The Try Guys Make Waffle Cones Without A Recipe

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Rachel Mazazumi
Rachel Mazazumi - 21 hour ago
I want them to do cheese cake without a recipe. A lot of people say it's really hard but I always make cheese cake without a recipe and I even make them no bake gluten and dairy free dew to family allies so u really want to see the try guys try it. Would be more entertaining if one of them try without gelatin as well. I know some resipes that go well with out any setting adhesive as the flavor sets it but I really want this one to happen.
mark kay
mark kay - Day ago
oh it counted zach. but get rid of the kid.
Miranda - Day ago
“It’s half oil”😂😂😂😂😂😅
mark kay
mark kay - Day ago
whats with the polar bear?
Livi B
Livi B - Day ago
Jamie is a fucking gift
Christina CatLover
Christina CatLover - Day ago
Try guys cook without a recipe but with the help of Josh from the Mythical kitchen. I want this collab SO BADLY
Mary Gua
Mary Gua - Day ago
if they don't try doing cupcakes or cinnamon rolls-
Marit Marzipan
Marit Marzipan - Day ago
That child is quite annoying
ExtraEevee - Day ago
You won, Zach! Don't let them tell you otherwise!
Denizen _
Denizen _ - Day ago
Low-key like chewy waffle cones. Too crispy puts me off.
Bianca Fisher
Bianca Fisher - Day ago
they should now make a series of With A Recipe, the try guys get to recreate their previous Without A Recipe dishes with proper measurements and instructions and then see who wins.
Sharon Raj
Sharon Raj - Day ago
u should try to make cheesecake nxt
Kyra Liz
Kyra Liz - Day ago
"That's at least a 500k video" meanwhile it has 3 million views and 160k likes
Let Me Eat
Let Me Eat - Day ago
My oh my is Zach going to feel that pain from Eugene currying him
Saturated - Day ago
Keith: do you ever just count even though you don't have to?
Me: can't relate
Tyra Moo
Tyra Moo - Day ago
“That’s at least a 500k video”
Natt - Day ago
"At least a 500k view video"
Currently has 3M views
Shwetha Kumar
Shwetha Kumar - Day ago
janelle - Day ago
i know its irrelevant to the video but i know eugene loves to add alcohol when he makes something he should collab with rie, i know they left the company and all but maybe have her on your channel instead?
Cristian Cayax
Cristian Cayax - Day ago
Jamie, needs to go. He's pretty annoying
Debra Kadabra
Debra Kadabra - Day ago
The whole season in one line for each of the doods.
Ned - I bAkE BRED
Zach - Oh shit oh shit oh shit
Eugene - Sir Osis of the Liver
Keith - DaDDy'S FaVORitE!
selgizmo - Day ago
This is definitely one of my favorite series 😂
Kaliana Ke-Leibner
Kaliana Ke-Leibner - Day ago
The pairings in this video was AMAZING😂😂 everyone was just vibing off of each other’s weird energy and I LOVED IT😂😂💙💜💚💖
Starshrek917 - Day ago
I don't laugh very often, and especially not when it's something intentionally trying to be funny, but god damn at the part where they were all freaking out and keith was counting I had a good laugh, Props to the editor
Ruby Walsh
Ruby Walsh - Day ago
Four grown ass men going insane for 23:04 minutes
Unknown - Day ago
i did not see zach winning 😭
Dawn Parsons
Dawn Parsons - Day ago
I've watched try guys for years. How did I never know Keith could sing? Try guys should do something with singing!
Denny's Donuts
Denny's Donuts - Day ago
Why can't I hug Keith through my screen
Isabella Nguy
Isabella Nguy - 2 days ago
Eugene -This doesn’t look good-
Pours more alcohol
Eugene- Better!
Lara García
Lara García - 2 days ago
I'm sorry, I hope he doesn't read this and get upset, but I also hope they stop bringing Jamie in, he's incredibly annoying imo
Micaela Luengo
Micaela Luengo - 2 days ago
Zach: "you have the power Jamie"
Jamie: GenUiNE concerned
Me: lmao
shy t
shy t - 2 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂 Jamie is so cute
Lisa von Gartzen
Lisa von Gartzen - 2 days ago
i dont believe I've ever seen eugene as happy as he is at the end of this :DDD
Mehak Kazi
Mehak Kazi - 2 days ago
Someone give the editor a pat on the back this was beautiful
Dasorp - 2 days ago
3 million actually not 500k
Aika Noelly
Aika Noelly - 2 days ago
The boy is so C U T E
Lusanda N
Lusanda N - 2 days ago
Eugene’s incessant need to add alcohol to everything is a little concerning.
Emma Walchli
Emma Walchli - 2 days ago
Zack: at least 500k views
0:43 ??
? ? ? ? ??
AnOdd1 - 2 days ago
Zach: “The Try Guys make waffle cones without a recipe”, I mean that’s at least a 500k view video.
Me: *Looks down to see 3 million views on this video*
I don’t think he truly realizes how many people love this mini-series lol
hijjawi lamar
hijjawi lamar - 2 days ago
Jamie is a mood we need more of him
Lola Gracie Designs
Lola Gracie Designs - 2 days ago
Keith: *sees a hot iron*
Keith: *decides to touch it*
Keith: Ouch! The hot iron hurts to touch!🤣🤣😂
Sketchy Scars
Sketchy Scars - 3 days ago
21:38 mate I'm dead 😂😂
Shiloh Thomas-Wilkinson
No one:
Zach: "I'm gonna dip in the kitty again"
Maddie Xu
Maddie Xu - 3 days ago
the way eugene just stuffed the waffle into the bowl shaper
Annalise Collins
Annalise Collins - 3 days ago

A beautiful moment in history
Prestige Savitar
Prestige Savitar - 3 days ago
I feel like keith should have won this one
Prestige Savitar
Prestige Savitar - 3 days ago
I dont get why ned used cake flour
angewomon143 - 3 days ago
Only 500k view video? Zach oh yee of little faith
Tamanna D
Tamanna D - 3 days ago
This is definitely the most incredible series yet... Petition to bring this back forever.
Cristine P
Cristine P - 3 days ago
Zach: "Ned's my dude I'm gonna sink with this ship."

Honestly I ship Zach and Ned together so... same
Daisy from NZ
Daisy from NZ - 3 days ago
Is it me or does Zach's hair look super good! So thick and lush!
Audrey O'Regan
Audrey O'Regan - 3 days ago
was Eugene in Brooklyn Nine-Nine cause i think i saw him in season 6
Audrey O'Regan
Audrey O'Regan - 3 days ago
like the one with Gina and Jake pretending to call " Daddy"
m o i s t
m o i s t - 3 days ago
That kid is so damn cute.
bssni touir
bssni touir - 3 days ago
“I dont believe in water” Arguably the most eugene quote ever uttered
Alexandra Carlson
Alexandra Carlson - 3 days ago
You should make Cheesecake without a
It would be a disaster, but I believe it would be entertaining
Dashie Loves
Dashie Loves - 3 days ago
Everyone is talking about the kid at the end and Zack being a madman- but Keith got possessed by the spirit of America when he put in all that oil. Remarkable.
Rhys Ellis
Rhys Ellis - 3 days ago
lets just cut the waffle cones out of the video.
The Try Guys Make Without A Recipe
bssni touir
bssni touir - 3 days ago
Actually 2.9 million view video
Diane Akerly
Diane Akerly - 4 days ago
Keith mentioning counting at random times: I up you one further. BAND KID EDITION- counting in 4/4 or 3/4 time and seeing how many measures you can get in at random times XD
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