - 10 hours ago
please run for president
our world needs this
Little King
Little King - 11 hours ago
I hope you love your job...... because we love your work
Desmond Pratt
Desmond Pratt - 11 hours ago
Watching this at 8 to 9 am. 👁👄👁
Myeong Woo Kim
Myeong Woo Kim - 11 hours ago
Imma show this to my teacher and then destroy online school
Michał Wochlik
Michał Wochlik - 12 hours ago
1:16 oh shit here we go again
CLOUD 9 - 13 hours ago
I cant say alot sorry but thankyou
Rikza Winanda
Rikza Winanda - 13 hours ago
I hope YouTube trends in my country will be full of positive contents. I mean, there's lot of verbal bullying and negative contents there.
Thank you for reminding us about being happy.
Actually I kindof person which think about and-then a lot.
Always say maybe tomorrow I'll be happy but in fact, I never being happy person.
Until I watch this.
To Nasty
To Nasty - 13 hours ago
How do you become happy
R.M theaters
R.M theaters - 13 hours ago
Did you know that not everybody hates their jobs.
Ciulu Cezar Dimitri
Ciulu Cezar Dimitri - 13 hours ago
Oziq G
Oziq G - 14 hours ago
When I grow up i want to become a pilot. While Flying at simulators i am just happy. But of course school have to ruin everything. Every time i play i have to end becouse of: homework, grades, tests and everything else. Teachers. please stop teaching other pepole, if you don't know how.
Dino Heljo
Dino Heljo - 14 hours ago
Made me cry
Manoj kumar
Manoj kumar - 15 hours ago
What a creativity you have man .
Thanks for nice message.
UndeniableLuck - 16 hours ago
Clear instructions. I'm now at Proxima B searching for alien life.
The Sri channel
The Sri channel - 16 hours ago
This is exactly why Nas Daily quit his job
Salahaddin Ayoub
Salahaddin Ayoub - 16 hours ago
Islam is the root to all happiness
Lóránt Farkas
Lóránt Farkas - 17 hours ago
nothing helps, nothing changes
Sana Alzamarova
Sana Alzamarova - 18 hours ago
Your videos are amazing and they always bring me back to real life and help to figure out what I really want and what I need. Life is gorgeous and we don’t have to spend it on such a silly things: like to do whatever society around wants from us but to do what I do want. I want to Thank You for all the huge efforts your team and you put into these not even helpful but creative and quality videos.
P.S. Hi from Kazakhstan🇰🇿
Sadhvi Mishra
Sadhvi Mishra - 20 hours ago
Thanks for the inspiration of always being happy!😍😍
J0hnThePers0n Robloc
J0hnThePers0n Robloc - 20 hours ago
*:'( i can't stop playing video games :' (*
Amaimon - 20 hours ago
I don’t wanna work the majority of my life. The concept of this world is just bullshit.
Noob 9281
Noob 9281 - 21 hour ago
I like to travel should i become nas daily 2
Nim.T :
Nim.T : - 21 hour ago
At the start when u asked what day of the week we are most likely to die of a heart attack-
I was non stop screaming Monday lol
AZiz Tamzali
AZiz Tamzali - 21 hour ago
this surely gave me a lot of goosbumps
Angie Young
Angie Young - 21 hour ago
I wake up with a smile on my face going to school trying my hardest to make people laugh and be happy but I’m not even happy I just act like it because no one will understand or really care
Jasmine George
Jasmine George - 21 hour ago
This video made me smile. 😄
Justine Gangoso
Justine Gangoso - 22 hours ago
Cant we just remove all the money and just get like a 50 items every cart so we dont have any greed and en aquality
itzkarsyn - 23 hours ago
Flies but we have like three years not to work I start preschool we are like four so you technically just have three years I’m not working school is just work but someone control you like a boss but you have to listen have to and you can’t quit if you drop out that clearly quitting but still aren’t finished with work so work is just the same thing every day even if you graduate you’re still working you’re working at school working a job you work at home it’s really hard just to getEverything out of your mind
mucjiso Everything
mucjiso Everything - 23 hours ago
Convert to Islam, then I think I can listen to you👉
AJ applegate
AJ applegate - Day ago
Tengo miedo a estar condenado a un trabajo en donde seré mortificado cada día
Aditi Mehta
Aditi Mehta - Day ago
impossible just means something thats never been done before.
keep trying, and theres a higher chance of succeeding.
surround yourself with people who benefit you.
do what makes you happy.
i know what its like to lose hope. this is not a cheesy valentines card. never lose faith. we stan with u, even if we dont know u.
david Lian
david Lian - 13 hours ago
@Aditi Mehta :"
Aditi Mehta
Aditi Mehta - 13 hours ago
@david Lian .;.
david Lian
david Lian - Day ago
@Aditi Mehta no way at all
Aditi Mehta
Aditi Mehta - Day ago
@david Lian how does that realate to my comment?
david Lian
david Lian - Day ago
Of course USa-video would recommend this now
rtheactech - Day ago
He sees something beyond what most the High Leaders able to reach....Life isnt easy but at least most of us try our best. Maybe not the best of all but indeed we tried hard. Thats why i still die hard trying to be YouTuber. 😅 And no way i focus one thing...I do and still trying to do other things that might reach successful.
Skiing - Day ago
Fathan TC
Fathan TC - Day ago
Literally I watch this at 8.59 lol
Lotta Noize
Lotta Noize - Day ago
"STOP wasting your life"
Me: We can't even go outside right now, and people are losing their jobs...
Jaky - Day ago
Are time is already being wasted by quarantine so stfu LOL
-RandomBoi- -Hoi-
-RandomBoi- -Hoi- - Day ago
Now if only the government saw this. The government is so dumb...
Outlaw Jason342
Outlaw Jason342 - Day ago
Would you want a job that you hated,but made you millions OR
A job that you love and it loves you but be normally paid
whyamihere201 x
whyamihere201 x - Day ago
dont entirely agree with him for I believe that we should make the best of life, but for some people their work fuels their life even if they dont like their jobs. So the fact is people is situations that are not easy work to survive and feed their family where if they quit their jobs their family would suffer. Also some people just cant do what they want because of the situation their in, and I dont believe anyone in their right mind try's to play with their life. And he does provide some statistics, he does not provide the whole study.
MajesticSeagull - Day ago
My grandad did exactly what he wanted to do, did not waste his life on some worthless job that is not necessary and would not benefit him, he made EVERY SECOND of his life count, he became a singer, he sung every time my family went round to his house, he forced us to go into his bar and listen to his singing, he was amazing, what I regret most is.... he wanted me to call him in hospital, so did my parents, I didn’t, because my ignorant mind kept telling me “he will be fine”, I was wrong: A few days later, he died.... last Wednesday.... was when it happened. My grandad lived his life JUST how he planned to, he suffered from being blind and many other things, he still did what he said he would. I plan to do the same- You should too.
Mr Abootoo
Mr Abootoo - Day ago
KGB - Day ago
I work for the KGB and life is great !
CIA sucks
Come join KGB come join Soviet Union
Come be human 🌚
KGB - Day ago
This message was brought to by JosephStalin
Ayoub Peligrosso
Ayoub Peligrosso - Day ago
One of the most authors in the world wilde by his unique vision
Ayoub Peligrosso
Ayoub Peligrosso - Day ago
One of the most authors in the world wilde by his unique vision
Aditi Mehta
Aditi Mehta - Day ago
this man is living proof that if you follow your dreams, you can do anything. he is doing his passion and making a living.
Moiaberos Lz
Moiaberos Lz - Day ago
Hands - Day ago
Life isn't rainbow and sparkles, unless you persue the happiness and light...
ALW4YS H4PPY - Day ago
⬆️stay this
Marthy _sv
Marthy _sv - Day ago
This video should be motivational. But instead I am having little existensional crisis. My problem is that I DON'T know what to do in my life.
The roblox Kids
The roblox Kids - Day ago
2:32 when your real life nickname is spelt jae:
Garrett Li
Garrett Li - Day ago
thanks for helping me
Garrett Li
Garrett Li - Day ago
Bruh thanks for this. I am ten I now I know what to do. Thanks
AAS454 GAMING - Day ago
Ik I’m late but is it weird I guessed the day and time?
Situ Norah Marali
Situ Norah Marali - Day ago
My dad died because of stress from work.
Enguerrand Brusseaux
When is this man gonna do his dream
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