Kelly Price, Luke James & More Sing Verse For Verse In This Cypher | Soul Train Awards 2018

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Anthoney Bee
Anthoney Bee - 2 hours ago
Time to pay da PRICE lol
Divine Diva
Divine Diva - 5 hours ago
I’ve rewind BJ’s part so many times then I go to Kelly! I love these cyphers!
britany johnson
britany johnson - 3 hours ago
yes yes yes meeeee you know if bj is singing a part of one of his original songs or is that just a verse made up for this cypher..
asiamoe - 9 hours ago
I can’t stop watching this !!
Dez Burgers
Dez Burgers - 9 hours ago
Who decided to put queen naija... I gotta know I really do
Luke James can sang his ass off. Damn.
passionateformusic - 10 hours ago
I keep rewinding Kelly Price's part. Huntyyyy 🙌🏾🔥
The truth
The truth - 11 hours ago
Why did they do the same song two years in a row
Tri - 11 hours ago
That little snippet of erykah badu was off the chain!!
Fabbfoxxi Grooms
Fabbfoxxi Grooms - 12 hours ago
I swear every time Luke sings a note or hum I want to throw my panties at the TV! That man something special....Smh.
Nia Machaela
Nia Machaela - 12 hours ago
Bj’s voice is so sweet 😩, kelllllllly had me weak from the first sound she made.
Jesse Fezia
Jesse Fezia - 13 hours ago
I don't even know where to begin with this, but when I first saw this, BJ had me going and Kelly just had me running laps around the room. I had just saw Robert Glasper (H-Town represent) the day before this aired.
Tila Bryant
Tila Bryant - 13 hours ago
I’m so damn annoyed with the “what song are they singing” comments dummy it’s a “freestyle” soul session go google “freestyle” please 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
britany johnson
britany johnson - 3 hours ago
uh if you think this is really a "freestyle" and if you dont recognize the actual songs "karma" "friend of mine" and "if only you knew" mixed into the cypher...then uh...i wouldn't be calling other people dummies lolol
Tila Bryant
Tila Bryant - 13 hours ago
Queen naija seems completely and totally out of it but pregnancy can do that to you sometimes 🤷🏽‍♀️
Kimberly Mathes
Kimberly Mathes - 14 hours ago
Kelly Kelly Kelly ❤️❤️❤️
Mzz Cherokee
Mzz Cherokee - 15 hours ago
I’ve watched this so much, I know everybody’s part lol 😂 Kelly Killed this 🔥😍
jazzi24881 - 17 hours ago
Bj and kelly killed it
Karim - 18 hours ago
Mics are def autotuned. I hate that every televised event has autotuned mics now, because they all have great voices, and it takes away from the raw emotion that we connect with.
Karim - 13 hours ago
+Tila Bryant I'm a musician. I know when mics are autotuned. If you watch "The Four," you can hear it on their mics too.
Tila Bryant
Tila Bryant - 13 hours ago
Karim ummm no bj’s voice really sounds like that go see him live. Pure talent but some ppl wouldn’t understand that so🤷🏽‍♀️
Destiney Hart
Destiney Hart - 19 hours ago
They were all Amazing tho ,REAL SHIT THEY KILLED IT !!!!
Destiney Hart
Destiney Hart - 19 hours ago
Keke Wyatt , faith Evans , kelly can stay , Avory wilson , My girl Fantasia WOULD HAVE ROCKED THE MIC !!!!
Jaythan Figueroa
Jaythan Figueroa - 21 hour ago
Queen najias worst performance ever
softmusic86 - 21 hour ago
Kelly said ,"Took all I had" That right there.
softmusic86 - 21 hour ago
Dear Lord Kelly Price....My God and the Luke Guy. All did great!!!
Takudzwa Bako
Takudzwa Bako - 22 hours ago
Amazing more of them need to have fun like luke
Tyshira Marie
Tyshira Marie - 22 hours ago
Kelly Kelly Kelly😫😻🥰
Rich Ling
Rich Ling - 22 hours ago
Omg Luke and Queen 😭💜🙌🏾
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson - 22 hours ago
I bet chris regrets cheating on queen now 😂 she making big moves💯
Comedian ComaDee Allen
Luke Murdered it, him and Brandy is pretty much the same singer and they look alike too. BJ did his thing as well
Brandon Dimmer
Brandon Dimmer - Day ago
Kelly is a force to be reckoned with! She is Queen of the vocal chords!
pat White
pat White - Day ago
I love the show but I. Have to see my sis Queen Naija. I 💘 her she is a sweetheart. 💘 her music video's family and team. You go my 💘
Nicholas Bailey
Nicholas Bailey - Day ago
wow Queen Naija looked so uncomfortable and lost up there . bless her lol
First Last
First Last - Day ago
Bj the Chicago Kid straight🔥🔥🔥 Queen sounded AWESOME she still a new artist so her performance is getting better....Luke James vocals on Point and Miss.Kelly Price😲😲😲_______ Im back now....She took my breath away FLAWLESS
Trayton - Day ago
I NEED BRANDY, JAZMINE SULLIVAN , KEKE WYATT, LEDISY (sorry if I spelled her name wrong)
Johsimina Mcaafe
Johsimina Mcaafe - Day ago
Alicia Wedderburn
Alicia Wedderburn - Day ago
They were all good but Kelly Price just killed it. I love how they all made their own verse then came to the original song.
alan Leigh
alan Leigh - Day ago
Anyone know the song Kelly was singing?
dream Thomas
dream Thomas - Day ago
I think friend of mine by herself
Akilah Trammell
Akilah Trammell - Day ago
Love this.they all did amazing. Kelly on a whole different level tho!!
Michael J Morgan
Michael J Morgan - Day ago
BJ is the truth!! Luke James got too much soul and Kelly as always.... Flawless!
Daiane Lino Dai
Daiane Lino Dai - Day ago
What music that BJ Chicago sing?
Daiane Lino Dai
Daiane Lino Dai - Day ago
What music that BJ sing?
Denesha Long
Denesha Long - Day ago
Love Bj too Queen should’ve went first
Denesha Long
Denesha Long - Day ago
Kelly price lawd! Queen didn’t fit this piece
G. Money
G. Money - Day ago
Thundercat killing!!!!
Dave Williams
Dave Williams - Day ago
Nijja sounded good to me! And if it wasn't for her this wouldn't even be at million views, just keeping it 100%, and I'm not even a super fan like that!
Sharla Richardson
Sharla Richardson - Day ago
So y’all just gon sleep on BJ giving his testimony in this cypher, huh? Ok 👌 👀🙌🏾
IronRose Chronicles
Maaaan....BJ kilt it. Luke handled his bitness with his part and had the adlibs on POINT! Then Kelly closed the casket!!! Queennis good, but not yet ready. They definitely could have gotten someone else but it was good overall! Dope
CarriesaTV - Day ago
2:59 - 3:03 that change was everything!
CeeBee Show
CeeBee Show - Day ago
Omg kelly ❤️
Exodus - Day ago
i know Kells aint shit, but after what he did on Sway, i need a soul cypher from R kelly.
And I'd still beat the breaks off of Kelly price...I'll fight Mr.Biggs if i have to
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams - Day ago
Sang Kelly!!
Jasmine Cumberbatch
I feel like Queen held back on this! Idk why though. She should’ve showed out like she does at her shows
Nozipho Mnyandu
Nozipho Mnyandu - Day ago
I think im responsible for at least 30% of the total views....great performance
Darnell Sixstringz Crawford
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones - Day ago
It was a good cypher but i wasnt feeling luke singin on everyone part lmao like boy pipe down but it was a chill factor frfr
contessameka - Day ago
Naija must’ve been super nervous she sounds so much better than this lackluster performance
Chris Agarrat
Chris Agarrat - Day ago
Luke did his thing!!!!!
Jared Yup
Jared Yup - Day ago
What song is bj singin?
Jared Yup
Jared Yup - Day ago
Tila Bryant fasho
Tila Bryant
Tila Bryant - Day ago
Jared Yup it’s a freestyle aka they just making it up on the spot to patti Labella’s only you knew instrumentals. They do this every year
Maria Charra
Maria Charra - Day ago
Luke Killed
Maria Charra
Maria Charra - Day ago
I skip over Queen
Dorian Daniels
Dorian Daniels - Day ago
If you knew Kelly Price was singing you should have came with your A game, damn even Erika sounded better than Queen Nija who. Give me 90/2000 music all day.
Dede's Youtube Channel
Three amazing voices and one less than amazing...why? There are so many truly gifted young artists that deserved tha spot...
skylajade - Day ago
Keke Wyatt need to be in the soul cyhper
Tila Bryant
Tila Bryant - Day ago
skylajade yes she would kill it❤️
Amari Nieh
Amari Nieh - 2 days ago
Why am I just now seeing this !
Nick Hector
Nick Hector - 2 days ago
D K S - 2 days ago
Queen did good for her first and all this mo drama queen did so did everyone else
Nadine Walker
Nadine Walker - 2 days ago
Luke James and the first guy killed that shit. HANDS DOWN love Kelly always
Violet Duh
Violet Duh - 2 days ago
Naija Looks Intimidated..
Shane wonder
Shane wonder - 2 days ago
Can we all just say all 4 of them was absolutely outstanding and stop finding faults I can't stop watching this performance 🔥🔥🔥🔥
kadishra16 - 2 days ago
This right here!!!!!
Neander Doe
Neander Doe - 2 days ago
Damn naija STRUGGLING for those 4 notes. Whack.
Neander Doe
Neander Doe - 2 days ago
Get that irrelevant light bright off the stage. She needs a breather and several voice lessons to compete with black women vocals. Girl bye.
AdorableAnndria M
AdorableAnndria M - 2 days ago
☺😊My soul is nourished & my 👂ears enjoyed each flavor of vocals😌😍😍😍I loved every second of them all
Jasmine - 2 days ago
Bj was amazing give him his props .. I loved everyone they all sounded great 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Patrick Dillard
Patrick Dillard - 2 days ago
Kelly could have sang the whole song by herself. Not hating, I am just a Big Kelly Price fan
Jajuan Knight
Jajuan Knight - 2 days ago
Man Bj nice man 🐐🐐🐐🐐
WonderWoman - 2 days ago
Yessssssss❤️they all did fyaaaaaa🔥
BreBre123605 - 2 days ago
Ok because queen did excellent all of them did good just cuz queen didnt wanna be up there she still tried her best even if she was nervous all of them good singers
Nikeshia Jones
Nikeshia Jones - 2 days ago
One person need more voice coaching 🤔🤔🤦🏾‍♀️
ayesha oostburg
ayesha oostburg - 2 days ago
Luke James.....if only you knew the things I wanne do to you😍
ayesha oostburg
ayesha oostburg - 2 days ago
If I got a $ for everythime I listened to this. I could take my family out to red lobster.
ayesha oostburg
ayesha oostburg - 2 days ago
I know if only and karma. Can someone help m with the names of the other songs?
Bj's, Luke's and Kelly's
Paige Washington
Paige Washington - Day ago
Kelly's is Friend of Mine her number 1 chile
Yusef Harris
Yusef Harris - 2 days ago
Those were the only two songs that they was a freestyle💟 Your comments had me laughing. Thanks so much.
Vivian S
Vivian S - 2 days ago
The queen is terrrrribbllllleeeee
contessameka - 2 days ago
Man all they could do was be KP back up singers and I don’t blame them
Lash G
Lash G - 2 days ago
Jacquees needs to get on this!!! Make this a real song!!!
The P
The P - Day ago
Paige Washington lol the royal clown....
Paige Washington
Paige Washington - Day ago
He da Kang tho kmsl
The P
The P - 2 days ago
Lash G dude cant hang with these guys. Maybe queen. But he cant hang with the other three. He can sing, but they can SANG. Theres a difference.
Mandy Hh
Mandy Hh - 2 days ago
Bj and luke come through
Dawnahh MaRee
Dawnahh MaRee - 2 days ago
I love Queen. But this was not okay , she was off beat and out of place. Smh they should have put her with other newcomers vs putting her along side kelly price.
Bamba Fall
Bamba Fall - 2 days ago
DK _ channel
DK _ channel - 2 days ago
Kelly price did it ip
Drew Briggzy
Drew Briggzy - 2 days ago
That boy Luke james came out like August Alsino
Alicia Williams
Alicia Williams - 2 days ago
they both from new Orleans
Jasmine Heskey
Jasmine Heskey - 2 days ago
when Queen Naija hit that "around" note.. Lord Jesus! 😫
Ryan Marsh
Ryan Marsh - 2 days ago
I respect all their talent but honestly Erykah’s short part gave me the most chills... her tone is unmatched and effortless
Paige Washington
Paige Washington - 2 days ago
Now I understand why I started singing life and favor. Smh
mrsthicke23 - 2 days ago
javonni goodrich
javonni goodrich - 2 days ago
Cut Luke James mic off
The P
The P - 2 days ago
javonni goodrich please!!! Lol doin the absolute most!!!
Mischka TAMAS
Mischka TAMAS - 2 days ago
I enjoyed every moment of this,All of It !!!!!!!!
brina - 2 days ago
Waiting for that Luke James and Kelly Price collaboration🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ashley lett
Ashley lett - 2 days ago
BJ The Chicago Kid came out with the fire..he set the tone and Kelly Finished it. Those two were the bomb. BJ I'm looking for you!!!!!
Custom CE LLC
Custom CE LLC - 2 days ago
😍❤ - 3 days ago
yall ever just thought like ‘it’s like we grew up with Queen’ like we really watched her grow up from youtube to soul train awards ! 😩😭❤️
Danielle Legree
Danielle Legree - 3 days ago
Look at my baby Luke too hype to jump in mad cute 😂
Parris McQueen
Parris McQueen - 3 days ago
Haters will say queen don't belong there
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