Manchester City v. Wolves | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 10/6/19 | NBC Sports

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Kada man
Kada man - 15 days ago
Wolves crack down the Manchester city code
Cornelius Mudumba
Cornelius Mudumba - 5 months ago
Who is here after Wolves won Again.
Benjamin Martin
Benjamin Martin - 5 months ago
Who’s here after wolves just beat city again
Benny Bi
Benny Bi - 5 months ago
Who's here after the 3-2 win?
ozkaritto Dumaz
ozkaritto Dumaz - 5 months ago
The mexican,,wowww ,,otamediot the son.
Sebastian Lopez Julio
Sebastian Lopez Julio - 5 months ago
Love u adamaaaaaa
Amean Al-abij
Amean Al-abij - 5 months ago
Who’s here after wolves won 3-2😂
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome - 5 months ago
ziggymar - 5 months ago
Traroe is a beast!!!
Javier Canizal
Javier Canizal - 5 months ago
Im here again bcuz they lost again...
Sep G
Sep G - 5 months ago
Jiménez Broke that man 😂
Sep G
Sep G - 5 months ago
Jiménez te amo y soy de chivas 🔥
DragonHeart613 - 5 months ago
A Time for Wolves 👍😉👍
razorback9926 - 6 months ago
Otamendi and Mendy both suck, Pep should play U23’s in their place.
Longes - 7 months ago
The Emptihad stadium?
J1ASON AL1EX - 7 months ago
Walker's Strike round the 43' fired off !
Imru’ Al-Qais
Imru’ Al-Qais - 7 months ago
FC Barcelona lost Adama Traore!
Wolves deserved to win!
Polo Vasquez
Polo Vasquez - 7 months ago
A mejorado mucho en técnica jiménez
Adrian Lacatus
Adrian Lacatus - 7 months ago
DanielAlexander YT
DanielAlexander YT - 7 months ago
City's defense was horrible
dossube - 7 months ago
This Traore guy is built like Maradona! Fast & Strong
Erick Barba
Erick Barba - 7 months ago
Se busca la cadera de otamendi!! 😂🤣
J Ajegba
J Ajegba - 7 months ago
Game plan for Wolves was to defend. That is why no one was on the passing route in the first half. Jimenez played makes good decisions with the ball on the counter attack.
PJ Cole Productions
PJ Cole Productions - 7 months ago
God, Traore is jacked I wouldn’t mess with that dude
PJ Cole Productions
PJ Cole Productions - 7 months ago
Lord they tried losing 4-0. Those first 2 giveaways were crazy dangerous
dclark142002 - 7 months ago
Dear God...
If the players tackle will result in taking out the man, IT IS IRRELEVANT IF THE TACKLER GOT TO THE BALL FIRST.
You cannot excuse a take down of a player by merely touching the ball first.
Edwin Njuguna
Edwin Njuguna - 7 months ago
as a United fan now i know we did really well in the 1-1 with wolves
Njideka A
Njideka A - 7 months ago
Wolves are going to be dangerous
Finesse03 - 7 months ago
What happens when pep rolls out the dough full of holes. They should have conceded 5 with the horrible back passes.
Brian Coen
Brian Coen - 7 months ago
y does cancelo look like a midget in the lineup picture LMAOOOO
Jean Pierre Desir
Jean Pierre Desir - 7 months ago
Lolll,,Manchester City is really Lucky in this Match Man ...
Noah Tewolde
Noah Tewolde - 7 months ago
Look at 9:45 far left, you can see only 2 City fans trying to create rivalry with the Wolves fanbase😂😂😂😂
Kaci Adam
Kaci Adam - 7 months ago
Obvious otemendi cant Play at this level
J. McLouth
J. McLouth - 7 months ago
Worst commentators ever for preview.... americans....
Louis Perie
Louis Perie - 7 months ago
Pep might not be the genius he has been made out to be. Shocker...
David Mendoza
David Mendoza - 7 months ago
I remember when Jimenez use to feed balls to chucho benitez who was also quick and powerfull like traore.
Ibrahim Saj
Ibrahim Saj - 7 months ago
Get_ WRX
Get_ WRX - 7 months ago
Us Man City fans do not recall this day........ But when does Traore contract expire?
Alebal76 - 7 months ago
9:48 now I get it, that lady was doing the genkidama
Uriel Perez
Uriel Perez - 7 months ago
Jiménez 🇲🇽💪
Sydney French
Sydney French - 7 months ago
Otamendi got absolutely SENT
UW Tony
UW Tony - 7 months ago
1:56 we're not just gonna pass by that miss like that didnt just happen. Shocking miss wtf. Dreadful
Altay Bayrakci
Altay Bayrakci - 7 months ago
3:04 Fernandinho with a very professional foul imo
Tri Beard
Tri Beard - 7 months ago
This was the most PES looking game i've ever seen
Jlfitnessmiami - 7 months ago
What does a genius like Pep see in Otamendi? This guy is not world class material
Brett Duffus
Brett Duffus - 7 months ago
Empty-Thad after the 2nd goal lol
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez - 7 months ago
7:52 Wolves lady fans sure get going when the wolves score 😁😋😁
Andres Rengifo
Andres Rengifo - 7 months ago
wolves is fifa 20 irl... Drop back 1 depth and counter attack for days
DailyBits - 7 months ago
The man did the same shot twice and goalie couldn't read it mmm
Lucid - 7 months ago
Jimenez shat on otemendi
A wild Omar
A wild Omar - 7 months ago
Max Grillo
Max Grillo - 7 months ago
Cancelo was honestly City’s best player, he should start more often. He was brilliant at Juve.
Speedy53 - 7 months ago
Oh how the mighty have fallen.
Aaron D
Aaron D - 7 months ago
It's unfortunate. It really is.
Elan Davis
Elan Davis - 7 months ago
3:05 playing fifa be like
stoplying - 7 months ago
This is the content that Liverpool fans are here for! So many empty seats at the 92nd minute.
DM23 Music
DM23 Music - 7 months ago
3:02 FIFA Glitch! 😂
Shaquando Biggums
Shaquando Biggums - 7 months ago
oi m8 yew wont tew fok wet oss? yew mahn cih-ee fons fink yew cont fok weh oss? free pointz m8 free pointz we fokin won. praud tew b a wolvez fon m8
Sports Station
Sports Station - 7 months ago
I applaud you, Raul. I would have taken the shot.
Adrian V. Hernandez Diaz
Adrian V. Hernandez Diaz - 7 months ago
Una delicia ver perder al filósofo barato
Shaochong Zhang
Shaochong Zhang - 7 months ago
Otamendi WTF.
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez - 7 months ago
Pep Guardiola out
George Abboud
George Abboud - 7 months ago
Wolves have the allez allez allez and si senior Chants and Nuno celebrated like Klopp at the end of the game. Wolves are Liverpool’s sidekicks
unorthodox- - 7 months ago
Have you guys used R9 in FIFA 20 UT, the man is a scoring GOD! 21 games played, 61 goals, 38 assist. Either I'm a savage beast or my opponents were just straight garbage.
piebaldify - 7 months ago
city should have lost 4 or 5. 100 penalty in the first half.
Ahmed Sheikh
Ahmed Sheikh - 7 months ago
It’s as simple as this.. play Walker and Fernandinho as CBs and Zinchenko and Cancelo at the fullback positions. There is absolutely no reason Otamendi should be a starter
Acme - 7 months ago
When Pep leaves and we all know he will, there might be a job opening up the road
c Fsy
c Fsy - 7 months ago
Goddam Jimenez wrecked City. And Traore, amazing finishing skills!
pep - 7 months ago
I’m happy wolves woke bc Jimenez plays with them 😁
Jairo Gonzalez
Jairo Gonzalez - 7 months ago
Where are the people who always say “Man city looks like they are playing kids” wolves dominated them.
Choice Meat Randy
Choice Meat Randy - 7 months ago
Otamendi is trash lol
L S - 7 months ago
Jimenez and Traore can win this tournament as a duo 💯
pius jrn
pius jrn - 7 months ago
3:05 FIFA 19 be like
Harrison McCrary
Harrison McCrary - 7 months ago
Shows you the mentality of city fans when they go down with 10 left they just leave
TruthBeTold121212 - 7 months ago
Greasy Middle East money won't win MC the championship this season.
bruce davis
bruce davis - 7 months ago
as ann american fan i am so happy you have no idea. way to go boys you done good.
CH!CARCAS TERCERO - 7 months ago
Jiménez : Viva Mexico !
Otamendi : What ?
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso - 7 months ago
Adama just beat the ever living Racism out of Pep!!!
AO A - 7 months ago
Is that faze curse
LiohnelRemyhs - 7 months ago
You cant hate Wolves
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