#1: Lamar Jackson (QB, Ravens) | Top 100 NFL Players of 2020

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some dude
some dude - 6 hours ago
I like Lamar but he needs to develop as a pocket passer or he will be the next Cam Newton. Remember when Cam was ranked #1 for 2016 rankings
Maria Nichols
Maria Nichols - 6 hours ago
What's the techno song at 6:23???
Jeesae Kim
Jeesae Kim - 7 hours ago
Whatever the rankings may be, I like these videos because it's nice to see the players praise one another.
karen diaz
karen diaz - 9 hours ago
0:00 replay this 100 times LOL
WorldIsFilledB - 3 hours ago
Lol Lama Jackson
zan zy
zan zy - 9 hours ago
Baker mayfield disliked this video
Lady Mindkoff
Lady Mindkoff - 10 hours ago
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bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 12 hours ago
Lamar was definitely MVP...but the best player in football is Patrick Mahomes.
Armen Arutyunyan
Armen Arutyunyan - 12 hours ago
Zeke Elliott looks faded fr
Russell Andersen
Russell Andersen - 13 hours ago
Mahone way better period
Kuddy 233
Kuddy 233 - 13 hours ago
Kenny galloday leads the league in receiving TDS I believe... But he's not on the list?
Mazing - 14 hours ago
Had a good season but his 2 Ls in the playoffs don't look too good for him right now. He's the definition of a choker once the playoff starts.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 12 hours ago
I think NFL messed up on the plauqe? It should say #1 runningback if im not mistaken?
Joon Park
Joon Park - 18 hours ago
It was miserable to see Lamar demolish every ACC teams back in his college years. Demolishing all NFL players now
Matt Keller
Matt Keller - 18 hours ago
Sorry but taking this from Mahomes again is absurd and we all know it.
Playboy Collins
Playboy Collins - 21 hour ago
Not bad for a running back
Daniel G
Daniel G - Day ago
I hope NBA would have something like this
Campbell Crombie
Campbell Crombie - Day ago
Nah bro Mahomes should be 1 Lamar 2 or 3 maybe idk
We'll deserved
Border Hopper52
Border Hopper52 - Day ago
I only watched these to see the stat man 😔 day ruined
Jon C
Jon C - Day ago
Y’all didn’t want a black quarterback
john stockton
john stockton - Day ago
we want NFL2k back
Bertin Tsmiba
Bertin Tsmiba - Day ago
U disserve that trophy Lamer😉😉😃😃😃
David Roseman
David Roseman - Day ago
Great young player but ranked ahead of Mahomes???
Nicholas Manning
Nicholas Manning - Day ago
Just once I want him to win a playoff game!!
Trevino. - Day ago
Jeff Harmse
Jeff Harmse - Day ago
I think NFL messed up on the plauqe? It should say #1 runningback if im not mistaken?
Skippy McDingle
Skippy McDingle - Day ago
I’m just confused how Russell Wilson was number 2 and Patrick Mahomes was number 4. LIKE HOW? PAT WON A SUPERBOWL
Tyler Hensel
Tyler Hensel - Day ago
“Ima have this chip till I get the chip” 🔥🔥 this is just the beginning
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu - Day ago
2019: Aaron Donald: holds the trophy "Wow, that's crazy." 2020: Lamar Jackson: holds the trophy "Ayy, that's crazy."
Uriel Gonzalez
Uriel Gonzalez - Day ago
Seahawks fan here.

LJ: 2nd year in the league. First full season start and racks 66.1
COMP %, 3,127YDS 36TD 6INT & 113.3 rating
Sets Rushing Record for QUARTERBACKS. Is on the team that is favorite to win the Superbowl let alone reach it. Wins MVP. Gets exposed first round of playoffs.
Gets #1

PM: 3rd year in the league. 2 full season starts. 1st full season becomes MVP with 5000+ yds & 50TD and REACHES the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP but loses to TOM BRADY and the Pats where they would go on to win SB 53...
ranks #4 in 19'

PM this year: is out for 2 games with injury. Ends season with a 65.9 COMP %, 4,031
yds 26TD 5INT and rating of 105.3%. REACHES AFC CHAMPIONSHIP AGAIN and wins.
Goes on to WIN SB 54 and SB MVP.
again gets 4th...

Kanye West Voice "HOOOOWWW SWAYYY?"


TBH top 3 should have been:

1# Patrick Mahomes
2# Lamar Jackson
3# Russell Wilson

GambitKing 5150
GambitKing 5150 - Day ago
I’m a @seahawks / @DangeRussWilson)| fan big time...but there’s nothing...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING not to like about this kid.
Antajuan Banks
Antajuan Banks - Day ago
Literally the only player who anybody can see legitimately playing all positions except on the line of scrimmage and linebacker at a pretty good to great level! He is #1
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu - Day ago
Congrats Lamar 🎉
They really put a running back at 1 smh 🤦‍♂️
WorldIsFilledB - 3 hours ago
Wow you aren’t too bright are ya lol
dismals stuf
dismals stuf - Day ago
Make Lamar high 90’s or 99 in madden
I may be biased as a Ravens fan but cmon even NFL players say he’s #1
Carlos Tarin
Carlos Tarin - Day ago
6:23 “he hella fast” lol 😂
George Noeth
George Noeth - Day ago
He deserves it. Special season, I had him in fantasy and man he was great
Capsfan123 4
Capsfan123 4 - Day ago
I feel like he never throws a perfect spiral
Phabeyon Smith
Phabeyon Smith - Day ago
Mark Ingram nose started running at 600 minute mark 🤣🤣😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Arlo Pear
Arlo Pear - Day ago
It's amazing that so people out there still don't understand that this list is voted on by the players. With that being said, I'm voting for Patrick Mahomes as the NFL's #1 player of 2019 everyday of the week & twice on Sundays. But still respect Lamar & the sky's the limit for that kid.
FormulaWill - Day ago
Prediction -- Lots of GM's are going to draft "the next Lamar Jackson" for years to come, only to be disappointed that there is only 1 Lamar Jackson.
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff - 5 hours ago
Lmao ass kisser and no they won’t because it creates hype in regular season but not production on post season
Bennett Winters
Bennett Winters - Day ago
I love watching Lamar play, but I think Mahomes should be #1.
Postit Randomly
Postit Randomly - Day ago
The Redskins didn’t have one player damn!
Nik Pizan
Nik Pizan - Day ago
He not number 1 to me but should be 2 right behind Mahomes
chding zuure
chding zuure - Day ago
I love this dude's character just as much as his on field skill! I feel like we're gonna have a tight knit locker room as long as he's in it! #RavensFlock, we are blessed!
Sido Mahi
Sido Mahi - Day ago
he was great, but pat mahomes all day #1
Rotasha Smith
Rotasha Smith - Day ago
Bro I love LJ I’m so happy for u
Gabriel - Day ago
Congrats Lamar 🎉
The Hectonator
The Hectonator - Day ago
How the hell is Deshaun Watson #20 on this list and Lamar Jackson is #1??? Watson is a better all around QB then him and if you talk about college then you know Watson is better. They really are the same QB if you ask me. They mirror each other perfectly! I dunno who is in charge of this douchery.
chding zuure
chding zuure - Day ago
Should of been pat at #1 then Lamar. Sorry
Franklin Franklinson
Franklin Franklinson - 2 days ago
Must more trophies in his future.
Franklin Franklinson
Franklin Franklinson - 2 days ago
They got this right. Lamar Jackson is the best player in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes
zacharylansing - 2 days ago
He’s a one hit wonder lol can’t believe this crap.
Anton Hopkins
Anton Hopkins - 2 days ago
Something he can’t do is...Beat the Chiefs. But respect the hell out of this dude though. #ChiefsKingdom
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Solo Young
Solo Young - 2 days ago
💪🏿 we up
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy - 2 days ago
“Thats my Quarterback” T.O voice 😂
Archer Bentz
Archer Bentz - 2 days ago
mahomes won a superbowl and in his 1st year he was a overtime away from the superbowl lamar has won 0 playoff games mahomes was 4th and mvp last year hes mvp and 1st *I SAY RIGGED*
Archer Bentz
Archer Bentz - 2 days ago
Yeah but Mahomes will show how is best we will see
Marvin Deh
Marvin Deh - 2 days ago
I think it off a just this single season
Rascal Martens
Rascal Martens - 2 days ago
Lamar is a great quarterback and all, but if Russ and Mahomes had their team built around them like Lamar does, it would be a whole different story
Kid Gucci
Kid Gucci - 2 days ago
I’m a panthers fan but he’s one of my favorite players he’s insane
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy - 2 days ago
Good call by all those analyst who said he should convert to wide receiver.......gee l wonder what was the basis behind that train of thought....anybody??????....I'll wait...
thublit - 2 days ago
Chris S
Chris S - 2 days ago
Good job Lamar! You deserve it. Now go get a ring.
King Aki'L
King Aki'L - 2 days ago
I'm saying it before it happens...cheifs & ravens the new rivalry coming soon
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