Breaking Stuff At Frat Houses!

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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan - 8 months ago
Love you guys ❤️ working on a fuck around Friday soon haha
Connor Dobson
Connor Dobson - 21 day ago
Jade are you good
chuckisDumb23 FUGATE32
Text me danny
Skatecrew W
Skatecrew W - 2 months ago
Danny Duncan Danny should buy a razor atv😂
Lorenzo Sevilla
Lorenzo Sevilla - 2 months ago
Just for 169
Autumn Scott
Autumn Scott - 3 months ago
Chezzburger45 - 15 hours ago
Danny’s for the boys only if you don’t agree don’t watch his vids
Clayton Hazen
Clayton Hazen - 2 days ago
jesus christ danny if you come to nebraska come visit me in my school
Spoon Fork
Spoon Fork - 3 days ago
Hi Danny
Joshua Tidwell
Joshua Tidwell - 5 days ago
Dude at 8:14 that was kinda sketchy. She reacted before the water had touched her.
Obed Pena
Obed Pena - 7 days ago
He dominated that guy in the hoodie
Milo A
Milo A - 9 days ago
Karicia Clark
Karicia Clark - 9 days ago
They are all wearing the same shoes
Alex Barron
Alex Barron - 10 days ago
Dude Danny can literally do a little bit of everything. And does it well!!
Austin Toombs
Austin Toombs - 10 days ago
*3am in the morning*
danny: are you drowning
guy: was good
danny: tomorrows the first day of school?
guy: yeah it’s 3am in the morning
danny: wanna go dump water in people?😂
Dimefn - 10 days ago
Danny do an onlyfans
stella rae
stella rae - 10 days ago
what can’t danny do? honestly, i want to know
Michael Brosnan
Michael Brosnan - 11 days ago
10:00 Taco from Odd Future
Kyler Fradley
Kyler Fradley - 12 days ago
I went to a shop and it had Danny Duncan merch
Maxwell Pigott
Maxwell Pigott - 13 days ago
danny deserves more subscribers
Riccardo Pedol
Riccardo Pedol - 14 days ago
2:59 funniest shit I’ve ever seen
SPECKSY - 17 days ago
The guy at the front carrying the president has definitely done that before so casual with the hand in the pocket 😂
PUBG Tech Gaming
PUBG Tech Gaming - 18 days ago
Danny are you sure you weren't part of dude perfect
bugzybug3 - 20 days ago
Y is Danny good at everything
Sue Wieczorek
Sue Wieczorek - 21 day ago
Yo at 3.12 I felt bad for that guy he had his air pods in they prob got destroyed
Ahmed Alsayid
Ahmed Alsayid - 22 days ago
Bro please come back to Lincoln
Max Reid
Max Reid - 26 days ago
Did anyone realise there logo was on the bus
Phillip Villarreal
Phillip Villarreal - 27 days ago
Nigga high-key broke his neck😂😂😂
Obama bin Laden
Obama bin Laden - 28 days ago
0:48 "Back to my sandwich!" When Papa Jim passed we will all cry
Yung Daggerdick
Yung Daggerdick - 29 days ago
At 6:52 you can actually see Karen who probably called the cops in the top window in the house all the way to the right 🤣🤣🤣
Boss -
Boss - - 29 days ago
Was the Asian guy like a top dog or something dude sounded like he bout to fucken kick somebody ass
Demarcus Q
Demarcus Q - Month ago
YOO Youre fucking videos are SOO Fuckin funny 😂 wtf bro kewan takin actually taking a bath at the end fuckin comedy 😭🤣
Marquese McCoy
Marquese McCoy - Month ago
Is Danny not going to pay the guy that who Xbox was that
I LIKE BEANS!! - Month ago
What a cool cop
I LIKE BEANS!! - Month ago
Jesus love u
0reoz - Month ago
random idiot, "Who the hell are you?"

Danny, "i'm danny..."
Brody Seiber
Brody Seiber - Month ago
Lol does Danny sleep
KarmieDarmie - Month ago
Nebraska kids where you at? (Lincoln)
GOAT- -Foxy
GOAT- -Foxy - Month ago
Danny- “Can we give kewyon a bath in this?”
The lady- “No”
(Cuts to Kewyon getting a bath in the sink)
chuckisDumb23 FUGATE32
O god the cops
TimmyTrashCan - Month ago
3:10 chicken andy?
KyleSuckDick - Month ago
Sean Anastopulos
Sean Anastopulos - Month ago
babtized by danny 💯
Carl Lynch
Carl Lynch - Month ago
8:55 wtf all them guys wearing slippers
ja_ke2938 - Month ago
Would have made me happier if they destroyed a PlayStation
Masood Kasu
Masood Kasu - Month ago
8:11 the girl reacted even before the water hit her face *Scripted😂💩💩
Sargent A
Sargent A - Month ago
Are they like scared of Hansen?😂😂
Sargent A
Sargent A - Month ago
Why he bleep out words?
Peyton Vie
Peyton Vie - Month ago
Nebraska gang where u at
Jace Keller
Jace Keller - Month ago
I live in Lincoln wish I saw you lmao
Bentley Brown
Bentley Brown - Month ago
A bleep in a Danny Duncan vid? What did they say?
Chris Bacon
Chris Bacon - Month ago
what kind of go kart is that?
Liam Möhlenbrock
Liam Möhlenbrock - Month ago
"back to my sandwich" hahahahaha
Joshua Spurlock
Joshua Spurlock - Month ago
Danny the King of Frats
PTBO BANNZ - Month ago
It was hard for me to watch him break the Xbox
totallynotsam - Month ago
these guys ask him to break a tv and then go like “OOOOOOOOOOOOH” when he actually does it
Noah M
Noah M - Month ago
Are you drowning??

Whas good
tabiscoolandcute die potato
Last time i had water poured on me i was with my cousin and i have like a defensive reflex when i sleep so i got startled by it and i clock him and he lost his tooth and i was like i'm so sorry but thats what you get. Ya after that no one every did that to me again
Omar Kebbeh
Omar Kebbeh - Month ago
1:23 who else couldn't see him
peepster !
peepster ! - Month ago
Maddox Lundgren
Maddox Lundgren - Month ago
I live in Nebraska a my uncle was one of the boys
Not vscauce It’s savage
Teacher: what’s your fav quote.
Me back to my sandwich
Me virginity rocks
Notcalvinnn - Month ago
Lincoln gang wya
Keegan Terrio
Keegan Terrio - Month ago
If you look at 8:58 you see that all the guys are wearing Jesus sandals
BIG BRD BEATS - Month ago
“Don’t put this part in” 😳
Michael Turco
Michael Turco - Month ago
Holy crap Danny Duncan came to my state
Real FaiZBTW
Real FaiZBTW - Month ago
Danny know how to ride everything wtf.
Operator A.C.E
Operator A.C.E - Month ago
Damn they were in Nebraska I wish I would have known
Bug eater 9000
Bug eater 9000 - Month ago
ITS AtomicAvocado same
YoBoychlish —
YoBoychlish — - Month ago
I’m from Omaha Nebraska
Tamar Tsomaia
Tamar Tsomaia - Month ago
remember when that one girl said ''no cap'' lmao
Aaron Avila
Aaron Avila - Month ago
8:57 so many frat guys with Jesus sandals
Kelton Canada
Kelton Canada - Month ago
No you can’t give him a bath next seen lol
Official Debug
Official Debug - Month ago
It was like a Danny Duncan baptism when they tossed the people in the fountain!!
ali - Month ago
a daptism
ohvctr - 2 months ago
Should’ve acted like you pissed on one of them by just throwing the cup after dumping it and acting like you pulled your shorts up 😂
ohvctr - 2 months ago
Some chill ass officers
Cloudyyy 0_0
Cloudyyy 0_0 - 2 months ago
Imagine he arrested ever single.person goes on the radio im need the.station down here we got about 40 people.deserbing the peac
Xehtic - 2 months ago
Danny: “Makes A basket Shot”
Danny: * Eats Donut *
Frat boys: Oooohhh
Dillon Matt
Dillon Matt - 2 months ago
“Is it against health code”? Yeah.. ... *gives keinwon a bath* Danny don’t give a single f*+k
Crazy Cracka
Crazy Cracka - 2 months ago
You should come to Nebraska more my man it’s boring as shit here so why not make it fun
Tj2009 B
Tj2009 B - 2 months ago
Fight me Danny you pussy
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones - 2 months ago
Quit breaking TVs are you on crack
Alex - 2 months ago
where the fuck can i get one of those go karts in the begging i need it.
carson - 2 months ago
chr0me_dropshot _
chr0me_dropshot _ - 2 months ago
8:56 since when does Danny blur words out?
Zachary Hooey
Zachary Hooey - 2 months ago
Damn I wish I knew you were at Nebraska that’s where I live
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