iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Max Hands-On Impressions | WIRED

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Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall - 2 months ago
Did anyone see where she put the pop socket....
Sriram Rao
Sriram Rao - 2 months ago
"Thankfully, we are no longer calling it iPhone "X" ". It was never 'X', It was/is always been "10" in Roman numeral. Only uneducated bloggers and tech "enthusiasts" and Americans called it the letter "X".
Doubledeepfried - 4 months ago
I dont buy any consumer stuff with a "pro" tag attached to it..
Wilfrid Bacheleet
Wilfrid Bacheleet - 4 months ago
Thanks lots. iPhones are great. 🧡
Invox - 4 months ago
Another iPhone... Hurray. #sarcasm
Remember when Apple ventured into technology like no one else in the world... Yeah, those days are gone.
Mark Lester
Mark Lester - 4 months ago
Lauren, where's the review?
David - 4 months ago
Suppose she drops them
Chegue Mais
Chegue Mais - 5 months ago
I loved this reporter
MrNiceGuy 33
MrNiceGuy 33 - 5 months ago
This lady should be a reporter haha
Tam Dawson
Tam Dawson - 5 months ago
I just which that is Bigger in Size, not asking much....🍎📱♥️
Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen - 5 months ago
Awwwwwwwww, she's cute😍😍😍😍
AR9fy - 5 months ago
"OMG there is so many phones" 🤦‍♂️
Maurice A.
Maurice A. - 5 months ago
Just a heads up if you’re a military veteran, Apple’s Military and Veteran website gives you a 10% discount on all iPhones including the new one. That’ll be $989 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max starting with the 64gb.
OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.
They STILL have the " F*uckin Notch " u Have GOT to be Fri*king kidding me !!!
i Was Going to Get the 11Promax But, NO WAY IF IT HAS A NOTCH ! not for $1,200 bucks.
Na S
Na S - 5 months ago
3:36 That guy appeared in the background looks so much like Jeffery Morgan.
Mihály Hegedűs
Mihály Hegedűs - 5 months ago
2:46 Tripple Camera Guy's phone.
GURTEG SINGH - 5 months ago
Yes, finally apple give up and drop the prizes
fireonice143 - 5 months ago
Still using my iphone 5. Too much hype for just an ugly photo lens. I guess apple's innovation went with Steve Jobs!
Dragyn Fyng
Dragyn Fyng - 5 months ago
5:21 Wait right here headphone jack, i'll be right bacc

Dragyn Fyng
Dragyn Fyng - 5 months ago
Everyone: Two eyes
No one:
Kadri Venkatesh
Kadri Venkatesh - 5 months ago
Very good close up of the 11 Pro Max...
Jonathon Ho
Jonathon Ho - 5 months ago
Sorry, but MKBHD does the explanation better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5krV47BLyoQ
This lady said the wrong phone name and then says "still see a lightning port" but doesn't mention the fact that there's fast charging.
william mark
william mark - 5 months ago
I’m fine with my normal iPhone X
CANISKATE ??? - 5 months ago
Look at their jojos that's the way they doing!
Money for nothing and the chicks for free, lol!
Charles McClenny
Charles McClenny - 5 months ago
My phone is preordered. This lady is lovely
amprendiz debarman
amprendiz debarman - 5 months ago
you are so beautiful more then iphone
Robbie Anketell
Robbie Anketell - 5 months ago
She is so bad at introducing phones.
Toned Bronzed
Toned Bronzed - 5 months ago
i will because, i can....
Hijo De Puta
Hijo De Puta - 5 months ago
im sorry, let be honest, I'm not actually looking at phone that she holding...smirk face
S.S. - 5 months ago
This is so cool
Rad Buster
Rad Buster - 5 months ago
wow 3 versions of the phones so confusing that I can't remember the names....
Han Duong
Han Duong - 5 months ago
Ugly phone
Tyray's Life
Tyray's Life - 5 months ago
Nobody cares about USB C
Mia’s Diary
Mia’s Diary - 5 months ago
San San
San San - 5 months ago
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syazh1 - 5 months ago
Their lady do not leave ur belonging unattended..
Stupefy - 5 months ago
iPhone X:I’m overpriced
iPhone 11:I’m a fidget spinner
Stupefy - 5 months ago
It’s basically a iPhone with a fidget spinner on it.
Julez Askew
Julez Askew - 5 months ago
Worst hands on video. Hire someone new. This chick is booooring 👎🏼
Mindaugas Karla
Mindaugas Karla - 5 months ago
looks laggy
André - 5 months ago
Not 5G version? LOL
Ken Govaert
Ken Govaert - 5 months ago
Where is the time that Wired magazine had the access to the top model of a product to make a critical review? Now we have a model talking about a product without the added value Wired readers are looking for. Or did Wired conclude readers might need a model repeating Apple Specs? Dont use slowfi ... u dont know how it works... maybe try?
young Express
young Express - 5 months ago
iPhone 7 users
Xeric - 5 months ago
She’s not married
M Idrizi
M Idrizi - 5 months ago
This Girl is beautifull, but not the Iphone 11!
Mickey McMouse
Mickey McMouse - 5 months ago
The phones are getting bigger, soon enough they will be big as a tv.
Rayeanna Nicole
Rayeanna Nicole - 5 months ago
I’m still using my 6s plus.
bernard wang
bernard wang - 5 months ago
is it just me or is the video having colour switching issues? watching on my LG 4k screen
Daniel Halawi
Daniel Halawi - 5 months ago
Trump 2020
Daniel Halawi
Daniel Halawi - 5 months ago
She idiot has no idea what she is saying
Фуад Салимов
Фуад Салимов - 5 months ago
полная хрень, леди не покупайте такие дорогие смартфоны ... ведь столько ублюдков нажирается на этом
Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain - 5 months ago
Apple logo should be on top opposite side of camera because it will more visible as brand publicity point.
Prashant Patel
Prashant Patel - 5 months ago
Thanks. There is Type C for Pro.
Vitória G.
Vitória G. - 5 months ago
That thing triggers my trypophobia so bad
Prohawk gaming
Prohawk gaming - 5 months ago
The 11th phone I can't afford
Nat itService
Nat itService - 5 months ago
The design of camera is so disgusting.
Iqiy World Adventures
Iqiy World Adventures - 5 months ago
The pro camera lens remind me of short circuit robot lol
Levi K
Levi K - 5 months ago
It’s amazing how obsessed people are with phones nowadays.
Daniil Vlasenko
Daniil Vlasenko - 5 months ago
If you going to buy iPhone 11 like this comment
Đức Đạm Dương
Đức Đạm Dương - 5 months ago
😭😭 i need 3d touch
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