Breaking Stuff At Frat Houses!

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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan - Month ago
Love you guys ❤️ working on a fuck around Friday soon haha
Halo Cayro Landaverde
Halo Cayro Landaverde - 16 days ago
Don’t act like we didn’t jus see a Prescott jersey 🤢
s_ Seitzz
s_ Seitzz - 19 days ago
Danny Duncan danny tomorrow is your show in mesa arizona and i want to go so badly but i can't cuz i don't have any money
young fly jovi jov
young fly jovi jov - 19 days ago
Danny Duncan throws a tire swish
lana stanberry
lana stanberry - 25 days ago
I know im kinda old to be watching your videos.but i think your great.
Doodle Bob
Doodle Bob - 2 hours ago
Fuck this frat just came from the new video
Matthew Walton
Matthew Walton - 4 hours ago
Danny : dumps water on sleeping student
Sleeping student : Was good
brett rottinghaus
brett rottinghaus - 4 hours ago
What is this man not good at
Luke The Bass Master
Luke The Bass Master - 5 hours ago
11:42 time stamp
Justin Pleasant
Justin Pleasant - 15 hours ago
Acting like a bunch of douches
Aaron Mier
Aaron Mier - Day ago
I stayed in that dorm what he wrote on at the Lincoln campus for a church conference
Mark Ward
Mark Ward - Day ago
Guy: that's like a 3,500 tv
Danny Duncan : what are you a fucking tv expert or something 😂😂😂 I'm week😂
Marlee Foy
Marlee Foy - Day ago
i’m going to lincoln this weekend
Big Poppa
Big Poppa - 2 days ago
Tell me how Danny Duncan is a fucking god at every sport 😂
Timothy Hohbein
Timothy Hohbein - 3 days ago
Dude i live in Lincoln Nebraska only if i knew.
SFE Storm
SFE Storm - 3 days ago
I live 30 minutes away from Lincoln
Blayze Allie
Blayze Allie - 4 days ago
Best YouTube Danny Duncan lit
MY NAME IS JEFF - 5 days ago
IMAGEEN waking up and 35 people are in you
Doriann - 5 days ago
1:08 song??
Austin White
Austin White - 5 days ago
3:00 this fuul was stoned out of his mind
Kevin Fearing
Kevin Fearing - 6 days ago
I live in Lincoln Ne I love you bro
Public Interviewer
Public Interviewer - 7 days ago
sp fart
Elysi - 7 days ago
when they said they wer opening at 7 i looked at the time like a dumbass
Elliott Squires
Elliott Squires - 8 days ago
9:52 What is Taco doing there?
Jaron Huhn
Jaron Huhn - 8 days ago
Midget bath was too much
Jaron Huhn
Jaron Huhn - 8 days ago
How tf you so good at ping pong? Brooo
Razer. - 8 days ago
I fucking died at the end
OnboardJoker470 - 8 days ago
At 9:01 the amount of Birkenstocks
LK Highlights
LK Highlights - 8 days ago
I’m from Nebraska. Go Big Red. You need to go to a game sometime Danny
Last jester
Last jester - 8 days ago
Do yall know the "back to my sandwich" reference lol
Alexander Angle
Alexander Angle - 8 days ago
He literally plays every sport
Pablo Chavarria
Pablo Chavarria - 8 days ago
Not the Xbox 😞
Devon Demoss
Devon Demoss - 8 days ago
Hell yah represent Nebraska, go huskers 😂😂
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Rodrigo Rodriguez - 8 days ago
thats fucked up, pretty sure they got fired by now. i know it was wrong for them to say no. maybe dont offer money next time. is always about that now smh
Lukas Nikulla
Lukas Nikulla - 8 days ago
Does anyone know the name of the piano song that starts at 8:03 ?
MD Mc - 8 days ago
Good job, you almost paralyzed that kid.
Ethan Cortez
Ethan Cortez - 6 days ago
MD Mc shut up
MD Mc - 8 days ago
Danny thinks he can do whatever he wants cuz he has money. He just broke a kids tv they didn't even give him enough money to cover it. DANNY YOU ARE POINTLESS.
MD Mc - 8 days ago
Does anyone see how cringey and stupid this is? Look at the thumbnail! Danny shows up to a frat house and starts breaking shit while all the dork ass losers stand around cheering with their cameras in one hand, and their dicks in the other hand. Durr hurr!!! Danny is so cool! He's a loser who breaks shit! I can't wait until Danny grows up and realized how much he fucking sucked.
Benny Mitchell
Benny Mitchell - 9 days ago
What is this
Fafifon - 9 days ago
2:52 That kid was on Acid
No It's Not That until danny sees
Dirt Block
Dirt Block - 10 days ago
I’m split between “I don’t wanna go to college it’s looks hard” to “fuck, college looks fun”
Chayah - 11 days ago
"WhAt arE yoU a tV eXpert?"
Legend InYourEyes
Legend InYourEyes - 12 days ago
if a dude like 9:50 pranked me Its a fade on site
No It's Not That until danny sees
Austyn r
Austyn r - 13 days ago
sum1 take the sound of his foot hitting the tv and add it to the song.... uh hu this my shit all the girls stomp feet like this
Ty .Jackson
Ty .Jackson - 14 days ago
when you live in omaha😭🤣
Lily Castillo
Lily Castillo - 15 days ago
What song is he playing on the piano?
Jessie Villagrán
Jessie Villagrán - 13 days ago
fur elise
Alexis Fuqua
Alexis Fuqua - 15 days ago
5:57u hit your head and die wtf lolll 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
MysteryManGaming - 15 days ago
They need to tune the piano LORD help me
dpc30313 - 15 days ago
*enters sorority*
"I thought it was gonna smell gross in here"
Luminous - 16 days ago
“Who the hell are you?”
“I’m Danny”
“Get the fuck outta my room”
Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy
White boys 😂
Malachi Hansen
Malachi Hansen - 18 days ago
I have the same blanket as that dude 😂 8:36
And my last name is Hansen wtf
ig: _patricktem
ig: _patricktem - 18 days ago
I don't understand. How are you good at like everything lmao
TheBoyz305 - 18 days ago
Haha epic vid
Jeremy Parrillo
Jeremy Parrillo - 18 days ago
Those people you know they f****** lost their jobs that's f****** funny..... Kind of f***** up though bro lolololol
Patrick Casey
Patrick Casey - 19 days ago
Danny Duncan I've watched a few of your videos the only reason have these guys put up with your crap is you pay them you pay every one try stop throwing money around so mutch see how many of them put up with you crap
Jaxon And Himself
Jaxon And Himself - 19 days ago
6:50 when me and the boys getting talked to by the recess duty in 3rd grade
Aidan nuts
Aidan nuts - 20 days ago
Destroys the big tv
TheToughPony - 20 days ago
Good thing breaking things is funny
Rain Drop
Rain Drop - 21 day ago
What Danny Duncan feels about Xbox players 4:13
Justin Erives
Justin Erives - 21 day ago
This is so funny my phone is at 69 percent
Jackson Ingvoldstad
Jackson Ingvoldstad - 21 day ago
Omg, he’s in unl
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