Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg Monologue - 2019 Golden Globes (Highlight)

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Jennifer Acrey
Jennifer Acrey - 6 days ago
There were some incredibly beautiful people in Crazy Rich Asians
Kaden Perkins
Kaden Perkins - 8 days ago
What happened to his gap:(
Roybot - 13 days ago
I'm cringing pretty hard.
Sydney Noelle
Sydney Noelle - 14 days ago
This was cute and pure "the two nicest ppl in hollywood" I mean I love them both so I can't argue
Lillian Speight
Lillian Speight - 14 days ago
Jake Peralta is just undercover as Andy Samberg
SmartestGirl Alive
SmartestGirl Alive - 20 days ago
why is andy so adorable and cute like stop you are killing me with that laugh
Alison Chin
Alison Chin - 26 days ago
"cut to him crying of that, i want to get the meme." AHAHAHA.
Vanessa D
Vanessa D - 27 days ago
liveFIGHTdie - Month ago
Trying too hard.
Henry Zhang
Henry Zhang - Month ago
a little painful to watch.
Hec Daevis
Hec Daevis - Month ago
Sandra Oh is everything, honestly.
Trevor L.
Trevor L. - Month ago
More proof that Jim Carey is the greatest man alive.
JammyCake - Month ago
Andy can pull off saying things like saying "you a snack" since he looks young enough to, but then i remember he's 40. wow.
Aunty Mammalia
Aunty Mammalia - 2 months ago
That last thing Sandra Oh said.
AnathemaAddy - 2 months ago
Andy literally just had to act like Jake, there's no challenge for him to pretend to be awkward. 😂
soft plants
soft plants - 2 months ago
oh am i the only one sobbing over brian putting his hands on rami's shoulders and rami turned around and smiled at him I AM SOFT wow
ALLY S - 2 months ago
5:12 “I’m sorry!” I luv Emma Stone
Megan Hudson
Megan Hudson - 2 months ago
Best part: 10:05 Andy, can I just say, that you just read all my lines off the teleprompter. 😂😂
Jae Papa
Jae Papa - 3 months ago
Fritospie - 3 months ago
This is so choreographed, it’s cringey. Could their acting be any worse? They are, “Talking to each other,” but they aren’t even looking at each other!
Geek The Girl
Geek The Girl - 3 months ago
The Freddy Mercury exhumation joke was horrible.
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Griffith - 3 months ago
How does this only have 3,900 dislikes?...
Angel of Death
Angel of Death - 3 months ago
5:11 LMFAO EMMA SAID "I'm sowwy QwQ"
featheon - 4 months ago
fornow100000 - 4 months ago
boooring. Bring ricky gervieas
Percy Perjector
Percy Perjector - 4 months ago
I bet Sonic is like:"I like Jim Carrey a lot more now!"
8:50 Jim Carrey just finished the film, is called "Sonic the Hedgehog" comes out in November.
Edits A Star is Born
Edits A Star is Born - 4 months ago
*"There could be 100 people in the room and 99 don't believe in you, but you just need one and that was Bradley Cooper"*
hannah thorpe
hannah thorpe - 4 months ago
It just wasn’t very clever...
Cole Dwyer
Cole Dwyer - 4 months ago
Hey Jeff! I wish you were my dad...
PG - E
PG - E - 4 months ago
“It’s the show that makes people stand up and say— ‘Wait, is this anti-Semitic?’” 🤣🤣🤣 ANDY
PG - E
PG - E - 4 months ago
“Then eventually - MAYBE woman?” XDDDD SANDRA
PG - E
PG - E - 4 months ago
“Don’t worry about it— that joke’s not for you”
“Copy that” XDD
PG - E
PG - E - 4 months ago
4:00 ANDY XD
“Just seems worse now because of our phones” XDDDDD
PG - E
PG - E - 4 months ago
This was actually genuinely great
PG - E
PG - E - 4 months ago
2:58 XDDDDD the most Jake Peralta moment ever
Toni Franks
Toni Franks - 4 months ago
Nedu Dee
Nedu Dee - 4 months ago
...they'd always find a way to low key demean Black people. Fuccn morons...
Gabi Choi
Gabi Choi - 4 months ago
I don't get why people don't like it?????
chilvari - 5 months ago
I normally like award show monologues (everything else sucks) but even I gotta say that this is cringe-worthy! No...just no. Talk about playing it safe.
jert opp
jert opp - 5 months ago
It doesnt matter what they were trying to do with this monologue... It was horrendous at the end of the day.
FieldSweeper - 5 months ago
bring back ricky, or use jim carrey. this one sucked. the only funny part was when jim was on lol.
Johnna Rohlman
Johnna Rohlman - 5 months ago
“Since ghost in the shell and aloha”
Emma Stone yells I’m sorry... I’m crying
Zachary Eaton
Zachary Eaton - 5 months ago
so many snowflakes in one place.... ideas lol
Zachary Eaton
Zachary Eaton - 5 months ago
im embarrassed for them. CRINGE WORTHY
GC - 5 months ago
Jim Carrey, only funny thing in this monologue
The Focus Mode
The Focus Mode - 5 months ago
Pretty certain she wont be asked again next year - yikes, bad bad choice! Samberg rocks as usual =)
EvenStevenSays - 5 months ago
Was the end for real or was Sandra acting?
Afred Frensky
Afred Frensky - 5 months ago
Sandra is being rude to people for no reason. Ema is also me apologizing for it after realizing I crossed the line
jo84891 - 5 months ago
I don't think this could've been any more stiff!! Nothing natural about it at all
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