The 'Pause Challenge' Needs To Stop (Morgz)

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - Year ago
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Morgan Schlueter
Morgan Schlueter - Month ago
@Brett L i know right!? I was gonna say the same thing!
Gavriel Guigui
Gavriel Guigui - Month ago
Did it
Streamer by the way
Streamer by the way - Month ago
Ryan Trahan totally
Gabriel Prieto
Gabriel Prieto - 2 months ago
Ryan Trahan orange justice is just dark yellow fruit sauce
Hudson Romero
Hudson Romero - 44 minutes ago
Marcus when his parents are getting murdered paws not yet I thought we said tomorrow
r0ckky - 51 minute ago
He needs to go to the ranch!
XxBubblie _ GachaxX
XxBubblie _ GachaxX - 2 hours ago
If morgz was president I think we’d all be dead ;-;
Pineapple Games - Roblox :3
Can u do another Morgz video because now he has a kid that he has in his videos
Zypex Playz
Zypex Playz - 2 hours ago
im not a morgz fan but there is a pause button
Hudson rivera
Hudson rivera - 4 hours ago
Dark yellow fruit juice
Mark Obregon
Mark Obregon - 4 hours ago
Did anyone notice that she stopped the car and wasn't driving when he paused her
Kate Mikkelsen
Kate Mikkelsen - 4 hours ago
Orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce
Valeria Jimenez
Valeria Jimenez - 5 hours ago
Im dying of laughter i subscribed by the way
Mark Obregon
Mark Obregon - 5 hours ago
orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce
Fastest Gaming
Fastest Gaming - 5 hours ago
His girlfriend is his Ex now
Itz_Snowy Owl
Itz_Snowy Owl - 5 hours ago
Why does Morgan open his mouth so wide
Huh Huh
Huh Huh - 6 hours ago
Orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce
Katalina Paniagua
Katalina Paniagua - 6 hours ago
Look at 13 50 to 13 60
Taco Tuesday Family
Taco Tuesday Family - 6 hours ago
the pause butten is at the bottom
Lilly is me
Lilly is me - 7 hours ago
Yo Ryan I'm an ogar!
Lorie Fiber
Lorie Fiber - 7 hours ago
I was practically dying of laughter
Lo_ 0i0
Lo_ 0i0 - 8 hours ago
You have more views than subs
Calub 0
Calub 0 - 8 hours ago
You should react to whoever makes most viral TikTok wins 10k
Will’s Stop Motion and more!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Morgz mum just kissed you
Like it undo.
-Mythical ye3t-
-Mythical ye3t- - 9 hours ago
"Orange Juice is just dark yellow fruit sause"
Patchy Pizza
Patchy Pizza - 9 hours ago
I’m afraid there actually is a pause button on the remote. Down at the bottom left. The second one LOL
A e s t h e t i c
A e s t h e t i c - 10 hours ago
The cringe is killing my brain cells
AC Zap
AC Zap - 10 hours ago
0:22 acualy frozze and i was like yea yea waited a minute then relized b couse i paused with my airpods...yea i have airpods
Quinn Belair
Quinn Belair - 10 hours ago
Who else froze when he froze at the start
GalaxyCreepXL - 11 hours ago
wait should it be play and not unpause
Free Klout
Free Klout - 12 hours ago
They Talk Like That Old Cartoon Wallace and Gromit
Mechanitron 123
Mechanitron 123 - 12 hours ago
Orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce
Madi Mazing
Madi Mazing - 13 hours ago
Thanos stood no chance :(
Curtis Goike
Curtis Goike - 14 hours ago
Imagine if there was no editing
Parker Phillips
Parker Phillips - 15 hours ago
Ur impression was spot on
Olliesub103 - 17 hours ago
thanos stood no chance
Cupcake GachaLover
Cupcake GachaLover - 18 hours ago
I’m not a cowboy... I’m a cowgirl UwU
Cupcake GachaLover
Cupcake GachaLover - 19 hours ago
Orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce if you are reading this
nthkkop 1
nthkkop 1 - 22 hours ago
Morgz got dry lips
Freya Maggs
Freya Maggs - 23 hours ago
Call us soldiers
Sasyimmagoat - 23 hours ago
0:10 Ur mom
PottitGaming - Day ago
It was a pause button at the bottom of the remote
Pulse LOLツ
Pulse LOLツ - Day ago
“All girlfriends do is moan” 😂😂😂
Darya Gusarova
Darya Gusarova - Day ago
Comment orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce if you are reading this
Darya Gusarova
Darya Gusarova - Day ago
Did it
Skyeler Konstantinou
his girlfriend broke up with him
Ben Muenks
Ben Muenks - Day ago
Morgz is as weird and cringey as that new bud light commercial with Post Malone you just dont understand what they are thinking
BlesterZ YT
BlesterZ YT - Day ago
When you put (Morgz) in the title it made the title cancer and now this comment is.
Maynor Oyuela
Maynor Oyuela - Day ago
R.i.p Morgz’s mom
Nathan Howard
Nathan Howard - Day ago
I’m not defending Morgz but it there is actually a pause button on the remote. I have the same on. Morgz is 🗑
Oscar Hehir-Nielsen
since when do you iron that fabric
KarkaTheNeko - Day ago
Shut up and get your teeth straight, Morgz.
Nykko Raski
Nykko Raski - Day ago
Orange juice is just dark yellow juice sauce
Moi Moi
Moi Moi - Day ago
I'm glad Morgz and Kiera broke up and now she's dating Infinite
iiLunacreek - Day ago
this was in my class.
it was annoying.
M.O.B.S Yanzies
M.O.B.S Yanzies - Day ago
8:08 I like how she tilts the carton more also when she is drinking it
Random Account
Random Account - Day ago
12:46 a quote to live by “omg is that bald Martin!!!!”
Lucija valjavec
Lucija valjavec - Day ago
Lets be honest, 99% of us click on Morgz's video just to dislike
Lucija valjavec
Lucija valjavec - Day ago
I died when Ryan said
"omg i can not wait👍🏻😃👍🏻*actually dying watching him *"
Zinni - Day ago
Can we just talk about how morgz said dollars when it was clearly pounds? Anyone?
Johnny’s Games and Stuff
Kayla Kaufman
Kayla Kaufman - Day ago
#Dark yellow orange juice
AYA- MAHMOUD - Day ago
Ur a fucking bitch
Siddhi Chopra
Siddhi Chopra - Day ago
15:01. RIP Morgz mum. Yup. I read the whole thing. Ryan is officially the funniest person on the planet. This video is *proof*
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