This is the PS5 Controller...

Austin Evans
Austin Evans - Month ago
ok I lied the controller has already grown on me
SAIF_U.S.BOX - 17 days ago
@ChloeWade the shittest thing for gaming pc
Maisum Akbar
Maisum Akbar - Month ago
gaming is gaming
Maneeto - Month ago
Austin Evans your dick
TheJoJmaster - Month ago
InfiniteThe1 who asked
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott - Month ago
Fear saavy Xbox has 0 good exclusives so it’s garbage they can’t even do halo right anymore
Frazer Logan
Frazer Logan - 24 minutes ago
click baiting prick
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese - 39 minutes ago
Not tryna disrespect but that haircut gotta go
GRIDLOCK - Hour ago
You really don't like playstation do you
Zouhair Eddahmani
Zouhair Eddahmani - Hour ago
Bro , it’s the first time that I watch your videos and I can assure you that you’re an xbox fan 100% .
Dumb Catz
Dumb Catz - 4 hours ago
personally in like the layout of the xbox (having and xbox one for ages makes you like that) but in still going to gt the ps5 for other reasonns
Dumb Catz
Dumb Catz - 5 hours ago
but the ps5 controler looks good
Destiny boy 2
Destiny boy 2 - 7 hours ago
Nice video
alex vega
alex vega - 7 hours ago
Ps3 players wya
moses mutale
moses mutale - 8 hours ago
Please say it with your chest....meaning be real and stick to your xbox and have fun saying new features..
BreakYourself - 8 hours ago
One thing was definitely confirmed in this video... this guy takes it up the a-ss big time....just like his mom and sister.
XxYoungIcexX _
XxYoungIcexX _ - 8 hours ago
Now ps4 players cant complain how big xbox contollors are. To be honest xbox controllors are the best. The ps4 controllors are just ugly.
Jonathan Woo
Jonathan Woo - 9 hours ago
man, xbox sucks, it always has and always will.
Spooky_Senpaii - 9 hours ago
u are so stupid, u cant talk of xbox in a ps5 videos i like, coca cola talking about pepsi or idk u are the worst
Spooky_Senpaii - 9 hours ago
xbox pay this guy to talk shit about the new ps5
Zoom bey
Zoom bey - 11 hours ago
It looks sick not ugly
Tide pod gummy
Tide pod gummy - 11 hours ago
I don’t know why he accused Sony of taking shots at Microsoft simply because they said they improved the recharge time and battery life of their controller. Seems a bit rude, just expressing my opinion lol
NipNeb - 12 hours ago
A sharper angle great a better angle to accidentally stab my self again with it
Felix Rios
Felix Rios - 15 hours ago
This nerd is a xbox fan so anything he says he deep throats xbox so his videos are ehhh. Smh try again man.
Black Rose
Black Rose - 16 hours ago
To the people that say stupid shit like "Xbox paid him to do this or why he's talking shit about the controller" are stupid af. Do you y'all know what a review is?
brain_killer 2.0
brain_killer 2.0 - 16 hours ago
Better then Xbox
Rodrigo R
Rodrigo R - 18 hours ago
Its sucks like your clikbites
Malcolm Covin
Malcolm Covin - 19 hours ago
That controller looks dope as fuck hands down the best controller design yet
Cris Betancourt
Cris Betancourt - 19 hours ago
You’re literally just a hater. Xbox won’t beat PS5
Tyshaun7057 - 21 hour ago
It looks like it has a rubber bottom grip if you look very close
Kurama - 23 hours ago
Lookin like a pair of thighs...
Carlos M
Carlos M - Day ago
who is this asshole????
SAM TheDZ - Day ago
He is a playstation hater.
Louis Morales
Louis Morales - Day ago
WoW I don’t know you and I’m not going to follow your channel because of this video! I can see you are a major PS hater! Lord dude stay with what you like and don’t bash other people preference! If you’re a Xbox guy ok talk about Xbox and stop the bashing to other consoles that’s not nice!
DJ Eta
DJ Eta - Day ago
Im a ps fan but they screwed the ps5.. im very dissapointed becouse i belive that u cant put grip on it becouse it moves
DJ Eta
DJ Eta - 22 hours ago
U cant put a grip on it becouse it can strech. Try searching video of using ps5 controller ob yt ur google you will see
mutalix - Day ago
What are you trying to say? Put a grip on it?
Brady Ott
Brady Ott - Day ago
looks like ur an xbox person...
Damon crawley
Damon crawley - Day ago
I like how it looks so those facial expressions you can probably keep...for the sake of a non biased view of the controller
AK Chicago
AK Chicago - Day ago
This dude looks like the poster boy for an Xbox lol *loserrrrr*
Snoopy - Day ago
Why is no one talking about how fast he spoke at 1.46
Chase Playz KMC
Chase Playz KMC - Day ago
The controller looks like a Xbox controller that was dropped in paint and became autistic
Trixter - Day ago
im a fan of the gaybox I MEAN xbot oops.. my bad I meant gay box. GOD DAMMIIT
delante mickens
delante mickens - Day ago
This guy knows what he's talking about he's wearing a dreamville shirt. How cool is that😎👍
Dark Knight
Dark Knight - Day ago
The ps5 controller looks even better than the Xbox series x itself
Adrin Nosrati
Adrin Nosrati - Day ago
I'm just gonna let the 48k dislikes speak for my emotions. Good job Xbox fan boy on another video
Quality Shit Edit
Quality Shit Edit - Day ago
I like the new controller....
xurcedpump - Day ago
He is a Xbox simp
Omega Clan
Omega Clan - Day ago
Damn he messed up on talking he was like look at jedjkw
Ross Hall
Ross Hall - Day ago
Has this guy got a hard on for Microsoft? Seems to pipe them off any chance he can haha
mutalix - Day ago
Ms gave him monies to whore out for them.
Warrior Weirdo
Warrior Weirdo - Day ago
I don't like the mic. I don't want to speak in game chat. I hope there is a way to make sure it is turned off.
mutalix - Day ago
Knowing Sony I'm sure there will be, some gamers prefer to use the mic on there headsets, so they have to have this in mind.
Joey Varg
Joey Varg - Day ago
looks like it came from the future... i love it
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey - Day ago
God hes an ugly anoying nerd isnt he, been waiting years for sony to uodate their ugly controller and noweve got this idiot chatting bollocks over it. Nerds have no taste when it comes to aesthetics thats for sure
mutalix - Day ago
Straight bollocks! Hate his speaking style and tone, also reminds me of lanky gray alien.
RUBIX Swag - Day ago
PS5 still gonna sell twice as much then Xbox cause nobody want an Xbox controller.
* - Day ago
I think the new PS5 controller looks great... Stormtrooper baby!!
3l chuy
3l chuy - Day ago
Gay-box simp
Anthony Gabriël
Anthony Gabriël - 2 days ago
Is it just me, or this controller looks like Avengers time travel suit?
Debi is cute ,
Debi is cute , - 2 days ago
It’s like Microsoft and Sony had a baby
Debi is cute ,
Debi is cute , - 2 days ago
This is probably the ugliest controller in the whole world
mutalix - Day ago
In your opinion ofc lol, imo it looks amazing,can't wait to experience it!
YouTube _Name
YouTube _Name - 2 days ago
Good thing i have an xbox and dont have to buy that "beauty"
YouTube _Name
YouTube _Name - 2 days ago
Lol he called it ugly but fr im glad xbox didnt make a new controller because i dont have to buy more
Your moms house
Your moms house - 2 days ago
You need braces
Legitmanhunco - 2 days ago
Why the ps5 controller look like the Xbox controller 🤔 but people say psn better 💀💀
Kamari Baxter
Kamari Baxter - 2 days ago
Jose Tirado
Jose Tirado - 2 days ago
I love the control!!!!!
willy wanna
willy wanna - 2 days ago
Not looking good.
RyJF01 - 2 days ago
It’s so ugly but I’m still getting it PlayStation for life 😂
dark 5hadow
dark 5hadow - 2 days ago
how does abs lock thats it main purpose NOT to lock. Why Austin :/
Haresh Shanmugam
Haresh Shanmugam - 2 days ago
That controller looks cooler than Xbox controller obviously. You too blind to see it.
Cameron Law
Cameron Law - 2 days ago
Xbox players: we have better controllers.
PS4 players: who cares.
Years later with many excuses from Xbox players saying ps controllers are horrible bec ps has a better console.

Sony: fine! I can’t stand Xbox players whining(makes ps controller more like x box controllers).
Xbox players:😳(crap they made better controllers that are more like ours what can we say) “UgH tHaTS sO UgLy”.
Me:😑 u effectively called ur own controller ugly, I am fed up of toxic players making themselves look like fools by whining about other consoles bec they are threatened
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - 2 days ago
he’s a hardcore simp for microsoft
Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba
Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba - 2 days ago
someone wasnt holding back their xbox bias
Λυris - 2 days ago
0:53 you can call it "Austin Evans look"
Turtle Smeller
Turtle Smeller - 2 days ago
Xbox is trash
Black Heart
Black Heart - 2 days ago
I don’t want any other new features in the new Xbox Series X controller other than better grip like sport series and lithium rechargeable battery with usb-c, and better springs in the thumb sticks, please Xbox make that happen.
BK boii44
BK boii44 - 2 days ago
How is this controller ugly??
Papi SpringRoll
Papi SpringRoll - 3 days ago
All these YouTubers are going to want to the more powerful console
Zexpray - 3 days ago
Dude if xbox and ps4 had a baby fr
JL - 3 days ago
LOL yes it is ugly!
Shawn Sannicolas
Shawn Sannicolas - 3 days ago
looks like free willy
gaming ROKY
gaming ROKY - 3 days ago
I'm not getting the ps5 it looks like a xbox controller and I hate xbox ps4 controler is better
Subfrist - 3 days ago
happy to switch to ps4
Mythic_ Killer
Mythic_ Killer - 3 days ago
He is an xbox fan. So he dosen't promote the ps5... He could at least given a good review
Mythic_ Killer
Mythic_ Killer - Day ago
@mutalix yeah
mutalix - Day ago
Ms paid him monies, so hes whoring out for them, this means having bias and putting a negative spin on PS5.
Assassins Creed
Assassins Creed - 3 days ago
I am a PC gamer a like the controllers new features but I don't like the color difference if there will be a black version I'm buying it.
Drewbert - 3 days ago
Thought you had it but ok :/
Lamar Middlebrook
Lamar Middlebrook - 3 days ago
Put a wrap over the same controller an its new lol.
mohamd NOUR BOB
mohamd NOUR BOB - 3 days ago
TomatoFanny - 3 days ago
Ugh good fuck that's ugly and annoying
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