Behind the scenes of WWE Extreme Rules with Samoa Joe: WWE Day Of

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Taolo Sekgoa
Taolo Sekgoa - 25 days ago
Joe is honestly the reason why I still watch this.. I literally watch is segments ONLY. His mic skills are unmatched, he's believable, he's great in the ring.. Definitely deserves more.. but knowing WWE, it will be a long time before Joe gets his well deserved push.. This show is horrible..
Fahrul Rahman
Fahrul Rahman - 26 days ago
The Legend 🤘
dk13 - 26 days ago
push for Joe for champ? yes, please!
Useless - 27 days ago
Samoe Joe with the worst gimmick WWE ever made - Samoa Jobber
ryan chacho
ryan chacho - 27 days ago
My is Dave Batista is favorite wrestling all time is kartos for god of war
Ricardo Molina
Ricardo Molina - 27 days ago
You know what happens when this WWE retired what I mean is that the WWE super stars right now retire and new super stars come who would they be!?
fantastic files
fantastic files - 27 days ago
Plz let him win the title he deserves it plz WWE
James Gatsby
James Gatsby - 27 days ago
Joe should be champion.
GENDY - 27 days ago
Joe can easily be a great World Champion. Sucks that he always loses big matches
Rey Ernest
Rey Ernest - 27 days ago
Samoa Joe He's 4 Times Champion! Right Guys
ItsYaaBoySam19 - 27 days ago
Samoa Joe needs to lose at least 20 to 30lbs he'd be way more agile he's more heavier than he was last year
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan - 27 days ago
Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnor
Zul Shahmi Ruslan
Zul Shahmi Ruslan - 27 days ago
We want one final match for Cena before he retired for good.
Cena vs. Joe. WrestleMania 37. Booked as main event match. 🔥🔥🔥
Damian Gomez
Damian Gomez - 27 days ago
I want Brock to drop the title to Joe
chummel - 27 days ago
This was genius, humanizes Joe, maybe face turn soon?
Sour Blu
Sour Blu - 28 days ago
Samoa Joe reminds me of me
Ayat Elmorshdy
Ayat Elmorshdy - 28 days ago
At summer slam there should be a triple threat match for the wwe title between kofi Randy and Joe ...which Joe must win btw
Ding Dong
Ding Dong - 28 days ago
Vince give Joe the title damn!!!
Abdou Gaming Dz
Abdou Gaming Dz - 28 days ago
joe's promo is so good and confident
rami ijel
rami ijel - 28 days ago
Joe should've won multiple Universal/WWE championship matches that he's had in the past
Eagle Man
Eagle Man - 28 days ago
Joe is a fat pig 🐷 who can’t wrestle
Eagle Man
Eagle Man - 28 days ago
Somoan joe needs to get in better shape
Darrin Ramroop
Darrin Ramroop - 28 days ago
I wanted him to beat lesnar
DR. BARRIT - 28 days ago
Samoa Joe vs. The Rock!
Nate Griebel
Nate Griebel - 28 days ago
Why can't Samoa Joe be our world champion why Vince why
Inside Sports & Entertainment
Samoe Joe you are a hardworker man, I will won title one day
Mario Robles
Mario Robles - 28 days ago
Marcia John
Marcia John - 28 days ago
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shashi kant
shashi kant - 28 days ago
Joe doesn't need championship, the championship needs joe.
Hamdi Abdel Aziz
Hamdi Abdel Aziz - 28 days ago
Roman reigns deserve a title match at summer slam 2019
XPORT - 28 days ago
how is this guy not World champion is beyond me
Nino Dean
Nino Dean - 28 days ago
Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe
CSC_Giwrgos YT
CSC_Giwrgos YT - 28 days ago
New day
Santhosh . m
Santhosh . m - 28 days ago
But you don't man
Nitish Das Entertainment
Nitish Das Entertainment - 28 days ago
He is a good man
Luca Deeley
Luca Deeley - 28 days ago
Kofi Kingston bearing Samoa joe clean is the dumbest booking In the world.
Hotline Graal
Hotline Graal - 28 days ago
Push this guy. or push wwe throught a hill and go watch AEW
βιβη Π.
βιβη Π. - 28 days ago
joe should have won
dan rafael
dan rafael - 28 days ago
Bring back muscle buster
Marcia John
Marcia John - 28 days ago
I pay $300 but now I'm $200000 Rachel thanks to babe jeje who help me out from Africa. you can have him WhatsApp+2349015707951
Jack Mulock
Jack Mulock - 28 days ago
Everyone, please like this for a good summerslam, I am going to it
Vaughn Baskin
Vaughn Baskin - 28 days ago
WWE, why can't you upload some awesome intros to our favorite PPV events anymore?
Varun Wadekar
Varun Wadekar - 28 days ago
Nobody shout Joe's name anymore cause people know he is going to lose, I stopped watching as he became a jobber.
Phenom 7
Phenom 7 - 28 days ago
Pls make Samoa Joe champion
luche jatts
luche jatts - 28 days ago
i will kill you samoe joe
WWE HD VIDEOS - 28 days ago
Wwe Lose Biggest Opportunity Joe Should Be New Champion Not Kofi 😢
Azikura - 28 days ago
Push Joe!
Lincoln Jacdonmi
Lincoln Jacdonmi - 28 days ago
Samoa Joe Wyatt
iiam CÀŁƏB
iiam CÀŁƏB - 28 days ago
Enough with Brock & Seth... We need Drew to be the champion! He is not getting any younger so WWE should stop wasting Talent!
batista6242 - 28 days ago
Love these wwe day of videos,please keep them coming ☺️👏🎉
Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman - 28 days ago
I never know why kofi win the world championship for 100 day,when he win that title I think he will just get that for two day, because he is the type for us champion
Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman - 28 days ago
And joe really deserve to be wwe champion, even more than roman , Brock and randy,hope wwe make a triple treat match randy,kofi,joe
H L - 28 days ago
Joe is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world
Loafer Mafia
Loafer Mafia - 28 days ago
CETPower Prima
CETPower Prima - 28 days ago
Joe is cheap shots and ambush experts but that does not make him a heel. His vicious attacks especially from behind make him less a man. He needs to work harder to earn Championship he always feels he deserve.
Atomic _-_-8622
Atomic _-_-8622 - 28 days ago
Joe will b one he'll off a heel or face this guy is the best wrestler on the current roster
Rashad August
Rashad August - 28 days ago
Joe should be used as well as AJ
Rosendo sinchi
Rosendo sinchi - 28 days ago
Billings andinos deleites andinos
Coding World
Coding World - 28 days ago
That Towel on Joe's shoulder should be replaced with WWE Champion!
Come on wwe it's time to put strap on Joe!!!
munish kumar
munish kumar - 28 days ago
give him free hand like TNA,he can knock out anyone with is bare one kick
Emirhan ProductionTM
Emirhan ProductionTM - 28 days ago
That longer hair suits him
JDawg - 28 days ago
WWE acts like their audience are idiots. We all know that endings of matches are predetermined. So why the hell release these dramatic behind-the-scenes videos a week after the freaking match? This kinda promo is want you want to release before the match. It honestly does not make any sense WWE.
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez - 28 days ago
why is this being posted now if extreme rules passed and samoa joe is being ruined by WWE where’s the logic and purpose of this video being posted
like if you agree
MR. Peachey
MR. Peachey - 28 days ago
Today is my birthday can i get 20 subscribers😢😢😢
Royal King wizard
Royal King wizard - 28 days ago
Joe can be the greatest WWE Chamapain
Concarne - 28 days ago
No one is on Joe's level on the mic
Justin Meeks
Justin Meeks - 28 days ago
Wish Joe would have won.
Mz Status Creator
Mz Status Creator - 28 days ago
Plz show Jindar mahal
Push jindar mahal again
Suraj Chhetri
Suraj Chhetri - 28 days ago
v b
v b - 28 days ago
give him the title already.
Billal Bundu
Billal Bundu - 28 days ago
Man, have they dropped the ball with Joe. It’s a damn shame!
7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi
7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi - 28 days ago
I Truly Hope Joe becomes WWE or Universal Champion , he truly deserves that and a long run also ..
Gacha Kelson
Gacha Kelson - 28 days ago
Look who talking, you all in the main event mafia traded sting who can talk about trust or anything like that you dudes ganged sting and he still is the best⚫⚪🔲🔳
Thunder Gaming World
Thunder Gaming World - 28 days ago
Kofi Kingston is best
mike fury
mike fury - 28 days ago
Samoa Joe is losing his credibility every time he gets a title match his losses, great promo guy but Vince has turned him into the guy that can't get it done.
Alex Wood
Alex Wood - 28 days ago
Loss after loss after loss he comes back and makes you believe he can win, but never does.
R p
R p - 28 days ago
End the Wildcard Rule and bring back brand exclusive pay per views damn it.
Laying Down Reactions
Laying Down Reactions - 28 days ago
does anyone know who the great somoa joe is related to in the wwe?
MR. Stark
MR. Stark - 28 days ago
A Joker = WWE champion
A Monster = Nothing
BEST IN THE WORLD - 28 days ago
-_____6lacC Mo6_____-
-_____6lacC Mo6_____- - 28 days ago
Joe Joe Joe 🌴🏄‍♂️💢💢💢
Juanito’s Vlog
Juanito’s Vlog - 28 days ago
Jesus!!!! Give this man the WWE Title or Universal Title already DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!
Ziad Khaled
Ziad Khaled - 28 days ago
Samoa Joe as WWE champion is long overdue this video is awesome and if you thought this was good then wait till you see his Chronicle special which was done one year ago I recommend everyone to watch it if they didn't see it and his match was a big letdown he could've lost by a DQ or a count out not cleanly but hopefully Joe can win the big one in the very near future
IronMeds - 28 days ago
I like this, nakamura needs to do these type of promos for tv, like an evil Japanese villian from the movies.
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