4th Dimension - Tesseract, 4th Dimension Made Easy - Carl Sagan

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Al LaBraun
Al LaBraun - 2 hours ago
So if we are ignorant of time, for the purposes of this discussion, let's use it to represent the 1D world.
Can it function as a place holder because it only "knows" one direction until it is tasked to weave it self through space.
The weave and it's pattern is unknown to time. This can lead to all kinds of speculation.
For example, could our existence be the same as the tip of the needle on a vinyl record or the head of a hard drive. Anyway thanks for the broken brain moment.
It's nice to have a brain break every once in a while.
HeS ham
HeS ham - 2 hours ago
In Veritate Gloria
In Veritate Gloria - 2 hours ago
This is ridiculous.
Mo Khan
Mo Khan - 2 hours ago
Made easy??
For Neil DeGrasse Tyson maybe
TheTuubster - 2 hours ago
The shadow of a wireframed Tesseract simply shows a cube from all 3D perspectives at once: Inside, Outside, Left, Right, Top, Down, Back, Front, like the shadow of a wireframed 3D cube on a 2D plane shows one 3D perspective at once.
Peter Rockwell
Peter Rockwell - 4 hours ago
So how do Flatlanders see one another if there is no surface perpendicular to their lines of sight to reflect light back to them? Maybe I’m being parochial in my concept of sight?
Akif T
Akif T - 4 hours ago
lllewelll - 5 hours ago
Doushy but dynamic lol
ivstova47 - 6 hours ago
I see a prime example of why people think they see weird flying objects called UFOs, but what if they are not even flying. What if it is a 4 th dimensional object looking at us..... just as we look into a microscope and look at living cells....... what if something is looking at us?
ivstova47 - 6 hours ago
Carl Shut down down the Flat Eather conspiracy in less then 10 mins...... wow
David T
David T - 9 hours ago
Is anyone else craving an apple right now?
Haris Ahmed
Haris Ahmed - 10 hours ago
He should have been cast in sci-fi films. He's great in front of the camera.
Michael Jerome
Michael Jerome - 13 hours ago
So what youre telling me, is in the 4th dimension, i can see both sides of the coin simultaneously? And i could somehow say multiple words and have multiple conversations simultaneously as well, and there isnt much of a way to understand how thats done because everything here seems to be one or the other... But, best i can describe is saying apple while hearing orange somewhere in the peripheral of my mind.
KISS LOVE X.X.X - 20 hours ago
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz - Day ago
Unfortunately this description is slightly flawed, although I can't think of a better way to explain it. But in flat land it would be impossible for flat people to see one another as they don't have anything to see! Being as flat as a shadow would make you invisible!
As well as that what are the flat people standing on?😂
Theo Macer
Theo Macer - 13 hours ago
2D or not 2D; that is the question
a abe
a abe - Day ago
Kinda just vaidated my belief in Gd
Chuma Umenze
Chuma Umenze - Day ago
He lost me at fourth dimension.
Aaaashiiiij - Day ago
Justin Candler
Justin Candler - Day ago
And what if the form of consciousness in that other dimension has been the demons ghosts and gods of humanity. - ancient aliens music plays
Ozz El Multivoces
Ozz El Multivoces - Day ago
Captain America is traveling in time looking for that
Havendale Blvd
Havendale Blvd - Day ago
I struggle to comprehend this after watching it for a 3rd time.
Mitch 45
Mitch 45 - Day ago
Cosmos was such an amazing series. Carl Sagan did a fantastic job explaining physical concepts to regular people.
Jake Stewart
Jake Stewart - Day ago
I know this doesn't have anything to do with the video, but I would like to share these questions and this message with as many people as possible.

1. What do you think happens to someone after they die?
2. Do you think there is an afterlife?
3. If heaven exists, how do you get there?
4. Would you be good enough to get into heaven?

Here are a few questions to see if you are a good person:

1. How many lies have you told in your whole life?
2. Have you ever stolen?
3. Have you ever used God's name in vain?
4. Jesus said that "whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew 5:28). Have you ever looked with lust?
5. If you have broken any of these commandments, would you be innocent or guilty on Judgment Day?
6. Would you go to Heaven or Hell?

The Bible says that "all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone" (Revelation 21:8) and "Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people — none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God" (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). So, if you are guilty of any of the ten commandments, then you are in trouble when Judgment Day comes! Do you know what God did for guilty sinners so that we wouldn't have to go to Hell?

2,000 years ago, God became a human being, Jesus of Nazareth, who suffered and died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead on the third day, defeating death. The punishment that we deserve for breaking God's law, Jesus took in our place. He paid the fine that we could never pay so that God can legally set us free by forgiving our sins. He is just, by punishing evil through Jesus’ death on the cross, while being rich in mercy towards us.

What you have to do is repent, or confess and forsake your sins, and trust alone in Jesus Christ. Don't trust your own goodness, because, as Jesus said, “No one is good — except God alone” (Mark 10:18). Trust alone in the savior. The moment you do that, God will forgive every sin you have ever committed and grant you eternal life, and He will give you a new heart with new desires, so that you will love to do what is right. You will be born again. But you must repent and trust in Jesus.

When are you going to do that?

Here is a short Christian movie on this subject and depression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcqxzXMRGoc
xendurr - Day ago
Plot twist: The square was actually a schizophrenic.
Rich T
Rich T - Day ago
Is this the guy that does the voice of agent Smith in the matrix?
Z750Monster - Day ago
He had to have been the inspiration for Hugo Weaving's Agent Smith from the Matrix.
Alex Clayton
Alex Clayton - Day ago
Mr Anderson...
Al Davison
Al Davison - Day ago
The girls in my class be in flat land
Funsley - Day ago
1 dimension - length
2 dimensions- length x width
3 dimensions - length x width x height
4 dimensions- length x width x height x ?
WHAT??? What’s the 4th?
Bujumi Nodstrom
Bujumi Nodstrom - Day ago
cp070476 - Day ago
I've watched this vid 10 times in the last week.. It is brilliant.
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Carpenter - Day ago
Flat earthers hate this man
Me Me
Me Me - Day ago
And space does not exist!
Alex Hu
Alex Hu - Day ago
So theoretically someone from the 4th dimension could pull us into the 4th dimension
Me Me
Me Me - Day ago
"Someone" is called an Alien.
WilliamE216 - Day ago
No one tells a story quite like Carl.
Tuguy Tetik
Tuguy Tetik - 2 days ago
Im left with more questions than answers....
Frank Lange
Frank Lange - 2 days ago
Flat earthers beware
Arrbyy - 2 days ago
If something is absolutely flat, then it doesn't exist.
Luis Urán
Luis Urán - Day ago
Me Me
Me Me - Day ago
Hmm, but it's like a bouncing object on a table. Does that object ever stop bouncing?
Brennan O'Leary
Brennan O'Leary - 2 days ago
There are no 'flat' 2D objects, 
and that includes really thin ink drawings,
because flat refers to height,
which is a three-dimensional concept/reality.
My guess:
Without height to connect them
thereby forming a plane,
length and width
are nothing more than coordinates
measured from a shared origin point.
Me Me
Me Me - Day ago
I think Carl was much more smarter than you and me. Just go with it.
Walter Mitty
Walter Mitty - 2 days ago
Where’s NDT when you need him to explain cross-dimensional interaction?
PO Lind
PO Lind - 2 days ago
The flat land and the apple. A perfect picture of us and the way God presented him self to us, in Jesus, the only way we could understand. Flesh and blood... And by the way. The fourth dimension, I call it ´the deep´ might be our consciousness or perhaps the world of quantum physics.
PO Lind
PO Lind - Day ago
@Me Me If not even Richard Dawkins himself can deny that Jesus existed, then how could you? Then if he was devine or not thats another question. But we are many that clame he was, through different kinds of experiences. But you are free to think how you want. "This has been a story passed down to many generations"... Well, thats not completely true. When it comes to Jesus there is peopel that clames to be eyewhitnesses and their stories was written down. If you like to believe them or not it up to you. But if their stories was true then, its surtenly tru now. About " live in the now", is not even a argument.
Me Me
Me Me - Day ago
"the way God presented him self to us, in Jesus, the only way we could understand. Flesh and blood". Jesus? Flesh and blood? What? Were you there? Can you actually account for jesus' whereabouts? This has been a story passed down to many generations. How can you prove this by fact, now? Reminds me of the tall tales they always describe when the vikings killed the dragon. Come on, it's almost 2021, live in the now!
Bubblezov Love
Bubblezov Love - 2 days ago
Flat land people would see an unfamiliar three dimensions in thier macro level landscape I think because although they don't have much height, they do have SOME height. Go macro and viola! Three dimensions in a two dimensional flat land.... This suggests to me that we can find another dimension floating around somewhere. Tiny strange dimensions abstracted within our own dimenson....
Claw Kyoung
Claw Kyoung - 2 days ago
Low key he’s exposing flat earth😂
Matt Essency
Matt Essency - 2 days ago
I really wish flat earthers would watch this.
Jacques - 2 days ago
Watching this, I just got a question. If we project a Tesseract on a 3D space, we should obtain a cube right?
Chad The Impostor
Chad The Impostor - 2 days ago
It's beautiful!
Henrik Troy De la Cruz
Henrik Troy De la Cruz - 2 days ago
Me: I should sleep early
My brain at 2am: Let's learn about the 4th dimension
007Babush - 2 days ago
That logically implies that there are infinite dimensions
Hitman Hydraulics
Hitman Hydraulics - 2 days ago
Way too high this morning Sir.
idegteke - 2 days ago
Facepalm. It is the equivalent of the babies delivered by storks. Commercial television level cosmology:)
Dajuan Sowers
Dajuan Sowers - 2 days ago
Carl Sagan suppressed a lot of knowledge. He was definitely part of the problem and was paid by NASA to protect their secrets.
Patriotic ‘Murican
Patriotic ‘Murican - 2 days ago
What about the first dimension?
He Who Is
He Who Is - 2 days ago
I bought Cosmos many years ago, but never cracked it open. I guess partly I was lazy, and maybe partly afraid I’d be so lost in comprehension. This video, watching Carl explain dimensions, makes me think I’ll Finally read Cosmos.
Galwegan - 2 days ago
i disagree
richard coleman
richard coleman - 2 days ago
How can flat people walk anywhere ? They are by definition flat and legs would be below which does not exist in flatland !
Yeowtothat x
Yeowtothat x - 2 days ago
Looks and sounds like Ted bundy
D R - 2 days ago
Wish there were a way to explain things like this without reasoning by analogy.
Bubblezov Love
Bubblezov Love - 2 days ago
I think that's needed as a property of language. The art of it is a poetic description that makes the easiest picture... I wouldbe a happier man if I had someone to just talk about this stuff non stop with... I really would...
Marco The Welder
Marco The Welder - 2 days ago
So glad I did enough psychedelics for this to make sense
Suraj Krishnan
Suraj Krishnan - 2 days ago
I lost him at 4rth dimension
THE INTERNET - 2 days ago
Keep growing all angles until you are bigger than the universe and you'll see the final stage of life for what it really is
D A N D Y W A V E S - 2 days ago
Carl sagan but its the space dandy narrator.
Swagger Art Gaming
Swagger Art Gaming - 2 days ago
Hey. You didnt search for this.
Gewglesux - 2 days ago
Nonsense... My GF says she will never live in a place where there are no Flats.
David Henningson
David Henningson - 2 days ago
Right-left... up-down... front-back... and for the forth spacial dimension... larger-smaller. The 4rth spacial vector is scale. Or so it appears when graphing out all the vectors.
Consider the 4D cube "shadow" in 3D is a cube within a cube, with lines connected all corners. A 3d cube in 2d... is a hexagon. So the 4rth dimension runs along scale...which represents itself at right angles with all 3 known coordinate vectors.
You're welcome 😉 sometimes the most frustrating problems... have the simplest of solutions. Or if it's just Dunning Kruger on my part🤠... feel free to school me below👍
911 was an Outside Job
911 was an Outside Job - 2 days ago
Had no idea Agent Smith had a brother.
Declan Woolworths
Declan Woolworths - 2 days ago
All my homies hate the 3rd dimension.
Christopher Albert
Christopher Albert - 2 days ago
This nigga stupid
Yang - 3 days ago
The apple is a dickhead.
Mavmallow - 3 days ago
I dunno who this man is but he was obviously great
Nollem - 3 days ago
Is the 4th dimension not time? Not being bound by time?
Dave Dogge
Dave Dogge - 3 days ago
I vaguely remember this guy, I'm in the UK but he's highly entertaining. RIP fella
Mickey Itchi
Mickey Itchi - 3 days ago
Mickey Itchi
Mickey Itchi - 3 days ago
Wayne Brookes
Wayne Brookes - 3 days ago
Agent Smith has escaped the matrix. And on Fridays he helps his landlady carry out her garbage.
Çhikku - 3 days ago
Dennis Salenski
Dennis Salenski - 3 days ago
Robert Heinlein wrote a short story about an architect who built a house based on a tesseract . The windows looked out on different parts of the universe
Antonio Gaudino
Antonio Gaudino - 3 days ago
This guy looks like Ted Bundy
Pat Bone
Pat Bone - 3 days ago
Fancypants McVomitshirt
I can't wait to tell my psychiatrist that Carl Sagan agrees with me about the voices in my centre being extra-dimensional entities.
Sri Charan ABD17
Sri Charan ABD17 - 3 days ago
Be careful Thanos would like the tesseract
Amaru - 3 days ago
Mr Anderson !!!
Joanan Vega
Joanan Vega - 3 days ago
Dam adhd im suppose to be doing calculus homework but here i am having dmt flashbacks
jedwards1211 - 3 days ago
It must have been hard to conceive of how some hypercube rotations look in the days before computer visualization
thefunkyclanger - 3 days ago
Sounds like reverend lovejoy
louie varcelletti
louie varcelletti - 3 days ago
Anytime there's a dumbass rubbernecking he's prolly just talking shit through a six sense.
chimmpoe2 - 3 days ago
So its a set of infinite layers of infinite dimensions encasing a lower one in infinite angles. Hmm. Wonder what the smallest resolution you can actually see. Or even try to scope out how vast the universe truly is. Better just make things better on Earth first.
Charles Hearn
Charles Hearn - 3 days ago
He may be right but it sounds like gibberish
lolhahah21 - 3 days ago
This nigga remindin me of a Mr. Rogers for adults.
Kalyanjyoti Mohan
Kalyanjyoti Mohan - 4 days ago
4th dimensional sturctire looked like a pipehole structure, more like wormhole , maybe the 4th dimensional beings are hollow from inside,
xRamble0nx - 4 days ago
I smoked way too much pot to understand this right now. How the hell did I get here?
Nghia Nguyen
Nghia Nguyen - 4 days ago
Theory not proven. You'd get an F in school for spilling this non-sense. :)
martin - 4 days ago
Is this the same as the theory that the earth is flat?
Byron Pocock
Byron Pocock - 4 days ago
the 2 dimensional creature cannot hear the 3 dm creature, he slices himself up and then kicks the square out of his house.
BleachRush - 4 days ago
If you're confused about that, imagine how flat earthers are confused right now.
tileformiles - 4 days ago
The fourth dimension is time. Sagan really missed it on this one.
Height, width and depth are nothing but a concept without time. He had it backwards. It's in TIME (the 4th dimension) we exist in essence as conscious experience.
Scientists are great, but don't ask them about the nature of reality itself. You need a philosopher for that.
Bilim, uzay ve ilginç bilgiler
Carl Sagan...
N T - 4 days ago
What was his religion I still don’t know what it is lol?
Lee Vaughn
Lee Vaughn - 4 days ago
Carl Sagan didn't die hes teaching at the Vulcan high command he just went home.
Bhavya - 4 days ago
It's possible that misdirecting sources have caused me to expect this at this point, but where does thr concept of time fit into here?
Falcon McNudeii
Falcon McNudeii - 4 days ago
for 5 minutes he explained religion
Sourav Biswas
Sourav Biswas - 4 days ago
The bulk of this discussion got lost in the brane due to Carl’s inability to create the fourth dimension.
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