20 448
CICADA 17 - 8 hours ago
"Fuck you guys, fuck you!" That's the most confident I've ever seen Jaiden and I love it
lluceil - 9 hours ago
we want danny davito
Kitty Blue27
Kitty Blue27 - Day ago
Ania Mirkul
Ania Mirkul - Day ago
Uhh jaiden face reveal?
Colton Clement
Colton Clement - 2 days ago
Mr. Murk
Mr. Murk - 2 days ago
tfw Ian and Anthony are in both there but in different groups. Times change man. Times change.
Dash_Gallou - 2 days ago
Dunkey and Leah are top tier, the way the bounce off each other with the jokes.
Matthew Kaplan
Matthew Kaplan - 2 days ago
Is it weird that Jaiden was the only one who said "I win" and she won.
emilie w
emilie w - 3 days ago
now there’s a sound clip of Arin saying “i like D. i like D. i just like it” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 15:07
Constructive Criticism
Constructive Criticism - 3 days ago
I’m glad the amount good youtubers greatly outnumbered the bad ones
Invite me to your home
Invite me to your home - 3 days ago
Where is snoop dog?????
No u
No u - 3 days ago
Jack, you lied. On the Sorry Not Sorry Kidz Bop version, they do say "Now paybacks from heaven, and baby I'm a goddess", on one part, but another part says: "Now, paybacks I'm havin'
And baby, I'm the baddest"
webbyhx channel
webbyhx channel - 3 days ago
5:12 DABB
Spock1777 - 3 days ago
Oh shit, it's Jus Gohnson.
1000 subs with no vids
1000 subs with no vids - 3 days ago
I just think it's so funny that they had Anthony fayntano
Chat Noir
Chat Noir - 3 days ago
*where did Jayden bought this shirt?*
Death Bread
Death Bread - 3 days ago
The thing about this is I think how bad it is. If any effort was put into the songwriting KidzBop wouldn't be such a joke. For example, the lyric "You so fucking precious when you smile" was changed to "How you look so precious when you smile". However, there's an obvious better option here that fits the flow of the song much better. "You just look so precious when you smile". Can you tell how that fits better? And it took me about 10 seconds to come up with that. A paid songwriter should be doing better.
emilie w
emilie w - 3 days ago
keith going for the kidzbop answer every time is just like his daddy’s favorite baking challenges. consistency
Robert Wright
Robert Wright - 4 days ago
I watched this whole video the day it came out and it feels like a year ago. It's only been 5 months.
1_Takoyaki _1
1_Takoyaki _1 - 4 days ago
You can hear the actual desperation from Dunkey on the last question and it makes me laugh and sad at the same time.
Sifra Aprillia Fahira
Sifra Aprillia Fahira - 4 days ago
*Sweet Home Kansas*
Menna Tamer
Menna Tamer - 4 days ago
am i the only one who had a weird reaction knowing that Ian and Anthony were in this?
new age delinquent
new age delinquent - 4 days ago
I want Kidz bop 69 to just be the original song. Like I want to out of no where hear a 13 year old drop a hard F bomb
Snom_Bomb - 5 days ago
Jackson Wakeley
Jackson Wakeley - 5 days ago
Nargishun - 5 days ago
e) [No Change]
Hi, nice to meet you
Hi, nice to meet you - 5 days ago
At least I did better than Arin lmfao
jame s
jame s - 5 days ago
Kid Rogers is here
Techkip 05
Techkip 05 - 5 days ago
This should be in the next jackbox party pack
ThatFNaFAR Guy
ThatFNaFAR Guy - 5 days ago
Don’t fuckin care what yall say, Dan Bull, Joel, and Jaiden is the best crossover ever.
Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy - 5 days ago
Jus Gohnson is my favourite artist
Alfred Jordan
Alfred Jordan - 5 days ago
justin beiber
Allen McKethan
Allen McKethan - 5 days ago
「CELLO KID」 - 5 days ago
I just hate Gus Johnson
trumpetperson11 - 6 days ago
He had Anthony, but not with the Smosh guys :(
Ike Dodson
Ike Dodson - 6 days ago
Not gonna lie I lost a little bit of respect when he said he didn’t know what a backwood was
Boiled egg With a bite in it
5:14 that spelled dabb
Drope - 6 days ago
"So how are you guys feelin'?"
*I'm from Sweden.*
Kidzy Boppy
Kidzy Boppy - 6 days ago
18:34 My name origin
Rosy Times3
Rosy Times3 - 6 days ago
Which youtuber did you come here for/from? I came for Roomie and Jadien 👏
Ana Mendoza
Ana Mendoza - 7 days ago
51:07 funniest reaction hands down
Freesmart - 7 days ago
I recognize more youtubers in this than In rewind 201-oh that ain't a orignal joke
Mason Hill
Mason Hill - 7 days ago
Bark 1000 times for A I can’t
robertdowner jr
robertdowner jr - 7 days ago
We stan Arin and his 0 points
Frances The Mantis
Frances The Mantis - 8 days ago
Where do I get jaidens shirt
Sebastian Delgado
Sebastian Delgado - 9 days ago
Best part is how jack made a theme song for the try guys for seemingly no reason whatsoever lmaooo
Oscar Candelas Pérez
Oscar Candelas Pérez - 9 days ago
29:30 Hey look, that's a spoiler.
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero - 9 days ago
Anthony and ian were both in this video but not the same group
Colin Henderson
Colin Henderson - 9 days ago
yaay Jaiden!
Space Pickle3004
Space Pickle3004 - 9 days ago
I’ve never heard jaiden animation swear
Chaser 9000
Chaser 9000 - 9 days ago
Why did you say drue gooden twise?
Garbage Can
Garbage Can - 10 days ago
6:03 **dabbs**
_Bookleman - 10 days ago
I'm glad that jack waited to upload this until he could release the whole first season at once
Syron X
Syron X - 10 days ago
8:23 that fozzie bear impression was spot on
Nowhere Nyx
Nowhere Nyx - 10 days ago
Videogamedunkey and Leah are both so stupid, I bet they have a huge following.
People love idiots.
matress in my lung
matress in my lung - 10 days ago
Oh hey they announced the new smash bros
TheBlarggle - 10 days ago
Never watched Dunkey before, but damn... He kinda sucks.
A Dose Of Skits
A Dose Of Skits - 9 days ago
Chiwo Binya
Chiwo Binya - 10 days ago
I am a kid
Redwan ToadBane
Redwan ToadBane - 10 days ago
Could've called it Quiz Bop
mister.nimoe - 10 days ago
Where'sthony Waldotano
Big boi Borris
Big boi Borris - 10 days ago
Batman dies and Jenna marbles wins
thekydman01 - 11 days ago
Evan Garcia
Evan Garcia - 11 days ago
0:04 bro you got jaiden animations on your video? This is sick how you know her, but... where’s James?
Eduardo Dotel
Eduardo Dotel - 11 days ago
This has been very disappointing
August Ericson
August Ericson - 11 days ago
Everyone is here
Louis Mocke
Louis Mocke - 11 days ago
Pewdiepie sounds weird
Buttered Piece Of Toast
Buttered Piece Of Toast - 12 days ago
Wait I was supposed to be playing along?
enz.o - 12 days ago
taylor morlan
taylor morlan - 12 days ago
i just wanna leave this here because egoraptor's reaction is so good 51:20
oh yeah and 1:08:00 and 1:08:46
Blunder bass
Blunder bass - 12 days ago
Leah's voice physically hurts me
Cartoon Master
Cartoon Master - 12 days ago
Leah in the sweetest voice.....
WhAt Da HeLL????
Wiz Kid
Wiz Kid - 12 days ago
Weird seeing Ian and Anthony both in the same video again
Travis The Hedgehog
Travis The Hedgehog - 12 days ago
whats this
Smoke Plays Games
Smoke Plays Games - 12 days ago
How can you not expect anthony fantano not to win this.
X5tr0ngqt - 13 days ago
49:30 shes haunted because somethings inside her
Cohen Dejong
Cohen Dejong - 13 days ago
Dabb is deep dab dab is regular dab
lambs bread records
lambs bread records - 13 days ago
We all know Anthony is taking the dub
Nega - 13 days ago
I like how they got paint in this video. The man who has uploaded 2 videos a year for the entire history of his channel.
cod pockets
cod pockets - 13 days ago
as someone who listened to kidz bop when they were younger, we hated it back then
Christine Flaherty
Christine Flaherty - 13 days ago
the try guys try to ruin this and sucseed
ya boi Charlie2409
ya boi Charlie2409 - 13 days ago
I fully believe Jacksfilms is in with Kidzbop, he's indoctrinated millions by now
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