Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?

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William Travis
William Travis - 2 hours ago
By the way mat pat i have been subscribed since 2016
ionxt1 - 10 hours ago
in the manga from red and blue a thief's ditto works like a skeleton key.
Night Wolf Studios
Night Wolf Studios - Day ago
The sonic movie was good.
Riano Silva Miranda
how dare u diss sonic team
Super Brady & Super Jack
As soon as I clicked the vid I knew the theory
bobtheduck - Day ago
Both movies ended up being pretty great. Sonic was definitely less faithful to the games, but it also had less to work with, story wise, so I think they made the right choice.
Kyle Severene7
Kyle Severene7 - Day ago
Great video love the video
DavisProductions - Day ago
Make a yugioh film theory
Joseph Roster
Joseph Roster - 3 days ago
Actually mew can transform so ditto must be the correct clone
Jango Nauta
Jango Nauta - 3 days ago
Sonic movie.. at the end was a hit.
Tianaz Bryant
Tianaz Bryant - 3 days ago
But mew doesnt have transformation power so nope
Game Glitcher
Game Glitcher - 3 days ago
Bruh mew can learn transform its one of its only level up moves
T. Aliawesome
T. Aliawesome - 5 days ago
Before this video started I got s Pokemon ad
How ironic
Dora Pig
Dora Pig - 5 days ago
In the pokemon red blue and yellow manga, ditto transformed into a hand/arm (I think it was pokemon red blue yellow, but it could be a different pokemon manga)
Polymythic: AanEurekAhill
Or it's that Mewtwo was made *out* of a Ditto as a platform -- like how real-world genetic experiments implement small changes to already-existing genotypes for the structures those genotypes are already really good at producing, but with the addition of the desired experimental element.
Team Rocket probably got a sample of Mew's DNA and then used Ditto's transformative genetic structure to synthesize another Mew, although with a few changes to make it more militant.
The surplus of Dittos in the location probably has to do with the form-preservation trait Team Rocket wanted in the new Mew clone to make it permanently Mewtwo -- the ones around the lab and the cave are probably the ones that couldn't maintain the new form.
The ones in the cave, specifically, were probably so in tune with Mew's psychic signature, since the psyches of pokemon (and people, really) are not quite *like* their bodies and may tend to retain memories of high-energy stimulus in a sort of non-physical field that can't be altered even if the body changes (or changes *back,* in this case), like how qualia and experience is not quite the *same* as the physical phenomena that make up their relative stimulus for sensation -- especially stimulus as high as fluent psychic abilities.
The Dittos probably recognized the psychic signature, like ants recognize chemical signatures, and followed it even though they didn't remember exactly what it was.
Mewtwo probably allowed them to stay because he was subconsciously lonely, as we've all seen, being more like Mew than he thought.
Alison Brown
Alison Brown - 6 days ago
honestly, I own detective Pikachu... MY FAV MOVIE :D
ImIvysaur 234
ImIvysaur 234 - 6 days ago
In detective pikachu mat pat forgot to say ditto turned into loudred to blow away tim
MumboStudios - 7 days ago
Actually when Ditto transforms into Machamp, he still has his normal blank face, meaning Howard's ditto saw Machamp a lot less recently, and it wasn't flawless.
Xenø Phœnix
Xenø Phœnix - 7 days ago
They never said that ditto was limited to only being able transform into things it *currently* sees...
*Also ditto got censored* 10:18
Edit: I know this is proved wrong in the video, I just hadn't seen that part when I posted this.
Ze m8 Pogo III
Ze m8 Pogo III - 7 days ago
Yay, this theory was posted on the day of my birthday AND it's about my favourite form of media.
Kaia And Naomi Nicholson
It Might Not Be True. Why Would All The Failed Clones Be The Same? They Would Look Different Then One Another.
Mike Waggoner
Mike Waggoner - 8 days ago
This aged poorly with that Sonic opinion
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves - 8 days ago
The distort voice from the pokedex remind me of Bill Cipher
Star Platinum Training
Star Platinum Training - 9 days ago
So if a Ditto copies a Mew, does it correct the genetic DNA to go from an imperfect copy to a perfect copy? 🤔
CrazyNaturekitty Live
CrazyNaturekitty Live - 9 days ago
Was anyone else kinda disappointed that the movie was so different than the game Detective Pikachu? I mean i get it, not everything in a game is good for movies, but it still isn't what I expected.
Gamer Noko
Gamer Noko - 9 days ago
I have a weird question: can Ditto transform into legendary Pokemon, like Arceus, or Mew? If so, then we have yet another piece of confirmation that Ditto is a weaker Mew...
Adrian Evangelista
Adrian Evangelista - 9 days ago
Did you know they proved it in the manga. And mewtwo is alittle darker.
The L
The L - 9 days ago
Ash is pikachu and tims dad 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Cyclone - 9 days ago
Wasn’t ditto a failed experiment to clone mew?
Zarah May
Zarah May - 10 days ago
Wendy Theodores
Wendy Theodores - 10 days ago
never trust screen rant
samuel partin
samuel partin - 11 days ago
what about the eternal diva?
SuperChargeGaming - 11 days ago
wait... 2019 - 1998 doesn't equal 20.
SuperChargeGaming - 11 days ago
SuperChargeGaming - 11 days ago
Ditto is the failed test to make MewTwo.
Tyler Mindanao
Tyler Mindanao - 12 days ago
Maybe the only reason that ditto was different than the other dittos its because it inhaled a weird chemical gas which makes pokemon aggressive
Just maybe
Roger Gardner
Roger Gardner - 13 days ago
Sssssssssonic movie the bbbbest
trm johny Garcia
trm johny Garcia - 13 days ago
Mutvrz tim lost his miuy detective pikachu is his dad
Toothless AshemonGamer
Toothless AshemonGamer - 14 days ago
-hello- hi
Lee Price
Lee Price - 15 days ago
Wait what??? Ditto is evolving...
GamerVoltsy - 15 days ago
I will also add this when ditto was transforming that one time you can hear the noise that mew makes
Captain Sparky 3.0
Captain Sparky 3.0 - 16 days ago
Wait you guys didn’t know ditto was the failed clone of mew I thought it was cannon due to Nintendo/gamefreak allowing pixelmon have the only way to get ditto by failing the cloning of mew
J Mavrage
J Mavrage - 16 days ago
Well you were wrong how you fill mat pat
Mahedi Lamim
Mahedi Lamim - 16 days ago
I think the ditto from detective pikachu is a neon purple or jelly
multi gamer
multi gamer - 16 days ago
look at its body its full of gas
Bo Bandy
Bo Bandy - 16 days ago
0:50 that’s utter bs have you not seen the mortal kombat movie and it’s sequel?
Mario Gamer12345
Mario Gamer12345 - 17 days ago
One other thing worth noting is that Ditto transforming into humans is a canon, or at least game canon fact. They do it in Alola, why wouldn't the others be able to?
william Smith
william Smith - 18 days ago
Generally freaked out by the mr mime line 🤣🤣
bigdaddy Blue
bigdaddy Blue - 18 days ago
Me over here kinda knew and believed the ”new theory” since I was a kid....
Теди Коте
Теди Коте - 18 days ago
Is this film theory or game theory

or a crossover
Теди Коте
Теди Коте - 18 days ago
Yea the theory is true
Wes' TECH - 19 days ago
151, get it right. Mew is #151.
Louis DellaLucca
Louis DellaLucca - 19 days ago
I thought Tim's dad was actually Red
Ramon Bentim
Ramon Bentim - 19 days ago
1:40 the man behind the slaugther... lel
Izzmonster - 19 days ago
There are several holes in this theory. The entire time they're in the lab we see many different "genetically experimented" pokemon. In fact the only pokemon NOT present in the labs is ditto. I'm a firm believer that ditto being a failed clone is the intention, but it always seems whether your theories are sound or not you just can't escape throwing in shitty evidence.
Hibou San
Hibou San - 20 days ago
In my opinion, the most enjoyable video game adaptation is Silent Hill.
I L - 21 day ago
The Sonic sketch didn't get old in a good way
Meloraq - 21 day ago
Btw I live in Ghana
Jack - 21 day ago
I have been waiting so long to be able to subscribe so close to 10 mil
Дмитрий Киселёв
Zeddrick Ngateg
Zeddrick Ngateg - 22 days ago
*plot twist* all the pokemon are all dittos they just dont know it
Norbi Kiraly
Norbi Kiraly - 22 days ago
i still have a tamagotchi
Denial Soul
Denial Soul - 22 days ago
Could pikachu be a sub species of ditto? I mean in the anime it can morph it's face and pose as other pokemon, it could be true
Hey Hi
Hey Hi - 22 days ago
Studio 27
Studio 27 - 23 days ago
In that episode it transform in to working Canon even no Canon Is there
Animationsfordemons - 24 days ago
I love this theory:3
JackTheCraftian - 24 days ago
It was in my opinion way better than sonic
Reyhan Perez
Reyhan Perez - 25 days ago
This is not a theory it’s true
Ferry Muhammad Nur
Ferry Muhammad Nur - 25 days ago
Wait,hold on a second,you say that Ditto can transform into pokemon that he see so why he doesn't transform into mewtwo?
Jake Garrison
Jake Garrison - 25 days ago
So Dido has the Omnitrix
Its Physic
Its Physic - 25 days ago
Ditto did not recreate the pokemon flawlessly. How do u miss out the face. Normal ditto do not have this feature. The only ditto that was shown to mess up the face was the ditto from the replica house. It wasent flawless. Thus the ditto isint a mega op ditto. It was relying on memory to transform and got the face wrong
Groddzilla - 26 days ago
Srry to ruin your parade but the fact that ditto was a recreation of mew was already discovered by pixelmon
Pie Studios
Pie Studios - 22 days ago
You know pixelmon isnt canon
Maylothen - 26 days ago
Why don't they just use pokeball and end the whole movie in less than 1 hour
pawan tuli
pawan tuli - 27 days ago
Theory the mini atic:u know that scene when tim dad harry dies it shared some similarity to spider verses spiderman death which made me think of an idea that plays scared of the dark and put that song in the scene where tim discoveres his dad is dead
Gamer Noko
Gamer Noko - 27 days ago
Sonic HQ person: come on money. *sees that the dislikes are about twice as much as likes
Me: *dies of laughter
The Irony
The Irony - Month ago
“Not groundbreaking” next scene is an earthquake
Blazing BlakeyBoy
Blazing BlakeyBoy - Month ago
Pokemon duplica Ankme episode, ditto casually transforms into a cannon
Hapalip - Month ago
In the film it says the ditto was geneticlly modified in howars cliffards experiments.
danteelite - Month ago
I actually forget..
Do we ever see the Ditto form in the movie?
I'll have to watch it again... I'm just curious. I know the transformations look super cool and gooey, but I don't remember seeing Ditto just blobbin' about.
Pie Studios
Pie Studios - 22 days ago
We do
Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome - Month ago
It has almost been a year since this video, can we have that other video now
Jonathan Doss
Jonathan Doss - Month ago
dont think i didnt notice the pokedex said fighting/ghost for ditto
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