Guess My Sexual Orientation | Lineup | Cut

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Riddle - Hour ago
I would like to be friends with the pink shirt guy, he’s that type of person that I want as a friend but never had.
Annika Richter
Annika Richter - 3 hours ago
Yoo I'm good at this, I only got two people wrong (got bisexual and pan mixed up, so I was still right about them in some ways)
Enellya Ancalimë
Enellya Ancalimë - 3 hours ago
the one with the flower dress is so annoying "dO yOU FiNd mE SEXy" "Do YoU FiND ME AttRaCtIVE ?" how is this relevant ?
nac rosten
nac rosten - 5 hours ago
Adam Levine versus gay people.
Karma Akabane
Karma Akabane - 5 hours ago
aaaaa i rlly like the first guy, his personality seems cool and chill damn
Jenna D.
Jenna D. - 6 hours ago
I love the blonde girl, she’s really pretty and seems quite fun!
Krissy likes Bleach
Krissy likes Bleach - 7 hours ago
there should be a womans rights parade where women wear stripes around their chest that say "I'm Not Inappropriate"
Krissy likes Bleach
Krissy likes Bleach - 7 hours ago
imagine if this was a game show
Mochi Mochi
Mochi Mochi - 9 hours ago
The first guy to me was just nerdy.
Eugenio - 12 hours ago
I actually think the girl in yellow pants is and the 'gay' guy where a bit offensive and really stuck on stereotypes.
skyfy - 12 hours ago
She is so cute
Olivia Vaughan
Olivia Vaughan - 13 hours ago
The fact that “In the hall of the mountain king” was playing in the background makes me love this even more 😂
Rebecca Burke
Rebecca Burke - 15 hours ago

Mnutes මිනිත්තු කිහිපයකින් එය ලැබුනේ නම්ඔව්සමහර විට එය එසේ වන්නට ඇත
STARBEAT1 - 16 hours ago
Being an asexual myself, it low-key annoys me when people ask me why I don't have a crush on someone, or "how have you not dated someone yet" just, stop asking... Please, also if someone gets mad at me for my comment... Please don't attack me...
Icha Destriany
Icha Destriany - 16 hours ago
This is so cool 😆
Indy Ana Jones
Indy Ana Jones - 18 hours ago
I love the gay dude's mullet. Beautiful.
InDoMiNuS - 21 hour ago
Colin Petti
Colin Petti - 21 hour ago
the girl with glasses is so damn annoying, like we dont care if people are attracted to you.
Rob Bob42069
Rob Bob42069 - 23 hours ago
“I wanna have sex all the time.”
Well I can tell from your questions that you probably don’t.
Rob Bob42069
Rob Bob42069 - Day ago
I’m like shooketh.
Pau Solis
Pau Solis - Day ago
6:17 she is sooo pretty
P e a c h y G l i s s
Hai I’m woody ShhhTicsSssSs
Ricardo Mejia Morales
why sterotype people?
Farid Nabizade
Farid Nabizade - Day ago
I threw up watching this
Rohan Joygopaul
Rohan Joygopaul - Day ago
For the first guy.....
I always told one of my friends if a guy Is kinda feminine doesn't mean he gay....
The first guy proved judging, try a better method called asking
Ellie Wat-Han
Ellie Wat-Han - Day ago
I don’t like the girl in the floral dress, because all of her questions are about looking sexy or attractive. Like umm
Shadow of the darkness
Aww this is amaziiinggg ❤
dexa - Day ago
You could just see how much the Muslim woman is not having it. I get why they were anxious, but she's agreed to come into this video, you shouldn't be worrying about offending her with assuming she's not straight.
Ludwig Van Beethoven
3:12 Me all the time
Ludwig Van Beethoven
1:21 I like this guy
chlorine sodium gasoline
Finally a muslim pansexual
Penelope k
Penelope k - Day ago
I feel like you dont identify as anything... OUCH! That was rude
Nancie P
Nancie P - Day ago
That lady with the flower dress is ANNOYING
Liliana - Day ago
My only question in life: What is a gay bookstore? 😂 I’m laughing so hard I’m sharping while writing this
Anophie - Day ago
anyone notice the guy showing his tattoos had the fairy tail symbol???
Alannah McLain
Alannah McLain - Day ago
god i hate that womans constant Do YouThink Im Sexy???!?q1 do YOu THink Im Sexy??!??
Nyeon Colors
Nyeon Colors - Day ago
There’s so many sexualities nowadays it’s gotta be hard to guess right since it’s not a 1/3 chance any more.
swgirl030 - Day ago
gay twinki vibes jajahssh
molly nara brown
molly nara brown - Day ago
im sorry but the girl in the floral dress is so annoying. she keeps asking if they find her attractive like that determines their sexuality, im bisexual, with more of a prefrence to girls but i dont find her atractive in anyway so does that make me striaght?
Nashyj - Day ago
Are you gay?
Uhh... I'm curious
But you knew I was sexy
Trygve Nilsen
Trygve Nilsen - 2 days ago
this video is like one year old but i freak out when they handshake and hug
DJ Miller
DJ Miller - 2 days ago
I got most of them right 😌
берёзовая роща
watching this during pride month 2020
net netovich 0.2
net netovich 0.2 - 2 days ago
Am i alone feel sick when i'm look at people who's guessing ?
Matthew Spalding
Matthew Spalding - 2 days ago
(>°~°)> there is still hope for us red beards!
Imthatextrakid - 2 days ago
Im gay as hell but act straight as hell
sewah baban
sewah baban - 2 days ago
the Muslim gal will get set up with an arranged marriage i know.
Caesar Hamato
Caesar Hamato - 2 days ago
Stop it flower dress girl
•— miyuki美雪
•— miyuki美雪 - 2 days ago
K, everyone has a crush on the hijab woman. Even I do, lol
lefty - 4 hours ago
shes so pretty imma simp
Caesar Hamato
Caesar Hamato - 2 days ago
Flower dress girl: do you find me attractive? Stripy shirt girl: oh yeah you’re pretty. Flower dress girl: you’re lesbian.
raqhopland - 2 days ago
the muslim girls' eyebrow quirk intimidated me so much lmaoo
Robbe Vevo
Robbe Vevo - 2 days ago
I’m so glad there was an asexual person, people often don’t believe they’re real but let me tell you: yes we, people who don’t think about sex, exists!
Jeylin Kocamemik
Jeylin Kocamemik - 2 days ago
Something I don't get it because the girl is religious but is pansexual wtf
katlyn phillips
katlyn phillips - 2 days ago
everyone b e talking about everyone else but the gay guy in the pink w booty shorts ahh so cutee! 😂💗
Gabrielle Williams
Gabrielle Williams - 2 days ago
Did you see the guy in the Pink's sweet stains
Elizabeth - 2 days ago
The Muslim girl looked a little like Anne Hathaway, very pretty
Crystal Cruz
Crystal Cruz - 2 days ago
The guy has a fairy tail tattoo on his arm
Camila Imnotgonnaaddmylastname
That asexual girl is freaking cute
KellyTawni - 2 days ago
Why do so many of the people think that other people’s sexuality is about them????
Kutlwano Motsa
Kutlwano Motsa - 2 days ago

Muslim Girl speaking for everyone: *No*
水島直子 - 3 days ago
guy: am i your type?
the other guy: not necessarily
guy: ok you’re straight
dude the fact that he doesn’t find you attractive doesn’t define his sexuality. being attracted to a specific gender doesn’t mean you have to be attracted to each person of that gender.
María - 3 days ago
Oh my Gosh. They have a 'great' self esteem... Maybe a lot.
TheOnlyOrpheus - 3 days ago
Flower dress girl was a capital B Bitch!
Natali Pehlivanyan
Natali Pehlivanyan - 3 days ago
when Estahar said "U asked the others and why not me" I immediately spot her on
Maïa B.
Maïa B. - 3 days ago
I have a big crush on the asexual girl with pigtails, the black girl with black shorts, the Muslim girl, the long brown hair girl with Nike shoes and that cute short girl with light hair and glasses uwu
Fareaa U
Fareaa U - 3 days ago
Anyone else skip over the annoying dress lady.... I found her incredibly rude
NotSayla - 3 days ago
the dude in the crop top is now my idol change my mind.
LizAnnie Salles
LizAnnie Salles - 3 days ago
Nowell Zimmerman
Nowell Zimmerman - 3 days ago
The intro though
Brandi Iverson
Brandi Iverson - 3 days ago
“I Would Expect To See Yhu At The Gay Book Store”.....LMAO I FUCKING SCREAMED
Flower Olympus
Flower Olympus - 3 days ago
I was praying that the girl in orange liked girls tbh. She's so gorgeous 😭
im just a sunflower
im just a sunflower - 3 days ago
0:19 She's so bold and confident with herself but I'm not gonna judge
Erline François
Erline François - 3 days ago
im just a sunflower
im just a sunflower - 3 days ago
"I dont even think about it"
Me: *thinks about sex*
Maya Ajami
Maya Ajami - 3 days ago
Muslims only marry? No I'm Muslim and i go on a date with my boyfriend... Etc. Not all Muslims are the same
Satyam Raj
Satyam Raj - 3 days ago
That Muslim girl was giving me Gal gadot vibes..
Lxmon_bear - 3 days ago
The guy in the pink shirt
*imma hook up with one these gay people :>*
Special Boy
Special Boy - 3 days ago
Am I the only one disturbed by the gay dude outfit , considering he is a guy? 😬
TheRobloxNoob Xoxo
TheRobloxNoob Xoxo - 3 days ago
2:13 girl is so coooott
It's Ash.
It's Ash. - 3 days ago
5:42 and they lived happily ever after ✨✨
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