Antonio Brown is being selfish, childish and petty - Stephen A. | First Take

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Keisha Nicole
Keisha Nicole - 5 months ago
“Antonio Brown is a head case.” That wasn’t appropriate.
Allergic Spoon
Allergic Spoon - 8 months ago
why did he bring up the topic of marijuana at 4:20????
thatkenyannigga - 8 months ago
I just capitulated some hot wings 😂😂😂
ILL XANE - 8 months ago
Money ain't everything.
Darrick Brown
Darrick Brown - 8 months ago
No you can’t let him make bad choices because the league is who AB will go after 20 years from now and what will the league say he chose the wrong helmet! The waiver won’t hold up. Will is full of shit who would call the nfl out he just got in to deep to back off his bad opinion
Brittney Staxx
Brittney Staxx - 8 months ago
That guys a nut case saying yes. That’s fine until the families start suing because the player wasn’t protected smh
Marlon Joseph
Marlon Joseph - 8 months ago
Will obviously is against seatbelt laws
Trader Pro
Trader Pro - 8 months ago
New helmets are made from carbon graphite, they would destroy a helmet that is ten years old in technology
Mark A. Smith
Mark A. Smith - 8 months ago
You have athletes like Colin Kaepernick that have sacrificed his career for the injustice of black people. And this guy is making up noise about a helmet that is league standard, that will help him not lose brain cells and prolong his career in this league?! In the words of Keyshawn Johnson...C'mon man! If you're gonna take a stand do it over something worth standing for...smh. Mike Mayock should trade his a$$
Ashley Swain
Ashley Swain - 9 months ago
brown is just ungrateful !
John Trump
John Trump - 9 months ago
Ask Stephen A if Tiger Woods is black again after winning another masters ?
Michael Rooney
Michael Rooney - 9 months ago
Still think it's all Ben's fault?
Gambbit - 9 months ago
The helmet is crucial, a Helmet is like a shoe to a basketball player a gun to a cop,it’s like the car for a uber driver n go on n on, they should slow him to wear it and not let future players use that model, it can throw of his vision and skills jus a little bit so he won’t have the edge n some situations
Derek Yeeter
Derek Yeeter - 9 months ago
Breaking: Antonio Kardashian will not look at the playbook if it’s not in black writing
Rocky Rush Rivera
Rocky Rush Rivera - 9 months ago
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson - 9 months ago
That weak collar you have on 😂😂😂 lol why he go on him like that?? #2 next time you wanna insert yourself in the debate give me a heads up... 🙊🙊🙊 you dont have to handle molly like that fam.
Michael Tovar
Michael Tovar - 9 months ago
Molly Shut up!!!!
Josh Richards
Josh Richards - 9 months ago
Antonio Brown is a diva
Jake McCann
Jake McCann - 9 months ago
Rarely do I agree with complete Ass Clowns like Stephen A. Smith, but he's spot on with this one. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: capitulate, capitulate, capitulate. 😂
Kevin E.
Kevin E. - 9 months ago
Lol Stephen clapbacking at Molly!😂😂😂
ejones9924 - 9 months ago
My name is Mr. Brown!!!
Alma S
Alma S - 9 months ago
Feel like Will made a pretty solid argument here. Just let Brown wear his helmet. If he gets a concussion, that's on him.
Kنg 'Med & Kنg Canta
Kنg 'Med & Kنg Canta - 9 months ago
People like John Cain are teaching ppl to not face obstacles.
King KOBS - 9 months ago
No, he's putting responsibility back onto Antonio Brown since Brown wants to make an issue out of the helmet. Brown knows his helmet isn't up to current regulation. The NFL has let him know and this would be used to absolve themselves when Brown's CTE symptoms get worse.
FLY HARD - 9 months ago
Why should he be forced to wear a new helmet when it only affects him, it's his safety so it should be his choice.
M Adams
M Adams - 9 months ago
Who cares what helmet he uses? Have him sign something and if he gets hurt... Oh well
phantom 7 cross rose
phantom 7 cross rose - 9 months ago
who is the little pinhead brother with the helium voice, sorry Stephen A if you is tranny, dats 😎
H-matic08 PSN
H-matic08 PSN - 9 months ago
Basically molly, shut your mouth
dsetgetatme - 9 months ago
When Stephen A. Smith goes beast mode, its a freakin CLASSIC 🙌🙌🙌
Mclean Davis
Mclean Davis - 9 months ago
Steven A doesnt have enough cowboy in him. To much of a rule follower
Fotosynthesis858 - 9 months ago
AB is being selfish, childish & petty? Well... That's nothing new. Why does this surprise anyone? He's been nothing but trouble every since he came into the NFL. What good is being that talented if he's just going to act like an entitled little DIVA??? The NFL should BAN HIM & take away this years & last years pay because he hasn't done anything but be DIFFICULT. I'm so over listening to sports analysts give this douchebag more attention than he deserves smh. 🖕🏽 AB. 👎🏾👎🏾
Cornsnake 4815
Cornsnake 4815 - 9 months ago
Heck no they shouldn't allow him to sign a waiver and continue to play. What kind of message is that going to send? Our players can act like 5 year old children and we're just going to bend and give them their way?
The NFL has already had enough problems when it comes to players getting away with actions on and off the field that they should not be.
Give me Antonio Brown a very very mild dose of how the real world actually works. Nobody else in the world gets to go into their workplace and act like this and expect to have your will given into or even have a job the next day.
This whole situation is a really good example of why people don't give a rat's ass about the players scolding us and lecturing us on societal issues.
Nobody else except these millionaire athletes has the ability to behave like this and continue to be employed.
Super K
Super K - 9 months ago
NFL is full of class act charector individuals.........NOT!!!
GotDramaAllergy - 9 months ago
Pretty tough,cant find another human to catch the ball and go over the middle? Dump his butt ...Wish was 25 ago,I'd catch the ball and go over the middle.Team
Joseph Long
Joseph Long - 9 months ago
"Come on will" sounds like a parent when their kid does something stupid 😂 😂 😂
fu516 - 9 months ago
I think Will Cain should replace Max
hollywood fats
hollywood fats - 9 months ago
yeah, i find it staggering. what a terrible attitude. downright ridiculous!
does anyone support his nonsense here?
tocororo - 9 months ago
I'd let him play without a helmet if he wants to. Screw him lol
chris olsen
chris olsen - 9 months ago
Damn I’ll bet molly ran straight to HR after Stephen A put her in her place!
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
Good God, he is showing why the Steelers got rid of him !!! Oh yes, he wears his old helmet, then in 10 or more years from now when is not playing any longer, he will sue the NFL for Concussion !! What a DIVA he is !!
Roger That
Roger That - 9 months ago
You are too kind calling him petty and childish. To me he is a turd in the grass. Nice to walk on grass till you step on a turd like AB. My poor raiders have to walk on homefield turf with a Brown turd amongst them. GTFO of football you turd. Now he claims the NFL being prejudice .. WTF is wrong with you??? You POS Brown turd!!!!
I actually took his side against big ben but now im against . The game will move on without your self centered punk ass biotch so retire already..nobody likes a turd!!!
Filipo Sooa
Filipo Sooa - 9 months ago
Teddy Malec
Teddy Malec - 9 months ago
Steven u need to shave better
Steel Dictate
Steel Dictate - 9 months ago
SAS = 🐐
Benny Blanco
Benny Blanco - 9 months ago
I love it when Steven A puts Molly annoying ass in her place. Mark my words, one day he'll say the wrong thing and the mob will come after him.
Benny Blanco
Benny Blanco - 9 months ago
To top off Browns childish behavior, he pulls the weak, ignorant and TYPICAL, racist finger pointing. The NFL want give him what he wants so they must be racist 😂😂
YETI - 9 months ago
That white guy is delusional.
Evelyn Pollard
Evelyn Pollard - 9 months ago
agree with you and I agree always was always will be I've damn Cry-Baby
Sokly Vann
Sokly Vann - 9 months ago
🤣🤣 So, why is everyone mad or surprised? Antonio is being Antonio. He is a clown and a ME guy.
youngbuck0911 - 9 months ago
Stephen 'capitulating' Smith.
Jstud - 9 months ago
AB is nothing but a little b####. Always crying and complaining. Horrible citizen and example
Joe Permenter
Joe Permenter - 9 months ago
Throw me the ball every time, cool my body temperature down because I'm coming from back east, pay me more money than everybody, let me wear my own equipment, change my diapers, wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills...
Krystin Grant
Krystin Grant - 9 months ago
What is his issue? Is it drugs like WTH. If he runs off with that money and retires they will send him a lawsuit.
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer - 9 months ago
another weirdo millennial faggot who they he's the goat when all really soft pussies
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer - 9 months ago
Steve a is describing himself
Andrew Babbitt
Andrew Babbitt - 9 months ago
“Next time want to insert yourself into today give me a heads up”... wow man. What an A-Hole thing to say
Andrew Babbitt
Andrew Babbitt - 9 months ago
I’m glad Stephen A. “took the liberty” to DO HIS JOB
Ju Man
Ju Man - 9 months ago
Big Ben made you Boi!!
Dave Kukulka
Dave Kukulka - 9 months ago
The first time I agree with this guy
If he retire nfl will be kinda boring honestly yall would have no news he one of the most popular players in the nfl like ot or not.. Plus when he step on that field he's next level he's not regular.
Filipo Sooa
Filipo Sooa - 9 months ago
EYEZ ON THE PRIZE BOUND4GLORY nah, there’s a million of NFL players out there and none of them are as special as Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Dan Marino, John Elway, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, or even Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger.
Phil Hugs
Phil Hugs - 9 months ago
When you capitulate you initially start to see capitulation as the capitulating process capitulates more over capitulating the final capitulate capitulate capitulating capitulationizing
Wtf 😂
Bra Nene
Bra Nene - 9 months ago
Stephen A. is ESPN .......Stephen A. is First Take..
Trey Ratliff
Trey Ratliff - 9 months ago
Y Steven a snapped 😹😹
Steph Thompson
Steph Thompson - 9 months ago
Lakers are second round bye..
It’s gonna be the clippers vs. nuggets WCF
Will Cain is right
Chris Carter
Chris Carter - 9 months ago
Biggest diva
wackedout13 - 9 months ago
Raiders are a joke can’t believe John gruden lets this clown of AB get away with nonsense. The real winners in the trade are the Steelers.
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson - 9 months ago
This idiot knows nothing about football. They talk and talk and are always wrong...
Gordo - 9 months ago
Look how salty Molly was. Lmao. Stfu moron.
Just Us
Just Us - 9 months ago
So, the "secret" to Brown's greatest is his old helmet and the new helmet is "kryptonite??!!"
Chez God
Chez God - 9 months ago
The same helmet that he got a concussion in multiple times, ok buddy?
IzzyTek - 9 months ago
I know Molly is annoying but shes so sexy
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 9 months ago
Antonio brown never said he’ll retire. This is the problem with the media. Really just making shit up for attention and false information. And just because it sounds like something he’ll say in his situation dosent mean he said it. 🤦‍♂️
Ryan - 9 months ago
Im amazed Stephen A didn't bring up how this affected the Knicks in some way
Kevin Fuller
Kevin Fuller - 9 months ago
Same thing with Nascar with the head brace since D.E. died. It's about safety!
tommywright3rd - 9 months ago
Inside Molly's head: Go to hell,Stephen !
Inside WIll's head: Kiss my ass dude !
ON camera : SIlence
Meistro Shine
Meistro Shine - 9 months ago
Phew that was cold. Stephen A came out with his barrels on fire
Unconsciouzone - 9 months ago
What does Stephen A Smith think about civil liberties?
My thought is...people should be allowed to hurt themselves freely without juridicticion,
I'm not advocating self destructive beahivior. I.m advocating freedom of thought control.
DropSixteenTV Tv
DropSixteenTV Tv - 9 months ago
This guy is more known for his antics than his game at this point.
Rico Devante
Rico Devante - 9 months ago
Stephen A can't tell someone how they would react hypothetically. Dude made i point you wanna be a dumb ass sign a waiver. More or less they cover themselves legally and that's all they care about.
Anne Diola
Anne Diola - 9 months ago
I agree with Stephen A. First off... AB is not being mature on how he handled this helmet situation (before arbitrator ‘s decision I mean) and really isn’t being a good role model. Secondly, with what studies have proven about concussion and effects of CTE, the league is making sure to place plAyer health & safety as a huge priority. Why can’t AB see that? Think of it like seatbelts. If you’re caught on the road driving or riding as a passenger without your seatbelt, PO can hand you a citation. Why do and should we wear a seatbelt? For our safety! While wearing a seatbelt and being involved in a car accident doesn’t always guarantee you’ll not get hurt, it sure beats the odds of not wearing one and flying out of your vehicle. Survival rate is better when you’re buckled in. Same with helmets. If better technology and equipment exist to protect players’ “coconuts” then what’s with the public outcry? 🤦🏻‍♀️
frannie magee
frannie magee - 9 months ago
These comments got me crying! Stephen A is right AB need to stop making problems the league ain’t gonna keep dealing with his whining forever.
Jeremy Abreu
Jeremy Abreu - 9 months ago
All these athletes are making so much money that they can whine and get away with what they want it’s annoying play the fucking sport and shut up , you’re making hella money stop complaining I think the NBA and NFL are the two sports where they’re athletes think they’re royalty and think they can complain and force anything it’s pathetic
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