12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them

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Jubilee - Month ago
Some people say, “The great love of their life is music”, but can you fall in love with a musician JUST by hearing their music?
In today’s Vs. 1, we wanted to see if that was the case. Check out the episode & let us know which musical performance/musician you would want to get to know more.
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Vishal Bobde
Vishal Bobde - 4 days ago
I challenge, 12:1 physics/maths graduates
Dog Manyt100
Dog Manyt100 - 9 days ago
@DeaTillie Ceccarelli I WILL S L A P P YOU & CALL 911 IF YOU DON'T S L A P P 🅱️ A S S
Dog Manyt100
Dog Manyt100 - 9 days ago
@Pontus Olsson yes but, I WILL S L A P P YOU & CALL 911 IF YOU DON'T S L A P P 🅱️ A S S
Dog Manyt100
Dog Manyt100 - 9 days ago
@twin cherry you need Opera + I WILL S L A P P YOU & CALL 911 IF YOU DON'T S L A P P 🅱️ A S S
Dog Manyt100
Dog Manyt100 - 9 days ago
@maddie mc I WILL S L A P P YOU & CALL 911 IF YOU DON'T S L A P P 🅱️ A S S *CRINGE*
Alan Heisenberg
Alan Heisenberg - 11 hours ago
Why dont they just make a band with all of them. 😂😂😂 imagine
alpha barry
alpha barry - 11 hours ago
I only came to these videos bc i saw Dav in a music video lmaooo maybe he will blow up in 3 years
Joao Seibold
Joao Seibold - 12 hours ago
Song name from Max
Samantha Parker
Samantha Parker - 13 hours ago
Olagarro Campante
Olagarro Campante - 14 hours ago
12 musicians, just singers guitarists and pianists, seriously?
Sandra Phan
Sandra Phan - 15 hours ago
Dav from area 51
tupac shakur
tupac shakur - 15 hours ago
imagine dav using autotune
RandomVids - 16 hours ago
The minute she showed hesitation I would have shook her hand and said have a nice day.
Andre Hernandez
Andre Hernandez - 16 hours ago
None of those guys are musicians....they are artists....None of this guys studied music neither they know about music, if they know anything is how to poorly play their instruments...😑 Not the video I was expecting...( It's just what I think...)
Joy Mbugua
Joy Mbugua - 18 hours ago
I'm all here for Sedo and his lip syncing! What a guy loool
Penelope Pegg
Penelope Pegg - 20 hours ago
This actually sucks. People being eliminated by their passion??? So much of them gave their legit all :((( totally understand their defenses
Penelope Pegg
Penelope Pegg - 20 hours ago
That max guy was wicked
Quichang Fa
Quichang Fa - 21 hour ago
Given a chance I would sing Incubus - Dig.
Esther NB
Esther NB - 21 hour ago
Roman sounds a bit like Micheal Bublé
river - 22 hours ago
I stan our homeboi mikey
river - 22 hours ago
Yo i would've given max a chance i stan a musically inclined boi who can do more than just play guitar
Zelamae Bartiana
Zelamae Bartiana - 23 hours ago
I’m in love with mikey 🤣
WaterFlame957 - Day ago
Hell, I'll take Alec!!! 😍😍
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - Day ago
10:47 she obviously regretted her choice, ouch. Even indirectly said he's ugly, SAVAGE
JustPassingBy - Day ago
Play me a violin and BOOM I'm in love.
Ellen Jarrard
Ellen Jarrard - Day ago
She is so beautiful, though
Kayla Wrenn
Kayla Wrenn - Day ago
if i heard a man playing babe im gonna leave u by zeppelin like that i would literally quit and say thats it hes the one
Kayyy - Day ago
David was david dobrik minus youtube
taj lyons
taj lyons - Day ago
Y’all lusting over Mikey when max was a bop
Alec Berlin
Alec Berlin - Day ago
YEAH! Let’s gooo Alec! My man!
Sleezy Og
Sleezy Og - Day ago
im weak "your ugly"
Allison Vazquez
Allison Vazquez - Day ago
Max has my type of music that made me thought she would pick him
Dylan Murrell
Dylan Murrell - Day ago
I want to die
Amy Zhang
Amy Zhang - Day ago
Mikey is giving me Ed Sheeran vibes
Modus Pwnens
Modus Pwnens - Day ago
David is so hard on himself! His drumming was awesome. Love the drums :D
itismemaggie - Day ago
2:26 “if you only knew how little i know about the things that matter”
Al - Day ago
Damn, dude with no friends and her would probably would have gotten married.
Lucy Logan
Lucy Logan - Day ago
ooo that song when she picked the guy, I see you using artlist jubilee
Anna Arlet
Anna Arlet - Day ago
Thanks for introducing me to MyKey ❤
Si Angkol Mandrey D Colo
this girl too many watching drama..
Cbass - Day ago
SoundCloud rappers are not musicians
HJNight Gamer
HJNight Gamer - Day ago
David was rly hard on himself
Antonela Burga
Antonela Burga - Day ago
Mykey and Max, lovely guys
itsjustsami - Day ago
how annoying is her laugh?
abby andersen
abby andersen - Day ago
Damn mikey is a great guy.
David Slaner
David Slaner - Day ago
Roman was born for singing out of the tune
fairykeitlyn - Day ago
Maria is very pretty, I was like quite surprised lolol
Riley Peters
Riley Peters - Day ago
literally from the clip that her and mikey were bouncing their foot together i WANTED THEM TO GET MARRIED
Trynamics - Day ago
What's star-lord doing here? 2:00
Miss Shreeyar
Miss Shreeyar - Day ago
Mikey Issa mood
Lemon Nostalgia
Lemon Nostalgia - Day ago
damn, mikeyyyy! 💕
Peter Walker
Peter Walker - Day ago
Andrew for me. The piano was beautiful
majestica - Day ago
Mikey and Max. That's it. That's the comment.
leanna ashley
leanna ashley - Day ago
max is so cute (':
chika syndhika
chika syndhika - Day ago
mikey's a dream, literally screamed the second i saw him
red cherry
red cherry - Day ago
Maria is so beautiful
Something Something
I want this
Catherine Lowe
Catherine Lowe - Day ago
Max and Mikey were the best, hands. Down.
Juan Arocha
Juan Arocha - Day ago
And after this all the guys got together and became a better band than one Direction
Esmeranda Amada Sanchez Cepeda
Noooooo micky come back!!
Chloe Lee
Chloe Lee - Day ago
JD F - Day ago
It's too bad, the ones she rejected showed such personality when they were playing. I wanted to see how a conversation with them might go...
JD F - Day ago
Ok first impressions: do NoT pick the black dude with he bleached hair

He's mine 🤩
elle z
elle z - Day ago
aw david
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