Last to SCREAM Wins $10,000 - Scary Haunted House Challenge

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 17 days ago
like & subscribe or you will be trapped in that haunted house forever
Mohd Yuzwan Yaakub
Mohd Yuzwan Yaakub - Day ago
I would scream, but I mostly kick the on who scares me 😆😅 I know I am weird.😆
Xavi Garcia
Xavi Garcia - Day ago
@Chris-Roblox fgyij vigués eyuooojhuvu
BTS ARMY - 2 days ago
Jeez I got startled the whole damn time
Charika Curry
Charika Curry - 2 days ago
This is not scary bc I was one of them
immabeastbro J
immabeastbro J - 5 hours ago
The camera man should win😤😤

He didn't scream!!😛😛
Drigzyy - 5 hours ago
camera man should've won dude didnt scream once or hesitate
Maxrazieramba _xX
Maxrazieramba _xX - 7 hours ago
The real winner is the camera man lol hahah
Bennett Rowley
Bennett Rowley - 7 hours ago
Wish NELK would did a vid like this
Bennett Rowley
Bennett Rowley - 7 hours ago
You should of went to the back after the first scare
Bennett Rowley
Bennett Rowley - 7 hours ago
1 tear should be 2 screens. She’s our at 5:25 for me 😂
Cover Girl
Cover Girl - 7 hours ago
Haha i love how the dead person screamed and one of the contestants was like “thats 1 strike” is that funny lol
ambarpreet kaur
ambarpreet kaur - 8 hours ago
Faze sound like Mrbeast btw love u 🥰
Lil poke Lil
Lil poke Lil - 8 hours ago
I just came from this place and they didn't even put the scariest part in my opinion but I guess because it has flashing light witch makes it scarier it wouldn't look good on the camera
Mfuse - 8 hours ago
Moon Reeve
Moon Reeve - 10 hours ago
GG-Everest - 10 hours ago
Faze Rug “I’m actually scared of chainsaws
10 seconds late faze rug “I ain’t scared of nothin”
CANCER gaming
CANCER gaming - 10 hours ago
camera is win he not scream
CANCER gaming
CANCER gaming - 10 hours ago
who's camera man
lovely Sunshine
lovely Sunshine - 11 hours ago
I think the camera man is bravest one here. With
1. His walking backwards through the haunted house
2. I never heard him scream
3. He was running with the chainsaw man.
Habiba Abdi
Habiba Abdi - 11 hours ago
Dang I scared me
Chxerries - 12 hours ago
“Music starts playing”
The peepee Fan
The peepee Fan - 12 hours ago
My school have a hunted house in the elementary school and a guy with a chainsaw runs at you like what the hell
Chxerries - 12 hours ago
Who else was literally dying watching this
kashina's tv channel!
kashina's tv channel! - 12 hours ago
is that bosley🤣
Ryan Hendry
Ryan Hendry - 12 hours ago
Props the the camera man
Julissa Almonte
Julissa Almonte - 12 hours ago
The bird box one wasn’t scary
OhioKid - 12 hours ago
Not to be racist or anything but faze rug is running out of video ideas
Bait Emp
Bait Emp - 12 hours ago
It should be shermanthevirgin
Becka Iverson
Becka Iverson - 12 hours ago
Lol when he said that’s 1 Scream
Tumelo Piangbe
Tumelo Piangbe - 12 hours ago
Faze is always on the floor by a chainsaw ..
Noel Cubol
Noel Cubol - 13 hours ago
He said owwwww
Luke Coleman
Luke Coleman - 13 hours ago
Look like a fun job scaring the shit out of people
Lee Childress
Lee Childress - 13 hours ago
day before bday is oct 5th
SHXADOW - - 13 hours ago
Faze Rug: “ this is the excorcist”
Also faze rug points at stranger things portal
Jbgoalstopper 12
Jbgoalstopper 12 - 14 hours ago
Go to the black out haunted go use they send you in by yourself
Daniel Lerma
Daniel Lerma - 14 hours ago
Scary? Go to Mckamy manor
EC - 06MK - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)
i love please do more i couldint stop laughing
Geo - 14 hours ago
Theres no chain in the saw!
Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson - 14 hours ago
Me: i am scared of me faze rug: why me: cuz i don't now faze rug:😐
Mystery Girl101
Mystery Girl101 - 14 hours ago
I heard Anthony screen in the chainsaw hunted one 👍 like if to heard
Kalonie McWilliams
Kalonie McWilliams - 14 hours ago
See thing is im not a screemer, i hold my breath.
Jb1102006 Tresean
Jb1102006 Tresean - 14 hours ago
Oh thats y they probably said "dont scare the camera man"
Kyle Becker
Kyle Becker - 15 hours ago
I screamed once
I screamed once

I'm crying
Kyle Becker
Kyle Becker - 15 hours ago
Sorry 1:48
Kyle Becker
Kyle Becker - 15 hours ago
Kyle Becker
Kyle Becker - 15 hours ago
Dead people montages be like 1:52
Katie K
Katie K - 15 hours ago
I went the scariest haunted house in the world it was the worst I don’t even like haunted houses😢
Fam0us Sunnyy
Fam0us Sunnyy - 15 hours ago
That clip from last year was ON MY BIRTHDAYYYYY💃🏾
Jennifer Burgett
Jennifer Burgett - 16 hours ago
Nahhh Sloss Fright Furnace in Birmingham, AL. This place is actually haunted. If you're a sensitive, be cautious. Cleanse after leaving & protect yourself before arriving. It's also open year round as a historical landmark, but Halloween is the most active time
Heilyn Acevedo
Heilyn Acevedo - 16 hours ago
That’s shit was scary
Kelzkisses H.
Kelzkisses H. - 16 hours ago
Unicorn Gaming67
Unicorn Gaming67 - 16 hours ago
This will give me nightmares...
xTyrellx DesLandes
xTyrellx DesLandes - 16 hours ago
I will call the cops on you if you try to trap me in thier
xd Cypherrr
xd Cypherrr - 16 hours ago
Stranger Things isn’t even horror...
TGS BOY - 17 hours ago
Happy deth day
iiangelxo - 17 hours ago
this is how many people want mr. beast and faze rug to collab
Maximoos 8
Maximoos 8 - 17 hours ago
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Mikey Wescott
Mikey Wescott - 18 hours ago
You should try reaper‘s revenge in Scranton pa
Ben Martin-Richmond
Ben Martin-Richmond - 18 hours ago
Wow that’s creepy
Giyani Gonzalez
Giyani Gonzalez - 18 hours ago
9:48 had me dyingggggg😭😭😭
Naiz - 20 hours ago
Oh Jessica and Brian isnt a couple sorry for saying that
Mellissa Smith
Mellissa Smith - 20 hours ago
I could totally do it, but I know you pick friends to do this because, let's face it, nobody's getting 10k
Aadil Dakwala
Aadil Dakwala - 21 hour ago
He said I’m already out but they gave me an extra life😂😂
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