Jeff Hardy beats King Corbin on behalf of The Undertaker | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN

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WWE ON FOX - 10 days ago
Were you surprised by Hardy's appearance when King Corbin started disrespecting The Undertaker?
طريق السلام
طريق السلام - 4 days ago
keiichi Maebara
keiichi Maebara - 5 days ago
@Zulay Rojas and no I don't hate you just speaking the truth
keiichi Maebara
keiichi Maebara - 5 days ago
@Zulay Rojas the things that are real and I'll list them the risk they take getting in the ring the athletic ability the taking bumps maybe every once in awhile they get mad at each other for reasons backstage and have a shoot but that's about it even wrestlers will tell you that notice how I said the things you were talking about were fake and not wrestling itself because it's not wrestling that's fake but what you're arguing is about something that's fake that you think is real oh my gosh learn
keiichi Maebara
keiichi Maebara - 5 days ago
@Zulay Rojas 🙃or does that mean that Kane really is a demon
keiichi Maebara
keiichi Maebara - 5 days ago
@Zulay Rojas 🙃or does that mean that there really was a magical avoid that, too Little People's Court when DX went under the
Luciano Solorzano
Luciano Solorzano - 2 days ago
jeff hardy is the best
Based Gringo
Based Gringo - 3 days ago
never thought I'd see wrestling get any more cringey, but without a crowd it does
Mitchell A
Mitchell A - 3 days ago
Taker would be the perfect mentor/teacher for today's current superstars.
Alex Mathews
Alex Mathews - 3 days ago
You don't get respect you earn it like the undertaker, to have many people to defend your honor an your pride.
william ross
william ross - 3 days ago
king corbin needs to be fired bc the undertaker is a great man why did corbin say all that
Veritech Girl
Veritech Girl - 4 days ago
Thumbnail = Matt holding a mini-Braun! 😂😂😂
Johnny Eayre
Johnny Eayre - 4 days ago
I dont watch this much anymore but the old school logo? 👌
Angelo Marchini
Angelo Marchini - 5 days ago
It’s amazing how you can tell Matt Riddle is going to be the future of WWE 100% because he went inside the ring and did his move and then went on the top rope to show respect for the Undertaker , then other superstars who have been there for a while.
The Glad Town
The Glad Town - 5 days ago
Sounds like they got about the same amount of people in the audience as they have for the last several years.
Nick Allen
Nick Allen - 5 days ago
That slight pause sold it for me. Props to Michael Cole for that
Nick Chalmers
Nick Chalmers - 5 days ago
its sad i pay 10 a mo for wwe network and this match is on youtube for free but not on the network yet idk soo dum
Tomjo5 - 5 days ago
ultimate worrior
ultimate worrior - 6 days ago
Remy Rolling Gaming
Remy Rolling Gaming - 6 days ago
This moment has classic written all over it
Tigerguy 101
Tigerguy 101 - 6 days ago
2:01 uh yes you can, multi world champion, 25-2 at wrestlemania, tag team champion, and the true face of WWE
BlackSuave44 - 6 days ago
I've always liked Jeff Hardy's footwear in the ring.
Arguably the best boots in wrestling.
Tombstone Wrestling
Tombstone Wrestling - 6 days ago
Hardy felt the power of the new day
Yung activist
Yung activist - 7 days ago
4:58 when did wwe get another mma fighter
Yung activist
Yung activist - 7 days ago
Whats sup with my mans shirt. He needs a whole new attire
MR. GOOGLE - 7 days ago
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez - 7 days ago
Are people really enjoying this ?
El Chapo
El Chapo - 7 days ago
Wrestling sucks now smh
Ahny Mus
Ahny Mus - 7 days ago
Lmao this is just toooooo good
Strong David Wood
Strong David Wood - 7 days ago
If you think about it: this is a conclusion to an amazing story between these two. That ladder match they had was amazing and at the end, Taker raised his hand out of respect because he wouldn't stay down. Jeff really "became famous" that night as J. R put it and now, a now famous Jeff Hardy is paying respects to Taker, the deadman who helped make him famous.
Micah Goldsborough
Micah Goldsborough - 7 days ago
Corbin got what he derserved
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 7 days ago
How can you entertain the world on tour with no social interaction...
HoodRich NiteNite
HoodRich NiteNite - 7 days ago
Jeff hardy can be Universal Champion
Andrew Jones Jr
Andrew Jones Jr - 8 days ago
Bro we might not see him again but we will still remember him as family
Beth Norton
Beth Norton - 8 days ago
4:53 is me whenever Roman comes out. 😂
Jessy Benitez
Jessy Benitez - 8 days ago
They should get some people ..v.i.p them seats with lottery or something..
Jny Flrs
Jny Flrs - 8 days ago
They need paid performers to replicate spectators, telling the people at home how to react. These mfs better get tested after this
J O - 8 days ago
I'm super pleased that Jeff Hardy defeated the unethical king name Baron Corbin known as Undertaker because hashtag #1 Baron Corbin should courtesy of WWE Troubadour Elias Samson is Baron Corbin needs to shut his mouth. Hashtag #2 is never disrespect a WWE legend in WWE History known as Undertaker. Hashtag #3 after Baron Corbin loses to Jeff Hardy for avenging his mentor Undertaker is Rest In Peace! Hashtag #4 I still respect WWE legends especially the Deadman in other words Phenom known as Undertaker! Hashtag #5 after Jeff Hardy defeated Baron Corbin on behalf of Undertaker is Justice Is Served! Hashtag #6 is Baron Corbin owes Undertaker an apology!
Zulay Rojas
Zulay Rojas - 8 days ago
Thank you taker!!!
GLaSSesNOlenses - 8 days ago
I prefer AEW, but this was pretty good 👍
salperry52 - 8 days ago
Wwe stop gassin up corbin or change his gimmick
Javier Reyes
Javier Reyes - 8 days ago
I’m surprised people still watch WWE
pappa j isaac
pappa j isaac - 8 days ago
I miss the deadman
yeah yeap
yeah yeap - 8 days ago
Wait a minute... I haven't watched WWE since the 24/7 belt was still a thing. When did Braun become Champ!?!?
BANE - 8 days ago
"Vintage" is Mikel Coal's favourite word.
Heather Jean Morris
Heather Jean Morris - 8 days ago
Jeff still yummmy 💜❤💚
Brian Boisselle
Brian Boisselle - 8 days ago
Hardy looked like garbage
Cool Robert
Cool Robert - 8 days ago
I was hoping Corbin would be gone long enough for his hair to grow back and bring back the Lone Wolf
Marcus Woodard
Marcus Woodard - 8 days ago
King Corbin is the future. Huge disrespect to the one and only, "King Cobrin".
HEK 293
HEK 293 - 8 days ago
spiffy arena.
JaSean Gourdine
JaSean Gourdine - 8 days ago
I miss the undertaker
gil randall
gil randall - 8 days ago
Jeff vs Taker Classic match
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia - 8 days ago
Give Jeff Hardy the world title he's still in his late 30s early 40s
Linda Young
Linda Young - 8 days ago
I literally started crying at the end of the last ride chapter 5
Linda Young
Linda Young - 8 days ago
I'm going to miss The Undertaker
JuniorTorres720 - 8 days ago
"Corbin sucks" lol
TB TWINS TAYLOR - 8 days ago
Comment 666
judge blumpkin
judge blumpkin - 8 days ago
God what happened to wrestling
Nancy Price
Nancy Price - 8 days ago
youtube user
youtube user - 8 days ago
Cringy trash
Dhardy - 8 days ago
Wow, just like a cartoon
Tim Lorimer
Tim Lorimer - 8 days ago
Hardy v.s taker in that made a match was the best match hands down
nickyscarfo1 - 8 days ago
So fake !
Carmen Kelley
Carmen Kelley - 8 days ago
I'm so happy he fights for takers respect. AND THEN EVERYONE JOINS IN! PERFECT!!! I kno what train ticket king had and he used it blindly. A 1 way ticket to heck. And to taker. Hahaha
Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez - 8 days ago
This doesn’t look like social distan
MaybachMadison1 - 8 days ago
This was a sloppy match. Corbin can be seen calling the match on multiple occasions.
Kitrell Heiden
Kitrell Heiden - 8 days ago
Wwe has lost It
Ps4 Music industries videos
The best thing in the world lol would be undertaker vs the fiend would be the mach before undertaker leaves one of my favorites growing up would be my plan for wm for the last match of his career
Diamond655 - 8 days ago
King Corbin has become a jobber, tbh. He just serves to give superstars someone to fight when their own storylines are on pause.
I heard about him winning King of the Ring, but... has he ever done anything that can be considered a victory since then?
Need to Realize
Need to Realize - 8 days ago
I can not watch dis bs it you to seem more real when I was younger
go get-her!
go get-her! - 8 days ago
Wrestling has become a gimmick.
Bill House
Bill House - 8 days ago
You have to say Hardys definitely got heart. After all he an Mark are the true WWF.
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles - 8 days ago
The thumbnail looks like hardy is gone chokeslam the action figure version
PeePeeGoPooPoo - 8 days ago
Can someone check out my content and give me feedback?
Raphet Angel
Raphet Angel - 8 days ago
Omgg. Jeff just Gonna be the next undertaker. 4 real
racheldodd3 - 8 days ago
Even though he's had a lot of enemies, I like that their still giving the Deadman the respect he rightfully deserves.
TheZachThatSmilesBack Goldfish!
Wth is this thumbnail
Darth Revan
Darth Revan - 8 days ago
Oooooooooooh signature Jeff Hardy!!!! 4:20!!!!! I know that one! Sorry guys first match in years got excited! 😎
Brian Shattuck
Brian Shattuck - 8 days ago
The thumbnail looks like Jeff Hardy is holding Braun strowman with one hand lol
Brycen Proulx
Brycen Proulx - 8 days ago
He.... He's not even hitting him. Did they make them social distance their hands?
blaze knight
blaze knight - 9 days ago
why do you try with trash corbin
Walter Torres
Walter Torres - 9 days ago
I thought jeff was gonna do the spinaroonie
Lag Swag
Lag Swag - 9 days ago
Hardy heard of a treadmil? Enough donuts bro!
Ivory Lofton
Ivory Lofton - 9 days ago
Aaron Bergemann
Aaron Bergemann - 9 days ago
I hate drug addiction hardy but that earned respect for me to honor taker
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5K Subs With No Vids? - 9 days ago
Can we get 5k subs with no vids?
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