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Hiba I
Hiba I - Hour ago
omggg i love it
chloe botelho
chloe botelho - 3 hours ago
love it so cute
Kierstyn Kaiser
Kierstyn Kaiser - 8 hours ago
Can u add me back on Snapchat
Toby Jowers
Toby Jowers - 10 hours ago
Omg Laur I loved this so much, can you do the live version of behind scenes more often?
ew bye
ew bye - 11 hours ago
you're so cute omg
Random Picks
Random Picks - 12 hours ago
Laurens dog is so cute
Dakota Smith
Dakota Smith - 13 hours ago
JuneAnn Mais
JuneAnn Mais - 18 hours ago
I can’t say anything so I’m with you
Sparkle Gamer
Sparkle Gamer - 21 hour ago
Lauren: can't speak english when attempting to start the video.
Solution: eat Moose's ear.
Rianna Kaiser
Rianna Kaiser - 22 hours ago
Love the hair
Caoimhe Keane
Caoimhe Keane - 23 hours ago
PuhLEASE make more of these videos (both dollar store and behind the scenes 😅) 💓💓💓💓
Harleigh Bella
Harleigh Bella - 23 hours ago
OMG! Love your dog!!! ❤ and you did great on your DIY!
mare6790 mare6790
mare6790 mare6790 - 23 hours ago
Dog soooooooo cute
De Cao
De Cao - Day ago
Awwww moose was passing out when u were holding him Lauren!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😄😄😘😘😍
Daisy Rabourn
Daisy Rabourn - Day ago
this was so funny but I loved how amazing this looked!!
BabyFaceAssassin - Day ago
I love your diy
Paige Meissner
Paige Meissner - Day ago
Who else realized that she used Dantdm's outro music when she was showing of the diy???
Sage 0328
Sage 0328 - Day ago
She could’ve bought a tray for less money
pavneetm67 - Day ago
Where would I be able to find the Marble contact paper?? Comment if you know thanks 🙏🏼
Kelsie Jergens
Kelsie Jergens - Day ago
his yawn is adorable
Rukhsana Syed
Rukhsana Syed - Day ago
She should've had a cute counter going on cuz she at least said cute like 10 times lol
monzalez95 - Day ago
Wow, your Dollar Tree has tons of stuff. 😁 love the tray!
Savage_Tiffany George
Love your hair ❤️
22ItsMaddi E
22ItsMaddi E - Day ago
Rlly?? At my dollar tree EVERYTHING is a dollar!!
Amalia Isakiewicz
Amalia Isakiewicz - Day ago
moose is so cute
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover - Day ago
“Why can’t I get this freakin craft word right? *then eats dogs ear*”
Kaylee forever
Kaylee forever - Day ago
I laughed so many times you are just too funny lol
Yohana Jaimes
Yohana Jaimes - Day ago
loving the hair👑♥️
Miriam Delgado
Miriam Delgado - Day ago
it was so cute!!
Paloma Rodriguez
Paloma Rodriguez - Day ago
The best thing I have ever seen in my entire life
Abby S
Abby S - Day ago
10:20 Why didnt she just pour the rocks in after putting the flowers in?
edit: Nvm....
Hajrudina Durakovic
i love the diy
Kaliyah's Corner
Kaliyah's Corner - 2 days ago
I love you
jazzlebaddazle420 - 2 days ago
Totally love these types of DIY'S much better than the ones that just replay the same music again and again while you watch them. Do more Laur!!
Ellie Dunn
Ellie Dunn - 2 days ago
Amazing I love it how can you do that 😱😱😱🤩😍😍
perrie mora
perrie mora - 2 days ago
the behind the scenes is halarious
Eneida Vasquez
Eneida Vasquez - 2 days ago
I love your hair like that 😍
Yajaira Bustillo
Yajaira Bustillo - 2 days ago
That is like the best diy ever like ever
Allison Gutierrez
Allison Gutierrez - 2 days ago
Krystalee Marie
Krystalee Marie - 2 days ago
Nice 👍Lit
Carol Gomez
Carol Gomez - 2 days ago
Love your hair style 😍
Kavya Saha
Kavya Saha - 2 days ago
maybe you should have covered the picture of the children with contact paper instead, because the glass would then act as a protective cover :P
Ava's vlogs
Ava's vlogs - 2 days ago
Mosey bare is awesomely cute
Allie Anderson
Allie Anderson - 2 days ago
I love your buns!!!!!
Alyssa Marie vlogs
Alyssa Marie vlogs - 2 days ago
That dog Is adorable😍
Cara Garrick
Cara Garrick - 2 days ago
Mona Dos Santos
Mona Dos Santos - 2 days ago
Where does she get the marble paper?
#EB - 2 days ago
Your dogs so cute 🐶
Seline hon
Seline hon - 2 days ago
Amanda Ashley
Amanda Ashley - 2 days ago
Hi Laur you did amazing. I have to ask what stickers are those?
Kamdyn Hysner
Kamdyn Hysner - 2 days ago
I think you like kinda lost your voice in this!😱
Gingerquinn_25 Gaming
Gingerquinn_25 Gaming - 2 days ago
You so cute with moose
Jessica Wessman
Jessica Wessman - 2 days ago
0:54 NOM
Braided Rainbow
Braided Rainbow - 3 days ago
Troi Oliver
Troi Oliver - 3 days ago
I loved this, your so funny, please make more behind the scenes DIYS !
Carolyn Villatoro
Carolyn Villatoro - 3 days ago
I loved it
Emma Woods
Emma Woods - 3 days ago
The og hot glue gun is Gloria the pink one isn’t named😂
Kimberly Vicente
Kimberly Vicente - 3 days ago
In my opinion you did amazing.

Like if you agree :-)
Emma Rebecca
Emma Rebecca - 3 days ago
I feel like I just witnessed a whole new side of Lauren Riihimaki
v rueda
v rueda - 3 days ago
What kind of dog does she have he so cute
Angel Roach
Angel Roach - 3 days ago
It looks so good !!!!!!!
Funny zekic
Funny zekic - 3 days ago
Moose is SO CUTEEE
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez - 3 days ago
Look at her finger in 12:20 do you guys also see that? If you guys do like plz its her finger its really long and skinny
Hannah Gorton
Hannah Gorton - 3 days ago
you did so good!
It turned out so cute
Chelsea Hendarto
Chelsea Hendarto - 3 days ago
Shanté Zoellner
Shanté Zoellner - 3 days ago
Tbh those handles ain’t gonna hold those rocks 😂
Rosie Inverarity
Rosie Inverarity - 3 days ago
Nailed it!! Well done it looks great 👍
Soo Cheng Leong
Soo Cheng Leong - 3 days ago
Isabella Fernandez
Isabella Fernandez - 3 days ago
Can u do another one
Daisy Nolf
Daisy Nolf - 3 days ago
omg this is hilarious!!! love u lauren!!
I am so extra over LaurDIY
I just looked at Moose the whole introduction.
Dr Blood
Dr Blood - 4 days ago

Wow ur really doing this

Wow ur still here

Fine I'll tell you

There's a prize at the end

But you'll never get there! Hahaha

Wait u made it?!

Lol jk

Almost there


?! You made it wow congrats I'm proud of you :3
Tori Dawson
Tori Dawson - 4 days ago
You have really good ideas forDIYS
Leila Hurlz
Leila Hurlz - 4 days ago
kind of wish there were more than 1 DIYS in a video/:
Toys and Fun
Toys and Fun - 4 days ago
What kinda dog breed is that
DeAirr jones-cunningham
DeAirr jones-cunningham
Hold up in California the dollar store prices isn't a dollar wow because in Michigan the dollar store prices is dollars
Kate the great
Kate the great - 4 days ago
Everything is sooo cute!!!!
SteffeiDIY - 4 days ago
lauren if you tag this your hair will be on fleek F O R E V E R 🌈
Cayden - 4 days ago
Really good and fun
Typically bish
Typically bish - 4 days ago
What Shirt are you wearing??
ReaRea #gymnast
ReaRea #gymnast - 4 days ago
Pikatue Lover
Pikatue Lover - 4 days ago
What kind of dog is moose???!
Zyra Hufana
Zyra Hufana - 4 days ago
- a n n a -
- a n n a - - 4 days ago
that cactus in the back is wONKy aSf
Jen W
Jen W - 4 days ago
7:20 me when I’m trying to finish an exam on time
Mahi MAHAL - 4 days ago
0:50 😆
Mahi MAHAL - 4 days ago
Moose face
Julia Quentino
Julia Quentino - 4 days ago
Was the marble contact paper from $1 store Lauren
kdpopup kiwi
kdpopup kiwi - 4 days ago
What, DOGS CAN YAWN!!?!!??!?!
XxEmmaPlayzxX :p
XxEmmaPlayzxX :p - 4 days ago
“What kind of glue is this dollar store usin- *plastic flings off* :O... *_i did it :3_*
Loan Nguyen
Loan Nguyen - 4 days ago
When i sắw ur Shirt i was like BOIIIIII why does ít say dickies
Kassandra Townsend
Kassandra Townsend - 4 days ago
First video and love it!!!!
maddys summerville
maddys summerville - 5 days ago
You did amazing
Maryam Zizi
Maryam Zizi - 5 days ago
I love you so much Lauren ❤️❤️
Laila Shahab
Laila Shahab - 5 days ago
Isn’t B-Roll the same thing as a montage? Or are they different?
Sarah Richmond
Sarah Richmond - 5 days ago
On good
Denita Pen
Denita Pen - 5 days ago
Are you sick? Your voice sounds raspy but it's super cute. Hope you feel better, Lauren😘😍
Katy Hubek
Katy Hubek - 5 days ago
You should've said diy want t I get this thing right
Dazzling Bunny
Dazzling Bunny - 5 days ago
Can u do a boyfriend recreat my diy?
Feline Friend
Feline Friend - 5 days ago
My dollar store is next to the craft store.....
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