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CaptainBlackass - 5 hours ago
finish a 99 without looking at your drivers license!!

and then that walk of shame
A L1
A L1 - 17 hours ago
LOL-I was not expecting that the end. hehehehe
kjdnyhmghfvb - 18 hours ago
Your Goals Shaneedra, Your GOals Shaneedra, for the love of Blippity Blippity please remember your goals Shaneedra...Oh Crap!
kjdnyhmghfvb - 18 hours ago
The only Gang Banging that is acceptable.
Analysta654 - 2 days ago
this is hilarious!
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim - 4 days ago
'sips soy latte'
Carmen Adams
Carmen Adams - 5 days ago
These kept coming up in my feed. Why did I wait so long to watch one? Antiestablishment I guess. I love this...
BeeBee Tee
BeeBee Tee - 6 days ago
"Tee Hee." Quinta is stupid. 🤣🤣🤣
BeeBee Tee
BeeBee Tee - 6 days ago
Wanda Yikes 😂😂😂
Al Corbin
Al Corbin - 7 days ago
Funny as hell. Watched this episode 10 times.
Max Headrum
Max Headrum - 7 days ago
I did not understand one word. This colored lady said .
Can somebody please translate into English?
Malcolm DuBose
Malcolm DuBose - 7 days ago
*Pack a light jacket buster*
Nevor yard
Nevor yard - 8 days ago
This shit is TOO funny 😂😂😂
Norris Mckinzie
Norris Mckinzie - 8 days ago
Don't know how I got here 😍 now im pregnant with laughter I love comedy you women got me wanting more house wives in the hood
Pearl Moon
Pearl Moon - 10 days ago
Lmao I died when she confiscated her scarf
Denero Williams
Denero Williams - 13 days ago
This show is hilarious
The RBF - 19 days ago
Gabrielle is so dope! 🤣
Raey Gemechu
Raey Gemechu - 21 day ago
Wanda yikes 😂😂😂
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen - 22 days ago
"Pack a light jacket buster." I lost it when she said that 🤣
KiKi B
KiKi B - 22 days ago
This is Gold!😂😂😂😂
G Myles
G Myles - 23 days ago
When she waited on her to open the garage door lmao
Shezz Wills
Shezz Wills - 9 hours ago
G Myles one of my fave part! Idk how they kept a straight face. Might’ve taken forever to film!
Clifton Newman
Clifton Newman - 23 days ago
Fucking dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lawyerina Y.
Lawyerina Y. - 25 days ago
I can't stop watching this, good shittttt!
Tommy_Hart - 25 days ago
Not the Tele-Bang Policy. hahaha. So good.
Linda Thomas
Linda Thomas - 26 days ago
These woman are crazy 😂😂😂
무무Nettylove - 28 days ago
Are they still accepting applications?? Asking for my damn self😭😭
C-BEN Pictures
C-BEN Pictures - 28 days ago
"Satellite corners" was that Da Brat by the door and what's really good with Shandra eyebrow.
CliniqueR01 - 29 days ago
i am dying of laughter
Allured 💖
Allured 💖 - Month ago
Wish this were a show 😂🤣
Elsa Pena
Elsa Pena - Month ago
This is why I go to therapy. Period.
D'angelo JacobHymenShits
D'angelo JacobHymenShits - 13 days ago
I wanna know why and how ngl
Jasdne R
Jasdne R - Month ago
Ice Cube, here's your cast for your next Friday film.
Brittani DeTiege
Brittani DeTiege - Month ago
"Wanda YIKES over here". 🤣🤣
Aneshia Dixon
Aneshia Dixon - Month ago
This show is so underrated. I love it😎
Alcaste - Month ago
As someone who is not black but worked in an office full of 30-somethings having to do an icebreaker introduction... Yikes. This hits home.
Man in Town
Man in Town - Month ago
Savvy Savage
Savvy Savage - Month ago
Is that a gun or Florida tattooed on her forehead????
Deidra Leitner
Deidra Leitner - Month ago
Now I can’t stop saying “blippity, blippity”! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Aquarius 4life
Aquarius 4life - Month ago
I love this show 😍❤️😍❤️
kisista15 - Month ago
This sketch has all the elements on being on a comedy roller coaster ride! This was non-stop, high speed, comedy that had me screaming in laughter throughout the entire sketch. It also had me wondering a few things... One, "nobody had anything to say positive about being in a gang. (hmm) Two, if this was legitimate business, they would be like Google, a company EVERYONE wants to work for. With the writing, the actresses (including the ones who really look like gang members,, the direction, to hell with Gold, everything about this sketch, screams PLATINUM. Can't wait for the new season.
Tweetyresm - Month ago
She could be a stunt double for Monica Calhoun...
TheZzzzzgirl - Month ago
Wtf is this? Naw bro
alwaysm.i.a. - Month ago
She's fucking wearing hair baubs 🤕🤕🤧 4:10
alwaysm.i.a. - Month ago
Gabrielle Dennis makes for a way better comedic actress than in serious roles. I now get why I never liked her acting before. She was just in the wrong lane!
Renslow c'estdéfinitivementpasmonnom
Shenidra should have been fired tho smh Also, I want the bloopers!
Miracle Simmons
Miracle Simmons - Month ago
“Wtf you mean it’s my turn tehehehe 🤣🤣🤣”
Miracle Simmons
Miracle Simmons - Month ago
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor - Month ago
Very easily their best sketch.
Vivie Vei
Vivie Vei - Month ago
William Perez
William Perez - Month ago
Wtf fucking lame
Nay20109 - Month ago
Lol the look back at the end😂
Meka"lei"lei - Month ago
Stunt paper work !!!! 😂😂😂😂 finish your I-9 without looking at your driver’s license 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Meka"lei"lei - Month ago
The corner stay in the shade , I be cold 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Crumb Cakes
Crumb Cakes - Month ago
Journey In January
Journey In January - Month ago
That look and sip at 2:49🤣
vidiansodality - Month ago
This is brilliant. Like really brilliant comedy. 😀😀.
Shakira Thomas
Shakira Thomas - Month ago
Blippitty 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🎤🎤🎤
whirlypop313 - Month ago
donna double
donna double - Month ago
kelly johnson
kelly johnson - Month ago
Where can I put in my application 😆
QueenOfTheClouds - Month ago
Guys, never forget to add a positive tidbit. There’s consequences for not stating your goals for trapping.
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