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YoBoy PIZZA - 8 days ago
Massive thank you to everyone who checks out our other Kick Return Chaos on SquadZilla!
Jaida Folwarski
Jaida Folwarski - 46 minutes ago
Mongo Iannetta
Mongo Iannetta - 2 days ago
YoBoy PIZZA you should get a drown so there is and above camera
patrick swagg1
patrick swagg1 - 4 days ago
Lemme come out sometime!! I’ll show y’all my skills 🙂
marshall collett
marshall collett - 4 days ago
YoBoy PIZZA fly me out and i bet i get a touchdown first try
Dillion Shields
Dillion Shields - 5 days ago
YoBoy PIZZA you should definitely wear that pittsburgh toboggan more often!! that toboggan go hard! GO STEELERS
Kevin Jaegers
Kevin Jaegers - 45 minutes ago
how do u have so much subscribers?
Bryson and Brody Madness
Bryson and Brody Madness - 2 hours ago
Yoboy pizza be gased like big ben
Steevan Galindo
Steevan Galindo - 21 hour ago
They do not know how to measure yards one guy got like 6 and they said 27 also it said the mad was 50 but it was only like 20-30 and not all the kicks were the same sk this was ot a good way to figure out who was the best🤔
Area Real Estate Inc
Area Real Estate Inc - 22 hours ago
SHARKIIE 956 - 22 hours ago
Hail Hydra 😆
Acid Wavezz
Acid Wavezz - Day ago
Someone sub to me please
Conner Krahwinkel
Conner Krahwinkel - Day ago
I think we should have one of these with fans
BraxtonBeast - Day ago
Hit 100 we can spam his phone
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown - Day ago
MMG better then u
Luis Arroyo
Luis Arroyo - Day ago
I would dust you guys
Alfredo Medina
Alfredo Medina - Day ago
I’m sorry but you look like where’s Waldo as a Steelers fan
James Crockett
James Crockett - Day ago
draw this you pooping on franks head
Jack L
Jack L - Day ago
5:33 you may be straight but straight gay
Elijah Wright
Elijah Wright - Day ago
you are the best
Laura Ediger
Laura Ediger - Day ago
You guys should have a hard hit challenge.
Carson McKillip
Carson McKillip - Day ago
go tom
Follow cameron_vance23 So I can get creator code
5:21 pizza got jukes so hard 💀
Caryn Juliano
Caryn Juliano - Day ago
More kick return choas in real life or i will💀😱
peter Armendariz
peter Armendariz - 2 days ago
Tristan Nett
Tristan Nett - 2 days ago
Titans r gonna push the Steelers out of wild card.boooooooo Steelers
stephon green
stephon green - 2 days ago
I'd bet I'd w win if I was in this 😂🚫🧢
Megan Husted
Megan Husted - 2 days ago
I play kick return chaos with my friends at school
SHOW TIME - 2 days ago
I'd win this everytime😂😂
lil smokie831
lil smokie831 - 2 days ago
I'd win tbh y'all wouldn't stand a chance
Kegan Roszell
Kegan Roszell - 2 days ago
I’ll have you know he only cried for ten minutes!
LUBBERS TV - 2 days ago
I’d wreck all of you. Easy
Caiden Griggs
Caiden Griggs - 2 days ago
Premium TNF
Premium TNF - 2 days ago
I’ve been to that field before
AJ_Supreme_2K - 2 days ago
Luka doncic won 🤣🤣
Tabetha Bagby
Tabetha Bagby - 2 days ago
awsome bitches
Braylon Cox
Braylon Cox - 2 days ago
Wassup my boy
Jeb Da Killa
Jeb Da Killa - 2 days ago
I always wanted to play with you guys
Jeb Da Killa
Jeb Da Killa - 2 days ago
Wow I can’t believe I played this before you
Blake Berger
Blake Berger - 2 days ago
4:40 we all knell for the fake injured big dude
LGT Reverse
LGT Reverse - 2 days ago
Can I play
Prem Patel
Prem Patel - 2 days ago
10,000 likes and pizza has to where a saints shirt
Merissa Ybarra
Merissa Ybarra - 2 days ago
Logan or pizza
Kelly Batten
Kelly Batten - 2 days ago
Chris Mejia
Chris Mejia - 2 days ago
Ayyy I live in that borough
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