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Monii Bunny ♡
Monii Bunny ♡ - 12 hours ago
Dude just cutt Mooses nails.. lol
Addison Theriault
Addison Theriault - 12 hours ago
what type of dog is moose
GabbyQM - 15 hours ago
We really need a compilation of moosie tippy tappies and water breaks
123Amanda marie
123Amanda marie - 17 hours ago
"That looks cute"wispers that looks good that looks good".🤣🤣😂😂😅
123Amanda marie
123Amanda marie - 17 hours ago
123Amanda marie
123Amanda marie - 17 hours ago
Where did you get the contact paper I wanna get some :D
Nikol Fernando
Nikol Fernando - 23 hours ago
That DIY is sooooo cute
Gokhan Tale
Gokhan Tale - Day ago
It turned out so cute
Aurora Reyes
Aurora Reyes - Day ago
DIY queen doesn’t have a ruler haha lol
PkMsoccer 22
PkMsoccer 22 - Day ago
Ur dog is SO cute!
Pola Szablowski
Pola Szablowski - 2 days ago
Lila - 2 days ago
loved the diy! i have never seen a better dollar store diy!
Zelle Traub
Zelle Traub - 2 days ago
Moose is so cute
Cara Williams
Cara Williams - 3 days ago
You're Welcome
0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50 0:50
Alexandra Papanova
Alexandra Papanova - 3 days ago
You did so good 😊 OMG
JUST ME! - 3 days ago
Plz colab with Rosanna pansino or Natalie's outlet if I haven't,already
Juliana Franco
Juliana Franco - 4 days ago
Ella Veronica
Ella Veronica - 4 days ago
The glue gun should be named laurex
Evelyn Navarro
Evelyn Navarro - 5 days ago
10 /10
manbeena randhawa
manbeena randhawa - 5 days ago
xxxJames Charles Fanxxx
Can you collab with the sister squad(Emma chambering, the Dolan twins, and James Charles) all together maybe
Toxic Queen
Toxic Queen - 5 days ago
13 minutes straight of Lauren struggling
Mr.D-Flaim - 6 days ago
Love you Lauren
Ophelia Karatasiou
Ophelia Karatasiou - 6 days ago
Anyone 2019
SummerBaby Games
SummerBaby Games - 7 days ago
0:47 me when am taking a test
Tilly Boswell
Tilly Boswell - 8 days ago
your diy turned out super good you nailed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tilly Boswell
Tilly Boswell - 8 days ago
laurDIY your hair is soooo cute i love you
Tilly Boswell
Tilly Boswell - 8 days ago
and can you callab with liza koshy!!!!! plezzzzzzzzzz
Tilly Boswell
Tilly Boswell - 8 days ago
laurDIY you are so cute you are my future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
abdulla ahmed
abdulla ahmed - 8 days ago
i love your videos hahaha you deserve
caytlin mckinney
caytlin mckinney - 9 days ago
Moose looks so adorable in the video!😁
Paula Meier MN
Paula Meier MN - 9 days ago
Anyone 2019?
Khalid Amin
Khalid Amin - 10 days ago
0:56 i'm crying
NicoleAnn Plarisan
NicoleAnn Plarisan - 10 days ago
LaurDIY could go to diaso and yea
Adrianna Burkhart
Adrianna Burkhart - 10 days ago
Did anyone realize that Lauren ate moose's ear
Jaimie Stentz
Jaimie Stentz - 10 days ago
your the diy queen
Maddie trieu
Maddie trieu - 10 days ago
100000000/10 this is amazing your the DIY Queen!
Rezwana Uddin
Rezwana Uddin - 11 days ago
Roseneek Bains
Roseneek Bains - 11 days ago
0:56 eats dogs ear
karen keese
karen keese - 12 days ago
Amesh Pettinger
Amesh Pettinger - 13 days ago
The back of the frame is called a kick stand
Samantha Torres Pardo
Samantha Torres Pardo - 13 days ago
Jess Mcpeake
Jess Mcpeake - 13 days ago
Finally someone who also sorta eat there pets ears lol
Rejna Musa
Rejna Musa - 13 days ago
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 13 days ago
At first I had no idea what u we're doing, but then u finished and it looks so good
Mopdog Dog life
Mopdog Dog life - 13 days ago
I love your puppy. SO CUTE!
Steve Devlin
Steve Devlin - 14 days ago
Wait but you didn’t get the marble contact paper from the filler store
Ann PIckaway
Ann PIckaway - 14 days ago
nalided it
&Charli _B
&Charli _B - 15 days ago
What kind of dog does she have??😜
&Charli _B
&Charli _B - 14 days ago
Thank you!! 🐶 It is SO cute!! 😱
jamie mcaleese
jamie mcaleese - 14 days ago
&Charli _B mini bull terrier
ItsMe Andrea
ItsMe Andrea - 15 days ago
Do a diy challenge with Karina Garcia to see who is the real DIY QUEEN.
Isabella Kimball
Isabella Kimball - 16 days ago
I follow you on both on insta and you tube my instagram is isabellak132
Isadora Ortega
Isadora Ortega - 16 days ago
Anyone 2019?
Isha’s crazy Crafts
Isha’s crazy Crafts - 16 days ago
2019 anyone ??.
Totally Taylor Tube
Totally Taylor Tube - 16 days ago
Lauren can you Do a video with superwoman again that would be awesome#prettylittlelaurs#love
Roseanne frade
Roseanne frade - 16 days ago
Anyone 2019
az3lla 3lla
az3lla 3lla - 16 days ago
Your so funny and beautiful i tried to do some of ur DIYs and mine is kinda ok but youurs is better😍😍
Gigi Chin
Gigi Chin - 17 days ago
Does anyone know where you can get contact paper?
Miah Epitacio
Miah Epitacio - 17 days ago
Is anyone watching this in 2019 😂 or is it just me?
Emily Siegfried
Emily Siegfried - 17 days ago
Her dollar store has way better stuff than me
Jahongir Olimov
Jahongir Olimov - 17 days ago
Sooooooooooooooooooooo good😍🙂
Kasaia Di'Ana Whippy
Kasaia Di'Ana Whippy - 17 days ago
What and where did U get your sticker book
Egg and Muffin
Egg and Muffin - 17 days ago
anybody 2019? plus her shirt says dickie lol
Francheska Cua
Francheska Cua - 17 days ago
Portrait stand
IzLana MacLennan
IzLana MacLennan - 17 days ago
Omg it looks so cute! Also who else agrees that Lauren’s live DIY’s r better than her edited ones?? Like this so she sees it!!!! 🥰🥰🥰
Paige Micilcavage
Paige Micilcavage - 17 days ago
I love you so much!And obviously ur the DIY queen.💗
I love Kookiebunny A.R.M.Y
2019?anyone no just me
Nordia Burke
Nordia Burke - 17 days ago
Lauren from 1 to 10 i will give you a 9.6💖💖
Annaliisa m
Annaliisa m - 18 days ago
2019 anyone?
Azul Garcia
Azul Garcia - 18 days ago
2019 anyone
Melany cool
Melany cool - 18 days ago
Mia's the dog looks like the Target dog and that's so adorable do you guys agree with me
Laniya Jackson
Laniya Jackson - 18 days ago
U did great💙
Eva maria
Eva maria - 18 days ago
omg that is super cute i love your diy you are truely the diy queen
Brianna Greene
Brianna Greene - 18 days ago
1:50 anybody notice her shirt?
Pranai Chudasmita
Pranai Chudasmita - 18 days ago
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez - 19 days ago
Isnardis Vazquez
Isnardis Vazquez - 19 days ago
I miss alex
Adriana Duran
Adriana Duran - 19 days ago
I love you your videos are so funny you have been my inspiration love you 😍
Emma Pelaez
Emma Pelaez - 19 days ago
You should collab with liza kosjy
Chelsea McCain
Chelsea McCain - 20 days ago
Mooses tippy tappys should be a asmr lol
SLIME STRETCH - 20 days ago
you are sooooooo cute!
maria f
maria f - 20 days ago
Girl you SLAYED this challenge!!!
Samantha So Savvy
Samantha So Savvy - 21 day ago
You are the diy queen and did it with only one or two mistakes I would mess up like 9 times. Good for you !
MeMyselfandGOD1 - 21 day ago
You should go to hobby lobby
sarah weathers
sarah weathers - 21 day ago
cooooolllllll cool
sarah weathers
sarah weathers - 21 day ago
0_0 wow
sarah weathers
sarah weathers - 21 day ago
i love the dollar store =3 =D
Monse Perez
Monse Perez - 21 day ago
Good but more than good like it's nice
Mehwish Aftab
Mehwish Aftab - 21 day ago
Did anybody see whats on Laurens crop😂
Alexandra Childers
Alexandra Childers - 21 day ago
Did you notice that you dog has a triple chin so cute
Erin’s World
Erin’s World - 21 day ago
Can u Callab with Karina Garcia
Owla Gamer
Owla Gamer - 21 day ago
At 1:09 Moose looks like he's saying, "Kill me now, human."
Addi Butash
Addi Butash - 22 days ago
6:17. .... I did it!
Madison Sas
Madison Sas - 22 days ago
No matter we’re the DIY’s are from, you always make them cute!!
Givens Musgrove
Givens Musgrove - 22 days ago
Lauren: Wait why does this actually look cute?
Me: Because only 2/3s of it is actually from the dollar store.
Sharia Tullah
Sharia Tullah - 22 days ago
did anyone look at her shirt??!?
Paige Young
Paige Young - 22 days ago
can you callab with natakies outlet!!!!!!!
Aima Nouman - Cheyne MS (1494)
I new that would happen
Marika Toma
Marika Toma - 23 days ago
Sooooooo CUUUTEE!!!
THE TROLLER 1667 - 24 days ago
Where did you get the super cute sticker book from ?
Jane Van der hoff
Jane Van der hoff - 24 days ago
It looks super cute
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