Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?

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Joshua Blevins
Joshua Blevins - 12 hours ago
If anyone else remembers the episode with Ditto he talked about then is it possible that Detective Pikachu's Ditto is the same? I mean the episodes Ditto turned into a freaking cannon without one being present, just saying
Nathaniel Stacy
Nathaniel Stacy - 12 hours ago
Your Human form ditto's (5) were found in Alohlah region of Sun & Moon.
Soviet Union
Soviet Union - Day ago
best movie about a game is the warcraft movie
ycody lawson
ycody lawson - Day ago
Like 99.9%sure
ycody lawson
ycody lawson - Day ago
Mat buddy it was confirmed via Pokemon movie plus if not mistaken game as well or was it an episode I forget but do know its canon
Goattacular - Day ago
I once successfully bred a mew with a ditto in Pokemon Crystal. Never got the egg to hatch, though. Sadly, the internal battery died years ago, and the game will no longer hold save data. :(
Andrew Stonerock
Andrew Stonerock - Day ago
mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon, originally there was only Mew. Then Mew started evolving into the other species depending on where they lived. I kind of always figured Mew, Ditto, and Mewtwo were related. It just made sense to me.
Crystal Mahler
Crystal Mahler - Day ago
You do know that the ties between mew, mewtwo and ditto for absolute YEARS! So you finding that ditto discovery was VERY old news.
YoloMasterGamerTag - Day ago
That’s an old fact though... that ditto was a fail experiment of new when they were trying to make mewtwo
Elesa Brooks
Elesa Brooks - 2 days ago
The big thing about Mewtwo that you forgot to mention that is the actual reason Mewtwo was the succesful clone if Mew.... Because it's mixed with human DNA, which would further add into Ditto being able to transform into humans which we've never seen before if it was genetically modified with Mewtwos DNA.
Jay Comic
Jay Comic - 2 days ago
I honestly thought this was gonna be on ash’s dad
CMP Creepers
CMP Creepers - 2 days ago
Did mr.mime die to mime fire or what???
AG Simpson
AG Simpson - 2 days ago
This was made on my birthday lol
eeveeongirl - 2 days ago
Still love that in the movie that even the advanced ditto isnt perfect, like it can't make a human face (eyes specifically) which is just fantastic. Even the human mind is incapable of imagining a new human face and ends up using faces of people we have seen when we task it to do so. So the fact that ditto also cannot accomplish this was a wonderful idea. Also my friend and I were floored when they pulled the ditto card, we had completely forgot about the ditto and how it could change into humans even though they show it in the background, truly detective pikachu was great and I can't wait to buy it.
blflotilla - 2 days ago
Guess what dittos and smash his new name is Kirby Kirby and Ditto can both transform just by looking at someone just that Kirby can suck up them and Jane the power Ditto just looks at him their powers are inseparable so I think that Kirby might have just been a different person of ditto think of it this way you did say that in some games ditto with pink right well maybe that was just Kirby because Kirby's also pink and Kirby can also transform into people maybe out of nowhere he has all the Pokemon and he can just transform when he sees his enemies because he has all the Pokemon in his mouth Make that a theory thank you for doing that for you and good night
Samuel Harrison
Samuel Harrison - 2 days ago
Oh my god ditto has gone super ditto!
Willem654 - 2 days ago
putting ditto in daycare in the games makes egg with all the pokémon that can make eggs.
The_genisis895 - 2 days ago
Or the ditto saw mewtwo and, because mewtwo can transform into creatures from memory, ditto could too.
Annie L
Annie L - 3 days ago
Umm nice trick ditto is beside lab mewtwo is in a area that is just like it in u moon and ditto are in the meadow in x and y in front of the cave and my theory is they tried to make mewthree and filaed
naz five
naz five - 3 days ago
What I count canon is Kanto-unova
Meghan Croll
Meghan Croll - 3 days ago
Ditto actually was a failed as it said in one of the Pokémon game
Meghan Croll
Meghan Croll - 3 days ago
More funny
HisShadow - 3 days ago
Honestly having a Ditto that can transform into any Pokemon at will would be far more powerful than Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a physic type always. Ditto can become a dark type and wipe the floor with him. Howard's Ditto is the best Pokemon in the world of Pokemon.
Justice - 9 hours ago
It’s basically a successful Mewthree. It doesn’t look like one but it is one.
deathgun 2934
deathgun 2934 - 3 days ago
My theory is that dido is holding trading cards of every he’s ever seen like why did he turn into charzard and not rayquaza or Kyogre because he’s never met any other flying Pokémon he’s only seen charzard
LucasDB39 - 3 days ago
Honesty I think everyone accepted the theory anyway originally
MarctheLightSpark Elliott
*People* : Detective Pikachu is the best video game movie!
*Assassin's Creed Movie* : am I a joke to you?!
Diego Carvajal
Diego Carvajal - 3 days ago
There was a pokemon episode were team rocket steal a ditto and it was capable to transform in to any picture it saw
The Hidden Ninja
The Hidden Ninja - 3 days ago
A comment here says it just transformed into a book..
Scooby2010Nat - 4 days ago
Wait did dobbs do his theory a few years ago
MR. Foop
MR. Foop - 4 days ago
Sorry to rain on your parade, but they said in the movie that they experimented on pokemon, and ditto was one of them
Oscar Charles
Oscar Charles - 4 days ago
Skip to 12:30, just made the whole video pointless.
26Zachary Sosin
26Zachary Sosin - 4 days ago
Skye Lowell
Skye Lowell - 4 days ago
as much as i like this video, i think it’s irresponsible not to mention that Junichi Masuda (the art director of the original Pokémon games) outright denied the theory that Ditto is a failed Mew clone, and that the greater context for the Stern quote about Ditto being “one of my father’s experiments” is that there were other genetic experiments that had nothing to do with Mewtwo- the giant Torterras, for example.
ZipplyZane - 3 days ago
I would not expect the art director to be an authority on lore.
Jaymz Cross
Jaymz Cross - 4 days ago
In the one of the many Poké dexes it says that Ditto was a failed clone of Mew.

(But wait didn't Matpat say don't trust the Poké dex?)
Scott Powers
Scott Powers - 5 days ago
I wouldn't call this a video game adaptation movie as pikachu is not primarily a video game character, as pikachu and pokemon is more known through it's tv show and movies, nor does this movie involve the events of any particular movie. it's not even cannon in any way. the events of this movie are in no way related to anything in the pokemon lore or universe, and pikachu doesn't talk in the games, tv series, or movies, nor is he ever a detective in said media. pikachu isn't even a main character in any of the pokemon video games. he's just a pokemon you might run into and catch.
Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans - 6 days ago
YAS i got the joke XD
SWasp - 6 days ago
Maby, * just* Maby, all dittos are miew ore miew2 shit
Emily Valcourt
Emily Valcourt - 7 days ago
I don’t know the Mario movie was a good time
Cormac Michael
Cormac Michael - 7 days ago
Could the advanced Ditto be called a... Dittwo?
2:50 is that a jojo reference
Infinite Octopaw
Infinite Octopaw - 7 days ago
The intro last too long, the rest is a theory recap of something that isn’t yours and only a few seconds of confirming something on Twitter. This was a waist of time.
VikingBush Gaming
VikingBush Gaming - 8 days ago
Ok matpat listen not to make your work feel like it was a waste but it was kinda already widely known by hardcore pokemon fans that ditto is a failed Mewtwo, like it's in the game lore and sometimes when trying to clone a mew into a Mewtwo you actually get a ditto
Steven Feige
Steven Feige - 8 days ago
Am i the only one who is hoping for a live-action version based off of Pokemon Emerald? With May or Brendan? I think that'd be dope and they could set up a cinematic universe from it. They could title the movie "Hoenn" or "Emerald".
Winterealicsplayz - 8 days ago
Why cant the ditto in detective pikachu turn into a mewtwo as its like super
Phoenix Furry
Phoenix Furry - 8 days ago
I thought this was a fact
Daniel Adami
Daniel Adami - 9 days ago
This theory was solved a long time ago though MatPat!
3pic boss
3pic boss - 9 days ago
Mutu and ditto a crossover hm note to self Pokemon a game game theory crosses over film theory
Flux - 9 days ago
Why does the gas effect ever other Pokémon but the main pikachu maybe something deeper
Shoe Shack
Shoe Shack - 9 days ago
Hey, so like, super ditto. In the Pokemon ranger game (the one with ukulele pichu ans summoning signs, I can't recall its name) One of the main boss persons has a ditto. It can change at will into Pokemon without them being present. Just interested in thoughts if anyone's seen it.
Ryan Morgan Christison
Ryan Morgan Christison - 10 days ago
Detective Pikachu is Ash’s Pikachu which is actually a Ditto unaware it’s a Ditto...
Ryan Morgan Christison
Ryan Morgan Christison - 7 days ago
@AyeItzMJ =O
AyeItzMJ - 7 days ago
@Ryan Morgan Christison ditto took the form of the antagonist's son and his female assistant.
Ryan Morgan Christison
Ryan Morgan Christison - 7 days ago
@AyeItzMJ... who was a ditto?
AyeItzMJ - 7 days ago
@Ryan Morgan Christison your theory doesn't work cuz detective Pikachu is revealed to be the protagonist's father with memory loss.
Ryan Morgan Christison
Ryan Morgan Christison - 7 days ago
AyeItzMJ lol of course not
Amethyst_Wolf - 10 days ago
I think that specific ditto was actually a clone of mew two; as a clone of a clone it would explain the extra instability shown when it was defeated
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