iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Max Hands-On Impressions | WIRED

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Chegue Mais
Chegue Mais - 7 hours ago
I loved this reporter
MrNiceGuy 33
MrNiceGuy 33 - Day ago
This lady should be a reporter haha
Hex Omega
Hex Omega - Day ago
0:30 Girl: "Back there there's the iPhone 11 Pro..." *[points at old dude]*
Old dude: "wtf my name is Bob, not iPhone 11 Pro..."
Tam Dawson
Tam Dawson - Day ago
I just which that is Bigger in Size, not asking much....🍎📱♥️
Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen - Day ago
Awwwwwwwww, she's cute😍😍😍😍
AR9fy - 2 days ago
"OMG there is so many phones" 🤦‍♂️
mr kim
mr kim - 2 days ago
new iphone games >>https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/mohammad-ali/id915233503?iPhoneSoftwarePage=6#iPhoneSoftwarePage
Maurice A.
Maurice A. - 2 days ago
Just a heads up if you’re a military veteran, Apple’s Military and Veteran website gives you a 10% discount on all iPhones including the new one. That’ll be $989 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max starting with the 64gb.
OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.
They STILL have the " F*uckin Notch " u Have GOT to be Fri*king kidding me !!!
i Was Going to Get the 11Promax But, NO WAY IF IT HAS A NOTCH ! not for $1,200 bucks.
Na S
Na S - 2 days ago
3:36 That guy appeared in the background looks so much like Jeffery Morgan.
Mihály Hegedűs
Mihály Hegedűs - 2 days ago
2:46 Tripple Camera Guy's phone.
GURTEG SINGH - 2 days ago
Yes, finally apple give up and drop the prizes
fireonice143 - 3 days ago
Still using my iphone 5. Too much hype for just an ugly photo lens. I guess apple's innovation went with Steve Jobs!
Dragyn Fyng
Dragyn Fyng - 3 days ago
5:21 Wait right here headphone jack, i'll be right bacc

Dragyn Fyng
Dragyn Fyng - 3 days ago
Everyone: Two eyes
No one:
Venkatesh Kadri
Venkatesh Kadri - 3 days ago
Very good close up of the 11 Pro Max...
Jonathon Ho
Jonathon Ho - 3 days ago
Sorry, but MKBHD does the explanation better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5krV47BLyoQ
This lady said the wrong phone name and then says "still see a lightning port" but doesn't mention the fact that there's fast charging.
william mark
william mark - 3 days ago
I’m fine with my normal iPhone X
CANISKATE ??? - 3 days ago
Look at their jojos that's the way they doing!
Money for nothing and the chicks for free, lol!
Charles McClenny
Charles McClenny - 3 days ago
My phone is preordered. This lady is lovely
amprendiz debarman
amprendiz debarman - 4 days ago
you are so beautiful more then iphone
Robbie Z Anketell
Robbie Z Anketell - 4 days ago
She is so bad at introducing phones.
Toned Bronzed
Toned Bronzed - 4 days ago
i will because, i can....
Hijo De Puta
Hijo De Puta - 4 days ago
im sorry, let be honest, I'm not actually looking at phone that she holding...smirk face
S.S. - 4 days ago
This is so cool
Rad Buster
Rad Buster - 5 days ago
wow 3 versions of the phones so confusing that I can't remember the names....
Han Duong
Han Duong - 5 days ago
Ugly phone
Too Retro
Too Retro - 5 days ago
Nobody cares about USB C
Mia’s Diary
Mia’s Diary - 5 days ago
San San
San San - 5 days ago
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syazh1 - 5 days ago
Their lady do not leave ur belonging unattended..
Stupefy - 5 days ago
iPhone X:I’m overpriced
iPhone 11:I’m a fidget spinner
Stupefy - 5 days ago
It’s basically a iPhone with a fidget spinner on it.
Julez Askew
Julez Askew - 5 days ago
Worst hands on video. Hire someone new. This chick is booooring 👎🏼
Mindaugas Karla
Mindaugas Karla - 5 days ago
looks laggy
André - 5 days ago
Not 5G version? LOL
Ken Govaert
Ken Govaert - 5 days ago
Where is the time that Wired magazine had the access to the top model of a product to make a critical review? Now we have a model talking about a product without the added value Wired readers are looking for. Or did Wired conclude readers might need a model repeating Apple Specs? Dont use slowfi ... u dont know how it works... maybe try?
young Express
young Express - 5 days ago
iPhone 7 users
Xeric - 5 days ago
She’s not married
M Idrizi
M Idrizi - 5 days ago
This Girl is beautifull, but not the Iphone 11!
Mickey McMouse
Mickey McMouse - 5 days ago
The phones are getting bigger, soon enough they will be big as a tv.
Rayeanna Motley
Rayeanna Motley - 5 days ago
I’m still using my 6s plus.
bernard wang
bernard wang - 5 days ago
is it just me or is the video having colour switching issues? watching on my LG 4k screen
Daniel Halawi
Daniel Halawi - 5 days ago
Trump 2020
Daniel Halawi
Daniel Halawi - 5 days ago
She idiot has no idea what she is saying
Фуад Салимов
полная хрень, леди не покупайте такие дорогие смартфоны ... ведь столько ублюдков нажирается на этом
Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain - 5 days ago
Apple logo should be on top opposite side of camera because it will more visible as brand publicity point.
Prashant Patel
Prashant Patel - 5 days ago
Thanks. There is Type C for Pro.
Vitória G.
Vitória G. - 5 days ago
That thing triggers my trypophobia so bad
Prohawk gaming
Prohawk gaming - 5 days ago
The 11th phone I can't afford
Nutthaphon Jumpasin
Nutthaphon Jumpasin - 6 days ago
The design of camera is so disgusting.
Iqiy World Adventures
Iqiy World Adventures - 6 days ago
The pro camera lens remind me of short circuit robot lol
Levi K
Levi K - 6 days ago
It’s amazing how obsessed people are with phones nowadays.
Daniil Vlasenko
Daniil Vlasenko - 6 days ago
If you going to buy iPhone 11 like this comment
Đức Đạm Dương
Đức Đạm Dương - 6 days ago
😭😭 i need 3d touch
bertraminc - 6 days ago
What a terrible life to feel the need to talk loudly in a room of people in a show all about “me”
park chaeyoung's a wifey
the more the camera quality improves, the uglier you get😂 see it in high def with the new iphone lol
Mamaw Vblogs
Mamaw Vblogs - 6 days ago
wow i wish
have a iphone gift😊😊😊
Mike Bakers
Mike Bakers - 6 days ago
I can’t believe they left the NOTCH IN!
August Pair
August Pair - 6 days ago
Before you know it, apple will have created iPhones that go in your brain.
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