Guess My Sexual Orientation | Lineup | Cut

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Armi_Army BTS
Armi_Army BTS - 19 minutes ago
What I thought the first man would say:*Yeah I’m gay*
Me when he said he’s straight: *HE’S MINEEEEEEEEEE*
Xia V
Xia V - Hour ago
Sammy is so fly, her outfit is hella cute.
Kylee Knight
Kylee Knight - Hour ago
God the girl with the glasses and dress is so damn annoying
Saint Rockstar
Saint Rockstar - 2 hours ago
The Guy in the pink shirt is so cool
matthew samuels
matthew samuels - 3 hours ago
I'm a transformer. I don't identity with filthy earth scum.
Adrienne Reimer
Adrienne Reimer - 4 hours ago
Woody is such an icon he can do no wrong
Ivy Collins Poitras
Ivy Collins Poitras - 5 hours ago
“But am I attractive??” well your personality sure isn’t
Paola Tramontin
Paola Tramontin - 5 hours ago
Anyone know their IG? The guy in the shorts and pink top 😂🙌🏼
max - 6 hours ago
i would just stare at them if they ask me why lmao
Jorja Blue
Jorja Blue - 6 hours ago
What does QUIR MEAN
Abbey ODonnell
Abbey ODonnell - 6 hours ago
the one girl is so full of herself, go off I guess
Double Diesel
Double Diesel - 6 hours ago
The black girl with the dreads was so fine
dan - 7 hours ago
So is queer just a blanket statement for lgbt or is it it’s own thing
The Viewer
The Viewer - 15 minutes ago
Both. It can be used as a blanket term but can also be used by someone that doesn't neatly fit into a box.
Lilian Trageser
Lilian Trageser - 7 hours ago
annoying girl with dress: You're a lesbian
her: oh
sweet berries
sweet berries - 7 hours ago
They sraight ahead put their own stupid sexuality on a guy, and the best thing was - he's straight
Theara Cox
Theara Cox - 8 hours ago
Holy fuck that bisexual white man is attractive
Hoseoks Sprite
Hoseoks Sprite - 8 hours ago
“Do you think I’m attractive”
Karen Just because someone doesn’t think you’re attractive doesn’t mean they’re gay🤦‍♀️
Cassandra Kemara
Cassandra Kemara - 8 hours ago
How u could be Muslim and gay isn't that against your religion
alexandria Lecompte
alexandria Lecompte - 9 hours ago
The Muslim woman was gorgeous.
rowan willis
rowan willis - 9 hours ago
5:36 umm i ship it
Fraoch Lee Burns
Fraoch Lee Burns - 9 hours ago
black girl is beautiful
Lovely gaming
Lovely gaming - 9 hours ago
When I saw the fairy tail mark I screamed
Any anime fans here?
K Studioz
K Studioz - 9 hours ago
Is nobody gonna talk about the guy with anime tattoos. Like, I SAW THAT FAIRY TAIL EMBLEM......ok im done.
fruitmonsterfly1 - 9 hours ago
The girl with the dreads 😍
Louis Uhh
Louis Uhh - 10 hours ago
6:15 the girl w yellow pants is a bottom n the girl in the tan shirt is a top. periodt
you can’t tell me otherwise. that eyebrow rise ? yeah okay DAMN
Louis Uhh
Louis Uhh - 10 hours ago
why is she rude ? dO yOu fInD mE sExY damn okay
Elle van Veelen
Elle van Veelen - 10 hours ago
8:03 - Okay, are you a leo?
- Yes.
- [gasp] Woww... I don't know anything about that.
Elle van Veelen
Elle van Veelen - 10 hours ago
6:16 that eyebrow raise
The Blood Alpha Wolf
The Blood Alpha Wolf - 10 hours ago
what is Queer?
Horst Family
Horst Family - 10 hours ago
This was interesting
Natalia Dems
Natalia Dems - 10 hours ago
Muslim girl is walking sexiness, intelligence, confidence. Even her walk is sexy. Phew- my straight self is shaking.
Natalia Dems
Natalia Dems - 10 hours ago
Mother Nature, please give me someone like guy in pink crop top as a friend. That’s it.
Dajesta Gaming
Dajesta Gaming - 10 hours ago
Hot cheetos and video games. A woman of culture.
Fafi Shal
Fafi Shal - 11 hours ago
OK but why isn't anyone talking about the first guy??? Like he is hella cute???
dale gribble
dale gribble - 11 hours ago
i liked the 1st 1 , OH THE STEREOTYPES , asking someone's sexual orientations , hmm you're gay , you're slim single & neat , so are you be like hell no
SenileTomato - 11 hours ago
1st Guy: Very good chance hes in the closest. 2nd Girl: 110% Lesbian, but hates being labeled, and anyone who assumes is the devil. Also, she probably didn't have luck with men from the start, so that has a determining factor on why she changed. Look how careful everyone is being, even the gays, with how they present things to her. They are all afraid of upsetting her.
And the rest I haven't seen yet but that's my two centsm
Mathilde Bezençon
Mathilde Bezençon - 12 hours ago
Omg that girl who always ask if pple find her attractive... geeeez shut the fuck up
Kayla Famp
Kayla Famp - 12 hours ago
I can relate to the asexual girl , im more romantically attracted to guys and girls then sexually
Stephaniecl19 - 13 hours ago
LMAOOOOO at that girl that NEEDS everyone to tell her shes sexy. She isn't a confident girl 🤦‍♀️😬
Passive Aggressive Flamingo
So many ppl are hating on the person in the asymmetrical dress but can I see some love for the sweet lil’ bumble bee who was beyond respectful, humble and apparently totally huggable? She’s human pixi stick & I think she deserves it! (Also, please forgive my mixed metaphors 🙈)
Farouk Baba
Farouk Baba - 13 hours ago
i'm asexual ❤
Esti niaa
Esti niaa - 13 hours ago
The way he said "I'm not that kinda Homo" 😂
Dunkaroo Dan
Dunkaroo Dan - 13 hours ago
3:28 “what do you like?” People who are dominant “so am I your type” uh no “ ok so you’re straight” has the same vibes as a straight dude saying I’m okay with a gay man as long as he doesn’t hit on me
Joel Bridge
Joel Bridge - 14 hours ago
Oh my God the girl with the Pigtails in the glasses she's so adorable!
helen yvonne e
helen yvonne e - 14 hours ago
Lady in the dress, ma'am, please take a seat, not everyone has to be attracted to you
Joel Bridge
Joel Bridge - 14 hours ago
That guy on fire!!
Mawar Suci
Mawar Suci - 15 hours ago
can somebody explain to me what the moslem means "i'm moslem, i only marry"
i'm moslem also but my mother tongue is not english so i'm kinda confused
Salla Haaraniemi
Salla Haaraniemi - 15 hours ago
The one gay guy looks like Adam Levigne tho
dumpster fire
dumpster fire - 15 hours ago
That bald bearded guy and tall glasses dress girl can ruin my life 🥵
Kaye Serrano
Kaye Serrano - 16 hours ago
muslim girl please dm me
Kaye Serrano
Kaye Serrano - 16 hours ago
"let's chat later" rainbow shirt dreads person please dm me
Lovell ˇ ́ˇ
Lovell ˇ ́ˇ - 16 hours ago
And a ham sandwich doesnt
DachiiXO - 17 hours ago
2:55 lmao they forgot how many sexes they invented
DachiiXO - 17 hours ago
2:00 idc if u wanna call it homophobic...that MAN is fucking weird I've never seen anything like it n hope my kids never get so deluded as to walk outside like this
DachiiXO - 17 hours ago
0:30 I haven't heard what he wants to say yet and I can already tell u hes 100% gay
nathan murphy
nathan murphy - 17 hours ago
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Omar Abdulwahab
Omar Abdulwahab - 17 hours ago
That shit is fucked up anyway
Keira Ng
Keira Ng - 18 hours ago
hahaha the muslim girl was funny
Keira Ng
Keira Ng - 18 hours ago
what's a gay bookstore
k1a2r3o4l5i6n7a8 - 18 hours ago
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