macOS Big Sur’s Big Secret

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nicksurfs1 - 6 hours ago
The fact that apple didn't come out with a surface studio like product first is what told me the company is truly dying. They used to lead innovation in the industry. What do they do now?
fire surfer
fire surfer - 10 hours ago
Nice burn at 1:42
JHR - 16 hours ago
Big Sur on iPad Pro is a better angle on this topic
Benjamin JU
Benjamin JU - 17 hours ago
let's just say apple made apple silicone touch screen MacBooks 
and only enable touch input for catalyst app, would that make sense to us?
I do somewhat believe that apple will make touch screen MacBook someday but I think they will limit touch area or something similar
Makhwax - 17 hours ago
Huh it can't outperform windows 10 and UWP apps
Shashank Yadav
Shashank Yadav - Day ago
who are you to say that Jobs was wrong. Times have changed and so the technology and the requirements of people. Jobs was right at that time, & don't forget that apple is because of JOBS. So please have some respect for him and stop saying that he was wrong. That kind of statement hurts.
marcas06 - Day ago
Where's the big secret again? Clickbait and really senseless video. And wrong on many levels regarding usability of Mac OS.
wagsbass - Day ago
Touch on a desktop is just stupid as sliced bread was a great idea
Sam - Day ago
9:46 lmao cydia and unc0ver
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes - Day ago
Big sir is ugly and extremely slow I’m moving to windows or Linux mac is terrible software
Ashton Wyss
Ashton Wyss - 2 days ago
I feel this is the downfall of mac os...
Shafi A S
Shafi A S - 2 days ago
07:06 "Big Sur" in captions is "Big Sewer"
Funny farts smell funny
8:05 - exactly me thoughts during the presentation! Why would they design all new switches like that?! Does not make any sense when using a mouse. Too fat, too much travel. I‘m 100% sure with Apple Silicon MacOS and iOS especially iPadOS are going to be merging. On going separation wouldn‘t make any sense: Same chipsets (kind of), same architecture, same app foundation. I mean, that‘s they way it has to be with that and the possibilities are unheard of! I‘m expecting a MacBook / MacBookPro with iPad like features, like touchscreen in the same way as the iPad matures into a real computer. And it absolutely makes sense. All those statements about interfaces where just a picture of the moment.
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst - 2 days ago
The Surface Studio... really.... have one in the office... its always on the lowest angle because its just working as a Whiteboard... nothing else... pen input not touch.... mouse because Win10 still isnt there yet...
akschu1 - 2 days ago
To Apple.... not only is touch ergonomically terrible, so are your keyboards!
Darth Reflectz
Darth Reflectz - 2 days ago
I'm not sure about everyone else, but I find it really odd that people think we need an app for everything on a desktop/laptop environment. Like, who is going to use a twitter app instead of the twitter website on a desktop??? That is simply too inconvenient to have to open all of these separate applications when it is already streamlined using browsers...
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs - 2 days ago
Web apps suck compared to native ones. This is a well-known fact.
Mariam Kabir Kabir
Mariam Kabir Kabir - 2 days ago
Using Apple Product is totally waist of money, COST VERY HIGH BUT LOW SPECIFY, compare to Samsung and Huawei....
weirdwordcombo - 2 days ago
apple is surely at a crossroads. i for one will wait until the dust settles in a few years to decide if i will indeed switch from windows to macos. but times are exciting.
Sleepy John
Sleepy John - 2 days ago
I. Hate. Touchscreens. User errors on steroids.
D N - 2 days ago
It will be a MacBook air which will really be an iPad pro with a solid keyboard
Jason Clouse
Jason Clouse - 2 days ago
I still think a touchscreen on a laptop/desktop is an awful idea. I know everybody disagrees with me. But a lot of bad ideas are popular. Pet rocks were once popular too.
Byron MacGreggor
Byron MacGreggor - 2 days ago
Anybody explain how he is he playing Wind Waker with an XBOX controller on an iPad at 3:37?
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs - 2 days ago
Rishi Som
Rishi Som - 2 days ago
Even he has to share Netflix with others
Lallan Singh
Lallan Singh - 2 days ago
Apple is moving people from iMac to iCrap do you want one😜
Nebulium - 2 days ago
I wonder if they will bring macos support to ipads
Bill Gardyne
Bill Gardyne - 3 days ago
Another good analysis. Thank you.
Maybe the roll out of the hardware has been constrained by COVID. Standby to standby.
TheRg191 - 3 days ago
It makes sense on a MacBook but not on a desktop I can’t see any comfortable scenario where reaching at full stretch across a desk, the width and working height of a 27” or 32” display would ever be comfortable, not for 12 hour work days. I’d rather use a Wacom with a larger desktop display. Plus trying to retouch with ANY fingerprints on a screen is annoying as it stands I can’t begin to entertain the idea of working with a never ending layer of fingerprints and smudges all over the image I’m working on. Any time saved in navigation is negated by constantly having to clean the display.
Etek Dav
Etek Dav - 3 days ago
I've had a Windows laptop with a touchscreen since 2012. That is how far Apple is behind.
Cl Gr
Cl Gr - 2 days ago
Etek Dav I’ve hade a windows laptop with a cd drive since 2004. That is how far Apple is behind
Vaibhav Chauhan
Vaibhav Chauhan - 3 days ago
Nice to see freenas ui used in at 3:52.
I along with few other enjoyed developing it at ixsystems.
DanTDMJace - 3 days ago
I actually use iPadOS 14 and it is so cool I just updated today
Joshua Lambert
Joshua Lambert - 3 days ago
apple os is already bad windows is actually good
Marcus Cordeiro
Marcus Cordeiro - 3 days ago
Perfect observations
Stunami - 3 days ago
Slippery slope. I love my apple pencil / ipad pro experience. But I would also like to run Procreate on Mac OS with an oversized trackpad that can accept apple pencil as a pen tablet. hmm.
Mike Unsworth
Mike Unsworth - 3 days ago
Who wants a dirty, greasy, finger printed screen? Crazy!
sebastian - 4 days ago
using touch screen macbooks with long fingernails would be almost impossible
Aroo! - 4 days ago
This is boring... at 4:02, i have an asus ROG laptop with touch screen that i got back in 2016. Never liked the idea of using a combination of Keyboard-Mouse-Screen. It just really sucks. Why are you talking about this like apple is innovating? Cmon it’s just pathetic. Since Jobs died Apple is just an absurd joke.
BeatZEl!te - 4 days ago
Now wait a minute?
Nathan Tankersley
Nathan Tankersley - 4 days ago
100 % iPad os and Mac will merge they may still say they are separate yet they will run on the same chips and have all apps work across both so it don’t matter if they call them something different if they are the same apps running on the same chips using the arm instructions and metal api that’s a merged os
Andy Alias
Andy Alias - 4 days ago
I doubt they will make an existing Mac a touchscreen ..yet, but introduce a massive iPad or something new that runs macOS first
meouishlycat - 4 days ago
0:57 *releases ipad pro*
edit: just realized this was in the video so yeah.
John Solo
John Solo - 4 days ago
Why do you have trouble saying Big Sur? It's literally just pronounced "ser" like you said it when you were joking.
MISTER - 5 days ago
Lol lol lol you guys are getting the windows 8 treatment
O_O - 5 days ago
apple is riping off for ages to come.
Gladimir Savinon
Gladimir Savinon - 5 days ago
I think apple is gonna eventually hit us with a single board computer with really high specs that can run MacOS and IOS. The furture is docking.
Michael Scharf
Michael Scharf - 5 days ago
Big Surface?
Luis Eduardo HD
Luis Eduardo HD - 5 days ago
What is the game at 3:37 ?
Luis Eduardo HD
Luis Eduardo HD - 2 days ago
@Christopher Anderson Thanks
Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson - 3 days ago
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
TheCrashCourse - 5 days ago
Big Soor? Disliked....
Frank Enga
Frank Enga - 5 days ago
bIg SuR bEtA
Dumb Dumb
Dumb Dumb - 5 days ago
if they dont fix this then i wont update.
Mason Batista
Mason Batista - 5 days ago
1:27 I thought he said “we love the mac because it’s expensive”
Sample Grit
Sample Grit - 6 days ago
I absolutely hate my pointing device to obscure my view of my display for the majority of my tasks. Mouse/trackpad pointer > finger/hand/arm. I use professional music creation apps. Apple are about to kill off their professional user base if they go ARM and push IOS onto OSX.
Paul T
Paul T - 6 days ago
Imagine if there was some next level marketing plot twist where the Pro Display XDR is revealed to be a touchscreen the whole time that just requires software activation. A man can dream.
Nicolas Vedder
Nicolas Vedder - 6 days ago
Can you tell me please how to play Zelda on iPad?
Colin Dabboy
Colin Dabboy - 6 days ago
If macs have touchscreen it is basically a iPad with a keyboard and is over 1000 not you MacBook Air sorry
50 Hz
50 Hz - 7 days ago
ive had a touch screen on my X1 carbon for 5 years and i haven't used it in 5 years.
Ramin Amin
Ramin Amin - 7 days ago
I’ve been using the Mac book big sewer ...... I’m sorry
Sand Sack
Sand Sack - 7 days ago
Jobs was less wrong than the Cock is and will be.
Sinan Akkoyun
Sinan Akkoyun - 7 days ago
Vertical touchscreens are really not ideal. Steve Jobs was very right in almost anything, it is sad that Apple started selling sh1t for gold after he died.
Sinan Akkoyun
Sinan Akkoyun - 7 days ago
Alex Zavala
Alex Zavala - 7 days ago
Plot twist: Apple says they won't do Touch screen Macs just to make it seem amazing when they finally do.
Lower expectations to put minimal effort in impressing.
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