MUST TRY Singapore CHEAP EATS! Hawker Street Food Tour of Singapore

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Strictly Dumpling
Strictly Dumpling - Year ago
To my AMAZING mother and ALL the moms in the world, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!
#Sameold JOjO
#Sameold JOjO - 2 days ago
Rog Westwood
Rog Westwood - 2 months ago
Was good blood
Jax The Meme Man
Jax The Meme Man - 5 months ago
yo next time u come to singapore, please do try Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo, 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-23 Singapore 560724; and compare it with the one you've just had aite!
Chivas Vaschi
Chivas Vaschi - 7 months ago
Please try ah hak lor mee. Located at ang mo kio ave 4 blk 159. I'm a filipino.😊
Kaz Zinc
Kaz Zinc - 9 months ago
Go to chin chin chicken Rice at purvis Street in Singapore the next time
Durdell The Gamer
Durdell The Gamer - 3 days ago
I love Singapore food but most importantly Singaporians are very kind and gentle peoples I LOVE SINGAPORE!!!
Durdell The Gamer
Durdell The Gamer - 3 days ago
I miss Singapore! Beautiful country, food paradise! I miss Singapore food courts!
Jorn Navarre
Jorn Navarre - 5 days ago
Singapore is incredibly cheap for a modern Asian country !
Eugen Amit
Eugen Amit - 20 days ago
Mike's favorite word when eating in any place: " happy"
SilverDawnArrow - Month ago
I'm from London, but my parents live in Singapore and now that the world's on lockdown I want nothing more than to go back there and eat all the good food
Raymond Chia
Raymond Chia - Month ago
Chicken Rice: Balestier Hill Hawker. Not Boon Tong Kee. But in the Hawker Center. Boon Tong Kee is also worth a try, more expensive though
Laarni Verzosa
Laarni Verzosa - Month ago
Andriyani Putu
Andriyani Putu - Month ago
In singapore, is it different price when we eat around orchard and another place?
rosémyjam - Month ago
watching this during quarantine is a really bad idea
SKYBLU644 - Month ago
when it's possible to travel to singapore collab with teamnoc @ foodking
Valencia Cuttriss
Valencia Cuttriss - Month ago
Have you been to the Food halls in Malaysia as they have some fantastic food as well.
Andre Chen
Andre Chen - Month ago
Mikey : "They could just have given us white rice and nobody would've complained".
Singaporeans : Hold my beer
marsyck - Month ago
One of my favourite place for chicken rice would be Boon Tong Kee
Mutton Curry
Mutton Curry - Month ago
Get Ah Tai Chicken then get Tian Tian Rice ;)
mikkiasie - 2 months ago
I just like eating, lol.
Avenge Basketball
Avenge Basketball - 2 months ago
Mike Chen could eat an egg I cooked in my dirty socks and still manage to make it sound delicious. Amazing.
Romeo Corvinus
Romeo Corvinus - 2 months ago
My personal favorite!!: Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice
Located in: Sin Huat Lee Restaurant Singapore
Address: 371 Bukit Batok Street 31, #01-326, Singapore 650371
Lucius Ng
Lucius Ng - 2 months ago
Go to Geylang bahru hawker centre stall 01-11 and its chicken rice
Dylan Lim
Dylan Lim - 2 months ago
Eat hte chicken rice in bukit timah
Leouise Grech
Leouise Grech - 3 months ago
Mike says, "and it's lower in calories"
LemonStrike111 - 3 months ago
There's no fish cakes in fish soup, the yellow shiny thing is fish maw
ED E - 3 months ago
yo mikey. boon tong kee river valley chicken rice is the best
If most Japanese go there for chicken rice,
then it must be damn good
+65-9090-8088 (Whatsapp)
Clayton Wong
Clayton Wong - 3 months ago
You don't compare chicken breast meat to drumstick meat.
jocx305 - 3 months ago
the thing inside the fish soup isn't fish cake, those are pig skin
Yoshi Lim
Yoshi Lim - 4 months ago
CORONA VIRUS brought me here
Solar - 4 months ago
do try 猪杂汤 (Authentic Mun Chee Kee) when you come to singapore next time. keep the good work rolling!
Lucky me
Lucky me - 4 months ago
my family n i were going to Singapore on nov can you tell me where is the exact address this street food? thank u
요마티비 YOMA TV [ Korean street food ]
So yummy curry !!
Its different with Korean street food
Its interesting
Polymath Industries
Polymath Industries - 4 months ago
The captions on this are great.
Randy Tan
Randy Tan - 4 months ago
I think its not very common for us locals to visit Tian Tian Chicken Rice, my favourite Chicken Rice place would be at Katong Shopping Centre basement!
toughsimplicity - 4 months ago
Best chicken rice in SG for me would deffo have to be the one at Katong, amazing fragrant rice and soup!
Luke Lim
Luke Lim - 5 months ago
try boon tong kee chicken rice, with their fried tofu
LoveGotLove 28
LoveGotLove 28 - 5 months ago
May I know what exact location in SG did you bought those delisious food? I'll be visiting SG soon. I wanna try all those foods 🤤
kumonomaki - 5 months ago
Next time you’re back in Singapore, try Bishan chicken rice called “Ming Kee Chicken Rice”. They serve their chicken icy cold and it’s Super tender and juicy. Probably one of the more unique ones compared to the standard chicken rice everywhere. Cheers!
Bakekang Kabalen
Bakekang Kabalen - 5 months ago
Will definitely try all these food Mike, on my travel this April, ☺️
Lynnette Megan
Lynnette Megan - 5 months ago
Tian tian’s definitely NOT the best chicken rice in Singapore. There’s at least a few places that are WAY better than them. They’re just well known cause they got into that hawker contest with Gordon Ramsay
Speed 8bp
Speed 8bp - 5 months ago
Song name pls
Tarun N Ashok
Tarun N Ashok - 5 months ago
Are you related to Jackie Chan, by any chance?
FPS Metalfose
FPS Metalfose - 5 months ago
Dies anyone know the Name of the Song at 8:00?
SlezzoMello - 5 months ago
I tried the scissors-cut curry rice after watching your video...It was YUMMY
Royston Goh
Royston Goh - 5 months ago
Take it from a true blood singaporean guys. If you hit any hawker centre, look out for the longest queues
dian trisna
dian trisna - 5 months ago
if bern stau in singapore one year ..i like food overthere ..bring me to have food
Karen K
Karen K - 5 months ago
Sin Kee Chicken Rice at Margaret Drive!
David Harris
David Harris - 5 months ago
I'll take a number 2!!! ha ha. Seriously, great Vlog man.
Jinghui Lamp
Jinghui Lamp - 5 months ago
that beach road curry rice right, you'll see knock offs of it in shopping centres. DO NOT EVER fall for those. they are,,,,,,,,,,, pathetic. not even good enough to be called copies. they're like biting into a raisin cookie when you think it's a chocolate chip.
Typo - 5 months ago
$3 for curry rice btw
Itsme Brenda
Itsme Brenda - 5 months ago
Now im hungry
ganbade200 - 5 months ago
love your shirt.....tofu fighting :)
jeremy tan
jeremy tan - 6 months ago
Mmmm. Maxwell chicken rice comparison: you seem to have a preference for less dry, juicier chicken meat. next time, always tell the hawker you do not want the breast of the chicken. it is always drier than the rest of the bird. Tien Tien is as everyone says, overrated IMHO too. XD
evan ang
evan ang - 6 months ago
Omg Tian Tian is over rated in Singapore you should try 925 yishun chicken rice way better
Anne Corey
Anne Corey - 6 months ago
Love his video very good friendly guy thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video thanks
saynotoplastic 1
saynotoplastic 1 - 6 months ago
next time u must to go the real HDB neighbourhood market place , away from central deep in the west or deep in the east , north central too but not the CBD area where the majority of singaporeans people live e.g changi village nasi lemak... bukit batok, bangkit, yishun. other than that central around bugis hajilane still have a very all in one good hotpot PLUS chicken rice PLUS hainanese pork chop place at golden mile basement.
KFChewy - 6 months ago
I am new to your channel and I feel confused watching you eat because whilst you said the food was nice, your facial reaction to the food says the opposite LOL
sis - 6 months ago
12:32 thats tang yuan.
Cindy Nesto
Cindy Nesto - 6 months ago
I can't travel like Mikey does but this inspires me to learn how to cook the wonderful things he eats. And hopefully one of these days my dreams come true and I can travel the world and eat, it would be even better to get to meet Mikey and enjoy a meal with him while exploring.
Candy Kuang
Candy Kuang - 6 months ago
Try Sin Kee Chicken Rice at Holland Close.
D animation
D animation - 6 months ago
In what area the fish soup?
1985Gummibear - 6 months ago
singapore has the worst food! end of story.
isayu134 - 6 months ago
Haha I'm not sure if you are jealous of people liking Singapore food? Like and replied his or her own comment. Lol.
1985Gummibear - 6 months ago
yes i agree
Francine Perez
Francine Perez - 6 months ago
My gawwd im pilipina so my mom and i were going to singapore sorry for my bad grammar 😅😂😂
miigguk - 6 months ago
im a singaporean and i havent been to many parts of singapore lmao and im hungry :(
jaysaykay242 - 6 months ago
You should go to Wenchang, Hainan, China and get chicken rice there if you can! It’s the birth place of chicken rice. I’m half hainese (wenchang hainanese) and it’s really different from the Singapore take on hainanese chicken rice!
Woon Chung Liong
Woon Chung Liong - 6 months ago
Poor Jackie Chan imposter!
Chong You Moi Carlot
Chong You Moi Carlot - 6 months ago
Wow! You really can eat! I mean a lot!
Barathan Nadarajah
Barathan Nadarajah - 6 months ago a typical local, looking for stalls with the long line. Not necessarily nice to eat. One's person tongue is different from another.
Wonder why he keeps saying pig when it's just the meat which is called "pork".
Peter CS
Peter CS - 6 months ago
hot as hell... and expensive as hell too :) but still cheap comparing to amsterdam and denmark
LostDragonicLord - 6 months ago
lol I lived here
Deborah Nance
Deborah Nance - 6 months ago
When you go back to Japan can you get the coco curry please.😋
Wei Ting Tay
Wei Ting Tay - 6 months ago
Boon Tong Kee chicken rice 😁
Linda Ng
Linda Ng - 7 months ago
Mike i know this might be too late but scissors curry rice the best combination is fried egg,fried chicken fillet and cabbage top up with curry.
Ng Cheu Yee
Ng Cheu Yee - 7 months ago
You are amazing.. Haha.. Welcome to food haven Singapore 😁👍
Serene Goh
Serene Goh - 7 months ago
That was fish maw (dried fish stomach) not fishcake haha
Tanmay Singhi
Tanmay Singhi - 7 months ago
Make a series on food you dont like.
minarismile - 7 months ago
Best chicken rice: katong shopping centre "Boneless Chicken Rice"
lim connie
lim connie - 7 months ago
Have you tried Lucky Chicken rice at Lucky Plaza Orchard or the 5th floor shop at Far East Plaza? There are so many other shops around.
Vince Bay
Vince Bay - 7 months ago
Watch food king singapore for the best eats in town
Alexis Ang
Alexis Ang - 7 months ago
I can't get enough of your Singapore vlogs!!! Best food vlog ever
joesr31 - 7 months ago
Why am I torturing myself at midnight by watching this, I literally have nothing to eat right now
Damian Tan
Damian Tan - 7 months ago
As a local, I always feel that the Scissor-Cut Curry Rice is way over hyped. I ate it once and never revisited.
Keane Eh
Keane Eh - 7 months ago
Did he just est curry rice with a fork?
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