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Eddie Michael
Eddie Michael - 27 minutes ago
JJ is probably the smartest sidemen and he certainly had the best hiding spot!
That Guy On youtube
That Guy On youtube - 2 hours ago
Someone tell me why jj is always the biggest joke of these vids lmao
Bossdadd - 3 hours ago
This is the best sidemen video to date
Ricky Cardenas
Ricky Cardenas - 4 hours ago
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz - 4 hours ago
I'm sorry I meant to say something else l was talking to my brother
Cross Gamer
Cross Gamer - 4 hours ago
Cookie monster 15:29😂😂
Aidan Lauder
Aidan Lauder - 6 hours ago
what is the app he uses at 2:18
Ambrosio Alcozer
Ambrosio Alcozer - 7 hours ago
the whites were out first
Hunter Cresswell
Hunter Cresswell - 11 hours ago
634 voice crack
PE12A - 13 hours ago
Whats the music in the background around this time 1:11
Zara Gardner
Zara Gardner - 14 hours ago
My hide and seek tactic is to wait till someone gets found, then hide in their spot.
ItzUrBoy Antman516
ItzUrBoy Antman516 - 14 hours ago
1:33 Why am i so black
Calista - 15 hours ago
12:53 - I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. 😂😂😂
Raziq Hussin
Raziq Hussin - 17 hours ago
Type of hider:
Stay on one spot(Simon)
One to another place(vik, tobi, ethan, Harry)
Fking eating some food(jj)
HorizonxSalt Gaming
HorizonxSalt Gaming - 17 hours ago
" While I'm like nomnomonmnomnomnom" -JJ
Sarah Reynolds
Sarah Reynolds - 18 hours ago
Can we just all agree that JJ is a genius
Povilas Voveris
Povilas Voveris - Day ago
JJ has got the system down🤣
cassie tully
cassie tully - Day ago
Tobi is the sweetest guy ever and that is a fact.
blυυ - Day ago
"I'm literally the smartest sideman"-JJ 2019
Sharky Cervantes
Sharky Cervantes - Day ago
Me running out the door after my mom gives me permission to go out. 2:51
seb army
seb army - Day ago
I would play an arcade game flipping off the seeker
G.R.E.G 101
G.R.E.G 101 - Day ago
Ethan and Harry at the gym while KSI is at the buffet.
I love how different they are lol
TheGirlWho Lived
TheGirlWho Lived - Day ago
Tobi's the best 😂
Malinnguaq Egede
Malinnguaq Egede - Day ago
Harry the cheater
Laxatives007 - 2 days ago
I thought they were talking about hide and seek on hijacked from the thumbnail.. just me?
GamerSkull - 2 days ago
Honestly if I did this I would have just done what JJ did then got in the pool
OfficialJay - 2 days ago
Emily Campbell
Emily Campbell - 2 days ago
Inprited XD
Inprited XD - 2 days ago
I was the 190th k like
William Pumpernickel
William Pumpernickel - 2 days ago
Why did JJ have to be found
Mystic - 2 days ago
JJ won because Harry found vik
Frick Frack
Frick Frack - 2 days ago
No its not even 1 billion Blc I went on a cruise and it was a couple thousand dollars so yeah...
Vito Horvat
Vito Horvat - 2 days ago
Vik☆- MVP : he is sneaky
Is Marlin
Is Marlin - 3 days ago
I hope jj washes his hands
Carter Beazer
Carter Beazer - 3 days ago
17:50 - 17:57 lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂
Boku Hero Core
Boku Hero Core - 3 days ago
That is so cheap they uselly cost billion dollars
levapods 25
levapods 25 - 3 days ago
Jj really does that to win ?
ohsosweetdd - 3 days ago
'Vik youtube' finished me
Jeremiah Armendariz
Jeremiah Armendariz - 3 days ago
Vic: JJ is not following the rules..
JJ: Hold my pizza 🍕
Calster - 3 days ago
why does tobi look like stevie wonder this vid lol
T • •
T • • - 3 days ago
Sideman: *hiding and playing seriously*

KSI: imma go eat
Ald0usss - 3 days ago
17:34 vik resembles the indian guy in tiktok lmfao
jamie - 3 days ago
vik and tobi: running very intensely looking for a place to hide whilst intense music is playing in the background
jj: eating
Levi Ellison
Levi Ellison - 3 days ago
I meant isn't in the middle of the ocean
Levi Ellison
Levi Ellison - 3 days ago
Why is the boat in the middle of the ocean
overrated HD
overrated HD - 3 days ago
Tobi has sunglasses on 🤣
Launchpad Pro
Launchpad Pro - 3 days ago
I see Ethan is still going thru puberty
Laxdam YT
Laxdam YT - 3 days ago
Others hiding JJ cant stop eating
【Tangiたんぎ】 T.editz.zzz
Just being Honest KSI was always Black 😐
west - 4 days ago
havent watched it all the way yet but if ksi wins i swear to god!
Charlie Mattison
Charlie Mattison - 4 days ago
jj so fake
DerpyOrange21 - 4 days ago
Yay ksi mukbang
Jon Zuerlein
Jon Zuerlein - 4 days ago
Jeevan - 4 days ago
12:15  I think vik is getting vietnam flashbacks...
Jeevan - 4 days ago
6:32 Fat Voice Crack.
Harvey Jones Team
Harvey Jones Team - 4 days ago
ErrantWarrior72 BR/BFV
ErrantWarrior72 BR/BFV - 4 days ago
Anyone else hear Ethan’s voice crack
2wenty 1ne
2wenty 1ne - 4 days ago
Tobi: Ma chwest! Ma chwest!....
Kaniz Fatema Raka
Kaniz Fatema Raka - 4 days ago
Guys be honest isn't JJ the best seeker
alexi skiadas
alexi skiadas - 4 days ago
2:42 - Mate, Simons piinging. Look at his pupils
Alec Munsen
Alec Munsen - 5 days ago
jj is a clown fr
Manuel Castillo
Manuel Castillo - 5 days ago
I thought they were playing 900 million dollars
BABY LENA - 5 days ago
It can’t just be me that thinks tobi Nd Simon are the cutest duo
Eternal Gordo
Eternal Gordo - 5 days ago
6:34 Ethan’s voice crack 😂😂😂
123 sunshine
123 sunshine - 5 days ago
Vik, tobi, and Simon are hiding for their lives
KSI is eating
Hershy Bleich
Hershy Bleich - 5 days ago
MANA - 5 days ago
14:57 y is this so cute 😂
Amira - 5 days ago
the sidemen whereabouts:
ethan and harry: found
vik: was never rlly hidden in the first place
simon: has been in the same spot forever
tobi: has been found but not by the seeker
JJ: is stuffing cheese in his mouth
Josh: is clueless
Amira - 5 days ago
Tobi's power walk got me DEEEEEEED XD 0:47
K Trennery
K Trennery - 5 days ago
That boat cheep
Martha Bowes
Martha Bowes - 5 days ago
JJ by far made the most of this video, having a poo and then eating a buffet 🤣🤣
Kirby Griffin
Kirby Griffin - 5 days ago
JJ: why am I so black?
Janish Pokhrel
Janish Pokhrel - 5 days ago
Football piiiiiiitch
Aranyak240 - 6 days ago
14:10 Cheesus
suns_out_buns_out - 6 days ago
This is like their gmod murder games on the cruise ship.
The Stolen Tabasco from Chipotle
6:30 HAHAH
Jad Saab
Jad Saab - 6 days ago
Sidemen playing hide and seek
Jj: hides in buffe and starts eating pizzza
Gavin O’Hara
Gavin O’Hara - 6 days ago
15:17 I'm the smartest sidemen? He means SIDEMAN it's supposed to be singular how smart JJ
Ibrahim Aadam Hassan 5A Holbæk By Skole, afdeling Absalon
pause the video while being at 14:37 he looks like thanos just snapped Lmao
EeR0 - 6 days ago
so... ya'll just gonna ignore the fact that JJ doesn't bully Vik?
bayleigh willinger
bayleigh willinger - 6 days ago
ethans so hot now wow
Dinesh Elangbam
Dinesh Elangbam - 6 days ago
23:29 Ethan's doopleganger🙄😱🥴. . .
EMT Shotsss
EMT Shotsss - 7 days ago
The hide and seek ones are they best
Bozilla 01
Bozilla 01 - 7 days ago
So THATS why jj is ‘bulking’
Miss Erin
Miss Erin - 7 days ago
Half way through the video I was just like how did they not find JJ yet
Leslie Rodriguez
Leslie Rodriguez - 7 days ago
If only Tobi had run off with Vik and Harry🤦🏽‍♀️
Clappity - 7 days ago
6:35 voice crack
None of You buisness
None of You buisness - 7 days ago
H2oPlatinum - 7 days ago
What is the fitness app called that Ethan was using
k1d numb
k1d numb - 7 days ago
It just comes with Samsung
k1d numb
k1d numb - 7 days ago
Mm am i aloud another pizza. Huhuhu
_JJ 2019
k1d numb
k1d numb - 7 days ago
I use the Same coco butter
pink piglet
pink piglet - 7 days ago
I say JJ is the winner.
I mean who else would be able to pull off daily needs as a hiding spot
Emilia Johnson
Emilia Johnson - 7 days ago
1:00. 1:30. 12:52
Rabbid Forté
Rabbid Forté - 7 days ago
Ethan has leveled up!

Zak Brooks
Zak Brooks - 7 days ago
HyunJin Hwang
HyunJin Hwang - 7 days ago
Who else heard Ethan's voice crack at 6:33
Sweaty Smile
Sweaty Smile - 7 days ago
Sweaty Smile
Sweaty Smile - 7 days ago
I love y’all but most ksi
Charlie Beckand
Charlie Beckand - 7 days ago
Ethan has the same laugh as me XD
Ian Ramirez
Ian Ramirez - 7 days ago
6:32 ¨its got football********** hahaha the voicecracks is real mah dudes
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