Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - Monster

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NumbersAndSports - Hour ago
God damn.. song is dope, melody is dope, message is dope but I still cannot get past how cringy Beiber comes across in live videos. lol. I almost want to laugh seeing him attempt to have swag, lol. It throws the vibe off. If it was just his audio then this shit would have been smooth. Look at the difference between Shawn and Bieber. One feels authentic, cool etc... the other feels like watching some Beverly hills kid act out on tiktoc, lol.
Garima Dass
Garima Dass - Hour ago
Pekerja migran
Pekerja migran - Hour ago
I like music song great @justinbieber
Kamran Ahmed
Kamran Ahmed - Hour ago
Wassup guys its your boy killer
Darren Maddawat
Darren Maddawat - Hour ago
FM Lyrics
FM Lyrics - Hour ago
Isabelle solano
Isabelle solano - Hour ago
Oh Man! 👏👏👏👏👏
Ishan Sharma
Ishan Sharma - Hour ago
I bet you'll enjoy this version of MONSTER 🥺 ❤️
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FAU-G. ASIA Gaming - Hour ago
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Jude Shalom
Jude Shalom - Hour ago
Monstrous 🔥🔥🔥🔥
MONSTER (Cover Song) with 720p visuals
Viral Muzic
Viral Muzic - Hour ago
Congratulations for 27 million Subscribers.
Amin memon
Amin memon - Hour ago
Justin Bieber is most searched singer in last 10 years over all💕💕
greeta florence
greeta florence - Hour ago
J R N GAMING - Hour ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love this song👍🏻👍🏻
The Nice Guy
The Nice Guy - Hour ago
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Elle Belle
Elle Belle - Hour ago
Definitely great pairing. Love it guys 👍👍😎
colezax - Hour ago
giving me vibes of that time when dream and techno teamed up in mc championship
Udit Joshi
Udit Joshi - Hour ago
Atleast something good happened in 2020.
Ishan Sharma
Ishan Sharma - Hour ago
I bet you'll enjoy this version of MONSTER 🥺
Salim Mache
Salim Mache - Hour ago
Two legend one song =
Besttttttteeeee song of the world=Monster
Meghna Dindorkar
Meghna Dindorkar - Hour ago
BEST COLLAB EVER!!!!its lyrics are too good
Miriene Viveiro
Miriene Viveiro - Hour ago
Kaori Bermudez Vargas
✨W O W✨
Masala Host
Masala Host - Hour ago
Harshith Raj
Harshith Raj - Hour ago
Justin before:Wth is shawn mendes?
Justin now:Monster
Anggito Sebastian
Anggito Sebastian - Hour ago
sahithi 6
sahithi 6 - Hour ago
Tosia & Leon
Tosia & Leon - Hour ago
That was 6 days ago and it has got 33 mln views OMG😮 That would be the most popular song on youtube
Tadiv & Luuh
Tadiv & Luuh - Hour ago
Ana Lancaster
Ana Lancaster - Hour ago
Who’s listening this before hit 100M
Ana Lancaster
Ana Lancaster - Hour ago
Who is watching this before hit 100M
YourGotoGuy - Hour ago
*Crewmate calls me sus*
Me: *_Then am I the Monster?_*
*_just let me know_*
Avni Duari
Avni Duari - Hour ago
No you guys are not Monsters, rather "beautiful"
As pessoas te julgam sem você saber o pq, te machucam por um erro bobo como se nunca tivessem errado, como se todas as ações delas fossem perfeitas. fazem vc se sentir algo que vc não é só pra ter o que dizer e ainda tem coragem de dizer que são amigas. Uma amizade assim é melhor ser sozinha. É minha opinião e vc pode descordar dela e isso não faz de ninguém um monstro só demonstra a nossa diversidade. Essa e com certeza a melhor musica que já ouvi.
Prince Dajour
Prince Dajour - Hour ago
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roger rick
roger rick - Hour ago
This song is a perfect definition of why bieber is called the prince of pop👑
X_ Tocaii _X
X_ Tocaii _X - Hour ago
Shawn your not the monster cuz your the angel😊 😇
櫻井惺英 - Hour ago
Beste Dişkaya
Beste Dişkaya - Hour ago
ah hailey.....
Beste Dişkaya
Beste Dişkaya - Hour ago
@Anjali Choudhury ahahahaha nothing. ı love hailey. LOL :D
Anjali Choudhury
Anjali Choudhury - Hour ago
uh what?
Paulina K
Paulina K - Hour ago
this song is sad....
t ιgηιтє
t ιgηιтє - Hour ago
Jerwins TV
Jerwins TV - Hour ago
nice lovable song
Jang Daro
Jang Daro - Hour ago
MARF M A R F I - Hour ago
Who watching this 2020!
Love it 😍
Cher Cher
Cher Cher - Hour ago
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Sara Tuveri
Sara Tuveri - Hour ago
Cher Cher
Cher Cher - Hour ago
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Syed Muqtar
Syed Muqtar - Hour ago
Legendary song by legendary men!
Kiki Look
Kiki Look - Hour ago
meleleh sama nada lagunya sih ini .. 🇮🇩🇮🇩
Athena Sy
Athena Sy - Hour ago
They can hate the guy all they want but we can all admit that Bieber make songs 5x better when he's in it.
Shawn Shawn
Shawn Shawn - Hour ago
I love you Shawn
Dyandre Dourado
Dyandre Dourado - Hour ago
Ishan Sharma
Ishan Sharma - Hour ago
I bet you'll enjoy this version of MONSTER 🥺 ❤️
Zakiah Hanum
Zakiah Hanum - Hour ago
justin will have no ugly song record if he doesn't even release yummy at first place.
Zakiah Hanum
Zakiah Hanum - Hour ago
@Anjali Choudhury agreeedddd don't care about the dark meaning shit in that song at all because its ugly af.
Anjali Choudhury
Anjali Choudhury - Hour ago
fr bro fr. ik that there's a really dark meaning behind it but it didn't deserve to be the lead single of "changes" actually the worst song of his carrer lyrically and music wise
Vijayakumar Rajah
Vijayakumar Rajah - Hour ago
Why I love them so much
Dinesh Prabu
Dinesh Prabu - Hour ago
Only people who are allergic to Almond joy can like This 👇
Mr anomalous Fagan
Mr anomalous Fagan - Hour ago
I'm looking for a song I heard but haven't found in years
Khmer Khmer
Khmer Khmer - Hour ago
This song should have reached 200m by now, amazing collaboration
zkdlin EXO_L'S
zkdlin EXO_L'S - Hour ago
zkdlin EXO_L'S
zkdlin EXO_L'S - Hour ago
NCS Magic Sound
NCS Magic Sound - Hour ago
Still very top Justin. Do you see that?
Marco Cisneros
Marco Cisneros - 2 hours ago
He is still in his pedestal
Bruh forsake all for Christ;
You cannot serve God and money(Matthew 6:24)
Love God above all the things ur wife,ur family even tho ur own life
Give ur life for ur friends,enemies
Like Jesus Christ
Love is most important thing
Alisha Cunha
Alisha Cunha - 2 hours ago
And if I am? 🙊😏
PAIN AKAtsuki - 2 hours ago
Stephany Younes
Stephany Younes - 2 hours ago
this is literally my fav song now. Like Shawn and Justin signing a beautiful sing is all we ever needed. 2020 is ending in a good way
Shuhaib Shoib
Shuhaib Shoib - 2 hours ago
മലയാളീസ് ആരും ഇല്ലേ
Qashmal Rasyid
Qashmal Rasyid - 2 hours ago
justin and his abang-abangan
Jasmin Portillo
Jasmin Portillo - 2 hours ago
Bobby william
Bobby william - 2 hours ago
I remeber was justin Bieber told ( who is shawn mendes) 🆘📵🚷
Alex Ronuk
Alex Ronuk - 2 hours ago
I come here everyday, this song is already my favourite 💚
Dr. Manoj Kumar Padhy
Dr. Manoj Kumar Padhy - 2 hours ago
The end tune of this awesome song is just awesome...😍🤩
Laissy Nascimento
Laissy Nascimento - 2 hours ago
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee songgggggg aaaaaaaaaa
jessica marshall
jessica marshall - 2 hours ago
This song was too short
Super Alkuwait
Super Alkuwait - 2 hours ago
The people who dislike this are sick man
Niala B
Niala B - 2 hours ago
How does hailey feel that her ex and her husband done a song together
FORCE INDONESIA - 2 hours ago
Canada Legends Nice song !!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Sai Kartik Hosur
Sai Kartik Hosur - 2 hours ago
Ilmie Rohma
Ilmie Rohma - 2 hours ago
2 boys my boo
Wurstkäse Salat
Wurstkäse Salat - 2 hours ago
Isabelle Revana
Isabelle Revana - 2 hours ago
JB 5 years ago : "who's shawn mendes?"
JB now 'collab with Shawn'
iam hussem
iam hussem - 2 hours ago
a song for shym I guess!
BREEZZY COMEDY - 2 hours ago
Emmanuella Just Bought a House 🏠 for her Mum. God bless anyone reading this comment. May you buy a house for your mum soon.... Started a new channel
Guys pls wish me good luck 😥😥
Kurique Sharesias
Kurique Sharesias - 2 hours ago
I just realized I love Shawn voice more than Bieber
Chrystal Ferrer
Chrystal Ferrer - 2 hours ago
Jayhawk - 2 hours ago
Brother: Hey bro you have been listening to this damn song the whole day.
Me: You know somebody's gonna make sure this song reaches a billion views.

And same goes for you all. Where y'all beliebers and Army at, make sure that this song reaches 1 billion views asap.
RDazzler Motion Pictures
RDazzler Motion Pictures - 2 hours ago
Best Duo both got fame at small age both are great singer both are handsome..
Claratina - 2 hours ago
"Holding it against me, like you're the holy one"
clash with Jasmita
clash with Jasmita - 2 hours ago
Best collaboration forever 😍❤️
Kghjj Kgojkff
Kghjj Kgojkff - 2 hours ago
I love u 😪
YuRi - 2 hours ago
What if they had deeper voices
Heng Sushi
Heng Sushi - 2 hours ago
When justin sang .. i just wanna say wow😯... thats beautiful voices
F. I
F. I - 2 hours ago
I can't stop listening to this number🎶💖
harv haerv
harv haerv - 2 hours ago
modern songs are horrible imo
Oreotigercat - Hour ago
Your comment was so pointless.
Fafa Ifah Latiefah
Fafa Ifah Latiefah - 2 hours ago
Dari Indonesia mana?
Mohamed Norfitri
Mohamed Norfitri - 2 hours ago
if they acted in twilight i would give and awesome report
Coco Farfar
Coco Farfar - 2 hours ago
Finally now he knows shawn mendes
wondering tea
wondering tea - 2 hours ago
Ouuuuu fuck love this one
Ragz05 - 2 hours ago
like... if you sing this song while sleeping!!!!!!
Angelika Ohanian
Angelika Ohanian - 2 hours ago
Jovi Bachokta
Jovi Bachokta - 2 hours ago
infinity gaming
infinity gaming - 2 hours ago
Infinty love for shawn
Chris Brown Breezy
Chris Brown Breezy - 2 hours ago
QUE som Shaw Mendes FT Justin Bieber dois cantores muito bom mais como vcs, podem ver sou fã do Chris Brown
Manoj Borthakur
Manoj Borthakur - 2 hours ago
Next videos