Behind the scenes of WWE Extreme Rules with Samoa Joe: WWE Day Of

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Joe and Brock Lesnar are the only 2 guys on the entire roster that look like they could actually win a real fight. Guys like Reigns, Rollins, AJ etc are about as intimidating as a box of cupcakes
عاطف الجهني
عاطف الجهني - Month ago
Taufik Rahman
Taufik Rahman - 2 months ago
I don't know why but when it comes to promo, Samoa Joe has a similarities with Stone Cold Steve Austin promo. Very real and intense. Love it. 😁😏
Taolo Sekgoa
Taolo Sekgoa - 4 months ago
Joe is honestly the reason why I still watch this.. I literally watch is segments ONLY. His mic skills are unmatched, he's believable, he's great in the ring.. Definitely deserves more.. but knowing WWE, it will be a long time before Joe gets his well deserved push.. This show is horrible..
Fahrul Rahman
Fahrul Rahman - 4 months ago
The Legend 🤘
dk13 - 4 months ago
push for Joe for champ? yes, please!
Useless - 4 months ago
Samoe Joe with the worst gimmick WWE ever made - Samoa Jobber
ryan chacho
ryan chacho - 4 months ago
My is Dave Batista is favorite wrestling all time is kartos for god of war
Ricardo Molina
Ricardo Molina - 4 months ago
You know what happens when this WWE retired what I mean is that the WWE super stars right now retire and new super stars come who would they be!?
fantastic files
fantastic files - 4 months ago
Plz let him win the title he deserves it plz WWE
James Gatsby
James Gatsby - 4 months ago
Joe should be champion.
GENDY - 4 months ago
Joe can easily be a great World Champion. Sucks that he always loses big matches
Rey Ernest
Rey Ernest - 4 months ago
Samoa Joe He's 4 Times Champion! Right Guys
ItsYaaBoySam19 - 4 months ago
Samoa Joe needs to lose at least 20 to 30lbs he'd be way more agile he's more heavier than he was last year
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan - 4 months ago
Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnor
Zul Shahmi Ruslan
Zul Shahmi Ruslan - 4 months ago
We want one final match for Cena before he retired for good.
Cena vs. Joe. WrestleMania 37. Booked as main event match. 🔥🔥🔥
Damian Gomez
Damian Gomez - 4 months ago
I want Brock to drop the title to Joe
chummel - 4 months ago
This was genius, humanizes Joe, maybe face turn soon?
Sour Blu
Sour Blu - 4 months ago
Samoa Joe reminds me of me
Ayat Elmorshdy
Ayat Elmorshdy - 4 months ago
At summer slam there should be a triple threat match for the wwe title between kofi Randy and Joe ...which Joe must win btw
Ding Dong
Ding Dong - 4 months ago
Vince give Joe the title damn!!!
Abdou Gaming Dz
Abdou Gaming Dz - 4 months ago
joe's promo is so good and confident
rami ijel
rami ijel - 4 months ago
Joe should've won multiple Universal/WWE championship matches that he's had in the past
Eagle Man
Eagle Man - 4 months ago
Joe is a fat pig 🐷 who can’t wrestle
Eagle Man
Eagle Man - 4 months ago
Somoan joe needs to get in better shape
Darrin Ramroop
Darrin Ramroop - 4 months ago
I wanted him to beat lesnar
DR. BARRIT - 4 months ago
Samoa Joe vs. The Rock!
BigNate Jobber
BigNate Jobber - 4 months ago
Why can't Samoa Joe be our world champion why Vince why
Impact Videos
Impact Videos - 4 months ago
Samoe Joe you are a hardworker man, I will won title one day
Mario Robles
Mario Robles - 4 months ago
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson - 4 months ago
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shashi kant
shashi kant - 4 months ago
Joe doesn't need championship, the championship needs joe.
Hamdi Abdel Aziz
Hamdi Abdel Aziz - 4 months ago
Roman reigns deserve a title match at summer slam 2019
XPORT - 4 months ago
how is this guy not World champion is beyond me
Nino Dean
Nino Dean - 4 months ago
Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe
CSC_Giwrgos YT
CSC_Giwrgos YT - 4 months ago
New day
Santhosh . m
Santhosh . m - 4 months ago
But you don't man
Nilesh Das
Nilesh Das - 4 months ago
He is a good man
atlucadlee02 ig
atlucadlee02 ig - 4 months ago
Kofi Kingston bearing Samoa joe clean is the dumbest booking In the world.
Hotline Graal
Hotline Graal - 4 months ago
Push this guy. or push wwe throught a hill and go watch AEW
βιβη Π.
βιβη Π. - 4 months ago
joe should have won
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