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John Jill Villamor
John Jill Villamor - 17 minutes ago
Pls fix Philippines flag
Cody Shepherd
Cody Shepherd - 39 minutes ago
At 3:51 he has literally made the flagellum of Britain 🇬🇧 with England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿northern Ireland (don't have a flag they use the British 🇬🇧one And
The one who ever one forget is Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. And all tog that makes the UK 🇬🇧
Oliver Coles
Oliver Coles - 42 minutes ago
Fix the Burma flag
Robloxterra - 2 hours ago
The brazil’s flag killed me
Walnut Animations
Walnut Animations - 3 hours ago
Angus RP, you are a disgrace to our country
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 4 hours ago
This actually helped me with my country flag test in history
Minh Sơn Doãn
Minh Sơn Doãn - 4 hours ago
Chinese: fix our flag
*laugh in Vietnam*
The Weeb
The Weeb - 5 hours ago
jack i dont think youll see this but for the dank canada flag thats all that canada is now
• Okko ¿ M A L K ? •
Mainly everybody in the UK uses the union jack flag 🇬🇧
•ᴥ• Liberty Love Bear •ᴥ•
_fix the nipples flag_
BAAL - 7 hours ago
NO YOU TURNED AUSTRALIA’S FLAG INTO BRITAIN FLAG! As an australian, I’m going mental!
BAAL - 7 hours ago
How to fix America’s flag:
Put a picture of an m-16 rifle 💥 bam
fortnitebro350 - 10 hours ago
Fix the Russian🇷🇺 flag
Radio Demon
Radio Demon - 10 hours ago
Fix the American flag its look more wrong than their president (I'm british)
Berkay Efe
Berkay Efe - 13 hours ago
Fix the turkey flag bro
あなたは気にする - 14 hours ago
OnThePoint - 15 hours ago
dislikes from the kenyan person
Nam Web Vietnam Nguyen
Nam Web Vietnam Nguyen - 15 hours ago
Vietnam flag
Prptheawesome - 15 hours ago
Watch Family Guy literally use that exact clip as a cutaway gag. With your voice and everything. Literally just took it from your video and put it in an episode.
Little Gamer
Little Gamer - 17 hours ago
He just made the UK for the Australian flag
Little Gamer
Little Gamer - 13 hours ago
I want to feel offended but my favorite fruit did it so uuuuhhhh...
Kiwi - 17 hours ago
Congratulations, you got the joke!
Ray of Ultimate
Ray of Ultimate - 17 hours ago
If I offend a tone I'm sorry I've been to croiatia and It sucks
Windows Codenamed Memphis
Windows Codenamed Memphis - 18 hours ago
Fix Portugal's flag
Raisa Rizea
Raisa Rizea - 19 hours ago
I see that everybody got this video recomanded 3 years after it was posted
Kiwi - 17 hours ago
Cecil Berja
Cecil Berja - 19 hours ago
Please fix the Philippine flag
Leon - 20 hours ago
Fix UK's Flag
Sublimada Impresiones Artisticas
Try Fixing This Flag 🇬🇬
Xaddex Ebalaroza
Xaddex Ebalaroza - 21 hour ago
What was that behind the Vatican flag edit!?
Тревор Филипс индастриз
#YIAY #FIXMYNIGGAFLAG Fix the georgian flag plssssss
Sample Text
Sample Text - 22 hours ago
I hate you
Please fix Philippines
Mad Goose
Mad Goose - Day ago
When you were doing the Vatican flag in the background there was an image of something
the King games
the King games - Day ago
You did not help at my brasil flag do it again
Favian Lim
Favian Lim - Day ago
1:00 profile picture kinda hot doe
JTND TV - Day ago
Canada eh
midnight wolf
midnight wolf - Day ago
What about Sri Lanka
vien PLAYZ
vien PLAYZ - Day ago
10:26 yaiy
Pickle IOI
Pickle IOI - Day ago
5:20 Animal Crossing Leaf.
Hufflepuff's Virgo
Hufflepuff's Virgo - Day ago
Y do u need to mess with Malaysia
Lachy Wallace
Lachy Wallace - Day ago
I’m Australian
Botbox X-treem
Botbox X-treem - Day ago
Comment: fix Czechoslovakia flag
Me in Czechoslovakia: how dare u
ethan ricciardi
ethan ricciardi - 4 hours ago
Czechoslovakia broke into Czech republic and Slovakia
Allison VP
Allison VP - Day ago
That butt is too small to be Brazilian, brincadeira, aqui as coisas são normais, vcs que brizam achando que só tem gostosa
Amanda Gonzalez
Amanda Gonzalez - Day ago
0:28 rip china cause of the monster called:coronavirus
Amanda Gonzalez
Amanda Gonzalez - Day ago
i mean japan japans in danger too
Life - Day ago
Im offended because malaysia is mi country :/
Alexinio Hello
Alexinio Hello - Day ago
Fix the romania flag
Jecht M.
Jecht M. - Day ago
Pls fix the 🇵🇭
Espeon - Day ago
Scotland ayeee
Water Drop
Water Drop - Day ago
7:10 good thing you didn't live in Malaysia my country or you will send to jail for one year
Adam Fikri Nadri
Adam Fikri Nadri - Day ago
Adam Fikri Nadri
Adam Fikri Nadri - Day ago
Yes your right
Johannes Elli’s vlog
Pls fiz philipines’ falg
Chea Voanrot David
Chea Voanrot David - Day ago
I though you were gonna photoshop a niple for nepal's flag
Simon Batrla
Simon Batrla - Day ago
Fuck yeah my favorite YouTubed was in my country
Skyjumper - Day ago
Fix morroco flag
Japan - Kun ÙwÚ
Japan - Kun ÙwÚ - Day ago
The Philippines
Adrian Baezmiyares off limits don't touch me!!
But your little nasty to everyone
Adrian Baezmiyares off limits don't touch me!!
Why did you put a girl's butt LOL oh LOL oh LOL oh LOL oh LOL
Adrian Baezmiyares off limits don't touch me!!
Why are you swearing stop because I hate people when they swear
Kasey Marriott
Kasey Marriott - Day ago
When you fixed my flag instead of covering all the stars with the UK flag...shoulda made the stars on fire
Angel Aguila
Angel Aguila - Day ago
Still waiting for part 2 please
Jec Eslabra
Jec Eslabra - Day ago
philippines flag
elman game show
elman game show - 2 days ago
Fix Haiiwai
The Zandrack Show
The Zandrack Show - 2 days ago
Brazil’s flag looks like some kind of off-brand Ginger Ale or something...
foop - Day ago
Why is this so fucking accurate
Sangam Khadka
Sangam Khadka - 2 days ago
Thanks for fixing Nepal’s flag... I really appreciate it though 😂😂😂
Khánh Lâm Phước
Khánh Lâm Phước - 2 days ago
I counted... 6156 American flags
Zaid Ahmad
Zaid Ahmad - 2 days ago
Fix Jordan’s flag please
ÄUSTRÄLIÄ - 2 days ago
3:42 🤦‍🤷‍♀️
ÄUSTRÄLIÄ - 2 days ago
3:15 I apolagize to the Brazilians but that's so fucking funny.
Samuel Mault
Samuel Mault - 2 days ago
Jack, you sound like MattShea
Santadan1225 Murphy
Santadan1225 Murphy - 2 days ago
Fix Rhode Island's flag
VoidOfLife - 2 days ago
fix me...
Hasanzilla 777
Hasanzilla 777 - 2 days ago
Fix packistan flag
A N D R E W - 2 days ago
fix north koreas flag
Shreyasi Pandey
Shreyasi Pandey - 2 days ago
I'm Nepali.
Manuel Mares
Manuel Mares - 2 days ago
You made the uk flag
miguel moyo
miguel moyo - 2 days ago
fix the philippines flag
Christopher Acosta Simon
Well the state I was born in is now a Pacman
evilomes 252
evilomes 252 - 2 days ago
Jeké Československo ci mám najebať?
Dog - 2 days ago
(Jack fixing Algeria flag)
Jack: Where have I seen this before?
Me: (looks at symbol in middle)
Also me: soviet russia
Reece Engelbrecht
Reece Engelbrecht - 2 days ago
Fix south Africa s flag
Sojio - 2 days ago
fix madagascar’s flag
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