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Jasper Hilliker
Jasper Hilliker - 22 minutes ago
I had to watch this 20 minutes at a time over several weeks.
Kingston Vlach
Kingston Vlach - Hour ago
15:37 lemme c d d
Kingston Vlach
Kingston Vlach - Hour ago
Wither Mine
Wither Mine - 4 hours ago
Jesus thats alota people wheres next thing we now the Kidz Bop quiz 3 is gonna have Peiwdepie
Lewis F
Lewis F - 4 hours ago
we all know which group was the funniest
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 4 hours ago
Kidzbop it! Kidztwist it! Kidzpull it!
Tom B
Tom B - 5 hours ago
damn eddy got the knees out
FuckingPurple - 7 hours ago
nikki's reactions are so annoying tho
Katie Koo
Katie Koo - 8 hours ago
Okay, fine, so yes, I already knew some of the answers, and no, I'm not ashamed.
DrVgQn - 8 hours ago
29:53 just wanna say his forehead if so big that it greenscreens away
Carter Lastname
Carter Lastname - 8 hours ago
I got the last one right!!!!
Archie Ward
Archie Ward - 10 hours ago
I'm a kidz bop kid
Some Guy
Some Guy - 11 hours ago
BostoAnim8’s and does other stuff
Reply to this comment with the kids bop interpretation on twitter for android
Yohan sin
Yohan sin - 11 hours ago
I thought it would be Vitamin C after he said what would be good for rhymes
symatra carful e
symatra carful e - 11 hours ago
tied with Jaiden, im ashamed
Gigi Forever
Gigi Forever - 16 hours ago
I don’t know if I should be happy or concern that I got six points as well
Poion 606
Poion 606 - 16 hours ago
We all needed this
Ursula Mehiel
Ursula Mehiel - 18 hours ago
in 6:04 it says DABB
The Gaming Earthling
The Gaming Earthling - 19 hours ago
16:56 You really admitted that in front of your wife.
Ari6lle1nWonderl2nd - 22 hours ago
I CALLED IT!!! I said Danny and Drew would win because they are the same person and you have to add their scores together!,
CrazyComedyKid - 23 hours ago
Jack would be the one to get a sponsor for an hour long video that we've been waiting for since 2017.
Arco Games
Arco Games - 23 hours ago
Why is nakeyjakey the shadow mastermind
Arco Games
Arco Games - 23 hours ago
cod's plan
Dakota Potatoman
Dakota Potatoman - Day ago
Is that grant from college humor
Inverted Galaxy
Inverted Galaxy - Day ago
6:05 *D A B B*
Xx Ashley
Xx Ashley - Day ago
I know Jaiden's an adult, but I got surprised when she yelled "FUCK YOU GUYS"
dust bunny
dust bunny - Day ago
Jack's chemistry with Eric and Brock is so fantastic, they bounce off of each other so well and they always seem to have fun when they're together in videos
Jonas - Day ago
I got the first one then wanted to bash my skull in for the rest of the test... just the pure cringe
J.D.G - Day ago
15:54 Dunkey is the real winner.
Tucker Central
Tucker Central - Day ago
5:13 there answers spell out DABB
TheRealBoy72 - Day ago
When the guy says that he likes d cuz it wholesome lol o_O
Dario Marx
Dario Marx - Day ago
Where can i buy Jaidens Shirt??! 😍
SuperBotsYT - Day ago
What if, Kidz Bop Quiz but you quiz ex kidz bop kids...
TypicalTomster - Day ago
A way to rule anything option out is to check what Arin said and not go with that
Levi Jones
Levi Jones - Day ago
You guys misjudge kids
MinuteBrice - Day ago
Jack: "You get the smug satisfaction of winning."
Leah: "What the hell?"
Alexander Godfrey Kleinhans
I feel like Jaiden is that one kid that allows you to underestimate her too much to the point that you - and even the kid - have been bamboozled. XD
Yikes ImNotInteresting
i got the first gods plan question correct because i watch your videos, jack
Bathwagner Dumblestephens
is it weird i wanna ship Roomie and Jaiden
Fabian Hvit
Fabian Hvit - Day ago
Dude, do you know what kids bop to?
Pitbull - Day ago
Dunkey's wife sounds 12 lol
ZilverArrows BurningQuivers
I've never actually seen Leah before but once I started watching, it was 90% for her voice
umm huh?
umm huh? - Day ago
47:15 he is daddy AF tho 😘
place holder
place holder - 2 days ago
Everyone was tring to get inthe writers heads, but I was trying to get in Jack's head, and i only got 3 points...
Demented MK
Demented MK - 2 days ago
I would pay good money just to hear Dunkey say “with your boobs out” on repeat
James BrionesTV
James BrionesTV - 2 days ago
Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox in one video?
I smell a return
Andalib Rahman
Andalib Rahman - 2 days ago
This video cured my depression.
bongley guy
bongley guy - 2 days ago
Crip Log
Crip Log - 2 days ago
I cant believe you didnt include anthony with smosh. It wouldve been an epic reunion.
Nerd Alert
Nerd Alert - 2 days ago
Just watched this for the second time in a row and I got them all right. Suck it losers.
macadoodle24 - 2 days ago
7/12 I'm such a disappointment
Alex Swanson
Alex Swanson - 2 days ago
7 points! I’m better than all of you!
Zelda Rocca
Zelda Rocca - 2 days ago
sad that Ian and Anthony can't play at the same time and place
epik forknite
epik forknite - 2 days ago
When the world did not have corona
bota - 2 days ago
38:28 fakest laugh ever
Ashwolfenson - 2 days ago
Hell yea nakey jakey
Nanosiegert - 2 days ago
Better crossover event than endgame. I mean he got the Mastah
Boni Chodes
Boni Chodes - 2 days ago
Kidzbop quiz 3: All of the voices in Jack’s voice try to guess how they change the songs.
Michael - 3 days ago
Imagine being the sad son of a bitch who got all these correct.
MrCat - 3 days ago
Dunky was using a blindfold and a USB steering wheel...He wasn't even trying
Get In The Oven
Get In The Oven - 3 days ago
I love the idea of a child impersonating DJ Khaled "WE GOT KIDZ MUSIC!"
A Nielson
A Nielson - 3 days ago
Bruh I understand why this video took so long. There must have been hours of editing alone put into it lol. Hats off to you, it’s a really fun video
Lucas Ponce
Lucas Ponce - 3 days ago
Everyone: Takes the quiz semi-seriously while having a good laugh.
NakeyJakey: *_E A T S_*
Bleak Furball
Bleak Furball - 3 days ago
lets be real guys
Jaiden's smart, like smart smart
and dunkey Gus and Eddy are hilarious
Matt Scheirman
Matt Scheirman - 3 days ago
Caden Crafty
Caden Crafty - 3 days ago
Danny and Drew and the rest of the video crew are cracking jokes the whole time.
Catalysts - 3 days ago
Should’ve made ALL of smosh in 1 quiz you know
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez - 3 days ago
So now we know Jack don’t smoke weed, fuck I wanted to rhyme but I’m high af rn
Soup. - 3 days ago
Wait jon cozarts still alive?!?!?!
sliimysludge - 3 days ago
You know what’s cool, this, seeing all these awesome people together in one video
scares009 - 3 days ago
I got 5. Make of that what you will.
Kabir Gupta
Kabir Gupta - 3 days ago
I lowkey think he should've put Anthony with the guys from Smosh, and introduced him the same way except he says "And Anthony from...not Smosh!"
Person Yeahh
Person Yeahh - 3 days ago
Did anyone else get a fitness add*
X FoyBoy
X FoyBoy - 3 days ago
Scared the shit out of me 30:00
NunTondoSwotch Hourigan
"It also comes with a variety of kidz bop colors and *flavors* "
Jacksfilms- 2019
Brooke Warren
Brooke Warren - 3 days ago
"Uhhh, i have a question, what's a backwood??" omfg that had me crying, and the fact that jack had no clue either i-
Tomat o
Tomat o - 3 days ago
Anthony: I’ve never seen a kid have an existential crisis
Me: So he never saw me as a kid
xxSHINEATTACKxx - 3 days ago
Edwin is Awesome
Edwin is Awesome - 3 days ago
I got 2
I don't know how to feel about it
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