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YoBoy PIZZA - 7 months ago
Massive thank you to everyone who checks out our other Kick Return Chaos on SquadZilla!
Jake Gower
Jake Gower - 28 days ago
My boy not better than kay
Matthew Beeler
Matthew Beeler - 2 months ago
pizza can you shout me out i am i big fan
Lauren Becker
Lauren Becker - 2 months ago
Seth Collier
Seth Collier - 2 months ago
Ill notice you😉😉
Jake Gower
Jake Gower - 2 months ago
Nice comment
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson - 23 days ago
I love these
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson - 23 days ago
Carson Schwab
Carson Schwab - Month ago
Is it just me or for pizzas kick return td did the let him
Time 108 SRA-CA
Time 108 SRA-CA - Month ago
Braemanlyjackhandy - 2 months ago
Mmg is better
DreamGamingYT - 2 months ago
faze beast
faze beast - 2 months ago
frank is thick prase to jesus for frank because he thick
in the ankle
Jennifer Jankowski
Jennifer Jankowski - 2 months ago
Amy Ingersoll
Amy Ingersoll - 2 months ago
so unathletic
Kari Ahrens
Kari Ahrens - 2 months ago
yoboyPIZZA going to win
Morgan Barnes
Morgan Barnes - 2 months ago
59 likes he has to buy a mason rudolph
Brooke Culley
Brooke Culley - 2 months ago
yoboy pizza get a 99 ovrall michale vick and do a 99 yard touchdown pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Brooke Culley
Brooke Culley - 2 months ago
i love you
Brooke Culley
Brooke Culley - 2 months ago
your the best and i known my photo is a girl but i am a boy
Aren S' Prevuy
Aren S' Prevuy - 2 months ago
You rock YoBoyPizza!!!
FRANCO RIOS - 2 months ago
Kook. I’m not
FRANCO RIOS - 2 months ago
Dakota Jordan
Dakota Jordan - 2 months ago
40 a g to all ya homies
Campbell Schukei
Campbell Schukei - 2 months ago
frank is like when the fb gets it
FireBlittzz Prod.
FireBlittzz Prod. - 2 months ago
I feel like they tried to make YoBoy Pizza get out of tackles
Kerry Bryan
Kerry Bryan - 2 months ago
3:23 pizza when my mom says yes to McDonald’s
Peyton Ergle
Peyton Ergle - 2 months ago
Ain't nobody good enough to beat Pizza
betty Belay
betty Belay - 2 months ago
4:50 the day they take a vow
Colino 03
Colino 03 - 2 months ago
This just makes me want to do this with my friends
TaeAwsome Cool
TaeAwsome Cool - 2 months ago
yo boy pizza wins
TaeAwsome Cool
TaeAwsome Cool - 2 months ago
yo boy pizza wins
Parker Williams
Parker Williams - 2 months ago
you should get a boat load of people and make teams and make a season
Dominic fortunato
Dominic fortunato - 2 months ago
Zavion Cherry
Zavion Cherry - 2 months ago
I could run it bck first try
Zavion Cherry
Zavion Cherry - 2 months ago
Y’all suck
Superstar X-Factor FBU
Superstar X-Factor FBU - 2 months ago
**the NFL draft wants to know your location**
Mr B
Mr B - 2 months ago
Yoboy 🍕
Agustin Lopez
Agustin Lopez - 2 months ago
Pizza tryna make a tackle😂🔥
Sam Tillman
Sam Tillman - 2 months ago
Great vids though
A J Kaminski
A J Kaminski - 2 months ago
lets go frank
Bryant Wulu
Bryant Wulu - 2 months ago
This dude frank
i only take dubs
i only take dubs - 2 months ago
Frank that was nothing
Ben Baker
Ben Baker - 2 months ago
Johnny Baldwin
Johnny Baldwin - 2 months ago
I did this and it is really fun
Eun Yeob Kim
Eun Yeob Kim - 3 months ago
Garrison Graves
Garrison Graves - 3 months ago
I could easily compete in this, i'm a LE on my team. Wanna enter me in the roster?? lol
Mark Beall
Mark Beall - 4 months ago
It said this video unavailable on this device
betty schmidt
betty schmidt - 4 months ago
You like Tom Brady?
Staci Yeager
Staci Yeager - 5 months ago
Why is saying “unavailable on this device”?
amjones8689 - 5 months ago
I can't watch this video my tablet won't let me
bL1tZ Yt
bL1tZ Yt - 5 months ago
GhostjøśhùáYT - 5 months ago
Camberlyn Kromer
Camberlyn Kromer - 5 months ago
This video is unavailable for me
J Darnell
J Darnell - 5 months ago
Frank is that one friend that can get hurt in 1secand
Lucas Cratty
Lucas Cratty - 6 months ago
Kristina Klein
Kristina Klein - 6 months ago
u are the best youtuber ever
Rov - 6 months ago
i would watch the video, but for whatever reason Safari doesn't support "HTML5" videos. bogus, since it said I was good to go.
Jacob Hankins
Jacob Hankins - 6 months ago
Do another video u stupid idiots
Chinceapizza - 6 months ago
This video is unavailable on this device
Flare - 6 months ago
I cant access wtf
skyblox25o6 - 6 months ago
Did you actually kiss him
The Best Story Time
The Best Story Time - 6 months ago
this was the day of my birthday
Rich Simmons
Rich Simmons - 6 months ago
Boo steelers
chance lett
chance lett - 6 months ago
I'd break yalls ankles lol
Ultramarine - 6 months ago
Me and my friend have been playing this at school and I was being tackled by 2 people both who outweighed my by 10+ pounds and gained 20 more yards while be no tackled I also ran for a touchdown one play and made a awesome tackle
Robert Stokes
Robert Stokes - 6 months ago
I think your boy pizza
Janie Grigsby
Janie Grigsby - 6 months ago
can i play with you
Rahmad Robinson
Rahmad Robinson - 6 months ago
Fly me out there an see wat happen..
The Back Yard
The Back Yard - 6 months ago
2:16 would have been a big hit if he was like 40 pounds heavier
Kash Anderson2307
Kash Anderson2307 - 6 months ago
pizza is scared to tackle
Smith Kids
Smith Kids - 6 months ago
There faces when he got hurt lol
Hayden Bailey
Hayden Bailey - 6 months ago
Frank is a pussy he jus looked at Tommy an his ass got kamakazied
Antonio Taylor
Antonio Taylor - 6 months ago
Antonio Taylor
Antonio Taylor - 6 months ago
Just kidding
Christian Hall
Christian Hall - 6 months ago
What the heck are you doing
Mr. Cool Gaming
Mr. Cool Gaming - 6 months ago
Injury report: Frank out for season with ACL Tear
Zander Shober
Zander Shober - 6 months ago
100likes pizza has to buy a chub jursy
Jmack630 - 6 months ago
You I live in Brentwood this is awesome
Drift - 6 months ago
YoBoy Pizza where your ankles after that 🔥
Dec el burrito
Dec el burrito - 6 months ago
I love that Matt is just tying his shoe on the elimination board😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Caden Paweldge
Caden Paweldge - 6 months ago
Me and my friends started playing this a long time ago and called it the same thing
2K COMMUNITY - 6 months ago
Mehhh Clips
Mehhh Clips - 6 months ago
Where’s the snow?
Supreme Kheim
Supreme Kheim - 6 months ago
4:30 got me crying the way pizza was looking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😤💀💀💀💀💀💀
Supreme Kheim
Supreme Kheim - 6 months ago
4:49 got me dead when they took a knee 😭😭😭😭😭
Supreme Kheim
Supreme Kheim - 6 months ago
4:40 got me laughing even harder
LM Whitmire
LM Whitmire - 6 months ago
Me and my friends did it
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