MINO(송민호) - ‘아낙네 (FIANCÉ)’ M/V

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i'm_tired - 2 hours ago
The beat sounds sampled from somewhere... I can’t remember..
Tracy Tq
Tracy Tq - 3 hours ago
View is nothing compare to quality y'all
Djak dhejkdkr
Djak dhejkdkr - 3 hours ago
이게 노래냐? 기가 막히네
그냥 너의 정신상태지
rosta roz
rosta roz - 3 hours ago
that piercing got P.O so mad at NJtW wkwkwk
Anne Bangtan
Anne Bangtan - 3 hours ago
This song is a masterpiece!💜
Leaholea - 3 hours ago
I love this but damn if this isn't a circa 2010 G-Dragon song tho
Leaholea - 3 hours ago
This wasn't an insult. And yes I'm a massive old-school YG and G-Dragon fan- I'm referring to the stylistic aspects of it and the general YG vibe. No need to attack me as a fan.
W HOONY - 3 hours ago
Are you even a can of GD? Like he would never release somwthing lime that
양예빈 - 4 hours ago
22 🗝🔓
ChikaTime - 4 hours ago
let's go ftw
ChikaTime - 4 hours ago
more win to come 'fiance' mino
Tiana Queen
Tiana Queen - 4 hours ago
Does anyone know if 0:47 is sampled from another song?
Danielle R. Molinaro
Danielle R. Molinaro - 4 hours ago
half these views are probably mine
Nazaret M
Nazaret M - 4 hours ago
El único trap que me gusta escuchar el coreano y de Mino, puro arte 💜 😎 🎵🎶 i like this song mush.
Gita Gurung
Gita Gurung - 4 hours ago
I wish I could be that preety lady🙂😚
DoramasAsia - 4 hours ago
DoramasAsia - 4 hours ago
MrMelgibstein - 5 hours ago
V-Pop Lac Troi has been an inspiration to peopl all around the world including Korea.Its great that Mino was inspired too.
W HOONY - 3 hours ago
It was ispired by his koeean story and by a song of 80s.. But okay
Sanam Gurung
Sanam Gurung - 5 hours ago
Around 400K everyday can we stream harder
Florence Dim
Florence Dim - 6 hours ago
jennie hanbin
jennie hanbin - 6 hours ago
My fren only know mino but not winner.
jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼 - 6 hours ago
As what WINNER said the first time they heard your songs...they said it’s “GOLD” 👑 and they’re right ...it is GOLD..it’s amazing ⚡️💥🔥
Shen Beryl
Shen Beryl - 6 hours ago
can't stop listening this song!!! I love mino
Podle Kim
Podle Kim - 6 hours ago
This so meaningfull ✌... Minho Oppa Make a good Job.
I am Deputy Lee's Secretary
Let’s do it my IC’s Mermaids!!!! Fighting! 👊🏼
Congrats my hugeboy, this momma is so proud of you!
Keep rocking it! 😘🤘🏼
I am Deputy Lee's Secretary
Essi Kah yes!!! He won at show champion!!! 😁👍🏼
Sanam Gurung
Sanam Gurung - 5 hours ago
+Essi Kah yeah. Yesterday he won on music bank too. 😊
Essi Kah
Essi Kah - 6 hours ago
Wait is that four now????
blueskai - 7 hours ago
This is GOLD
Sandra - 7 hours ago
This SLAPS. My wig flew
Agripina Hernandez
Agripina Hernandez - 7 hours ago
Cuando los haters no superan Fiancé dan risa >-< y molesta también pero Mino lleva 4 trofeos en los show!!
ANDY สายแหลก
I'm Trash
I'm Trash - 8 hours ago
Does anyone know what song mino is sampling here? It sounds very familiar
Mariem Fezai
Mariem Fezai - 8 hours ago
the son of G-Dragon 💘💘💓💓💓💓💟💟💟💟
KPOP IS LIFEU - 8 hours ago
Lemon - 8 hours ago
Kishimo 0
Kishimo 0 - 8 hours ago
The son of g-dragon
Keerthana K
Keerthana K - 9 hours ago
I ignored this for so long and wow I regret it now, this has been on repeat for the past week now
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn - 9 hours ago
Congratulations to Our Baby Bub for getting his 4th Win! 💙💙
Random Person
Random Person - 5 hours ago
+Essi Kah he won at show champion😊
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn - 6 hours ago
+Essi Kah YAAS 😊 It's his 4th Win yesterday.
Essi Kah
Essi Kah - 6 hours ago
What did he winnnnnn
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn - 9 hours ago
22, 379, 631
mar bren
mar bren - 10 hours ago
Please buy this song on iTunes it's not pricy
Sheikh Jahra Rubai
Sheikh Jahra Rubai - 10 hours ago
lila hhlhgkl
lila hhlhgkl - 10 hours ago
Sahira Lee
Sahira Lee - 10 hours ago
Where are the other bishes? We're aiming for 3 additional No. 1 trophies this weekend. Go go go 💙💙💙💙
뻔한요리반백수의 - 10 hours ago
Ade Nisa
Ade Nisa - 11 hours ago
i don't get it with those 12k tumbsdown -___- what did they fucking think ? 😪😪😪😪😪
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn - 9 hours ago
Haters, petty people
Bossy ILD
Bossy ILD - 11 hours ago
อยากให้พี่หยางโปรโมทเพลงนี้ให้มากๆเหมือนเพลง Solo ของเจนนี่หน่อยค่ะ 🙂😅👌🏻
Jiggly Puff416
Jiggly Puff416 - 11 hours ago
really cool💙💙💙💙💙
Lovya007 A.S
Lovya007 A.S - 11 hours ago
Idk why this song is giving me the impression he’s in love with a hajabi 😊lol
Tari - 4 hours ago
No. Its a hide and seek song in Korea.
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn - 9 hours ago
What's a Hajabi?
Song Yungyeon
Song Yungyeon - 11 hours ago
go up
Owens Ooi
Owens Ooi - 11 hours ago
I feel like I want to cry when I listened to this 😂 I feel like... YG is back.... I don’t know how to describe this feeling
Tuấn Thanh
Tuấn Thanh - 11 hours ago
Giống mv lạc trôi của sơn tùng mtp quá nhe đạo cmnr 😡
Sahira Lee
Sahira Lee - 10 hours ago
Di ka pa tapos manggulo dito? Sumosobra ka na ah
Cey-Z - 12 hours ago
I'm not from the fandom but I have been listening this masterpiece nearly 1 week on and on
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn - 9 hours ago
This song is very addictive 😁
Yza J
Yza J - 12 hours ago
mino with bang is my new addiction.. 😍😍
Lily hsiao
Lily hsiao - 12 hours ago
고이불 - 12 hours ago
Luminous - 12 hours ago
it's so freaking catchyyyyyy!!!!!
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya - 12 hours ago
can someone pls tell me the song in the background
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn - 9 hours ago
Soyang River Girl
Shraddha Bosamia
Shraddha Bosamia - 12 hours ago
4th WIN LETS GO 🔥🔥🔥
shell kanavira
shell kanavira - 12 hours ago
*25 M palli palli* sorry if that was wrong ✌
Anyway CONGRATS FOR THE FOURTH WIN 💙💙🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ proud if you Maino 😊
visual and outfits victizmed kim taehyung
i love this song it always in my head yupu yupu
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn - 9 hours ago
This song is really addictive 💙
Virdania Ve
Virdania Ve - 13 hours ago
Oh man ❣️
Shai Abubakar
Shai Abubakar - 13 hours ago
I'm here because I saw Mino in Seungri's "Where R U From" MV. And now, I'm searching everything about him. He's such a manly cutie fella. I will support you from now on! Fighting!
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn - 9 hours ago
Thank you so much 😊😊 Mino is from a Boy group called WINNER. They are also amazing 💙
tomlakymusic - 13 hours ago
Its a grower. Didnt like it at first listen but now I fuck with it!
Yến VY Hà
Yến VY Hà - 13 hours ago
nghe mãi cx ko chán đc dù ko phải fan
은골로캉테 - 13 hours ago
He is Korean
응 응
응 응 - 13 hours ago
워~ 우리~ 이모~💕
Ushani1000 - 13 hours ago
IC v***s are increasing slowly 😕😕😕
rotten tangerine
rotten tangerine - 5 hours ago
Why'd you censor the word "views" ?😅
신송훈 - 13 hours ago
똑똑 그대 보고 싶소
넘볼 수 없고 가질 수 없어 (So, sad)
똑똑 눈물 쏟아내도
그 고운 자태 한 번 비추지 않고 (너무해에)
내게만 까칠한 그녀는 유명한 화이
서울의 별 다 어딨나 Oh, in your eyes
걔와 함께면 넌 디스토피아,
내 발걸음 따라오면 유토피아
Pretty woman
워 워 귀티나네
이리 봐도 저리 봐도 이뻐 이뻐 넌
나의 아낙네 이제 알았네
아낙네 나의 파랑새 (Woo yeah)
꼭꼭 숨어라 나의 님 (나의 님)
머리카락 보일라 어딨니 (Where are you?)
못 찾겠다 꾀꼬리 (꾀꼬리)
그대 있는 곳으로 가리, 나 가리
쉿 아무 말 하지 말고 도망치자 멀리
나만 보고 이제 그만해 제비뽑기
한여름에도 걷고 싶어 너의 그 눈길
우리 둘이 야리꾸리 무리무리 Oh
그리워 너의 몸, 그리고 외로워
여기 밑 빠진 Dog 물 맥여줘
배배 꼬아 마치 코브라 부끄러워마, Alright?
Pretty woman
워 워 귀티나네
이리 봐도 저리 봐도 이뻐 이뻐 넌
나의 아낙네 이제 알았네
아낙네 나의 파랑새 (Woo yeah)
꼭꼭 숨어라 나의 님 (나의 님)
머리카락 보일라 어딨니 (Where are you?)
못 찾겠다 꾀꼬리 (꾀꼬리)
그대 있는 곳으로 가리, 나 가리
너는 그림 속의 움츠린 떡, Woo 난 침이 꿀꺽
넌 나의 주인공, 난 너의 츄잉껌
Woo, let's boogie on & on
우린 불이 튀어, 이제 숨통이 틔어,
영원히 네게 충성
아름다운 넌 이뻐, 이뻐
랄라라라랄라 랄랄라
랄라라라랄라 랄랄라
랄라라라랄라 랄랄라라
Where ma bishes at 내 아낙네
꾀꼬리 (삐요삐요삐요)
나, 가리 (엥엥엥)
꾀꼬리 (삐요삐요삐요)
그대 있는 곳으로 가리
Miri Galie
Miri Galie - 13 hours ago
O yesssss😃😃😃😃😃😃
Linh Cúnn
Linh Cúnn - 14 hours ago
Song Mino
Taeyang Đỗ
Taeyang Đỗ - 14 hours ago
No.1 mino
Pasta& Champagne
Pasta& Champagne - 14 hours ago
His acting woo👍🏻👏🏻🎂
Olivia Houk
Olivia Houk - 14 hours ago
Me- hm very interesting not my normal but
*chorus starts*
ghkxyjay p
ghkxyjay p - 14 hours ago
Random Person
Random Person - 14 hours ago
4th win 😊😊👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
부공 - 14 hours ago
똑똑 그댈 보고싶쏘 이부분이 제일 강렬하다 ㅋㅋ
柏瑞陳 - 14 hours ago
GA b o=雞婆
Hola Nasxz
Hola Nasxz - 14 hours ago
Now this song is my favorite 🖤
Ariel Bennett
Ariel Bennett - 14 hours ago
who knew taking another man's girl was so entertaining
seong gyeom kim
seong gyeom kim - 15 hours ago
이 분 그 쇼미4에 나온 송민호 아님?
Amal Khan
Amal Khan - 15 hours ago
1 millon likes
Bi Nguyễn
Bi Nguyễn - 15 hours ago
시현핵유 - 15 hours ago
Jules B
Jules B - 15 hours ago
만두YT - 15 hours ago
Zhou Thida
Zhou Thida - 15 hours ago
mino (。・ω・。)ノ♡
jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼 - 15 hours ago
prianka h p
prianka h p - 15 hours ago
This music sounds like king kavalier's bad drugs
][ - 15 hours ago
약간 살면서 원하는거 손에 다 가져본 불량한 부자집 외동 선비 도련님이 매혹적인 기생이 사랑하는 노래같아 존나 섹시퀸 ,,
raha rad
raha rad - 15 hours ago
Minh Tâm official
Minh Tâm official - 15 hours ago
i love you mino
Sophia Bastidoe
Sophia Bastidoe - 16 hours ago
I am here
Nhi Pham
Nhi Pham - 16 hours ago
Gần giống MV Lạc Trôi
Doan pham thu ppham
Doan pham thu ppham - 16 hours ago
l love you mino
KIMBERLY VALDEZ - 16 hours ago
Congratulations Mino!!! #FIANCE4THWIN at MBC Show Music Champion!!!
Fighting Incles!!!
sunwoo x alf
sunwoo x alf - 16 hours ago
명신 - 16 hours ago
한국인보다 외국인이 많네 ~
Silmi Kusnadi
Silmi Kusnadi - 17 hours ago
Ushani1000 - 17 hours ago
Congratulations for 4th win 😍😍😍
박훈서 - 17 hours ago
Wanto Bangko
Wanto Bangko - 17 hours ago
I think i know the girl what he mean..in this song..
KPOP and More
KPOP and More - 17 hours ago
I'm addicted to this.......... Lyrics are unique and beat is FANTASTIC BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_화질빨 하트
_화질빨 하트 - 17 hours ago
진짜 신서유기랑 온도차이봐 ㅎㄷㄷ 적응안돼 진짜루
감못먹는 - 17 hours ago
J.H S.
J.H S. - 18 hours ago
조회수 22,222,222 ㄷㄷ하네..
조회수 22,222,222 ㄷㄷ하네..
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