The MLB Comes Down Hard On The Astros | The Jim Rome Show

Jon Martinez
Jon Martinez - 3 days ago
14 Astros fans are in denial
Chris Dee
Chris Dee - 5 days ago
Guessing the only thing holding up the player's suspensions is the union
Jay Voorhees
Jay Voorhees - 6 days ago
NEW CHEATLAND INVOLVED NOT A SHOCKER😝BUT THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT??? Keep telling yourself that Skippy.Cora is POS!!! Phuck the Red Sux and Asstrolls 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
Michael Littlewood
Michael Littlewood - 7 days ago
Not Enough! Don't be a Joke ..Revoke!
J Dog
J Dog - 7 days ago
Scumbags Houston *Asterisks*
PeekaPeep - 7 days ago
If the Astros don't have that WS title taken away AT THE VERY LEAST, MLB's gonna regret it.
mike riemer
mike riemer - 8 days ago
No players punished.. what a joke
Benny Ayala
Benny Ayala - 8 days ago
Love the story .rome you just like these type of
The Yodaneer
The Yodaneer - 8 days ago
5 mil aint sheet for Asthole owner Crane. What a joke.
Manuel Escobedo
Manuel Escobedo - 8 days ago
Comes hard on Astros in what fucking planet do you lived in.
okrajoe - 9 days ago
If by "hard" you mean no punishment of any sort for any of the players, yeah I guess so....
walter arocha
walter arocha - 9 days ago
Make players accountable too
Lukas Cage
Lukas Cage - 9 days ago
They keep saying they came down hard, they should have ripped the fucking banner down that was the most significant thing they could have done, the money didn’t matter, as well as Hinch and Luhnao should be banned. Stop saying 5 MILLION DOLLARS they have BILLIONS nobody cares about the money, it’s a black eye for baseball. Manfred blew it on this. The picks were a good addition. Year suspension is nothing Hinch and Cora will be back and that’s fucking bullshit.
NARKOHAMPON TV - 9 days ago
Jim Rome looks like he never got an PHD
MegaRock1fan - 9 days ago
I thought they were fired not suspended plus Cora got fired
MegaRock1fan - 9 days ago
Oh ok cause I’m like wait a second here
R A - 9 days ago
They were suspended and then fired.
Vijay Nair
Vijay Nair - 9 days ago
I think Hinch should be suspended indefinitely from baseball.
Check that.
I think Hinch should be banned from baseball.
I think the players should be fined 25 games. Check that.
50 games.
They should lose first round picks til 2023.
Check that.
I think Alex Cora should be suspended for 5 years.
Check that.
7 years.
Check that.
Banned for life.
Chris Everett should be named the Red Sox manager.
Check that.
Chrissy Everett.
Michael Mathias
Michael Mathias - 9 days ago
Cora is now part of the RAT family. What a cheat. Astros should have suspended operations for one year
That is appropriate punishment. It would certainly get peoples attention. Cant believe Yanks were not involved. Who is the EVIL EMPIRE now?
Marilyn McAllister
Marilyn McAllister - 9 days ago
They didn't come down hard on them. They should strip the rings and throw in a two year playoff ban as well
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - 9 days ago
As a diehard Yankees fan and baseball fan major league baseball should vacate the 2017 Astros World Series title away. And also that could happen in our World Series if not screwed up game seven in the ALCS
pigjubby1 - 9 days ago
The Astros are the Lance Armstrong of MLB. No wait, Armstrong had his awards taken back. The Astros are the Mexcian drug cartel of MLB
Imperial Watch
Imperial Watch - 9 days ago
Joke of a punishment
Devon Gonzalez
Devon Gonzalez - 10 days ago
My God like we all don't do that we have technology today this is 2020
Devon Gonzalez
Devon Gonzalez - 10 days ago
Okay they cheated by using technology big deal
1870relee - 10 days ago
So, when does Bill O'Brien gets fired?
Michael Chidiac
Michael Chidiac - 10 days ago
Check out Altuve's stats in 2013 and 2017 - almost identical in number of at-bats and games played. That's where "identical" stops. I always wondered by he ended up (his front foot) about 2 inches off the plate on change-up. He knew the pitch and was literally launching himself into the pitch. How much more money has he made by knowing the pitch? This is worse than steroids. Even if you get bigger and stronger from PEDs, you still have to hit the ball. If you know the pitch coming, you can hit it. What's the key to hitting - timing. What's the key to pitching - throwing off the batter's timing. If you can't throw off their timing, they will hit you. Sad, sad. NO guts from our commish. I thought NFL commish was soft. This is weak. Again, this is such a flagrant foul against the game. AJ and the JL will be back with big salaries in 2 years - just watch.
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 10 days ago
The high level of disgrace will grow for years. Astros should disband. Complete embarrassment!
Keith Perdue
Keith Perdue - 10 days ago
Cheated to win championship but trophy not taken away from them? I'd think they should lose that trophy. Suspensions don't mean shit if not applied to all participants in incident.
Michael Chidiac
Michael Chidiac - 10 days ago
This is not a major punishment that affected salaries, careers, championships, etc. This is a joke. Rose was banned for life. This was not just picking signs. This was out and out cheating. Period. It will be interesting to see how "great" Altuve and Begman really are now that the bar has been balanced. Unreal.
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 10 days ago
Well said.
Km Mk
Km Mk - 10 days ago
The the guys swinging the bad dont get anything???
troy pt
troy pt - 10 days ago
So what dodgers going to get reward.... nothing
At least they should get draft pick from them
Mr. Intensity
Mr. Intensity - 10 days ago
I agree. The Dodgers should get those draft picks, and the ones Boston will probably lose too.
vgymgy subscrimchi
vgymgy subscrimchi - 10 days ago
I feel like these disciplinary actions are way to soft.Aj Hinch is not an amazing manager they freakin cheated.Might as well say im an amazing manager too.
King Breezy Boii
King Breezy Boii - 10 days ago
Pete Rose Alex Cora now!!
Mr. Intensity
Mr. Intensity - 10 days ago
🤣 Pete Rose. verb. To excoriate, to make one go away.
Derrick Pittsburgh Steelers Higgins
Well they got Fire by the Owner of the Astros
Derrick Pittsburgh Steelers Higgins
The Title should went to the Dodgers
Chief Knockahoe
Chief Knockahoe - 10 days ago
Houston Asstros Houston Texans Houston Rockets= garbage
Chief Knockahoe
Chief Knockahoe - 9 days ago
sky langford real shit
sky langford
sky langford - 10 days ago
The city of houston = garbage
connie rahim
connie rahim - 10 days ago
take away the astros' franchise
sky langford
sky langford - 10 days ago
Preach on sista! I said the exact same thing in another post
Jim Mcfarland
Jim Mcfarland - 10 days ago
Astros fans are cheats and liars too, so.... Can we give Texas back to Mexico now?
sky langford
sky langford - 10 days ago
Just the houston portion will do. Dallas and Austin don't deserve that kind of fate.....I would like to see a cat 5 destroy houston first though
Charlie Chaman
Charlie Chaman - 10 days ago
Then later Jim Crane FIRED Hinch and Luhnow.
Mr. Intensity
Mr. Intensity - 10 days ago
On Facebook, people were saying that they should be fired. I replied that I'm sure it could still happen...10 minutes later, Boom!
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence - 10 days ago
Big deal it's baseball
Bill Louis
Bill Louis - 10 days ago
A true message would have included vacating the championship
Mr. Intensity
Mr. Intensity - 10 days ago
That's so NCAA...and Manfred didn't want to stoop to their level.
derek Hills
derek Hills - 10 days ago
Put Pete Rose in the Hall
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 6 days ago
Pete belongs in the HOF.
Mr. Thomas
Mr. Thomas - 9 days ago
Not on your life Derek. Pete will never get in. Pete has burn too many bridges!
derek Hills
derek Hills - 10 days ago
Not hard enough! Players need to be held accountable. Players union should enforce it.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent - 10 days ago
Are you kidding me thay can make the money up in one game.take the trophy back they can't make that up in one game.
Brian Salomon
Brian Salomon - 10 days ago
Where's Chrissy?
Morris - 10 days ago
Houstonian. We dgaf about draft picks. Wanted AJ Hinch gone since the Series. 😂 Dodgers and Yankees still choke artists. Lmfao
Morris - 9 days ago
@Les Schraeder I am speaking facts you can't deal with. Bye
Les Schraeder
Les Schraeder - 9 days ago
@Morris All you did with your postings is expose your low level of intelligence to many baseball fans that do get it.
Morris - 10 days ago
@David M. Misrahi Trash reply to me from a trash person who prob has a trash team. They got far 2019 without any cheating and will 2020. All teams do it so piss off loser. Lmao
David M. Misrahi
David M. Misrahi - 10 days ago
The truth is the trashtros cheated their way to the top. Choking is irrelevant when the playing field isn't balanced. Trash organization, trash city, trash fans and now everyone knows it.
Morris - 10 days ago
@David M. Misrahi I spoke the truth. Average person doesn't care.
Ron S.
Ron S. - 10 days ago
Todd Knouse
Todd Knouse - 10 days ago
@Jim Rome - Interview Pete Rose and ask him if thinks this is “major.”
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 8 days ago
Phil Mccracken
Phil Mccracken - 9 days ago
Pete was a piece of garbage. Don’t defend him
Rick S.
Rick S. - 10 days ago
Comes down hard?? Really?? STFU
*slap on the wrist*
They just made cheating acceptable for ALL TEAMS!!
No severe consequences??
OK. Got it! 👍
The commissioner is a joke!
Todd Knouse
Todd Knouse - 10 days ago
Instead of about all the players on the 2017 roster have to remain on the Astros for the next 20 years and salary cap those cheaters at $35k/season.
Al Garcia
Al Garcia - 10 days ago
Bad couple of days for Houston sports. Any good news for the Rockets?
Yoichiro Watanabe
Yoichiro Watanabe - 10 days ago
That’s it?! Only 1 year suspensions of GM and manager, loss of 1st and 2nd draft picks for two years, and 5 mil... No player suspensions and Beltran gets off free even though he was one of the masterminds? WTF?!
RK 1017
RK 1017 - 9 days ago
@Hornsfan64 that is fuckin hilarious omg 🤣
Morris - 10 days ago
@Marcus Guzman Yeah cause that happens to the Patriots.. Lmao
Hornsfan64 - 10 days ago
Marcus Guzman ... I estimate that will happen in approximately 81 games during the regular season.
Marcus Guzman
Marcus Guzman - 10 days ago
They will have the legacy of being cheaters when ever these guy's walk up to the plate they will be booed for the rest of their careers and after that their legacy will be tarnished...
Morris - 10 days ago
@Hornsfan64 Lmao
Peter Diaz
Peter Diaz - 10 days ago
I hope Cora is banned for life
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 10 days ago
He probably banned himself.
Peter Diaz
Peter Diaz - 10 days ago
Now we'll see how good the Astros and the Red Sox are without their cheating
300hiker - 10 days ago
This is not the bombshell Rome wants it to be. It may be even less then most people expected.
Peter Diaz
Peter Diaz - 10 days ago
that's BS! no players suspended!
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 4 days ago
@Michael Brown Some players. Not all needed immunity. But, you're right apparently.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 4 days ago
Bob Heck Before you ask me what my source is for my response, why don’t you explain your fervent response that you seem so definitive about?
michael baker
michael baker - 6 days ago
@Bob Heck not so what? If they didn't give players immunity from punishment they wouldn't of cooperated
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 8 days ago
@Michael Brown NOT SO.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 8 days ago
Because the players were given immunity to testify.
steven cross
steven cross - 10 days ago
This is baseball stealing is plain teaching laziness to teach stealing fundamentals must not work anymore
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 8 days ago
Who would need batting practice?
Rick Williams
Rick Williams - 11 days ago
been a fan since 1964, was taught to try and "steal" signs this is a travesty, I already gave up on nascar and their rein, now its baseball shame I won't watch another game
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson - 11 days ago
You have to take away the World Series Title and the trophy. Otherwise, it doesn't discourage the cheating.
J Dog
J Dog - 7 days ago
It diminishes it as well.
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson - 8 days ago
@VMan29397 - You do know that they are just a spin off team of the Cincinnati Reds? So, they aren't that historic!
VMan29397 - 8 days ago
@Joe Johnson One that would never happen you're never gonna touch 1 of the most historic franchises in the Boston Red Sox
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson - 9 days ago
@VMan29397 -Whether they formally do or not, everyone knows that they are not legit Champions! -- marked for Life as the cheaters!!!!
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson - 9 days ago
@connie rahim -good idea- 2 teams out- death penalty for Astros and Red Sox and replace them with new teams in other cities
Alex P
Alex P - 11 days ago
Astros keep the chip and will re-hire Hinch is 2021. MLB is telling all that cheating is fine so long as you don't get caught. Weak as fuck.
C Pal
C Pal - 11 days ago
The Astros team - including PLAYERS - cheated to win a World Series.
The so called “massive punishment” is $5mill, two non-player suspensions, 4 draft picks (useless anyways.) What a joke. In comparison: Pete Rose lifetime ban just for wagering. NCAA vacates wins and championships for cheaters in basketball and football. What a joke.
Who wouldn’t trade $5mill and some pics for a World Series.
Rome has obviously become an MLB shill.
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 10 days ago
@Marcus Guzman but who can forget anyway? The players are deeply shamed. That's what counts.
Marcus Guzman
Marcus Guzman - 10 days ago
They the League should put an Asterisk by the Astros Championship 2017,
Bob Heck
Bob Heck - 10 days ago
Absolutely! 100%!
thelees1000 - 10 days ago
I agree completely. Suspension for a year is a joke. In 2021 these guys can get another job paying them millions of dollars?? What a joke.
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