Why Flat Earthers Are Dead Wrong

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loveforthegame3 - 26 days ago
The earth is shaped as a donut. Look at the facts. You people are sheep. i will never believe anything the government tells me. nobody has ever actually been in soace. we cant even feed starving people how are we going to space
Abhijith P J
Abhijith P J - 10 days ago
@Infinity Studios you can never tell. Internet sarcasm has become so much complex(too simple)
Lil Ava
Lil Ava - 15 days ago
Neil A. : Am I a joke to you?
Aiwanano - 25 days ago
He spelled space wrong lol
Aiwanano - 25 days ago
:o he got pinned
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader - 25 days ago
the shape of the universe is close to a donut
Arman Mahmood
Arman Mahmood - 15 minutes ago
I have a question.
Its not like ppl to lie to u 4 no absolute reason
Pete B
Pete B - 45 minutes ago
no u should of asked what about the atmosphere or the green house gases that wouldn't be possible if the sun was that close.🤷‍♂️
Abram Berry
Abram Berry - Hour ago
Even if the earth were flat, and it were some massive conspiracy, what would there be to gain by pretending it was spherical?
lakeside - Hour ago
The truth will come out soon sheeples the earth is actually shaped as a cube the cube earth people will unite soon
Forduss - Hour ago
How dense do you have to be to think the earth is flat
Quinn Ghantous
Quinn Ghantous - Hour ago
People that believe the earth is flat have no brains at all
The stinky bit
The stinky bit - 2 hours ago
Why do you think the Earth should be floating? Isn't that the main obstacle that divides those who know who doesn't?
The stinky bit
The stinky bit - 48 minutes ago
Scott Wallace Prove it.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - Hour ago
@The stinky bit Yes.
The stinky bit
The stinky bit - Hour ago
Scott Wallace Is it?
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
What do you mean, floating? There's nothing to float in. The Earth is in space.
Iceman - 2 hours ago
WRONG. Idiot
Potato BoB
Potato BoB - 2 hours ago
I always thought this whole thing was just a meme that will go away but no we have full on educational vids because of one little sentence
The crusader
The crusader - 2 hours ago
The earth is clearly a giant rock orbiting a large light bulb
fireguy 92348
fireguy 92348 - 3 hours ago
This doesn’t really explain how they are wrong
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
True. But explaining a sunset does.
Cain Gajda
Cain Gajda - 3 hours ago
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 3 hours ago
Wrong. Tesla was no flat Earther, and Einstein never said that.
Byron Kelsey
Byron Kelsey - 4 hours ago
I’m sorry but this is a not even an accurate representation of the flat earth model. Many points of the mothers were wrong to begin with while this video failed to even touch on the limit of our view. Also mathematics on declassified documents for NASA, cia and military pages on UAV helicopters and other documents state “for a flat, non rotating earth.” I’ll drop links in my comment below.
Digital Ambition
Digital Ambition - 4 hours ago
The globe is so provable they have to use fake stories and straw man arguments instead of ... you know ... just proving it.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 3 hours ago
I agree, the arguments are not great in this cartoon. But the proofs are there. One sunset over the ocean shows that the Earth cannot be flat.
Digital Ambition
Digital Ambition - 4 hours ago
Cute fake story. Can you tell us more about how it’s observable that the sun is bigger than the moon?
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 3 hours ago
The ancient Greeks figured this out. The phases of the Moon show that the Sun must be much further away from us than the Moon, and thus much bigger. This has since been confirmed with parallax and radar.
Sherif Shaalan
Sherif Shaalan - 4 hours ago
Your fake animated Mom, so much authenticity and sincerity in this desperate defense of the globe. The globe is dead.
Sherif Shaalan
Sherif Shaalan - Hour ago
Scott Wallace You’re a genius!! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before you did? Checkmate. Dispute settled. Goodnight everybody. Oh wait... can you spell “perspective”?
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
Fake animated moms don't matter. What matters is the real world. And in the real world, the Earth is a globe. One sunset over the ocean shows that the Earth cannot be flat.
Aidan Petty
Aidan Petty - 4 hours ago
The fact that when you move away from something and it gets smaller, that’s because the earth is round. Also if the earth is flat than you could see new term from Chicago
Boom Vapes
Boom Vapes - 4 hours ago
What's amazing to me is how people believe everything the government and and scientists tell you. The Earth is Flat with a dome firmament. NASA can't get past lower Earth orbit that's a fact. They admitted it themselves. All NASA does is CGI. It's all fake and we're paying them trillions of dollars to fund their fraud.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 3 hours ago
Even if all that were true, and NASA faked everything, we would still know the Earth is a globe. One sunset over the ocean shows that the Earth cannot be flat, and even NASA can't fake sunsets.
Robertsmo1 - 5 hours ago
Ok no way conversation ever happened. Cool story bro.
Jaron E
Jaron E - 5 hours ago
The fact that we have to make a video about this is just.... depressing
Yt Yt
Yt Yt - 5 hours ago
earth is flat.JK vaccines are flat and cause autism.
A Person
A Person - 6 hours ago
Horrible mother
Chiptuneboy - 6 hours ago
I hope the pay was worth it to create this garbage and make up this story about your mother.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
The story may be made up, but the Earth is still not flat.
Cristian Gutierrez
Cristian Gutierrez - 7 hours ago
Globesbusters along with jeranism just completely destroyed this misleading video.
I actually credit them for watching all of it
Cuz real talk after 3 minutes I knew this was BS
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
@Cristian Gutierrez Yes, I've seen several such videos. They either use surfaces that aren't flat (a table tipped up in the middle, a football field with a ditch) or are drawn incorrectly. It's obvious that if something is always above a flat surface, then you are always going to have a clear line of sight to it.
Cristian Gutierrez
Cristian Gutierrez - 2 hours ago
Scott Wallace have you seen the videos that show how objects can seem to disappear on a flat surface? Just a question I know it won’t matter to you
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
Globebusters and Jeranism are completely destroyed by a single sunset.
sudxn - 8 hours ago
You could just remove the “why” in the title and leave it at that
WHALEoilBEEF Hooked - 8 hours ago
WOW! 1,237,990 views. People who hate flat earth can't get enough of the FLAT EARTH. The view numbers are INCREDIBLE which speaks volumes for the movement away from the spinning space globe belief.
WHALEoilBEEF Hooked - 2 hours ago
@Scott Wallace The 'real' world observes a flat horizon with a sunset that behaves with a flat horizon. The virtual world requires linear mathematics to create that same same observation. It is confusing because in both observations the horizon is always perfectly horizontal. Our senses suggest we are stationary, the mathematics suggest we are in motion. As the sun sets, we are being asked to trust either our own senses, or trust man's mathematical description.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
It's an interesting phenomenon to be sure. But the only reliable source speaking volumes about the shape of the Earth is the real world. One sunset over the ocean shows that the Earth cannot be flat.
I like paper towels
I like paper towels - 8 hours ago
How was the Earth formed if it was flat? The Earth is massive enough that the pull of gravity maintains its roughly spherical shape. Most of its deviation from spherical stems from the centrifugal force caused by rotation around its north-south axis. This force deforms the sphere into an oblate ellipsoid. Duh.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
True. But flat Earthers don't accept gravity.
David Sullivan
David Sullivan - 8 hours ago
This video doesn't present the flat earth. It creates straw man arguments and misrepresentations of our geocentric plane earth. Evidence shows there is no curvature and no proof of the earth's movement. Watch Taboo conspiracy ii, "Our flat earth journey ". Watch Jeranism, globebusters and ODD reality, Rob Skiba.
E. Rose
E. Rose - 7 hours ago
Are any of those channels you suggested unbiased? Of course not!! They're trying to sell the FE.
Josh Navarro
Josh Navarro - 8 hours ago
The truth is too much for the non-playable characters. Globe stickers are spirit-less nothings. The flat-earthers are right about where we live. Have you been to the moon?
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
Don't need to go to the Moon to see a sunset.
Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes - 9 hours ago
A planet is a nearly perfect sphere and if the earth was flat it would not be a planet
Tomasinho78 - 9 hours ago
You guys hit yourself in your head very badly. I am so sorry for you.
Darcy L.
Darcy L. - 9 hours ago
It was horrible the moment I begin to talk about this video all of my immediate friends became flat earthers it is contagious
B H20 Jacob
B H20 Jacob - 9 hours ago
Nice fake story never happened so there for this video is lying therefore your a liar
Ronnie Foshee
Ronnie Foshee - 10 hours ago
I know you are lying! Are you proud?
Gregory May
Gregory May - 10 hours ago
Using heliocentric cosmology on Geocentric model, the whole video is gibberish. Many blatant lies, a very dishonest video. Sad.
indio007 - 10 hours ago
Is this really the best you can do? If you can prove the earth has a convex surface, show that.
Until then , the fake flat earther strawman schtick is played out.
It was played out 5 decades ago when the flat earth society was formed.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
The flat Earth has been played out for more than 2000 years. One sunset over the ocean shows that the Earth cannot be flat.
A hitmonlee with internet connection
Do I even need to explain where these dislikes come from
Dylan Blox
Dylan Blox - 10 hours ago
If the earth is flat
Why are cars shaped like this
And not like this?
/ \
zach belcher
zach belcher - 10 hours ago
The earth is a taco
Mackenzie Woloschuk
Mackenzie Woloschuk - 10 hours ago
My question to flat earthers that will most likely make them speechless or realize they lost is this: If the Earth really is flat,then what about the other planets like Mercury,Jupiter,or Mars? Are they flat too? If so,how does the sun work for them too? If not,why is it only the earth that's flat and not any of the others?
...No answer?
Didn't think so :).
As Vegeta from DBZ Abriged would say: You're an idiot.
Have a nice day~.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
Unfortunately, your logic does not work on flat Earthers. Most claim that the other planets are just projections, or painted on the firmament, or "luminous bodies", or just ignore them.
Sensored - 11 hours ago
Also, if the Earth is flat, why are we not all 2D?
somekidthatlikesribbon - 12 hours ago
just send them to a trip around the world. that should convince them
Dj Sickbeatz
Dj Sickbeatz - 12 hours ago
People that think the earth is flat are willing to read anything except valid sources of science.
Growing Public
Growing Public - 12 hours ago
Hey Elon musk define this theory in the next 6 to 10 years
Pac0 Master
Pac0 Master - 13 hours ago
I've been challenging anyone with the belief the Earth is flat for over a year now. and I'm willing to pay $10'000 for a working model of the Flat Earth,
Yet nobody managed to get it done.
I think it's funny.
AlphaGainzzz - 13 hours ago
Who else came to the comments to find flat earthers?
Unregistered Account
Unregistered Account - 13 hours ago
Saw a video of a jet pilot filming his current elevation. Things were curved at the curved points in the glass, and flat at the flat areas.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 13 hours ago
Saw the Sun go down on the ocean. No glass, just the Sun going down behind the curve of the Earth.
Lucas Hibbs
Lucas Hibbs - 14 hours ago
When will they send a flat earther to space?
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace - 2 hours ago
@happy muttonchop That would be hard enough, but since most astronauts nowadays have degrees in science, I'm afraid the chances for a flat Earther astronaut are pretty slim.
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop - 13 hours ago
lucas As soon as they find one that has at least graduated high school.
Kiviaeg 132
Kiviaeg 132 - 14 hours ago
Moon is round stars are round but earth is spinning trouth the space like a plate.
DITRH - 14 hours ago
Every single point you tried too make was made from an ignorant point of view. You have not looked into any of the things you speak of.
Sam Jay Pro
Sam Jay Pro - 14 hours ago
I kinda like the concept of ice walls, edge of the world, unchartered continents. So much fantasy. Reminds me of the Dark Continent in HxH. Hehe
Zara - 14 hours ago
When you dont have anything else on your life: Start to believe on stuff that make no sense. There, now you have some excitement on your life again.
Bio Aim
Bio Aim - 15 hours ago
It's impossible to win an arguement if the person you're arguing against is as ignorant as a rock
jackattack802 - 15 hours ago
and also IT IS A CUBE!
jackattack802 - 15 hours ago
i mean i'm not a bealevor (sorry i spell that wrong) but having a ice wall with something behind it sounds like a perfect game.
eusmlle01 - 15 hours ago
It's a square get it right.
SpringX - 15 hours ago
Asish Atmakuri
Asish Atmakuri - 15 hours ago
All the dislikes are from flat earthers ☻
Anas Rafei
Anas Rafei - 16 hours ago
Earth is not a sphere! It is a pyramid!
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