Last to SCREAM Wins $10,000 - Scary Haunted House Challenge

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 7 months ago
like & subscribe or you will be trapped in that haunted house forever
Fatima Chowdhury
Fatima Chowdhury - 19 days ago
Im already subscribed and i always like 😊 😊 😊
Pbgk nigga and Brayden the tryhard
FaZe Rug wow
M Medel
M Medel - 19 days ago
Albert Jason Alburo
Albert Jason Alburo - 23 days ago
Your nightmare are the chainsaws?
the pretty Lilly
the pretty Lilly - Month ago
Ah hell nah man im liking
Maddy M
Maddy M - 10 hours ago
They really playing stranger things in one of the rooms
ZILLA 3000
ZILLA 3000 - 12 hours ago
I don't really care if it's real money or not. But This video is still entertaining. Interesting video, very creative.
Makenzie Mullins
Makenzie Mullins - 15 hours ago
Bruh.... I'm 12 bout to be 13 and a girl and I just wave hi and hope they wave back ;-;
Chandler • pumba
Chandler • pumba - 15 hours ago
Why do you do this to your shelf... 😄
Pulo Tharsan
Pulo Tharsan - 19 hours ago
Camara man not scary
Yolanda Salazar
Yolanda Salazar - 20 hours ago
Gaming channe 1
Gaming channe 1 - Day ago
Hi bra
Gaming channe 1
Gaming channe 1 - Day ago
Faze rug
Mirna Flores
Mirna Flores - Day ago
JJ750 - Day ago
You know what would be cool everytime you scream you give money to the people who scared you
Gaming With Haris
Gaming With Haris - 2 days ago
And the winner is the camera man aka nowa
Ayaan Yusaf collect
Ayaan Yusaf collect - 2 days ago
Brando rice beat you
Matthew Burse
Matthew Burse - 2 days ago
You suck
i didnt scream not even 1 or 2 times
Michelle Pettiford
Michelle Pettiford - 2 days ago
yes he dint
Sofia Mariano
Sofia Mariano - 2 days ago
I already did I love you so much I am a HUGE FAN you are the best prankster lol😂😂
Jason Smith
Jason Smith - 2 days ago
dolphin plays
dolphin plays - 2 days ago
The real winnee is noah didnt scream once, walked backward and while holding a camera turns
Arianna’s Adventure
Arianna’s Adventure - 2 days ago
i’m scared of the chainsaw too i swear when i went to a haunted house all i was doing was screaming and yelling “please noooo” but then i saw one of the clowns face after and he was cute 🤣🤣🤣
Aaliyah _
Aaliyah _ - 2 days ago
The clown that just wanted sleep was ma fav 🤣
Briston Blackburn
Briston Blackburn - 2 days ago
He did not scream
Briston Blackburn
Briston Blackburn - 2 days ago
You are a scaredy-cat you are a scary cat in the black hoodie
Mr. Editz
Mr. Editz - 3 days ago
I'v done this at my school like scary booth I was scaring every student who entered😂😂😂I miss my role to scare everyone🤣
Ricky Montanez
Ricky Montanez - 3 days ago
Julie H
Julie H - 3 days ago
Just said you were scared of chainsaws so you are scared of something
giselle bueno
giselle bueno - 3 days ago
Poor Noah
Tammy Cummngs
Tammy Cummngs - 3 days ago
This is so funny’s
Tammy Cummngs
Tammy Cummngs - 3 days ago
Funny I mean
kimberkley giana
kimberkley giana - 3 days ago
So creepy I saw creepy clown to tag you guys I die your time I my gene dream
Who will win $10000$baby bug creepy house I saw it shooting one person out I saw a creepy girl 👻 one person out one person out one one person out
GG_JT - 3 days ago
0:54 funny how he said that
Super gamer2011
Super gamer2011 - 3 days ago
Lowkey I don’t scream from chain saw
Angel Leyte
Angel Leyte - 3 days ago
Bro that scream sounded like 6ix9ine
Isael Salas
Isael Salas - 3 days ago
I Would Scream like 1’000 Times That’s so HUNTED I would never Go there
I went like a Place with my family but not my sister because she was my Grandma I cried when I went there I was Scary
Traxxinitý ___
Traxxinitý ___ - 3 days ago
They rid one of theese in my school and there was a clown and I said if u touch me I'm gonna beat ur ass and he took of the mask and it was my principal

I got kicked out
DyllinB - 3 days ago
I like how there in a Haunted House and talking about COD
Nydia Hakeem
Nydia Hakeem - 3 days ago
I would scream 40 times just stepping on something.
Mario Luig video
Mario Luig video - 3 days ago
Don't worry rug your not the only one afraid of chainsaw me two you know
Fox Peter
Fox Peter - 3 days ago
U just feel bad for Noah the camera man
Ali Al Shikh Yasin
Ali Al Shikh Yasin - 4 days ago
rug is a cat
Tony Smith
Tony Smith - 4 days ago
rug- last to scream wins. camera man- 😐
Elvira Arce
Elvira Arce - 4 days ago
Brian: “One of them is real for sure.”
Brian: “ One of these are real.”
Brian: “ One is real for SURE.”
Whats next.
Elvira Arce
Elvira Arce - 4 days ago
Nena Morales
Nena Morales - 4 days ago
Everyone but Noah thinking - “$10,000
Brian thinking - “chainsaws
mayraubz - 4 days ago
i subscribd
Abu Rozeena
Abu Rozeena - 4 days ago
Who else watching this during lockdown
Carmelo Hunter
Carmelo Hunter - 4 days ago
Noah walked backwards and didn’t scream🦾
Jennifer Kraft
Jennifer Kraft - 4 days ago
Jennifer Kraft
Jennifer Kraft - 4 days ago
Alvaro Ferrer-Sierra
Alvaro Ferrer-Sierra - 4 days ago
Thanks to Noah imagine FaZe Rug recording It is all for noah
Fadak Marati
Fadak Marati - 4 days ago
The one who supposed to win is the camera man like if u agree ⬇️
Abdullah Alajmi
Abdullah Alajmi - 4 days ago
Legit The thing that I’m most afraid of is god and then clowns like if u agree
jaden mcovey
jaden mcovey - 4 days ago
Kristine Diana Aquino
Kristine Diana Aquino - 5 days ago
my biggest fear in haunted houses is very part of it
1D07 IP SUM NING EVE - 5 days ago
I wonder why the camera man doesn’t cry
Here Forever
Here Forever - 5 days ago
Girl is a babe
Jabez Tampol
Jabez Tampol - 5 days ago
Bird box?
Erfan Eftekhari
Erfan Eftekhari - 5 days ago
I'm so good at that I made a vedio I wose not scard
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez - 5 days ago
Last years chainsaw and rug that shit has me rolling!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭
FaZe Zylon ‘_’
FaZe Zylon ‘_’ - 5 days ago
Noah really won walking backwards filming
Fraser Kemp
Fraser Kemp - 5 days ago
The camera man won he didn’t scream once 🤣🤣🤣
Johnny Jeep
Johnny Jeep - 5 days ago
The funny part when Brawadis said “That’s 1 scream” at 6:14 was so funny and when Rug said “Im aready out they gave me a extra life” at 6:20 THESE ARE THE MOST FUNNY PARTS! lol
Johnny Jeep
Johnny Jeep - 5 days ago
Noah is the real winner Faze Rug should pay him 100,000 $ just for him walking backwards in the most scary haunted house. That’s just scary!
dora gonzalez .
dora gonzalez . - 5 days ago
oh hell no
Kaison Fawcett
Kaison Fawcett - 5 days ago
10:38 she’s on crack
Wesizzy11 - 5 days ago
All the actors lose bcoz their screaming at 🤣🤣🤣
Kendyl Presser
Kendyl Presser - 5 days ago
6:12 That's 1 scream XD
Infinity Ops Master
Infinity Ops Master - 6 days ago
The poeple who work their will get a lot of money
Mr.D - 6 days ago
What is this a lakers championship, don't look. 🤣🤣
JaredWWEfan - 6 days ago
90% of the comments noah should of won he didnt talk or scream
1% of the comments Kobe Bryant
9% of the comments random things
Me lol
Julian Alamillo
Julian Alamillo - 6 days ago
9:49 “Is that Bosley?”
faith Carrington
faith Carrington - 6 days ago
Why is faze rugs nose so LONG
faith Carrington
faith Carrington - 6 days ago
Just saying no offense
TTVfirey086 Wheel
TTVfirey086 Wheel - 6 days ago
Yo rug can you like this comment pls that make my day
Charlie Ayala
Charlie Ayala - 6 days ago
Noah has big balls
Max Kubicki
Max Kubicki - 6 days ago
Brawadis no one will ever beat me in a basketball 1 v 1

Loses to ricegum
Ninja Door
Ninja Door - 6 days ago
This is stupid I went in 10 haounted houses
Antoine Restom
Antoine Restom - 6 days ago
Noah should have won he didn’t even talk
It was nothing for him
「Duck Edits」
「Duck Edits」 - 6 days ago
If i was there, i would’ve accidentally kicked one of the workers-
Kenn Cuadra
Kenn Cuadra - 6 days ago
I was laughing when Faze rug got chainsaw but I feel worried about those chainsaw that it would hit you because I think Its real
E Carrion
E Carrion - 6 days ago
I will go there
Becky Gee
Becky Gee - 7 days ago
I love the way the person holding the camera never screamed once so actually they should of won⭐️
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