The Try Guys Make Waffle Cones Without A Recipe

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Soso Mama
Soso Mama - 19 hours ago
Zach: "thats atleast 500k view video" .... actually its 4.7 Millions.💥🔥
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - Day ago
Hate the yellow lady with a passion squad
Alyssa Salinas
Alyssa Salinas - Day ago
Eugene should’ve been disqualified or 4th in the ice cream episode for making something one of the judges couldn’t even try. One of the base requirements should be that it is at least edible for every judge but he didn’t think of Jamie much at all.
Andrea Dembski
Andrea Dembski - 2 days ago
Who thought when Zach said "we're synching together" that he meant "sinking" at first because they more often get 3rd/4th place? Or just me? Lol
Lolaaa - 2 days ago
Jamie is kind of a brat

edit: nvm hes funny
El T
El T - 3 days ago
22:55 eugene is so cute ❤
Erica Wang
Erica Wang - 3 days ago
Diana V. U.
Diana V. U. - 3 days ago
11:52 Eugene *thinking*: what is this? this discrepancy on the force? *looks at Keith staring* stOP wAtching mE!
Eugene Lee Jedi
Asyifa Wildani
Asyifa Wildani - 4 days ago
the 21:29 until 21:52 are just hularious, and cute at the same time also that "wha…?" are very Bery cute....
hen x
hen x - 4 days ago
zack: that's at least a 500k video
the video: 4.6mil views 👁👄👁
drewski west
drewski west - 4 days ago
maaaan who is that beautiful woman that's doing the secondary recipe ? by herself?
she is so pretty
Nitya - 6 hours ago
drewski west why do I see you commenting on like every try guys vid?
Shir Sp
Shir Sp - 4 days ago
22:42 Am I supposed to ignore the fact that Eugene just picked up Zach without flinching and also Zach letting himself get picked up without showing any indication? 😂😂😂
Swasti Ray
Swasti Ray - 6 days ago
Jamie looks like hes built to be the cute precocious kid in movies. I'd watch the shit out of those movies.
Juan Teniente
Juan Teniente - 6 days ago
500k or 4 millions
Cody. Just Cody
Cody. Just Cody - 6 days ago
Thats at least a 500k view video!
Vid currently sitting at 4.6 mil views
Eliana G
Eliana G - 8 days ago
20:21 Eugene is gonna throw hands with an 11 year here for it
Rochelle Dennis
Rochelle Dennis - 8 days ago
Ooh imagine this for lasagna?
Tell them Naegi!
Tell them Naegi! - 8 days ago
“You can’t take this from me tiny man” - Zach 2029
Tell them Naegi!
Tell them Naegi! - 8 days ago
2020* omg-
Nevermind it's just me
Nevermind it's just me - 9 days ago
"Hot stuff is hot"
-Zackery Kornfeld
Benika Bhoola
Benika Bhoola - 10 days ago
Zach: its at least a 500k view video
Everyone a few months later: try closer to 5m views
Molly McCalpin
Molly McCalpin - 10 days ago
10:37 the wiggle 😂
Ryan Dakss
Ryan Dakss - 11 days ago
Zach “at least a 500k (viewed) video”
*5 million views
Hyacintha Riztbally Sutopo
keith counting down is me when i wait for water to boil to cook my instant ramen
Ilah Lundgren
Ilah Lundgren - 11 days ago
Jamie is living proof that 11 year old can be funnier than adults
Pikachu Ponce
Pikachu Ponce - 12 days ago
500k video?
David Polsky
David Polsky - 13 days ago
10:58 me too Keith 😱😱
Bugheadshake _
Bugheadshake _ - 13 days ago
Other guys: wait- am i doing this right?
Keith: BaNaNa CoOoOoOoOnE
ribis - 14 days ago
in the end they pulled like 4,6 mil views
MaraMeMarie - 14 days ago
Am I the only one that gets soo annoyed with this kid? 🤔
More like 4.5M view video
RivusTheFerret - 17 days ago
"At least a 500k view episode"
4.596M later
Sara James Julien
Sara James Julien - 17 days ago
This is probably my favourite without a recipe episode. Making waffle cones are totally going on my pandemic to do list!!!
Marcela Reves
Marcela Reves - 17 days ago
Zach won and this is amazing
Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity
Zac finally won and it’s not even official lmao 😭
angela liu
angela liu - 18 days ago
No one:
Jamie: *angrily bites rose after being told he can't eat the cone*
Alexis Kwan
Alexis Kwan - 18 days ago
..The kid's older than me, but I look a lot older
Ruby Alvarado
Ruby Alvarado - 19 days ago
Eugene sprayed Keith like he was a roach 😂
SOPHIE THE WEIRD - 20 days ago
professional: so you don't want to add too many eggs-
The Guys: hA hA iM gOiNg To AdD iN a MiLlIoN eGgS aNd FiVe BoTtLeS oF wHiSkEy HaHaHa LoL
Thats it. Thats the series.
Xhyanna Brown
Xhyanna Brown - 20 days ago
Zach: that's at LEAST a 500 k video
(4.5 mil views) 😶
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 20 days ago
that reaction,
the confetti following him and just him running and then the sound
its so beautiful
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 20 days ago
im the kind of person who feels bad when they say something like
" its not very brown"
their face
its just,
makes my heart :(
i feel bad
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 20 days ago
im meltinggggg
"please take my advice!!"
*sprays oil*

i cant dude
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 20 days ago
you would think its eugene's

but keith's batter is not safe to eat
if i knew what was in there

ill pass
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 20 days ago
every 5 year old ever
"i put my salt in first"
the 'cool' dude that was so popular in elementry school for no reason:
"i put my salt in secondddd"
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 20 days ago
"brown sugar is how you make it brown......"

Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 20 days ago
gonna admit

i dont know how to make cones either

should be the same batter as pancakes

but i forgot that too
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 20 days ago
i just watched them make ice cream

i ate dinner
came back
and this was the first thing on my recomended

*they're comming*
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts - 20 days ago
The banana cone song was amazing
Deniz Sabuncuoğlu
Deniz Sabuncuoğlu - 20 days ago
"500k video". You mean a 4 million 582 thousand 826 view video
Hypno_TDD _
Hypno_TDD _ - 20 days ago
There is a reason why a waffle cone is called a waffle cone, BECAUSE IT IS A WAFFLE IN A "CONE" SHAPE!
elvita a s
elvita a s - 20 days ago
eugene: "😂😂😂 when you finally won, it's not even official😂😂😂"
poor zach :(😂
Carly Saia
Carly Saia - 21 day ago
its atleast a 500k video
video: gets 2 mil veiws
Jonah Romig
Jonah Romig - 21 day ago
Zach: that is at least a 500k video
Video: 4.5 million views
Jeremy Kantsiper
Jeremy Kantsiper - 21 day ago
I love how the rank kid ranked the roses
issy roylance
issy roylance - 22 days ago
Does Zach realise that egg is dairy?
coletherat - 22 days ago
zach: this is at least a 500k view video
this video: **currently at 4.5 million views**
Milla Cabral
Milla Cabral - 22 days ago
CONGRATS ZACH! You go, Big Boy!
ava terosky
ava terosky - 22 days ago
honestly the best part is professionals saying not to do something and it cuts to the guys doing that exact thing
kanish sharma
kanish sharma - 22 days ago
Zach's reaction when announced the winner 😂😂😂👌🏻
Nataly Rodriguez
Nataly Rodriguez - 23 days ago
4.5 M view video ** 😂😂
Livi Luv
Livi Luv - 23 days ago
‘that’s at least a 500k video right there’ ... 4.8M later
Cup - 23 days ago
Zach “500k view video” he was so close (if you times it by ten)
Tina Rojo
Tina Rojo - 23 days ago
I hate this kid ._.
kittymarie8P - 23 days ago
Hans Ortego
Hans Ortego - 23 days ago
I love jamie's sass on eugene
He can't taste anything from eugene's creation
Emma Lamont
Emma Lamont - 24 days ago
500k 😂 got 4.5mil 😂
Tacobell1384 - 24 days ago
I can't wait for Jamie to become an official try guy.
CCKey92 - 24 days ago
“This isn’t Rupaul’s best friend race! This is a competition!"
“Rupaul has a best friend race??”
I love my dudes
Angelina’s Toy universe
I feel like this was by far the funniest one
Cole 772
Cole 772 - 25 days ago
Nah 4.5 million
khaira mutalib
khaira mutalib - 25 days ago
I started losing it when Keith started counting, Eugene tryna concentrate when Keith is randomly counting and Ned & Zach start balling and panicking
SirMomoTheDuck - 26 days ago
Why is the instruction lady lowkey kinda cute
Anika Kumar
Anika Kumar - 26 days ago
I count too keith
Bobbet Lulua
Bobbet Lulua - 26 days ago
The ending was hilarious 😂
Laura Bergendahl
Laura Bergendahl - 26 days ago
For your next without a recipe can you make homemade pasta with a sauce of your choice??😍😍
Aly richard
Aly richard - 26 days ago
Next, try making spaghetti (sauce and noodles)
Bekka - 26 days ago
can we get Jamie his own merch??
Francesca Mundy
Francesca Mundy - 27 days ago
I should not be eating dinner and watching this, I feel so sick hahahaha
Priyanshi Bhardwaj
Priyanshi Bhardwaj - 27 days ago
who are you calling a TiNy MaN !? hahaha that was the best phrase
A girl With wifi
A girl With wifi - 28 days ago
“That’s atleast a 500k video” *Video has over 4 million*. me:...yeah atleast
Namking (Sareeya) Chanyaputhipong
that counting montage was everythingg. so goodd
Namking (Sareeya) Chanyaputhipong
hold up. keith said his batter was HALF oil??? wHaT
Diāna Zāte
Diāna Zāte - 29 days ago
I can make them and its easy im 11
Louise Jones
Louise Jones - 29 days ago
500k view video. 4.5 million views
Nail Polish
Nail Polish - Month ago
Zach says “that’s at least a 500k view video”
Video- gets 4.5 million views
Magda Piaf
Magda Piaf - Month ago
500k video = 4 M
Ken Gonzales
Ken Gonzales - Month ago
Jamie reminds me of young Sheldon with his bow tie and precocity.
Mystical Whysper
Mystical Whysper - Month ago
Well, Zach was slightly off about the view count of this video. Not much though, only by about 4,000,000 lol
Alice Damiano
Alice Damiano - Month ago
This episode does count in the fans' hearts. I'm really happy for Zach.
Logan Muggleton
Logan Muggleton - Month ago
That’s at least a 500 k view video
Me: well 4 million is a bit more than 500k
Solstice Linzmeier
Solstice Linzmeier - Month ago
So when is Jamie old enough to be the 5th try guy? Because I feel like even at his age he fits in with them SO WELL.
rabbitquartet ,
rabbitquartet , - 24 days ago
lily - Month ago
Eugene putting alcohol in everything isn’t even funny, it’s old now.
:/ - Month ago
12:38 -quote of the year
hailzmarie1 - Month ago
Jocelyn Skelton
Jocelyn Skelton - Month ago
Absolutely nobody:
🤣🤣 This is my favorite episode. I love all the sasssss (and chaos)!!!!
Polvr V1si0n
Polvr V1si0n - Month ago
Here is all of their ideas for this episode:
Ned: a Cone made out of Cake Mix
Eugene: a Bowl Cone shaped like a rose
Keith: a Cone with a Banana in the Cone
Zach: A Bowl Cone Holding the “soup”
*check back on other videos in this series for the other episodes*
Satsuki TheAnimeLover
Satsuki TheAnimeLover - Month ago
Actually lit-old kid! I think you can blame your mom to birth you so late...if you’re an adult, then you can eat, or drink a little bit of alcohol.........ROOOOOOOAST!
Satsuki TheAnimeLover
Satsuki TheAnimeLover - Month ago
Wow, that yellow shirt does have an attitude of an polar bear, once it wants to do something, it just SPLASH! and does something....
Alannah Wright
Alannah Wright - Month ago
I want to see the woman doing the examples react to them making the cones😂
Jayden DaPro
Jayden DaPro - Month ago
Let’s goooo zack
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