The Most Underrated Game Ever

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Todd Trebing
Todd Trebing - 35 minutes ago
You mean 1 min and 9 seconds
Jae'Nae Gaines
Jae'Nae Gaines - 38 minutes ago
Pieces of earth can be set on fire
Earth can air I think???
Air can blow water somewhere (Like the example you gave us)
And we should all know that water takes out fire
Rio Raphel
Rio Raphel - 42 minutes ago
Hey jaiden do a video of minecraft
Inu Nyx
Inu Nyx - Hour ago
"Can I join the cool dinosaur people?"
"Darnit. D
Cat Behind The Slaughter
Jaiden is the most epic pokemon gamer because she remembered probably my favorite pokemon game
Pokemon emerald

Now i expect alota people to reply with "SIMP" so go and try to deny it.
Garrett McCormack
Garrett McCormack - 3 hours ago
Every body in my hous like your vids
Garrett McCormack
Garrett McCormack - 3 hours ago
Garrett McCormack
Garrett McCormack - 3 hours ago
Hello Jaden
Garrett McCormack
Garrett McCormack - 3 hours ago
Hi I am 8 i love your vids
Yijun liao
Yijun liao - 4 hours ago
2:38 Fuck I had my headphones on
Jocelyn - 5 hours ago
Why does Dynal remind me of Lotor...
Relax Tube
Relax Tube - 6 hours ago
Happy birthday Jaiden Animations ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Starzi - 6 hours ago
My fav ds game is energy-dance squad 2008 it's so underated
Shaojun Yao
Shaojun Yao - 6 hours ago
*laughing to death*
Sean Caldona
Sean Caldona - 9 hours ago
0:12 Ah I see what you did there, good thing the game didn't suck.
Shion Hyuga
Shion Hyuga - 10 hours ago
Me: wearing headphones
BUBBA YOshi - 10 hours ago
Jaiden I like my meat 100% Mercian freedom don’t judge
isabelle . exe
isabelle . exe - 13 hours ago
"And a pointy-nose fre- AAAAAAA"

*oh wow.*
VenomBronyPL - 15 hours ago
I dropped my phone in public when u scream into microphone at 2:40-ish , and yes , i had headphones at 80%
Nimbus - 15 hours ago
Me: trying to find a way to get rid of anxiety
mateo boch 2
mateo boch 2 - 18 hours ago
Who's rianna?
mateo boch 2
mateo boch 2 - 18 hours ago
Don't scream ever again or I'll unsubscribe!!!
Idris Rossere
Idris Rossere - 18 hours ago
at first i thought: if u shake your hips hard enough you'll strike her with lightning
Idris Rossere
Idris Rossere - 18 hours ago
what the flip RoSSiE struck by lightning, eaten by sharks, kidnapped like 5 times, not to mention ScAmEd
Idris Rossere
Idris Rossere - 18 hours ago
why ofc its RIaNnA why wouldn't it be RIaNnA its always RiANNa
Idris Rossere
Idris Rossere - 18 hours ago
when other people see a jojo meme: *DiCaprio meme*
when i see a jojo meme: aww shoot here we go again
DJbandboy 130
DJbandboy 130 - 19 hours ago
2:35 RIP headphone users
Dexter Craven
Dexter Craven - 19 hours ago
Gun rash has bruh look
electroman playz rblx
electroman playz rblx - 22 hours ago
warning : your ears will bleed
Taden Smith
Taden Smith - 22 hours ago
I used to play this game this brings back memories
Random Content
Random Content - Day ago
Have you seen Australian bush fires?
Armando Gonzalez
Armando Gonzalez - Day ago
Will anyone do a nuzlocke on fossil fighters
Morgan Wellborn
Morgan Wellborn - Day ago
02:24 GOOD GOD
Chugs ThePugs
Chugs ThePugs - Day ago
It should be called hip shaking simulator
Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy - Day ago
4:12 did Jadien say fucking or what?
Jackson Clemens
Jackson Clemens - Day ago
I own this game and I didn’t try it at first and then I saw this video and I tried it and it was amazing. Thank you Jaiden
Harper S.
Harper S. - Day ago
2:35 I had headphones in.... pray for me.
Delia Pinero
Delia Pinero - Day ago
Maiden:*talks about the elements*
Jaden and the family
I love Fony and Boogle
acewt timer
acewt timer - Day ago
“Gun Nash”.
When you enter his head to fight his brains but they’re just three floating pistols.
Jonah Who?
Jonah Who? - Day ago
Nimtembo, fony, and microsoff
Taco Wafle!
Taco Wafle! - Day ago
Pjoter Jakiś
Pjoter Jakiś - Day ago
10:53 This is the funniest stuff I've ever seen!
Triasta Anugerah
Triasta Anugerah - Day ago
Rip headphone users
Franco Prime
Franco Prime - Day ago
0:02 nice Pepsi brand ;)
Abdul Ahad Ali
Abdul Ahad Ali - Day ago
The type adavantages Make some sense Since Dirt Is Flammable and a part of Earth And Air can't pass through Earth
Julian Udala
Julian Udala - Day ago
Fossil fighters nuzlocke!
Tuxfelipe - Day ago
Matthew Tillotson
Matthew Tillotson - Day ago

RIP headphone users
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick - Day ago
Happy Birthday! 🦖🔥🦕 *RAWR*
Dalton Sundara
Dalton Sundara - Day ago
Fossil Fighters was dope as hell. But. I want you to play Suikoden Tierkreis. That shit. OMG.
[Edit] Oh, god, Duna. The best.
[Edit 2] it's only now that I realize that this is literally just the plot to Gurren Lagann
Blue moon pack
Blue moon pack - Day ago
When she show the release date of the game that was really close to my b day in was born 2008 april 28
Tristan Swale
Tristan Swale - Day ago
XD Thx Jaiden
3:34  xD xD
Maanvendra Singh
Maanvendra Singh - Day ago
Holy moly jaiden I was wearing a Headset and you just cut through my ear cannal .......and now I am leagally deaf
TacComControl - Day ago
Me: "Pfeh. Buying games based on the cover art? Ugh."
Also me: (unironically bought Evil Zone because it had a well endowed blue haired anime chick on the cover. XD)
Steven Doan
Steven Doan - Day ago
Ezekiel Ivan
Ezekiel Ivan - Day ago
i see you like blaziken
Bottle Boi
Bottle Boi - Day ago
I like how that bit "LEMME REVIVE THEM LEGS THEY'LL KICK YOUR A#$" Because it's so random
Silver Stars
Silver Stars - Day ago
Can you do a legand of zelda gameplay or review?
Jessica Bennett
Jessica Bennett - 2 days ago
This game was made 2 years before I was born
Ravelord Servant
Ravelord Servant - 2 days ago
So this is the source material for Darling in the Franxx?
Also, digging up those fossils is a brutal ripoff of Spectrobes...
CGKase - 2 days ago
Ah yes, as we all know the water dinosaurs never existed
mulan - 2 days ago
i looked it up....

Tkirito5549db - 2 days ago
I did the same thing I saw it it looked cool I got it I got stuck at the beginning I stopped playing it
ARTEM Колесников
IM...... RUSSIAN boy and i dont know lot s of words (wtf i wrote?! ),
Only orginal videos what i saw, its was oddi1sout videos
But you ( if jaiden Will read) - real COOL youtuber(story teller?)!

Me:....... 1,8likes on Sarah's comment! WoW........ Just WoW!
Me after 3 seconds :shiny wolfie has 2,4 likes...
Alejandro Tadeo
Alejandro Tadeo - 2 days ago
If they do that will decimate the dine Orion population then
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt - 2 days ago
its not really underrated some spirits in smash bros. ultimate are from this game
mateo boch 2
mateo boch 2 - 18 hours ago
Huh... Cool! I never knew!
Itari -
Itari - - 2 days ago
Ah yes, the originals,

Nimtenbo, Fony, and Microsoff
Janne Lien
Janne Lien - 2 days ago
Janne Lien
Janne Lien - 2 days ago
:2 34
Bobby shelton
Bobby shelton - 2 days ago
Me: jadin
Hackers:duna 7:50
99 9
99 9 - 2 days ago
As Shakira said, "my hips revive duna"
Tech Creep
Tech Creep - 2 days ago
powpow - 2 days ago
After hearing jaiden scream I put headphones on at max volume and it was loud
Phantomartist !!!
Phantomartist !!! - 2 days ago
I don’t know why, but whenever I play video games, I always put on you tubers like jaiden and James and just listen while playing, like some sort of animated podcast.
Sziirhlm Kzipvi
Sziirhlm Kzipvi - 2 days ago
im a new youtuber could you pls subscribe to me it would mean a lot. thx
splatasher - 2 days ago
I love that game
smh bruh
smh bruh - 2 days ago
These fiends stole my fucking ds's 🧐
B4nBuur YT
B4nBuur YT - 2 days ago
ShAkE hIp
God of Wind 200
God of Wind 200 - 2 days ago
How have you played the other fossil fighters games champions and frontier
Cleon Plays Games
Cleon Plays Games - 2 days ago
this game has turned into a pokemon game then it turned to some weird a**** dinasour thing
morgan core
morgan core - 2 days ago
Fossil Fighters:
archaeologist children
hip shaking
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson - 2 days ago
Matthew Shea
Matthew Shea - 2 days ago
I played the sequel
therobloxboss24 - 2 days ago
Publisher ... Nintendo
Developer ... Red Entertainment
Developer ... M2
Developer ... Artdink
Facts .. could be wrong
Film Name ... Fossil Fighters
Production Set Assistant ... Ove Sprogøe
Editors ... the actual SpongeBob Squarpants
Music Composer ... Minecraft noteblocks
Casting Director ... someone
Jaiden ... Jaiden
Rosie ... pink girl
BB Bandits ... angsty middle schoolers
Duna ... is cool
dog ... there weren't any
Spinax ... MVP
Dynal ... in space
Raptin ... salty
dog ... actually there was one
Animators ... the JaidenAnimations team
Digadigamid ... Doug Dimmadome
Costume Designer ... squares
Writers ... Albert Einstein
Thumbnail ... me
Mark ... Zuckerberg
Dwayne ... The Rock Johnson
Martin Luther King ... Jr.
Abra ... ham Lincoln
Water ... on the ground
11:56pm ... is the time
Who is ... Barack Obama
Director ... ur mom
Line Smoother ... Adobe Animate
Sound ... your ears
Ari ... is looking at me rn
The Internet ... some guy
Credits ... me running out of ideas
Hamster owner ... Denny
Cartoon Master ... Atrox
Jay ... likes warrior cats lma0
Made the line smoother joke ... Devon
Is Scandinavian ... Shooch
has an uncomfortable toad profile pic in Discord ... David
XXD ... ThePivots
3d Chair designer ... Duckdee
Actual Sound design ... Noodle
Gross ... Spaghetti O's
BB Bandits ... Team Rocket
Bada Bing Badda Boom ... Jolly
Thought Seinfeld was Danny Phantom ... Morgan
Pokemon Plush obsession ... Raymond
Tired ... me
Out of Ideas ... me
What I've had for lunch for the past 2 years ... Sandwich
Snom ... Snom
Gaylord ... RoomieOfficial
Foot mitten ... Socks
On my desk ... Bird Poop
Associate Producers ... who tf knows at this point
Emails ... Jax
Sucks at cup pong ... also Jax
My soul ... gone
hi ... uwu
Dead ... George Washington
Regretting this ... Not sure yet
The viewer ... you
Blaziken ... is the best
A secret ... Tofu
God I'm running dry on ... ideas
The worst social media ... Twitter
The best way to waste your time ... Twitter
App I've manually had to limit myself to one hour on ... Twitter
Gmail ... Google
Google ... Our lord and Savior Onion Rings
Workers of the Bourgeoisie ... Birds
In pain ... my shoulders
The best anime ... Haikyuu
Underappreciated ... Chickpeas
Most puntable object ... the Mr. Peanut Baby Nut
I hate ... the Mr. Peanut Baby Nut
Assistant Set Director ... Susan Wojcicki
therobloxboss24 - 2 days ago
AnubisGodess 23
AnubisGodess 23 - 2 days ago
Still hopefully maybe even blissfully waiting for the chance she plays the second game and never touches the third but really hoping she touches bases with the second installment.
Carolina Hernandez
Carolina Hernandez - 2 days ago
Do a face reveal
Dina Sekar
Dina Sekar - 2 days ago
On indonesia a.s.a.p means smoke
Shadow the Wolf
Shadow the Wolf - 2 days ago
I slowed down the video when it got to the credits, and all I gotta say........

Those are very accurate-
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur - 2 days ago
Mandom ツ
Mandom ツ - 2 days ago
Also I never got as afr as you
Mandom ツ
Mandom ツ - 2 days ago
Also this fighting is not accurate it's very tactical
jonas mendez
jonas mendez - 2 days ago
Fossil fighters the anime
Mandom ツ
Mandom ツ - 2 days ago
How did you not understand I am almost to T rex
Mandom ツ
Mandom ツ - 2 days ago
Lugia's Song
Lugia's Song - 2 days ago
*2:04** B E T H*
Sebastian Soria
Sebastian Soria - 3 days ago
Brayden Graham
Brayden Graham - 3 days ago
i still play fossle fighters
Shanna Brown
Shanna Brown - 3 days ago
Jaiden: pulling out bowl filling with water
Me: um.. okey
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